Tell Me a Dirty Story


'But Angie! You said you loved it in your ass!' I licked her brown butthole, pushing my tongue into the tiny tight opening. She reached down and tried to push my head away. I brought my hand back over and slipped my finger in, further than before; Angie pleaded, 'Please, Alex NO! NO!' When I had it in past the second knuckle, her cries had changed to 'Oh! Yeah! Uh!! Al!! Ahhhh!' Angie reached down and massaged her clit and I began tongue fucking her while I slipped my finger in and out of her ass. She came in just a few seconds. Her thighs squeezed my head like a vise; the noise she made during her orgasm was…indescribable.

Angie lay on the bed before me completely spent. For a second, I thought she may have passed out. I stood up and paced around the room anxiously, the reality of what we'd just done creeping into my mind. Things would never be the same between us. Suddenly I desperately needed to confirm Angela's complicity in all of this; I needed to know once and for all whether this was in fact what she wanted all along. I sat in the chair next to her bed and watched her breathing even out. 'Tell me a story, Angie,' I softly said, stroking her long brown hair. I waited anxiously for her reply.

She lay motionless for minutes. She turned to me, still lying on the bed, and looked me in the eye. Her face had the look of someone who was ready to come clean; ready to stop the games and get real. Then she broke her silence. In a sexy, breathless voice, she started…'Once, there was a little girl with a big brother. A big brother with a VERY big cock.' She smirked at me, speaking as if she were reading a children's book aloud. 'The little girl and her big brother liked to talk dirty to each other while they touched themselves, but it kind of got out of hand.' I listened anxiously beside Angie as she dreamily told our story. 'The big brother wanted to know if his sister really meant all the things she said to him; all the while, the little girl was wondering the same thing.' Angie was looking wistfully up at the ceiling, pinching her nipples and making them rock hard again. 'So the big brother came over and surprised the little girl. At first she wouldn't face it; wouldn't admit it, and that made the big brother angry.' The room had started to heat up again. 'The big brother made her do bad things, VERY BAD things, like SUCK his big COCK. Then the big brother ATE his little sister's PUSSY, and put his FINGER in her ASS, and made her COME; it was so good that she could no longer deny it: she and her big brother really did want the same thing. There were no more secrets now, no more pretending. Now they could do everything they ever dreamed of together. Even though everybody said it was bad, they thought it was good. How could something that felt so good be bad?'

I was smiling ear to ear. 'And what did they really want?'

Angie's face got serious. 'They wanted to FUCK. She wanted his big fat cock in her little tiny pussy.' She rolled over on her side to face me, opening her legs and showing me her slippery pussy lips. I looked down at her lovingly. 'Now that both of them knew, and they had come so far, there was nothing stopping them.'

I reached over and massaged one of Angela's wonderful titties. 'What happened next?' I asked, anxiously.

Angie grinned. 'Oh, the big brother's very big cock was still very hard; it wanted to be deep inside the little sister's pussy very badly.' Angie grabbed my stiff dick and started softly stroking. 'But now that they had decided they were going to fuck, the little sister couldn't decide which hole she wanted it in, her cunt or her ass?' Whoah! I liked this story…'So the big brother picked up his sister's shiny silver vibrator…' She paused as I got the message and moved quickly. '…and put some baby oil on it, getting it all nice and slippery.' Smiling devilishly, I jumped up to retrieve her dildo and Angie leaned over to her nightstand and handed me a small bottle of baby oil, smiling back at me. 'Then he put some on his big cock.' I did. 'The little sister got on all fours…' Angie assumed the position. Her big round tits hung below her, almost touching the bed, as she got on all fours, her ass and pussy facing me. 'Her brother slipped the dildo slooooowly into her ass…' I climbed up onto the bed and positioned the vibrator at the small opening of her anus, turning it as I slipped it slowly into the little brown hole between her gorgeous ass cheeks. 'Nnnghnn…oh…shoot…ah…then, when it was uh all the way in, the big brother took his big fat COCK and put that inside his baby sister's CUNT…' And so I did. With a hand on each beautiful cheek, I placed my swollen cockhead into the cleft of her wet cuntlips and pushed it in slowly. 'OH! Oh yeah! Oh, FUCK! Ahhhh! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee…' Once all the way in, Angela pushed against me, slipping it in that much further. I fucked my beautiful baby sister like I'd never fucked anyone before; slowly, carefully, lovingly; making sure she got to enjoy every inch of my long hard dick. I enjoyed every sensation, every sound she made, as I slowly and gently slid my dick inside her. This had turned into something more than I ever dared dream of…I bumped into the bottom edge of the silver vibe occasionally as it stuck out of her butt while I pumped Angie's molten pussy a bit faster, eliciting squeals of delight. 'They finally…fucked…it felt so…fucking good…up her ass and…in her pussy…Ohhh, It was much…better than she…ever imagined…Ahhhh, baby…it was a…dream come…true…'

Sweat had begun to run down my chest as we fucked. 10 wonderful minutes passed as I pumped Angie's tight 18 year old cunt from behind. I focused on the end of the silver dildo protruding from her asshole as I stroked in and out, in and out…She turned her head to face me, a dreamy smile on her lips. 'Switch!' was all she said; I guess she couldn't pull off the 'story teller' thing any longer. She was lost in lust and just wanted to come again. Fine with me…She pulled away from my dick and, without her touching it, the vibe slowly slid out of her asshole and plopped onto the bed. Her anus gaped open, and I couldn't get over the sight of my 'nice-girl' sister sitting in front of me on all fours, asshole and pussy open wide. What a beautiful sight. She turned over onto her back and lifted her legs up to her head, with one knee beside each ear. She stared at my prick with that crazy look again and said, 'Put your cock in my ass, Alex! Please! Put it in!' We smiled wickedly at each other; brothers and sisters were not supposed to have this kind of fun, but WE were…and man, was it ever FUN…I moved up and pressed my aching erection into her hole; it slipped in almost effortlessly. 'Aaaughgh…Oh, my god, oh, my god…' In a few short strokes, it was most of the way in. Anyway it was all she could take. Angie grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. She pressed the tip onto her swollen clit, spreading her lips with 2 fingers and immediately threw her head back in a state of bliss. 'MMMmmm, mmmmm….mmmm….' I pumped her tight, smooth asshole a little more aggressively that I had her cunt; I wanted to come, dammit! But Angie didn't seem to mind. 'Oh! Fuck my asshole! Oh, Alex! Fuck! FUCK!' Her tits bounced around her chest as I increased my thrusts. I grabbed her ankles with my outstretched arms and fucked her hard. Through gritted teeth, Angie wailed. She threw her head back violently against her pillow repeatedly; the vibrator's buzzing tip never left her swollen clit. She was going to explode any minute. My own climax was rapidly approaching, and I remembered from one of Angie's tall tales that she loved to be covered with hot come; well, she had told the truth about everything else, so that must've been true as well. We'd soon find out, as I had about a gallon on deck. When I could no longer take it; I pulled out of her asshole and jerked my meat for all it was worth. Cum sprayed from the head in hot gushing torrents, almost covering my little sister in hot, thick goo. Angie had turned beet red and was shaking violently as the semen landed on her chest, neck, in her hair…as she came, she slipped the vibrating dildo into her hot pussy and fucked herself to the very end. We both collapsed in a sweaty heap. She kissed me on the cheek and we both fell asleep, spent and exhausted.

Hours later, Angie told me that she felt like a different person. I told her that it was because she was finally being honest with herself, and that she wasn't depriving herself any longer of something she really wanted. Our relationship continues to this day.

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