tagGay MaleTed & Henry & Pamela

Ted & Henry & Pamela


The jumbo jet was into its glide path and Ted's ears popped. As the plane came down he felt the bump as the tires scraped the runway. He watched as the scene whizzed by. Orlando! It's been six years since he left his home state. The final decision had been made. He decided not to re-enlist in the Navy. His brief affair with Pete was an unbelievable experience. Aside from the fantastic sex, Ted missed Pete already. They had spent five years on the same ship together. They ate together, got drunk together, fought in a war together. Ironically, the sex part only began after Ted's discharge. Maybe it would have been different if it had started when they first met. But then, neither of them knew that they had those tendencies then.

The plane came to a stop and Ted reached for his sea bag. He would be glad when he could finally get out of his Navy blues. As the line slowly moved toward the front of the plane, Ted straightened his white hat and moved with them. He wondered which one of the family would be there to meet him. He wasn't surprised to see his older sister, Lillian, waving to him as he emerged from the ramp. Lil was younger version of their mother. At 32 she was still very attractive with long jet-black hair and black eyes. She stood 5 feet, 6 inches tall and just about Ted's height in heels. Lil had a nice body with large pendulous breasts, a thin waist and gorgeous legs.

"Hello you handsome sailor," she smiled, "need a place to stay tonight? They're all at Mom's house waiting to see you. Come on, let's not keep them waiting."

They were standing in the doorway of the old house that Ted grew up in, waving and smiling. There were hugs and kisses and handshakes. They were all so glad to see him. Ted was handed a beer and his mother shoved food at him as they all sat and talked.

There was Nick, Ted's kid brother, Ma, as she was always called, Reggie, Ted's older uncle, Lillian and her husband Henry. Ted's father had died several years ago.

"I want you to meet my new husband," Lil beamed as she presented a good looking man, about a few inches shorter than Ted. "This is Henry. We got married last year at this time, I wrote you."

Ted put out his hand and was rewarded with a very firm handshake.

"I've been wanting to meet you Ted," Henry said, shaking Ted's hand vigorously. "Lil has told me everything about you."

Ted was thinking, "Lil doesn't know everything about me."

"Well she described you pretty well Henry. I understand you are a computer programmer," Ted said.

"Yeah, but never mind that, I want to hear everything about your career in the Navy."

There was a football game on the television and the girls went to the kitchen to help ma with the clean up.

Uncle Reggie said, "come on Nick, we have to deliver the rest of those papers of yours. You can talk to your big brother later." That left Ted and Henry alone.

Henry was very much interested in Ted's naval experience. He asked a lot of questions which Ted was glad to answer. Ted noticed that Henry seemed to be sitting very close to him on the couch. He wondered about that since there was plenty of room to sit.

At one point, as he was talking, Henry nonchalantly let his arm rest on Ted's shoulder.

"So, those Navy blues still have those thirteen buttons don't they?" Henry asked.

"Yeah," said Ted, "I doubt if they'll ever replace them with a zipper."

Henry touched the front of Ted's pants. "Must be a pain when you want to get undressed in a hurry."

"Not really," Ted said. "You get used to it."

Ted finally woke up to the fact that Henry was coming on to him. He was shocked, but damn, his cock was waking up too.

"Ah, what's going on here?" Ted asked.

"I'm sorry," Henry said. "It's the uniform. I drooled as soon as I saw you walking up to the door."

"Wait a minute," Ted said. "You're married to my sister and you are into guys?"

"Well, I'm bisexual you see. I'm not supposed to tell you this but, so is Lillian."

"And you have an arrangement?"

"Well, yes, we met at a gay bar. She was with a husky dike type who was giving her a hard time. When the butch went to the bathroom, I suggested we split the joint and go somewhere we could talk. We talked all night and ended up in bed together. It was wonderful for both of us. We even thought we could stay straight together. We tried it for a year. It was working well, so we decided to get married. That's where it got complicated. All her lesbian friends and all my gay friends were at the reception and it got very drunk there. Lillian and I ended up in bed with a gay guy and one of her lesbian friends. We've been swinging ever since.

"Wow! I haven't been home an hour and I find that my sister and her husband are bisexual and you come on to me," Ted observed.

"I know, and I'm probably in trouble with your sister. I promised not to mess around within the family."

"Well, we sure ain't gonna mess around here," said Ted.

"Let's go over to our house. Lil will be going to work from here. She's a nurse. She'll be working all night," Henry suggested.

Henry and Lillian's home was only a few blocks away. When Henry and Ted entered, Ted threw his white hat on a chair and started to take off his Navy kerchief.

"Oh please," Henry begged, "let me undress you slowly. That uniform drives me crazy."

They went to a bedroom. Henry undressed quickly. Ted admired his solid body. Not a ounce of fat, great abs and a nice big cock that was very hard already. It stood up against Henry's stomach and bounced as he moved. Henry slowly removed Ted's kerchief and pulled his dress blue blouse over his head. Ted's t-shirt came next and then Henry lowered himself to his knees in front of Ted. He began, very slowly, to unbutton the front of Ted's blue trousers. As the buttons were released Ted's boxers began to appear. His hard cock was aching for release. Henry ran his hands over the front of Ted's body and then let his hands slide around to cup his tight buns through the Navy blues. Ted leaned forward, pressing his hardness against Henry's face.

"You have a fabulous body," Henry said as he caressed Ted's legs.

He unhooked the remainder of Ted's buttons and slid his trousers down to the floor, along with his boxer shorts. Ted quickly stepped out of his shoes and sox. They were now naked together, their hard cocks pressing against each other.

Henry took Ted's head in both his hands and brought their lips together. They kissed hard, tongues working in each other's mouth. They made it to the bed. Ted took Henry's pulsing cock in his hand, sliding the soft skin back and forth. He reached and cupped Henry's balls, hefting them lightly.

"Let me do you first, please," Henry said as he moved to the center of the bed. Ted lay back as Henry bent his head over Ted's prick. As Ted watched, his brother-in-law took his hot cock deep into his throat. Ted ran his hands through Henry's hair as he felt the warmth of his mouth around his cock. Henry then began licking all around and up and down Ted's hard cock. He took Ted's tight balls in his mouth, one by one and sucked gently, covering them with his saliva. His tongue resumed its journey upward to the head of Ted's prick. He engulfed the head in his mouth and began sucking on it like a lollypop. Ted's pelvis was heaving up and down, trying to get Henry's hot mouth back down onto his cock. He put his hand on the back of Henry's head and pulled his toward his crotch, forcing his cock deep into Henry's mouth. Henry continued to accept the big cock, letting it enter his throat as far as it would go.

"Man, you're good Henry," moaned Ted.

Henry made it last, easing off occasionally. He released Ted's cock from his mouth and blew on it, making Ted shiver. He sucked on Ted's hard meat for almost a half hour before Ted finally said, "I can't hold back any more Henry. I'm gonna blow!"

Henry mumbled, "Let it go Ted. Give me a big load. I can't wait to swallow your cum."

Ted felt his sperm as it was drawn from his ball sack and surged through the shaft of his cock. It erupted forcefully into Henry's mouth and hit the top of his pallet with a splash. His load of ropey cum continued to shoot into Henry's eager mouth and slid down his throat as he gulped every surge. When Ted was finally finished, Henry looked up at him and smiled while cum dripped from his mouth. Ted bent down and kissed him, sharing the salty sperm. Then, Ted lay on his back, well satisfied.

Without saying a word, Henry lifted Ted's legs until his knees were alongside his ears, exposing Ted's, now limp, cock shiny with Henry's spittle. Ted's puckered little asshole was a lovely target for Henry's mouth. Ted let out a loud moan as Henry began to ream his tight little bung hole with his tongue. Henry inserted his tongue into Ted's ass and licked him thoroughly. When he was sure Ted was wet enough, Henry climbed up onto Ted's body and introduced the head of his prick to the small hole.

"Go easy Henry," Ted pleaded. "I'm virgin there."

"Really? Then this will be better than I thought."

He reached to the night table and grabbed a tube of K-Y jelly. Henry lubricated Ted's little ass hole and put some on the head of his own cock. Then, very gently, he began to push into Ted's ass. He got about three inches in when Ted stopped him.

"It hurts too much," Ted complained. "You'll have to take it out. You're too big for me."

Henry stopped moving and said, "Just relax for a minute. The pain will go away when you relax. It will feel good in a minute, you'll see."

After a few minutes Henry asked, "How is it now? Still hurting?"

"No, I'm OK. You can push a little more into me."

Henry began a back and forth motion before letting another inch slide in. "Still OK Ted?"

"It's staring to feel good. The pain is gone. Give me all of it."

Henry then pushed slowly until Ted could feel his pubic hair against his balls.

"Wow!" Ted exclaimed. "I took it all. Oh, it's beginning to feel really good. Keep fucking me Henry. I love it."

Sliding in and out of Ted's ass, Henry was trying to make it last. He took hole of Ted's cock. It was hard again. He began pumping it while he rammed his own cock into Ted.

Footsteps! Someone was coming down the hall toward the bedroom. They both looked at the closed door. There was no time to do anything. The door opened.

"Lillian," Henry said. "What are you doing home. I thought you were working."

Henry's wife stood in the doorway, dumfounded. Her eyes were wide and her mouth stood open as she stared at the two of them. Her husband and her brother!

There was no point in stopping now. Henry was cumming. He screamed loudly as he erupted into Ted' ass. His cock shot stream after stream of hot cum juice into his brother-in-law's asshole.

Cum was running out of Ted's hole. It covered Henry's balls and dropped onto the bed. Lil continued to stand there. She had gotten over her surprise, but she became angry.

"I went to work and I wasn't on the schedule. I told you Henry," she shouted, "Not with the family! We agreed to that."

As Henry eased his softening prick from Ted's asshole, he said, "I'm sorry honey. It was the uniform. I just couldn't resist it. I had to try to seduce him.

Ted spoke up as he moved out from under Henry. "I didn't need to be seduced sis. He turned me on too.

"I had no idea my brother was gay," Lil said. "What about all those women you dated before you went to sea?"

"I still like to fuck women," Ted said. "I'm bisexual. I didn't find that out until I was discharged in San Francisco."

They were both sitting on the edge of the bed, Henry with his limo, wet cock and Ted, still with a hard on.

"Henry told me about your swinging both ways too. Hey sis, I'm obvious OK with it." He was now holding his stiff cock in his hand.

"I will admit, watching you guys got me hot and wet. You have a nice package there brother," Lil said.

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