I looked over the telescope in my room I had gotten it for my fourteenth birthday some seven years ago, and only now was I managing to look at it. It was late at night as I swung the scope over accidentally peaking into my neighbors home and through her bedroom window.

At first the room itself was empty and I had just about lost the nerve and made ready to place the scope’s cover back on when I saw my eighteen your old neighbor Genni walk into the room.

She had a set of cheerleading outfits on and must have just come home from a practice or something. Her blonde hair was plastered to her head with sweat, and I knew that the next thing for her usually was to go in and get a shower in her private bathroom – at least that’s what I would have done -- but tonight for some reason was different. She closed the door to her room and locked it, and made sure that the lights were on.

She then used her toes to slip off her sneakers, these she left in the middle of the floor and she then walked in stocking feet to the bed.

With a slow slide, she placed herself on her back, and just chatted with whoever it was on the phone for a few minutes.

Yet again I was almost ready to give it up, my arms were killing me as was my neck due to the fact that I had to be hunched over the eyepiece. I started to straighten up when suddenly I saw that she’d unzipped her cheerleading skirt and slid it down her legs!

‘Hmm.” I thought to myself, “this might be getting interesting.”

She turned her back away from me and started to pull her sweater off, letting it fall to the floor. All that she had left on were her under things!

“This is wrong…” I thought to myself as I tried to force myself to back away from the accursed spyglass and head back down into the living room to maybe watch some TV or something, but all that I could think of doing is getting back there to see WHAT Genni was doing.

I raced back to the eyepiece with the speed of an addict as I settled myself back into the seat; I started to unzip my trousers so that I could better allow my cock to have breathing room. I squinted up against the eyepiece and looked.

Much to my desired amazement, I saw that Genni had stripped entirely.

Oh, if only I could describe the way that her buttocks looked as they curved and met up with the fine suppleness of her spine, but I am so sorry, that there are no words in the English language that would do her svelte beauty justice. I could see her white panties and bra as they lay about the floor, and watched as Genni settled herself on the bed. .

Her feet were splayed out at a very odd angle that I must say was something new to me, but I could see that her hands were busy as they gently worked in two places at once. Kneading her breasts with her right hand while her left index finger made it possible to go deeper into her pussy than I had ever seen her go before…

I swear that I could almost hear her sweaty screams and moans as she pressed her fingers in and out of herself.

As for me, I had slid down my jeans entirely and had a free hand heartily grasped around the base of my cock. I was gently stroking it, though whether of not I was matching Genni’s strokes, I could not tell you.

I felt a slight strand of pre-cum as it leached out of my cock.

I wondered how close Genni was to her own release, as mine wasn’t too far off.

I saw as she began to arch her back and could only imagine the moans that were emanating from her as she diddled herself.

I tried to hold off and to let myself wait as she made herself come, give her time to finish off so that I would have that image to play off as I made myself feel good, but her body was just too much for me and I could hold out no longer as I picked up pacing with my hand.

In seconds I could feel as my balls tightened up and my sperm began to shoot forth landing on the windowpane and the gaudy brown carpet. It felt so good that I screamed out Genni’s name!

In a few moments, I saw that the lights had gone out and assumed that Genni was either out or asleep. I made sure to close down the lights, and to clean up anything that might have fallen off me and onto my telescope. But as for me, I kind of like the feeling of nudity, and as I climbed into bed, the silk sheets caressing my skin, I wondered if Genni had seen me.

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