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The following story is based on a true story.

The first scene takes place in an internet chatroom…



How r u?

Horny as fuck!!! U?

Same here lol, asl?

48/m/uk u?

18 m uk

Mmmm… nice what u look like?

6’1 brn hair blue eyes muscular smooth u

185lbs hairy grey hair kinda chubby


So, you sucked many cocks?

A few, I’d luv to suck yours, how bigs it?

8in cut u?

7.5” uncut

Where you live?

Glasgow u?


You have to cum down a fuck my ass

Alright I will, when?

Well before September

How about 29th june?

Sure!!! Whts ur numbr?

We talked for hours after that where I got his number and I phoned him, we had great phone sex. I’m Darren, I live in Glasgow with my parents, and they have no Idea that I’m gay.

The 29th of June drew closer, and I was getting more and more excited and nervous in case Dave was a mad pervert who kidnapped me. I had various visions of the 29th, one was where We had sex and he tied me up to do a S&M type of thing, then he fucked my tight ass and came all over me, got dressed and took my clothes and left me tied up. Another was that He raped me and kidnapped me and took me off to some shack in the country and killed me, or that I spent the night in a hotel room, and while I was sleeping he took my clothes and ran off, leaving me naked in a hotel room.

But Saturday was closer, Only one day to go, and I was very excited, all the nervousness had left me, I had told him what I’d be wearing that day, so he could spot me in an instant, Tight navy shorts and a black t-shirt that said “Rawedge” on it. We where going to meet at a shopping mall in the city centre.

I told my parents that I was going to stay over night in my friend’s house, and that I was meeting him in town first. So I left my parents house and got on the bus. The bus ride there was pretty uneventful. I got off the bus, and my heart was pounding, I walked through the town and stopped at the entrance to the mall and waited there. About five minutes later a guy, Kind of chubby, with grey hair, wearing a leather jacket, black vest and jeans, stood beside me.

“You Darren?” he said out of the side of his mouth.


“My hotel’s jus’ up the road,” and with that we set off together. We walked like we were father and son, and not like Boy friend and Boy friend. We came to a nice hotel; it was plain on the outside.

Inside was pretty plain too, red carpet, cream walls, and leather couches, as well as a reception desk. We walked on past all of that and off into a lift. My heart was drumming really fast now, there was no escape.

“So, how ya feelin’?” he asked me.

All I could say was “Fine,” in a higher tone than usual. The lift stopped on floor 7 and we exited the elevator.

“My rooms just down the hallway, don’t be scared,” he added looking at my face, which was slightly pale. I don’t know why I was scared; I’d gone with guys before to their rooms to eat their cocks, why should this be any different? We got to his room, room number 349.

The inside was, again, red carpet, cream walls with pictures hanging, and nice double bed, a dresser, and another room which I thought would lead to a bathroom.

“Sit down,” he said when he took his coat off, so I sat down on the bed and looked around, he went into the bathroom, and a few minutes later he emerged wearing his vest and boxer shorts.

“You can take off your clothes if you want”

So I did, I stripped off till my boxers. Then he walked over to me, felt my dick as he kissed me, full tongue and everything, I then slipped my hands down his boxers and rubbed his ass, finding his hole. I started to play with his ass hole then plunged my middle finger in, as he moaned while his tongue was still in my mouth, I then inserted my index finger as well, making him break away his kiss and throw me on the bed. I took off his boxers and threw them aside, revealing his semi-hard dick, he then pushed me flat on the bed, got onto his knees and made me suck it. It was so smooth and thick in my mouth, he then got hard and then started to push my head back and forth on his shaft. Then I deep throated his cock all the way to his balls and then he started to thrust my head up and down more violently, until I started to choke and he withdrew.

“So you like to choke on my rod faggot?!” he shouted.

“Yeah, I wanna suck your massive cock until you cum all over my face!” and then he thrusted his cock back in my mouth, only this time he was fully on top of me lying flat and it was jammed down my throat, he wouldn’t move up and down, so it was fixed there. Then I started to drift off into unconsciousness.

All I an remember during my deep sleep was the feeling of great pain, but unable to wake myself, when I finally came around I felt more than one cock up my ass, but two and I was currently sucking one as well.

The one I was sucking was black and was about 10” and I remember Dave saying,
“Don’t worry, jus’ fuck him sore, the cunt’ll probably like our dirty dicks up him!!” then he laughed and the other guys laughed too, then I started to moan really loud.

“Oh looks like this bitch is comin’ round Dave!” said the guy I was sucking off. I tried to withdraw from his cock, but then he said “NO! your gonna suck my cock till I fuckin' cum in your chops, you gay slut, I’m sure you like that bitch, yeah, keep goin’!” then he started to breathe hoarser and then started to moan.

“Hey is that bitch suckin you right an’ good Tyse?” said the unfamiliar voice, I could tell that he was a black guy as well.

Then Tyse replied “Yeah he’s okay, I think I might give him a rest after I cum,” Then he spurted his load in my throat and I sat there moaning and choking on his cum. I finally turned around to see Dave behind me fucking my ass really hard, then I looked below me to see the other black man then he said:

“Yeah you like that bro, don’t you, you want me to cum in your ass, that’s what you want me to do, yeah then I'm a cum in your mouth!”

“He is one tight muthafucka!! Aint he Gene?” said Dave through ragged moans.

“Oh yeah, he’s even hurtin me,”

Through all this I was too busy moaning loudly to talk. Then Dave tightened up and then came so powerfully that most of the cum shot out of my hole and onto his stomach, then he withdrew his dripping cock from my ass and then I moaned in relief. Then he walked over to me, kneeled down and said, “Yeah, you liked my filthy cock up your ass didn’t ya? Well you gonna love my mucky cum in your face,” and then he rubbed his belly all over my face. Then I felt Gene tighten up and moan really loud and then he came in my ass. My ass was so stretched by this point it all just dripped out. The he withdrew his dick and stood up. Then all three helped me up to my feet, I was so weak I just stumbled to the ground, when I looked down I saw blood stains all over the carpet, “Yeah you bled like a fuckin pig, aint that right fellas?” said Dave and the others murmured their agreement.

“Your ass aint neva gonna be the same again,” said gene after he wiped his cock free of cum.

“His mouth aint neva gonna be the same either,” he laughed, “I stretched his mouth so wide I thought it’d rip!” said Tyse.

“You gonna be alright anyways,” said Dave, “I think it’s only fair.” He said, I had no idea what that meant, then they told me to get on all fours, I didn’t want to, cause my ass and mouth were aching, but I wasn’t gonna argue with two black studs and one white guy, so I done it and Gene started to lick my ass, Dave started to suck me cock while Tyse kissed me for about five minutes while I gently jerked him off.

Later that night we had another orgy, only this time they weren’t as rough and they used some lube, only it was Gene and Tyse who were fucking my ass and I sucked off Dave. They came repeatedly through the night and we went to sleep. While we slept we were in each others asses, I was in Gene’s, Tyse was in mine and Dave was in his…

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