Teasing Wife Gets Laided

bySally Tart©

Looking back at him I shook my head yes as I was thinking, what in the hell is John doing? Why is he letting this man have his way with me? Then looking down at Jerry’s cock I couldn’t believe that it was still hard or hard again. Unlike John who once he cums I have to wait an hour or more before he’s up and hard again, Jerry was hard and ready to go again.

Jerry moved between my wide spread legs and lined his hard cock back up to my now super sloppy pussy slit. Again I moaned out, no, no please no more.

Jerry smiled and said how about one more hard fuck for the road as he slowly started pushing his hard cock back inside my wide open wet pussy.

It only took maybe 5 or 6 pumps before I had my legs locked around Jerry fucking him right back.

As he was picking up speed I don’t know what happened but I more or less just passed out as he was screwing me? I don’t know if I feel asleep or passed out from the beer. All that I do know is that I was totally out of it.

The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed thinking God was that a wild dream or what? The sunshine was shining through my window as I turned over to give John a good morning hug and kiss. As I was about to hug him I got the shock of my life when I saw Jerry lying next to me nude. I looked down to see that I was only dressed in my sexy little garter belt and stockings. My pussy was really sore and I knew right then that I wasn’t waking up from a dream.

I slipped out of bed trying not to wake Jerry. I grabbed my robe and went down the hall looking for John. When I walked in the living room I saw John still sitting in his Lazy-Boy right were he was last night. A beer bottle was spilled on the floor next to his hand that was hanging down on his side. Just then the light went off in my head. Shit he’s passed out, was he passed out when Jerry was screwing me? Oh my God that’s why he never stopped Jerry. Oh shit I was waiting for him to stop Jerry and I didn’t know I was on my own. Shit I let Jerry have his way with me and didn’t do a thing to stop him. Now I was really mad. I was mad at John for talking me into this. Mad at Jerry for screwing me. And mad at myself for enjoying all that Jerry had done to me.

I kicked John in the leg and said wake up you mother fucker.

His eyes popped open and he said what as he was rubbing his leg?

Thank you very much. You fucken pass out and Jerry fucked me last night. I could tell it was just starting to soak in what I was saying.

John said, Jerry fucked you? You let him fuck you? Where is he?

I didn’t let him you let him. You didn’t stop things before they went to far, I yelled.

John got up and said so he raped you? You didn’t let him?

I started crying and said yes, no I don’t know.

John took me in his arms and asked again if Jerry had raped me.

Crying I said no he really didn’t rape me. I was thinking you were going to stop things so I let him keep going. At some point we ended up having sex and I was still waiting for you to stop it. I didn’t know you were really passed out.

Where is Jerry now John asked?

Looking at the floor I said in our bedroom.

John looked at me and said he fucked you in our bed?

Still crying I shook my head yes.

John was now mad as he said I’m going to fucken kill that motherfucker.

I tried to stop him as he went down the hall but he wouldn’t be stopped.

John busted into our bedroom yelling I’m going to fucken kill you motherfucker.

I sat down on the couch crying.

After a few minutes I didn’t hear any yelling or screaming coming from our bedroom.

I walked down the hall and into the bedroom to find John sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. The window was wide open so Jerry must have taken off when he heard us yelling in the living room. I sat down next to John and said I was sorry.

He looked at me and said, no I’m the one that is sorry. I’m sorry I talked you into doing this. I can’t blame Jerry when I asked you to do it. I just hope we can work passed this. He didn’t hurt you did he?

I shook my head no and said, no he didn’t hurt me.

John then gave me one of them looks and asked, did he make you cum? Did you cum with him?

I said it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we still love each other.

John then asked again, I got to know did you have an orgasm with Jerry.

Thinking for a second I lied and said no that I didn’t, why?

John gave me a hug and said good, I was hoping I was the only one that ever made you cum when fucking.

I think the truth would have killed him.

Well my story doesn’t end just there. As it turns out three months after my wild night with Jerry I made a trip to my gynecologist. The news I got from her floored me, I was three months pregnant. And my date of conception was within a week of the night with Jerry. I knew right then that I had Jerry’s baby growing inside me. What I didn’t know is what I was going to tell John.

So the next day I told John that I was only two months pregnant. Six months later when my baby boy showed up I told John that the birth was premature one month.

John just loves the baby and as far as I know he thinks he is his. I myself can see Jerry’s eyes in the baby and know it was Jerry’s sperm that made it’s way to my eggs.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/06/18

Still One Part Missing...

Ok - yes hot story, and of course the missing pieces are the parts that allowed the rape to take place; the husband drinking too much and passing out.

So where it the additional Epilogue where John confrontsmore...

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by widowedidiot03/10/18


Hot! Hot! Hot! very hot story. So now he has to raise somebody else's kid because he wanted to play a game. Bravo for her. This girl writes some very hot stories. I hope she doesn't stop her fabulousmore...

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by warner3409/29/17

Great story!

What a great tale of a married couple growing through kinks that turn them on. Loved it!

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by Anonymous08/02/17


Anyone have story like this? Its hot

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