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Teeny Tiny Little Skirt


Even though I was losing the battle of keeping my tight little skirt over my tight little ass, I still kept trying.

"Fuck, it's hot," I muttered to myself while running my fingers through my platinum blonde hair. I usually loved the feel of it brushing my ass, but not on this hundred degree day in the dessert. Beads of sweat trickled down my neck and along the curves of my tits. I kept wiping and rubbing myself, but all that did was make me hotter. At least I didn't have much on, a little blouse that barely covered my tits, a teeny tiny skirt, white thigh highs, and some five-inch heels.

Why did my car have to die now? I was just on my way to Vegas to spend the week with the girls and finally have some fun. We had some time off between summer sessions, and we were going to make the most of it.

Now the piece of shit is overheated and I've got to get to a call box.

All of a sudden, I heard a truck coming. Phew!

I got into position by bending at the waist to adjust my stockings and skirt. A little tug here and a little tug there and I had enough skin showing. Not surprisingly, I could hear the gears of the 18-wheeler grinding and growling to a stop.

As I tried to run over to him, I could feel my titties jiggling and my skirt rising with every step, but I was just so grateful to see him, I didn't care. As he hopped out of his truck, I gave him a good hug and a big kiss. When I stepped back, he had the biggest grin on his face.

"I am so happy to see you, mister. Can you help me? My car overheated just down the road a widdle bit."

"I'm a bit overheated too," he said with a funny look, but I think he meant something else. Anyway, I started to walk back to the car, but he stopped me and told me to do it the easy way and hop in the truck. It looked like a mile straight up the cab. I opened the door and got up enough to get stuck. I was having a hard time finding my footing. He, being so sweet, wrapped his arms around my legs and gave me a shove.

I got in a little further, but I felt bad, because my skirt had ridden up and so my ass was all on his face. I scooted down a little and with a pout said I was sorry. He growled, "no worries" and I could feel his stubble on my ass. Ooh! It was like sandpaper, but it sort of felt good.

Wow, his cab was full of all this artwork. Every inch was covered with pictures of half naked girls. They were in all sorts of positions and sometimes were with other women. They were pasted to the dash, the visors, and the roof. I have to say, they were making me horny by the time he hopped in.

He noticed me looking and asked if I enjoyed the view. I just blushed. I was quiet until we got to my car. Oh the poor thing looked so pitiful.

I got out and couldn't believe the heat! Jeez, I was wet from my titties to my thighs. He told me to pop the hood, so I bent over, through the open window, and tugged at the lever. When I turned around, I caught the glint of lust in his eye. I thought, oh well, he deserves a little show, with him being so nice and all.

He asked if I had ever done any maintenance on my vehicle, but I admitted that I'd never done more the stick the gas pump in the hole. We walked over to the hood and he said, "Okay, I need you to help me reaching in as far as you can." I did and he pulled my right arm a little further in to reach some lever. He told me he needed me to push on it while he got in the car to start it.

I was ready. He tried to start the car and shouted for me to push the lever. I felt ridiculous with my ass sticking straight up in the air, my skirt riding up. I was having trouble concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing though, with my tits rubbing up against the engine. I could feel the warm air kiss my peach. I couldn't help but run my tongue across my lips as I imagined getting impaled by this trucker's cock.

I did as I was told. At first it just sputtered and coughed, but after a few tries it started! I was so excited when he came around. Before I could get up, I felt him push my skirt up and slap my ass with his cock!

"This is what you get for bein' such a fuckin' tease! I am gonna ream you so good, you'll be walkin' funny tomorrow."

He reached around, untied my tiny blouse, and tossed it. He brushed aside my hair and held my hips. "Look at this ass. Oh shit, I am gonna have so much fun with this pussy." Then he smacked my ass so hard I let out a yelp! I let go and started to run.

"You better fuckin' come back here cunt!" he shouted as he got something out of his truck.

I ran as fast as I could down the highway. I was waving my arms trying to get attention, but there was one to see me. I made the mistake of looking behind me, and he was right on my tail. I tried to run even faster, but it was hard enough to keep my balance in my heels.

He caught up to me easily and suddenly he had my arms and legs tied with some rope. He lifted me over his shoulder and carried me back to my car. I was doing my best to wriggle out of his grip, with no luck. I kicked and screamed.

"You better let me go or you're gonna have to answer to the cops!" I cried in desperation. He paid no attention and proceeded to my car. He then let me down, only to put me over his knee. He shoved my skirt up. Smack!

"Now that's for running."

I could feel my ass turn pink even as his rough hand came down a second time. I bit my lip to keep from yelping, but the sting was almost unbearable. I could feel my pussy moisten as I wriggled and said, "Unh...please I'm so sorry. I puh-promise I won't be a bad girl again."

After the third one, he stood me up and bent me over my hood. Then I felt his cock pushing at my pussy lips.

"Unh! Don't, puleeze!" I shouted. But even as I did, I could feel my pussy lick at his cock and then start dripping.

I wriggled out of his grip and started to hop away. I knew I wouldn't get far, but I knew I had to try, even with my titties jiggling as I hobbled.

I shouted, "You'd better keep your hands off me you fucking pervert! I called the cops and they'll be here any minute." He sauntered over and put his mouth right up to my ear. He growled, "What do you think's gonna happen little girl? You think they're gonna say that they found a poor thing that got her virginity stolen? Ha. They'll see this cute little ass and luscious tits and know they got a slut on their hands."

He didn't hold back as he jammed his huge cock in me and it fucking hurt like hell. With every stroke though, the searing pain was replaced with a hot need in me. He drove his cock into me, slow and deep at first. But each stroke came faster and faster, and I gyrated my hips to match his rhythm. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy and my juices start to run. He bent forward over me, smashing my tits into the hood. I could feel his calloused hand around my tit and I could hear myself moaning. He alternated between rolling my nipple in his fingers and palming as much flesh as he could in his hand.

I licked my lips and couldn't keep the moans from coming out of my lips. It felt so good to be fucked like a whore. "Oh yeah. Just look at how your hips move to get my cock deeper in you. I knew you were a fuckin' slut."

"Oh god it feels so good. Umm, fuck yeah."

He grumbled in my ear, "Fuck, your tits feel so good..." he said as he massaged them.

His cock felt so good sliding in and out of my tight little cunny that I suddenly yelled in pain and ecstasy. He was having the ride of his life and so was I. He moaned, "Oh God, you fuckin' bitch. You know just how to make it good."

I could feel my pussy walls start to quake and I was cumming, cumming so hard. He suddenly pulled out and I could feel his hot wad quickly cool as he sprayed my ass. He smeared it in with his hand and I was covered in it. He palmed my cunt and shoved his fingers up my hole, then licked his fingers.

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