I can't say that I hate my job, but the truth is that there are lots of other things I would rather do.

The damn conveyor belt never stops, one package after another, nothing fits anything anywhere.

Sure, they have those little flat rate boxes that were supposed to help make it easy to pack the damn trucks, but it is amazing how someone can manage to stuff 40 pounds of odd shaped crap into a neat little square box designed to hold maybe 5 pounds tops.

They keep coming down the line, pieces sticking out of the sides, duct tape flapping off the sides sticking to other packages.

Now the people on the counters are SUPPOSED to tell the customers that "Sorry but you really CAN'T ship your 1948 BUICK in that flat rate box, we don't care HOW much masking tape you put on it!"

But they don't. Nice square boxes seem to be round more often than not.

So I get to figure out how to get the damned boxes in the damned truck and keep them in the damned truck.

Eight solid hours of that with the bosses running around with their goddam stop watches telling us we are taking too long, and I am ready for some brew after work.

Which is exactly what I was doing. My old Toyota pickup started up on the 3rd try, letting out a cloud of smoke like she always did. Then she settled down to her nice normal steady clanking sound. I put her in gear and headed off for the Dew Drop Inn, so help me, every town on the face of the Earth has at least one bar named that.

No matter, I liked the place. For one thing, they had air conditioning and it felt like it was close to 90 degrees outside, which actually felt good compared to the 10 degrees hotter it was in the shipping department.

No way was the government going to pay for air conditioning, what with the budget crisis and all.

Hell, they wouldn't turn it on even when there wasn't a budget crisis, I swear, I think the bosses all got commissions for saving money because they wouldn't turn on the heat in the Winter, either.

Mary was behind the bar when I walked in the door. Things were looking up, I checked her out as the blast of cold air made the sweat on my face feel like ice for a few minutes.

"Danny, Hi!" Mary flashed me a huge smile, doing her job which was to make me feel special. That did make me feel special even though she took great pains to greet everyone who walked in the door the same way.

Mary was quite the little tease, and she was good at it. She wasn't what anyone would call gorgeous, in fact she had maybe 5 extra pounds on her tummy, nice big round and soft looking boobs. Her face was roundish also, her dirty blond hair straight as a string and just past her ears.

She made up for any shortcomings by wearing perfect makeup and on the skimpy side outfits, plus a bubbly personality that everyone liked.

Let's just say she had given me more than one woody from watching her do her thing. I never actually tried to hit on her although I had thought about it. Partly because my girlfriend Sarah had no sense of humor that I could see about things like that, and Sarah was one of those women that would do things like naked deep knee bends on top of me. No skin touching anywhere except...well...you know.

Sarah was enough fun that I had even thought of perhaps asking her to hook up full time, maybe even get....married? But then I thought better of that, I had a few friends that did that and I saw the result.

Besides, when it got to two days before payday I was always on hot dogs and mac and cheese. Government only pays well if you are a politician, it seems.

The tall cold one hit the bar at the same instant my fanny hit the seat. I grinned at her, took a long chug. Mary had on that red crisscross top she sometimes wore, which meant I was going to be a bit in the bag before I headed home. Every time she wore that outfit I ended up having a couple more than I had intended.

That top was designed to do just one thing, and that was display Mary. She normally wore it with a tiny pair of short shorts, usually white with a wide belt that sat low on her hips.

Displaying buttcrack. More than once I cracked something about what would happen if I swiped my credit card in there. The response was usually a grin.

Today she had on a matching skirt that if it was any shorter there would be no reason to wear it at all. Her belly was bare, a tiny sparkly thing in her navel. She also had a small red tattoo that appeared to be a heart down low, it peeked above the top of her skirt on her pelvis. I had tried to get her to show me the rest of it several times but she told me with a laugh it was a bit too far down so we would need to get married first.

"Wow, you are looking hot today!" I told her, getting a usual big grin.

"Yea, it has been hot as hell outside so I thought I would wear something that let a little air in." The expression on her face was marvelous, with just the perfect hint of being sexy.

Mary did bask in the compliments, I had noticed that very early on. I still had a few bucks in my jeans since it was close after payday, so I slipped her a buck and got rewarded with her leaning over to pick up a bottle and some glasses. She always took her sweet time doing that.

Mary was good at it. I kept waiting for the day when she would get the whole thing out of her top, for some reason I had a fantasy about that. How she could manage to get just the very upper edge of her nipple to peek out for a second or two over and over I don't know, but that much I had seen many times.

"So how did your day go?" Mary asked me, holding the pose with that hint of brown nipple peeking over the top of her outfit.

She looked right at me while she was doing that, my eyes were of course locked on her expanse of titty showing. I had long since gotten over being bashful about being caught peeking, it was obvious she was putting on a show so I always took advantage of it.

"Usual crap, one box after another, it never ends." I told her as she straightened back up. I noticed the bottom half of her butt cheeks were showing as she headed down the bar to serve a drink to another guy who just came in. That guy handed her a bill and carefully picked up his change so she just thanked him and smiled.

I had been hoping she would bend over again, maybe I could get a peek at what she was "airing out." I took another pull off my brew, looked around the place.

There was a half dozen guys in the bar, a couple of younger kids were shooting pool, the rest of us all sat at the counter, one stool between each of us empty.

Just then Henry, the odd little guy that owned the place came in. I had seen him maybe a dozen times, he normally came in in the afternoons, checked everything out and then went into his back room office.

Just one time I had seen him work the bar, he really wasn't what you would call an amazing conversationalist. This time I noted that he and Mary seemed engrossed in a discussion. She glanced around the room, then her hand came up and swept her hair back, finally she nodded. Henry gave her a big grin, then went on into his office.

That wasn't that much out of the ordinary, it just struck me as odd.

"So what is Henry up to?" I asked her when she got close to me again.

"Oh, another of his wild hair ideas to pump up business." She smiled at me.

I remembered the time he decided to sell microwaved Pizza, that went over like a lead balloon. Next it was barely legal blackjack card games on one side, he found out quickly that there were folks around that knew how to play blackjack and he wasn't smart enough to realize some of them could count cards.

Add in that he was running a single deck game and trying to be the dealer himself and you can figure out the results. I heard the rumor that the bank floated him a loan to keep going.

Then came the postage size dance floor and some flashing lights, in all the times I had been in there, nobody ever got up to dance. Of course, the patrons were mostly guys like me that stopped in after work, I didn't see any of them I wanted to dance with either.

Every couple of weeks, it was something new that Henry was sure would pack the place. Once there was a female singer, she sat on a stool with a guitar. That was interesting at first because she always had her knees apart, so everyone could see her ever present white panties.

Which would have maybe been OK if she was a fox, which she wasn't, or if she could sing, which she couldn't. It was fun for maybe 15 minutes, then her voice began to nag at everyone.

Henry was always coming up with something, but it was just the same patrons regular as clockwork.

Henry owned the property and leased out the restaurant next door so I guess he always managed to take out some loans to stay afloat. Oddly, the restaurant seemed to do pretty good, even if the food was all rice with different stuff on top. It didn't take me very long to figure out why, it seemed that Miko, the oriental guy's daughter always served as waitress. She was cute and bubbly and spoke in some kind of heavily broken english which I knew was an act.

I knew that because I saw her at a local store talking to another oriental gal, her english sounded better than mine.

At work she was giggly, touchy feely all the time and sounded like she just got off the boat, plus she was on the flat chested side and made sure every guy that came in there knew about it.

Hell, I ate there sometimes myself getting a kick out of her flirting and bending over to let the guys see down her top.

Maybe that is where Henry got his idea?

"So what is he up to this time?" I asked Mary, slipping her another buck as the fresh beer slid to a stop in front of me.

"Stick around and you will find out." She gave me a wicked grin and moved on down the bar.

I damn near opened my mouth to protest about not getting a peek down her top but managed to keep it shut. Instead I pouted a bit.

The front door opened and Debra came in. Debra was the relief bartender, she worked the first shift from the one o'clock opening to six, then she did all day on Sunday until closing.

Debra was a very slender and flat chested gal, long dark hair and she nearly always wore a longer black dress. That dress was very low cut and being flat chested, she really could manage to get everything hanging out herself. I had seen her do that a few times, Debra had the longest and puffiest nipples I had ever seen. I dropped an extra buck her way right along like most of the guys did, what the hell. The gals knew damn good and well the guys were there to get a few peeks so they played the game to the hilt.

But I liked Mary better, she had a brighter personality and was better at teasing. Debra was more blatant, for some reason that wasn't as much fun.

But here was Debra, wearing a tiny halter top and short pleated skirt, I had never seen her dressed like that.

She went and sat down over by the wall at one of the small tables. Mary took her a drink, some kind of pink thing, they said a few words and she went back behind the bar. I watched as Mary bent over the table slightly, more of her bare butt cheeks appeared but it was too dark over there to tell what she was wearing underneath.

Then she came back behind the bar, loaded and ran some glasses in the dishwasher. I glanced at my watch, it was coming up on seven, so I was thinking of heading for my apartment.

Just as I finished the last of my brew and started to get up, another one slid to a stop in front of me. I glanced up, surprised.

"On me." Mary said with a grin.

What the hell, I slipped another buck onto the bar for her, picked up the frosty bottle and took a sip. Mary reached back and pulled the tray out of the dishwasher, opened the cooler in front of the bar and started to stack the glasses.

That did it, her top slipped down and one perfect nipple came all the way into view. I could see the tan lines at the top of her breast, a half inch or so of white flesh, there was her nipple in plain view not four feet away from me.

She made no move at all to cover it up, instead she kept reaching back for more glasses, leaning over to put them away.

My little six incher stood right up, finally my fantasy was fulfilled.

"Like that?" Mary grinned, her eyes meeting mine. Then she reached up and gave her top a tug back into place.

"Uh...yea! God you are beautiful!" I managed to mutter.

"Stick around, maybe it will get better. Henry wants us to tease a bit more, he thinks it's good for business." She flashed me a big smile and went on down the bar.

"I got a nice raise, too!" She said over her shoulder.

I managed to get my breath back under control, that had been one marvelous titty flash, she had it out of her top for a solid two minutes. I glanced around the room, Debra sat over there with her back to the wall. I noticed two of the guys that had been up at the bar had moved to a table facing the postage size dance floor nobody ever used.

In all of the times I had been in the place, I had never seen anyone ever get up to dance. That looked odd to me, they were just sitting there like they were waiting for something.

Looking back at Mary, I saw her bend over to open a cabinet under the bar. Her behind was pointed right at me, the short skirt hiked up, both of her butt cheeks were bare. It was just dark enough that I couldn't tell for sure, but all I could see was a dark patch that looked like it was...pubic hair?

I sat up straighter at that, just as Mary glanced over her shoulder at me, then stood back up. She had two bottles in her hands, she looked at me again and winked as she sat them down behind the bar.

Man! This was getting to be pretty good, I decided. What the hell, I ordered another beer, slid Mary another buck just as a song came on the jukebox that I didn't recognize. It was a slow tune, and it sure as hell wasn't the country western fare the jukebox seemed to be filled with.

I glanced over in time to see Debra slip out of her chair and step out onto the dance floor. She began to move around and sway to the music, now this was new, too. She looked nice, her slender body was muscular. The pleated skirt looked to be a bit young on her though. All she did was move around, then I saw a couple of dollar bills appear on the table where the two guys were sitting.

Debra swayed over to their table, placing both hands on it, leaning forward. The halter top slid forward, I could see both of her bare little breasts all the way from where I sat at the bar, so I knew the two guys had a great closeup view.

I was so engrossed in watching that that I almost missed Mary bending over again, closer this time. I had just glanced back to reach for my brew when she did that.

I realized I was looking at pussy, plain as day! Mary glanced back my way to make sure I was watching, then she grinned. Just then the song ended, the two guys applauded politely so I did too.

"Keep watching." Mary said to me as she came back to where I was sitting.

"Damn, Mary! That was hot!" I told her.

"Who? Me, or Debra?" She smiled.

"You, of course." I answered.

"I don't mind you looking Danny, I like you." She winked as she moved away again to serve another drink. I realized there was now a dozen guys in the place and three more had sat down near the dance floor. Henry was sitting down at the end of the bar, sipping a cup of coffee and watching everything going on. He had a grin on his face, I figured he was counting the drinks putting cash in his register.

Another slow song came on, Debra got up again. She reached over and picked up what looked like a narrow throw rug, then she lay it on the dance floor. She sat down on it, her hands tucked coyly between her legs which were crossed at the ankles. She gave all the guys a sultry look, they got the hint and dollar bills appeared everywhere. Debra leaned back, her knees parted.

There was nothing underneath the skirt, she had a mass of pubic hair that did nothing to hide her as her legs were spread so widely that her lips parted. She reached down with two fingers and slid them upwards, spreading herself even more.

She wasn't actually dancing or moving to the music, she was just laying there, her legs wide open, displaying herself. Her lips were large and swollen, wet looking. I realized she was getting turned on at her own display. Her other hand slid up over her stomach, she pushed her halter top up, baring both tiny breasts.

"Damn!" I muttered.

"Pretty hot, huh?" I heard Mary ask at my shoulder. I glanced back at her and smiled.

"Not as hot as you are."

"That's sweet of you to say that. Oregon law, freedom of expression so I guess we can do anything we want now. All perfectly legal."

"Yea, I read that in the papers but I never go into any of those clubs." I lied. There was one place just a few blocks down the street, the dancers there were pretty much naked all the time. For some reason I liked the teasing and "almost" stuff at the Dew Drop even better though.

I am not sure why, I just did. Hell, have some gal get naked as a jaybird and spread her legs, that is fine for a little while but then what are they going to do next? Now Debra was up there doing the same thing, and I felt myself quickly getting bored with watching her.

I tossed off the last of my beer, sat it down.

"Want another beer?" Mary asked.

"I really should be getting home, I am feeling these now." I told her. I glanced at my watch, how in the hell did it get to be 9:30 already?

"OK. Say, I was wondering? We close at 2 AM, would you like to...see my tattoo?" She winked at me, her voice took on a husky tone.

Hell, now I was getting picked up here, pretty cool.

"Uh...yes, I would, but I can't stay here that long."

"Well, go home then, get a nap."

I nodded, reluctantly slipped off my stool.

"I will drop by and wake you up, I know where you live." Mary gave me that big grin again. My mind flashed to Sarah, I really didn't want to mess that up, we were good friends with great benefits.

I could end up with my balls in a pickle jar.

"Oh. OK." I answered, having a moment of serious brain fade. Mary beamed at me.

Outside, my old Toyota fired right up on the third try, giving off another huge cloud of smoke before settling down to her steady noisy idle. Somehow I made it home without hitting anything or getting arrested, I was seeing two white lines so I followed the one on the right. I knew damn good and well I shouldn't be driving, but I was having brain fade, like I said.

At my apartment I took a shower, that made me feel better, then I made a pot of coffee and ate a sandwich.

I wasn't real sure Mary was serious, I guess I fell asleep in my chair thinking that she probably wouldn't show up. Just teasing me like always, I thought. My head was spinning, I had had way too much to drink. I had lost track of how many somehow.

I was having a dream about Sarah, the way she delighted in getting up on top of me and doing those up and down motions with her vagina wrapped around me, the only parts of our bodies touching. It was an intense dream, even though something was different?

In my dream, Sarah was heavier, softer? Instead of the almost impossibly slow motions she used that I loved so much, in my dream she was eager, thrashing at me.

I woke up with a raging erection, needing desperately to take a leak, but someone was knocking on my door. I noticed that sunlight was shining in my window, now what the hell?

I stumbled to the door, it hit me just as I opened it that I was stark naked so I stood behind the door and leaned over to look. Sarah stood there, looking at me her face showed surprise.

She gave the door a little push, looked down at me and then she started laughing.

"Well, you look happy to see me!" She said, sweeping by me into my apartment. Closing the door, I noticed my pants were lying on the floor, my shirt was over the back of my couch. One shoe was by the sofa, a sock on top of it. Blankets were wadded up on my couch.

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