Teen Intern Tells Sexperience


The nerdy 18 year old stood 5'6" tall and weighed 115 pounds. Unknown to her classmates and the people she worked with and especially the 80 year old Jack Travers she had a mouthwatering 36DD-23-33 body that could cause a traffic back-up like the days on the George Washington Bridge was backed up for miles and for hours. She knew because they lovers.

She met her in a park one afternoon while she was reading a novel. After sitting on her blanket they began talking which turned into kissing playfully then ending up going back at her apartment where they spent the weekend in bed together. During that weekend they played dress-up while they fucked wearing sexy lingerie that the roommate designed. The huge titted nerdy teen moved in with her new lover the next week. She also knew her roommate loved fucking a huge cock, because in addition to being bisexual she had a much older black boyfriend who she shared with her from time to time.

The black boyfriend was a 55 year old college basketball coach who loved fucking young teens but none more than the innocent looking teen of his girlfriend with his long, 11 inch cock, in fact he thought about her body constantly, even while he was fucking other teens and couldn't get her out of his mind.

Getting her cell number from his girlfriend's phone while she was out of the bedroom he began a relentless pursuit of getting her to his place alone. She had to admit that she was impressed that he wanted her and how he got her number.

He would call her two to three times a day for a month and beg her to come to his place, telling her that all he could think about was her amazing body. From the second her lover roommate brought her into the bedroom with her and her black boyfriend she fell in love with his huge black cock. He had a way of making her pussy cum that no other boy ever had.

Fucking her on occasion, but with his girlfriend drove him insane as he wanted her pussy and her huge tits all to himself. As he fucked her she always thought the same thing, but never said a word about it. After a month of gravelling with her to come to his place she finally gave in, making him think he wore her down. Deep down she knew all along that she was going to go there, but wanted to make him stir and beg first.

During those month long conversations she would tease him and ask if he wanted her more than her lover, his girlfriend. She always did it because she knew he was very popular and wanted to know for her own ego. He would always tell her she had the hottest body of any one he ever fucked, including the college cheerleader that lined up at his bed to get fucked by his legendary black cock.

As she rode in a cab dressed in stockings and high heels under a long coat there was a part of her that thought about how she didn't really like going behind the back of her lover roommate, but there was also this devilish side that thrilled her every time she did go behind her back to meet and fuck him. Even as she rode in the cab he called to tell her he couldn't wait to see her. As he told her how bad he wanted her she was groaning saying she couldn't wait to fuck him. No matter how much she told herself it was wrong she just couldn't resist his huge black cock. She loved more than any guy her age the way it stretched her pussy and went so deep inside her.

He in turn would always beg her to be his, and to move in with him and although she secretly loved hearing him say it, especially while he was fucking her with his huge, black dick, she could not do that to her lover roommate.

When he pressed her she would always pretend to get annoyed and told him if he didn't stop she would have to break off their arrangement. Not wanting to lose the big titted 18 year old he always backed off which made her he relieved inside because she loved fucking and sucking his huge black cock and didn't want to ever give that monster pussy pleaser up. The first night was epic as they kissed and fucked like lovers all through the night. His black cock never shot so hard and so many times as he recovered time and time again from the incredible way her pussy and tits wrapped around his great, big cock.

Every time he came he would purposely explode in her pussy. She never felt more drenched as his hot seed dripped out of her like a running faucet. She knew it was his way of trying to make her his in hopes that he'd knock the huge titted teen up. Every time his black cock exploded inside her he kissed her passionately and told her how much he wanted her. As her cum, drenched pussy came all over his slamming cock she was happy to let him think he was going to impregnate her. He had no idea she had been on the pill since she was 13.

A protective aunt who watched her body develop into what she absolutely knew would draw a lot of attention from boys and especially older men as witnessed by her own husband who couldn't keep his eyes off her when she was at their pool in a naughty bikini that did nothing to cover her huge, developing tits. Her legs and ass were every bit as stunning and eye catching and always had his cock rock hard when she was in eyeshot of him. He would pound his cock three to four times while she was there and those were the nights when his wife would get an Olympic medal fuck as he pounded into her while she pretended to be her sexy niece.

The thing the older black boyfriend really loved was fucking her huge 36DD tits. Fucking his big black cock through the center of her huge pale tits while his small titted girlfriend pushed them together from behind her as she kissed him, caused his huge cock explode right to the ceiling.

As he fucked his huge black pole though her fleshy orbs the roommate noticed that her boyfriend and her roommates eyes were locked onto each other's as if they were lovers. There was something about the way they were looking into each other eyes that made her think that there was something between them, but doubted her roommate/lover would ever go behind her back and do something so devious to her.

The night of her date with her 80 year old boss her roommate had her dressed in a black micro mini dress that clung to her traffic-stopping body like a second skin. The front plunged down to her navel where you could see her dangle, belly button ring.

When she came down from her elevator her body came alive when she saw her handsome boss dressed in an expensive black jacket and slacks with a body hugging white dress shirt. The 80 year old boss could not believe his eyes as he witnessed the transition from nerdy intern to a smoking hot sexy teen with an incredible body that made his giant cock instantly expand in his slacks. It was a sight that would have horrified her religiously Christian parents, in addition to her going out with a man 60 years older than her.

It was the first time he could see what her incredible body, especially her amazing tits that sat low on her chest in a sinful way. He could not believe the perfection of them as half of their roundness was revealed because of the plunging opening.

The back of the mini dress was also wide-open and showed the top of her ass crack, highlighting her gorgeous ass in the most sinful way. Her legs were cased in tan thigh high stockings with a black, silk thong that divided her wild ass cheeks provocatively.

To complete her look was a deep red shade of lipstick with long dangling earrings and a pair of classic black pumps that added sexiness to her beautifully tapered legs. What her boss didn't know was that she had worn stockings and high heels many times when she was fucking her roommate or her roommate and her black boyfriend.

The second they were in his private limousine the two were locked in deep kiss that had their tongues wrapped around each other's. He instantly realized that his shy and conservative intern was no prude and as he kissed her neck his hands roamed from her huge tits to her crossed, stocking covered legs as he told her how sexy she was and that he had to fuck her. Those words caused her to groan like crazy as her pussy was on fire for him.

Not able to resist her huge tits he pulled her the top of her dress to the sides and began sucking on one of her huge nipples as he twisted the other one between his thumb and index finger of his other hand. Throwing her head back and groaning from the excitement of being taken by her 80 year old boss she reached her hand out to feel his cock. Going crazy from touching the biggest cock in her life; much bigger even than her roommates black boyfriend, she began squeezing it as she let out a moan that let him know she had just cum.

They kissed like sex starved lovers all the way to his Penthouse as his skilled hands ran up her crossed stocking covered legs to the laced trimmed tops then onto her bare flesh right above the nylon edge. The touch of his hand on her legs had her groaning and between kissing passionately he would suck each of her aching nipples which kept her in an explosive state the entire ride. As they kissed she continued to squeeze his massive bulge with both her hands as she thought to herself how it would take four or even six more hands to cover it.

Arriving in his private parking garage she adjusted her dress and they walked briskly with his arm around her. The clicking of her high heels and her deep throaty groan bounced off the walls of the cavernous garage, filling the air with lust and the excitement of a sexy 18 year old about to get fucked by her 80 year old huge-cocked boss.

Kissing in his private elevator all the way up to his Penthouse he pulled the top of her dress to the sides and kissed her huge, hanging tits and beautiful little pink nipples as his skilled hands pulled her dress over her wild ass as his hands spread her ass cheeks until she came again in a flood.

The night saw them in the most intimate 69 positions as he ate her delicious pussy and ass while she lusted all over his massive, towering cock. Of course during the night her pussy was stretched wide apart from fucking the biggest cock she could ever imagine, five times bigger even than her roommates black boyfriend's cock.

They fucked and kissed all night and well into the next day as her pussy exploded hundreds of times from his mouth or his massive cock. She could not believe that they went through the night. She was simply amazed by his tireless stamina. She had heard these rumors but until now could not believe any man could last that long, especially a man who was 80 years old. She knew that the time flew by; by the way he switched numerous positions and led her into oral positions. These changes from fucking to oral pleasures are what made time go by so fast.

When she woke up she called her High School to say she wasn't feeling well then stepped into her black pumps and walked to the Jacuzzi. As she stepped into her pumps she absolutely hoped that they were going to send him a very naughty message that she wanted more of his huge cock, a lot more of it. She was so horny to fuck him again and hoped that him seeing her walk into the spa room nude with just her pumps would turn on to her like he did all night long. What she should have learned from the night of non-stop fucking was that he had a voracious sexually appetite with the most amazing sexual stamina to cum and recover within minutes.

As she walked to him with a sly grin her huge, hanging tits swayed from side aided by the clicking sounds of her black high heel pumps that announced that she wanted more of his huge cock. His eyes were riveted to her body, still amazed that this was the same plain and conservative girl who interned for him. Seeing her walk in her pumps brought a sly grin to his face as he thought to himself how calculated it was of her. "This one has more experience than I ever would have imagined," he thought to himself.

Reaching the spa she stepped out of her pumps watching his eyes glued to her body and her every move as she got into the warm water where they instantly began kissing which turned to hot fucking for three hours straight. In the spa, fucking his massive cock made her pussy explode in incredible waves of passion and lust, each one greater than the one before and when he fucked his giant cock between her 36D tits as he leaned down and kissed her as she pressed them around his thick, fat shaft it brought him off so hard that drops of cum could be heard splattering on the marble tile floor. The remainder of the afternoon was spent fucking and eating each other until he brought her home that evening in his limo.

When she got home her roommate listened in disbelief about her date with her huge cocked boss and came harder than she ever did when they got into a 69 position. The next day her and her roommate were sitting beside him in his limo dressed in stockings, high heels and sexy garter belts kissing and licking all over the massively huge cock that they would fuck that night.

During a moment when she was talking to her parents on her cell phone in another room the devious roommate gave him her number and told him she wanted to fuck him herself, and that she wanted to be with him more than anything. At 5'5, 85 pounds and measurements that were almost boy like at 29AA-21-33 her body was very exciting to him, especially the hungry way she took his massive cock as he pounded it into her stretched out cunt with the force of a freight train for twenty nonstop minutes.

As she fucked the enormous cock of the 80 year old businessman she thought to herself how she would dump her boyfriend in a hot second to be with him. She knew that even though her boyfriend had a big cock she never came as hard as she did until she fucked this monster, older cock.

The next two girls were Asian, one Chinese and the other a mix of Japanese and Korean whose fathers worked for him in the engineering department. Both girls, although equally gorgeous and very fuckable, to the eyes had entirely different bodies.

The Chinese teen stood 5'7" tall and had a very slender body that weighed 105 pounds with sexy measurements of 32A-21-33. With huge, dime-size, bitable nipples that were always in an aroused state and stood an inch off her tits and could be seen from a mile away, her body always commanded attention. The other Asian teen had a body that absolutely oozed pure sex. It was a body he couldn't wait to fuck.

She stood 5'4" tall and weighed 110 pounds. Her mouth-water measurements, which she always loved to show off were 34DD-21-34, with long, dark nipples that popped off the ends of her huge, full tits, which like the Chinese teen were always in a constant of arousal. Although her tits were huge, defying her tiny frame, they sat high on her chest without the slightest bit of sag. Her huge, dark nipples came off the ends and proudly pointed to the celling, which made her even more irresistible.

He had met both Asian teens at a banquet he hosted and giving the girls a tour of his building they ended in his office where they were kissing heatedly. The girls telling him that they had heard a lot of stories about him were treated to the shock of their lives as he released his staggering cock for them.

Both teens were instantly squatting on their high heel pumps, one on each side and for the next half hour kissed, licked and stroked all over his massive, hanging cock until they felt it expand and explode in front of their eyes, shooting five foot ropes across the floor making a pool of cum.

After cumming he told them that he would make an arrangement with their father's to take them to the opera in the next few days. Both girls were groaning at the excitement of fucking him and his massive cock. The girls went back to the banquet in total disbelief of the size of the 80 year olds cock. All they could talk about all night was how they each couldn't wait to fuck him. They even talked about what they would wear to drive him crazy. Although both girls had boyfriends, all they could think about was fucking the biggest cock they'd ever seen.

A few days later he called the two Asian fathers' into his office and asked them if he could take their daughter's to the opera the next day. Both men thought it was a fantastic idea that their boss was willing to introduce their young daughters to the culture in the arts. He grinned to himself inwardly when they both bowed their heads to him before leaving.

What both fathers would have been traumatized to see was their innocent and well behaved daughter's stripped of their black, ultra-tight mini-dresses to black stockings and black high heels with a sinful garter belt attached to their sheer nylons as they each kneeled on the sofa, one on each side, sucking, licking and stroking his massive cock as they groaned excitedly about his huge cock and how much they loved it.

To every young teen this was something that she did instinctively, because of him having such a frighteningly huge cock. This was not anything they ever did with their teenage boyfriends who had average, sized penises, in fact as they worshiped his giant cock they each pictured it to their boyfriend's and went wild as they thought of him dwarfing there cock by at least ten times.

Hearing their words about how huge his cock was and that they wanted to drink his cum would have shattered both fathers who prided themselves in raising proper young daughters. Then to watch their sexy daughters get fucked by their boss's massive cock in the most incredible, lust filled state as they each hollered out how much they loved fucking his enormous cock would have totally devastated them.

As he leaned back and sipped champagne he watched them worship his giant manhood in the way he watched hundreds of teens, thoroughly enjoying the sight of them kissing and stroking his massive shaft, but more excited to watch as they flicked their tongues across the wide, protruding veins along the shaft. It was a source of entertainment that he would never get enough of, seeing a sexy teen flick her tongue all over his cock wildly sent an excitement through his body as he watched the tip connect with his skin.

Another enjoyable moment for him was when he glanced down their amazing bodies as they were under the spell of his huge cock with their tongue, mouth and hands. He absolutely admired the way all these young 18 and 19 year old girls dressed. So wicked, in stockings and high heels with sexy lace bras and garter belts. He knew this was all for him and that they never dressed this way for their boyfriends.

Watching the two Asian teens in their naughty attire caused him to groan approvingly. He loved the dynamic with two teens. It was so much different than with one or with three. When two teens were together it always turned into a competition where during the night one would wish she was his exclusively without the other there. This usually happened while he was fucking her with his huge cock and her pussy exploded in the most mind blowing orgasm she ever had. Even if they were the best of friends one would always want to fuck him by herself. At times they would even whisper in his ear that they wished they were alone with him.

As he fucked the incredibly stacked Asian teen he made a mental note to fuck her again. He thought to himself that he would ask the father if he could take his daughter to an upcoming event in Las Vegas where he was going to be awarded for a charity he donated millions of dollars for that sponsored teenage girls in management levels of large companies. He knew that the father would love the idea and once again take it as an honor that he would include his 18 year old daughter.

As his massive cock slammed through the folds of the sexy teen's scorching, wet pussy he thought to himself that a weekend alone with her was just what he needed. As he grinned slyly at the thought of her going away with him for the weekend it was as if her pussy knew just what he was thinking as she exploded in a wild torrent all over his mammoth shaft for the hundredth time that night.

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