He had told her to stand still, standing her body full of sexual tension she waited. She could sense that he was close; she felt his hot breath on her neck as his mouth moved close to her ear. His voice low and soft he asked her if she would like to come, yes she sighed. Then he was gone, she still felt him close by his breath still fell warm upon her neck. There was a swish of air and she felt cool soft silk across her eyes and round her head as he tied the scarf behind her head blindfolding her. She could see nothing only sense his presence again his hot breath closed on her ear, you will come but only when I tell you to he whispered.

His hands brush over her breasts as he removed her blouse her breasts exposed to the warm air; she could feel her nipples swell in sexual excitement as he squeezed each one in turn. Waves of pleasure raced through her body as he squeezed them harder and harder. You like that he asked yes she whimpered in reply, his hands were gone her feet moved to maintain her balance as her head swam with pleasure. She felt a sharp slap across her butt, stand still I said he whispered in her ear. She stood erect her body aching for sexual relief her mind full of pleasure and excitement.

Her skirt fell lose around her waist as he released the zip and push it down over her hips, she now stood naked her body still swamped by sexual expectation. The ache deep inside her grew as she stood as still as possible waiting for his next touch, huge torrents of pleasure exploded through her body as his finger slipped between her thighs and gently stroked her clit. Wave after wave of excitement flowed through her radiating from her clit to every part of her body.

His hot breath on her ear again do not come yet only when I tell you he repeated as his finger moved away from her now hot and aroused clit. She longed for his touch her body ached to explode into orgasm as she stood as still as possible as he teased her repeatedly. First, he would squeeze her nipples then her stroke her clit then leave her for what seemed forever only to return repeatedly. Then he started the same thing but this time sucking each nipple into his warm wet mouth before running his tongue over her clit licking and flicking it. Each touch sent wave after wave of ecstasy through her driving her closer and closer to explosion of sexual tension. Each time he would leave her for what seemed to be minute only to return and tease her more and more each time reminding her not to come. Her whole body was so tense from trying to hold back the explosion building up with in her. She moved once or twice and each time felt a quick slap across her but. She held her self from orgasm as the sexual tension and pleasure built up to boiling point with in her. His hand took her gently and he said let me guide you to your bed.

His hand led her in the darkness and she felt her self next to the bed she lay down on the bed as he whispered asking if she wanted to come yet. Yes, please yes she whimpered only to here the reply when I tell you.

She felt the soft material wrap round her writs as it was pulled tight extending her arm across the bed then her other arm was also attached to the bed. Her ankles were next soft material round each one then they were spread wide apart her body now open to him she was useless to resist. His lips touched hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth as he kissed her with passion and a sexual energy, which made her tingle all over. His tongue ran down her chin down her neck passing slowly between her breasts until it slowly moved round and round her belly button.

A shock of sexual pleasure thundered through her body as his finger again stroked her clit driving her further towards her orgasm. Not yet, she heard him say; not yet, you cannot come yet.

Then again, she felt his warm mouth close round her nipple sucking it hard into his mouth flicking it as he sucked harder and harder. She could feel how hard and erect it was and each flick of his tongue sent waves of pleasure radiating through her body. His mouth moved slowly over her breasts and sucked her other nipple in hard and deep. His tongue slid slowly down her, closer and closer to her pussy each lick and kiss electrifying her body as the sexual tension with in her grew and grew. Again he was gone no touch no sound only the pounding of her heart in her ears.

Huge waves of sexual excitement exploded through her body as she felt him suck her clit into his hot wet mouth, his tongue flicking and flicking it taking her to a sexual frenzy. Then it was gone she felt his breath on her neck, now do want to come he asked, yes she whimpered almost pleading to be allowed her orgasm of sexual joy.

Not yet, he said then is mouth was back sucking flicking devouring her clit. She was close to exploding in to orgasm when he was gone again, she lay still as she could each of her own body movements took her closer and closer to where she could not yet go. Her mind was in a whirl her whole body ached with sexual tension where was he what was next she could longer feel him close or hear his breathing she waited what seemed to be for ever the tension with in her building and building her sexual excitement reaching its peak. Her body so sensitive now she could feel the air round her, nipples erect and hard almost as if they wanted to escape her body, her pussy tingled with pleasure her hard erect clit push so strongly from its hood.

Then she felt his hot tongue slowly circle one nipple then another a feeling of relief spread through her knowing he was back. Ice cold waves flooded across her, rivulets of water poured over her stomach as he pushed an ice cube into her belly button she shuddered with shock and pleasure at its touch. She felt the cold block move up her skin leaving behind a chilling line of water as her hot body melted the ice. Then it was gone no more cold just his voice saying, you cannot come yet my darling not yet.

She almost pulled her bonds free with a huge explosion of cold pleasure which burst through her whole body as she felt the ice cold cube pushed onto her nipple its cold surface driving her further to wards what she was now screaming inside for, her orgasm the tension rose with in her, she was fighting her whole body now as it screamed out for release from all of this sexual teasing. Rivulets of water streamed down her breast as the ice melted, then another explosion of passion tore through her as his hot mouth replaced the ice on her nipple. Repeatedly each nipple felt the coolness of the ice replaced by his hot mouth sucking it in hard and deep, the extremes in temperature driving her crazy with sexual pleasure. Again, her tormenter left her alone as she fought to control her body as it screamed at her in sexual ecstasy to orgasm and release all this tension.

Shock waves of pleasure thundered through her she felt his mouth suck and lick her clit each suck bring her closer to her climax her body now cried out for then it was gone. A blast of cold shuddered through her as she felt the cold hard ice now sliding over her clit the cold melt water from it running down over her pussy lips and ass. Repeatedly his warm mouth replaced the ice as her body cried out aching to orgasm then he said, come baby come for me now. The release the pleasure as she let go of her body as it exploded into orgasm as he sucked and licked her clit she came over and over as her body released all of the sexual energy built up inside her by his teasing. She pulled against the restraints as her body thrashed about under him finally able to climax she felt a parting kiss on her pussy as he stood and untied her bonds finally lying beside her and taking her in his arms holding her close as she came down from her sexual high. Here she felt safe and at peace cradled in his arms, her body slowly coming back down as he gently kissed her mouth and neck.

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