tagLoving WivesTeasing Her Husband

Teasing Her Husband


In the early morning light of what promised to be a sweltering summer day, she lay in bed and looked at her sleeping husband. He was sprawled on his back, hands behind his head, with the covers down around his waist. As her eyes traveled from his face to his chest to his stomach, she noticed how nicely the new exercise program was working for him. Even at rest, she could see the definition in his chest and abs. She looked lower.

With just a slight movement, she moved the sheet a bit farther down his body. She smiled as she saw that his penis – no, his cock (penis is best used for when it is in a resting state, cock is much more suitable for when it is hard and pointing right at you) was awake, even if he wasn't.

She licked her lips. She thought about how nice it would be to lean over and suck on that cock, almost to the point of no return. Then she would gently straddle her husband and slowly slide his cock deep inside her. How wonderful it would be to watch him wake up to the realization that his wife was riding him to a fantastic orgasm. She licked her lips again and began to lean towards him.

Just then, she heard their youngest son over the baby monitor. Sigh. Oh for the days before they had kids. Those lazy weekend mornings when they could wake up together, make love, doze, make love again, etc. She waited a moment to see if he'd go back to sleep, but no such luck. She glanced at her husband one last time, pulled the covers back up to his waist, and got out of bed. Guess she'd have to wait until after the boys' bedtime tonight.

She went about her usual morning activities: breakfast for the boys, feed the cat, wake husband with a kiss (and a quick squeeze), exercise, etc. When she was finally able to pass the boys off to her husband, she got in the shower. As she lathered up her body, it was easily aroused by thoughts of her morning “almost” interlude. She quickly sought out her clit and fingered herself to the brink of orgasm and then stopped. She had decided; today she was going to be a tease.

After her shower, she dried off quickly and dressed appropriately for her task. She put on her white thong panties and white push-up bra. Then she slipped on her favorite sundress. It was pale pink with tiny dark pink rosebuds all over. It had little buttons from the hem to the neckline. She left several buttons at the neckline open, low enough to make sure that her “pushed-up” cleavage was easily visible. She left quite a few buttons at the hem open too. She wanted to flash as much leg as a mother of two could reasonably get away with...maybe a bit more. She looked at herself in the mirror. Not too shabby, she thought. She remembered a similar dress she used to wear when they were dating in college. Back then, she used to tease him by not wearing a bra or panties under that dress. He always loved the “easy access” it provided him. She grinned at the memory.

When she walked out of the bedroom, her husband immediately stopped rough-housing with the boys and gave a low whistle. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head! She gave a quick turn and a little smirk. She knew that the day was going to be fun.

Throughout the day, she did everything she could think of to tease her husband. She made sure he got plenty of views of her cleavage and her legs. She'd brush against him when they passed each other. She'd grab a quick squeeze of his butt. She played footsie under the table. She nibbled on his neck while he was on the computer. She blew in his ear when he was reading. She'd kiss him a bit longer and press herself a bit closer than she normally would. She did all she could to ensure that she'd get the hard fucking that she was craving. The looks he'd been giving her confirmed that it was working.

In the late afternoon, when their youngest was napping in his crib and their oldest was playing in his room, her husband grabbed her in the den. He pulled her close, held her tight, and kissed her passionately. She could feel his cock pressing against her. She melted into his kiss. His hands slid down her back and he gently squeezed her bottom.

He stopped suddenly when he didn't feel any panty lines through her dress. He pulled back a little and looked at her questioningly. She grinned and said, “Thong.” His eyebrows shot up. She slipped out of his grasp and turned her back to him. She lifted up the back of her skirt and flashed him. Before he could do anything, their oldest called out for her. As she turned to go, her husband grabbed her by the wrist and said in a very low tone, “What a naughty little tease you are.” She gasped and her pulse quickened. Did that mean what she thought it did? With a playful swat on her bottom, he let her go. A bit distracted, she went to see what their son needed.

Her mind whirled. When they were first married, her husband caught her reading spanking stories online. They decided to give it a try. They found out that it was a big turn-on for both of them with him as the spanker and her as the spankee. It was never a serious thing, just something fun they did for variety. It always ended in fantastic sex. They were able to continue their play after the birth of their first child by using a room at the opposite end of the house. Once their second child was born however, they no longer had a room in which to play. So their spanking activities had been non-existant for almost two years. She wondered if he had something “special” in mind for her tonight.

Now the tables had been turned. For the remainder of the day, she was teased by her husband! He employed all of the same tricks that she had used on him earlier plus a few extra. Instead of grabbing her butt, he'd give it little swats with whatever was at hand – kitchen towel, spatula, wooden spoon, magazine, his hand, etc. She was aroused, excited, and nervous all at the same time. She wondered what would happen later.

Somehow she managed to get through the evening routine – preparing and eating supper, cleaning up afterwards, bathing the boys, etc. Finally it was bedtime for the boys. Before she headed back to help their oldest, her husband took her aside and told her not to put on her pajamas (which she would normally do after putting their oldest to bed). Again, her pulse raced as she looked up into his eyes. She nodded. He went off to put their youngest to bed while she dealt with the older one.

They met up in the den again. Each boy was in his own room, with a sound machine on and the door closed. She sat on the couch with her husband as they waited to see if either boy would call out for them before drifting off to sleep. After about 30 rather tense minutes of flipping channels on the TV, her husband got up and took the remote from her. He clicked off the TV and then shut the doors to the den. The children were asleep by now, but this afforded them just a bit more privacy. He helped her up from the couch and then stood her in the middle of the room.

He walked all around her, looked her up and down, and smiled. She stood silently as her pulse pounded and her breathing quickened. He sat down in the chair directly in front of her, somehow looking relaxed and stern all at the same time. She looked at him and blushed.

“Well, young lady,” he said. “You have been nothing but a little tease today, haven't you?” She nodded in agreement.

“And just what did you hope to accomplish by this?” he asked.

“I...uh...was hoping we'd make love tonight,” she replied quietly.

“Oh?” he said, eyebrows raised. “I think you had something else in mind. What is it that naughty little teases like you really want?”

She blushed a bit more, looked him in the eye and said, “I was hoping you'd fuck me tonight.”

He nodded. “Ah yes, there's nothing a tease loves more than a good hard fucking. However, nice young ladies cannot be allowed to behave in such a manner. I cannot let such naughtiness go unpunished, can I?”

She knew it was a rhetorical question, but she shook her head anyway.

“And do you know what sort of punishment a tease like you deserves?” he asked.

She nodded, looking down.

“Tell me what it is you need,” he said, watching her closely.

This was it. This was her chance to let him know if she was willing to go through with this or not. She trembled slightly as she took a deep breath. She let it all come out in a rush before she could change her mind, “I need you to spank me.”

She did not realize that he had been holding his breath until she heard him let it out slowly. “Yes,” he agreed, “I believe that is exactly what you need.”

He stood up, took her hand, and led her over to the side of the couch. He put his hand on her back and exerted enough pressure so that she realized she was supposed to bend over the arm of the sofa. Once she was in position, he lifted the hem of her dress up until the skirt was bunched up around her waist. Then he took the waist band of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles.

He ran his hand over her smooth bottom and she shivered with anticipation as she waited for the first spank. When it finally came, she was a bit disappointed. Her husband wasn't spanking her nearly as hard as he had in the past. She pouted a bit but didn't say anything. It occurred to her that the softer spanks produced less noise (from the spank itself and from her) and were therefore less likely to disturb the children. Ahhh. She understood now, but she wasn't sure how well it would all work out.

After a while, it dawned on her that there was a slow burn starting to build in her bottom. He covered her bottom with spanks, but the majority of them were concentrated on that area where her upper thighs met her bottom. The spanking continued and the burn got stronger. Her eyes filled with tears. She winced every time his hand slapped on her lower bottom or upper thighs. She tried to remain quiet, but eventually had to grab a pillow from the couch and bury her face in it to muffle her cries. The combination of the softer spanks with the MUCH longer spanking session added up to a very sore bottom. She was going to have a very difficult time sitting the next day.

After what seemed like an eternity, the spanking finally ended. He stood back and ran his hand over her burning flesh. She jumped and moaned. He slid his hand down between her legs and felt how wet and excited she was. She moaned again and pressed back against his hand.

“Naughty little slut,” he said as he slapped her ass hard one last time. She shreiked into the pillow.

He helped her to stand up and turned her to face him. Instead of lifting her dress off over her head, he unbuttoned each tiny button, from neckline to hemline, at an agonizingly slow pace. The dress fell from her shoulders. He unhooked the front clasp of her bra and slid it off her shoulders too. He stepped back to look at her.

As she stood naked in front of him, she could not believe how much she wanted him. Every nerve in her body tingled. Her breath quickened. She licked her lips and looked up into his eyes. He watched her as he reached out a hand, caressed one of her breasts and rubbed his thumb over the hard nipple. She gasped and felt as if she were about to explode.

He pulled her towards him into a long, hard kiss. His hands roamed over he naked back and she struggled to get his clothes off him. He finally stepped back just a bit to remove his shirt, shorts, and underpants. His beautiful cock sprung out at her and she grinned.

They fell into each others arms and collapsed onto the floor. She pressed her body against his and kissed him with every ounce of passion she had. He responded by rolling onto his back, pulling her on top of him. She straddled him and slowly slid his hard cock deep inside her. She stopped for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being filled by him. He ran his hands up her sides to her breasts, which he squeezed and pinched her nipples.

Slowly she started to ride him. She closed her eyes, enjoying each and every sensation of him thrusting inside her. His hands on her hips urged her to go faster. As she increased her speed, his right hand slid down until his thumb rested on her clit. She groaned. When he started to rub little circles over her clit, she rode him even harder. As her orgasm neared, he kept one hand on her clit, but the other reached behind her. He grabbed the sorest part of her ass and squeezed. The orgasm that had been building up, crashed over her like a wave. She gasped and moaned and her whole body shook.

His thumb had stopped tracing circles on her clit, but it remained in place. He continued to thrust deep inside her. Before she came down completely from her orgasm, she felt another one building. She thrust herself back down onto him. She watched him as he fucked her, feeling his cock grow bigger and harder as his orgasm neared. She reached up and squeezed her own breasts and pinched her nipples, she rubbed her clit against his thumb and rode up and down on his cock.

He moaned and pulled her down onto his chest. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth just as he thrust his cock into her cunt. She put her hands on the floor and raised up on her arms. Her very aroused clit now rubbed on him. As he started to cum, he grabbed her ass with both hands this time, digging his fingers into that tender part where her ass met her thighs. She groaned and thrust herself down onto him as hard as she could. She felt him explode inside her, his fingers squeezing her ass and a second (unexpected) wave crashed over her. She gasped and groaned and finally collapsed onto his chest.

They rested on the floor as their breathing slowly returned to normal. He lazily ran his hands up and down her back occasionally causing her to shiver with goosebumps. They kissed and laughed and touched and held each other as their skin dried. Eventually they got up off the floor. They picked up their clothes, turned off the lights and crept back to their room. They crawled into bed and the cool sheets felt marvelous on her still burning bottom. She snuggled into her husband's arms and knew that every time she sat down tomorrow, she would be reminded of tonight. They were both smiling as they drifted off to sleep.

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