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I got home late that night. It was a long lecture, I was just tired and glad to be back home. I walked in, put my things down and poured myself a drink. I went upstairs in to my room and put my drink down and jumped onto my bed. I put the TV on and put my feet up. I lived with Jeff, Lucy and Jackie. Jackie and Lucy were lesbians, they were both very attractive but we all understood the situation and were great friends. Jeff was away that Friday and as far as I knew Lucy and Jackie had gone out to the club night everyone else were are at. I decided to take off my jeans and shirt because the house was warm.

After a few hours, Id half fallen asleep, I heard drunken girls stumbling through the door. I thought I'd put my jeans on, but then I was tired and lazy and so didn't think anyone would walk in without knocking. I put my covers over me just in case and continued my state of being half asleep. After what felt like half an hour or so I heard the bath start. Jackie had decided to take a shower. All of a sudden my door swung open, Lucy ran in and jumped on my bed hugged me and asked me how I was. I replied that I was trying to sleep. This wasn't the first time either one of Lucy or Jackie had done this drunk, but usually they'd get up after a while and go running to Jeff's room. With Jeff not there Lucy decided to get under my covers. Whilst knowing that nothing could happen, it was never going to stop my cock from getting hard. Lucy had felt it, I could not avoid it. She fell asleep as I did.

Jackie got out of the shower and was looking for Lucky and eventually came in to my room to look. Again no knock she just walks in. She took one look and jumped in and got in on my other side. Now I was nervous, they'd never both got in my bed at the same time AND under my covers!! My cock was hard again. Jackie reached over with her leg to touch Lucy and with her thigh brushed my cock. She looked at me and smiled. Lucy noticed this and figured out what happened and said that she had noticed that before too. I kinda felt like a naughty school kid but that's what happens if two attractive girls get into a guys bed. Lucy told me she thought I looked scared and I nervously laughed and said that it was their fault. She smiled and said she didn't mind because it was me. Then something weird happened, Jackie winked at Lucy and said Ill go and get them. Jackie got up and went to their room to get something. In the meantime Lucy got on top of me and grabbed my hands and held them above my head, then she just lay there.Breathing heavily I asked what was going on and she just kissed me twice on the neck slowly and lay her head back again.

Jackie walked in and walked around to the side she lay before but this time walked right to the side. At the same time Lucy moved her head over mine to block my view and slowly moved towards my lips and kissed me. I was really turned on now and she knew it. As we were slowly kissing, I felt Jackie grab my wrist and put what felt like a handcuff on my hand, before I could react she quicky grabbed my other one and cuff that too crossed. Lucy then started slithering up and down me seductively and my cock was drooling at this point. She got up and called Jackie on to the bed . I watched as both of them on their knees on either side of me with their faces directly above my obviously hard cock. They kissed each other, and Jackie said she wants to watch it. Lucy started pulling down my boxers and ran her hands all the way back up after, but just missing my balls. They both looked down at it looked up and kissed. With my cock now jumping they started taking off each other's clothes whilst pecking and kissing each other. It was amazing yet murder knowing I couldn't do anything. They started playing with each other's breast and when they started fingering each other I groaned out. They boh looked at each other smiling and then looked at me. Jackie moved over my face so her pussy was directly over my face but to far to reach, Lucy then climbed on me just above my cock and started to lick Jackie, I could see this right above me, if the smell didn't turn me on then the juices that dropped on my lips certainly did. This went on for a while and I was now in agony.

They swapped positions and made me endure more frustration whilst feeling like being in heaven. Jackie was licking Lucy and all of a sudden Lucy's knees dropped and her pussy was over my mouth and she told me to eat her. As I opened my mouth to taste, I felt Jackie move down on to my cock. It was so slow, Jackie had also only slept with aa couple of guys before and was very tight. I really wasn't going to last any length of time and knew that. As Lucy reached orgasm on my mouth, she grabbed Jackie and pushed her on to her back. Lucy still had her pussy above my face in 69 position but was licking Jackie instead of me. She did this until Jackie couldn't take any more and came. With Jackie's juices still in her mouth Lucy slowly licked the tip of my cock and down. She held it at the bottom with one hand and put her mouth right down it deepthroating me. She came back up and got off me. Jackie uncuffed me and they both gathered their clothes and walked towards the door.

Jackie turned around and said she wouldn't go to sleep without saying goodnight properly and they both came back towards me. I was relieved as I thought they were going to just leave me there. They both kissed me individually and went down towards my cock and got on either side of it. They both started kissing it slowly. They moved their tongues over the tip and around. They could feel I was close and just as I was going to explode. Jackie looked up at me and said good night!!

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