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Tell Me A Story: Wife Wants Another


Tell me a story: My wife wants another...

Well, as I wrote in "My wife wants to read my stories" my lovely bride Heather recently found out about this site and my role in the filling of its stores of stories. She was cool about it, but turned things around-asking for more stories about me and my past.

Now, keep in mind-we have been married for nearly five years, and I've been with her for nearly eleven. She knows about my former girlfriends and relationships, et al. However, when she learned about this site and the stories on it, she became intrigued. She not only wanted to know more about my past-she wanted to read it-she totally fell in love with erotic stories, and as long as I stay her favorite author, I'm pretty OK with that.

She liked my last story, but she wanted something different. She wanted me to go back further. Back to high school. Back to that just before college time of my life that in its own way was something interesting. Back to the first love of my life. The girl I spent a year and a half with during high school. Heather, for the first time wanted to hear about Tammy.

I love my wife. I truly do-more than I can effectively express. That said, there is no one like your first love, and in all of the important ways, Tammy was that for me. Although she is not a part of my life now, there is still that young man of my past that cares very deeply for that young woman that she was then.

Tammy was older than me. Most of the time we dated, she was in college, and I was finishing up high school, but there were some very nice times while we were in school together. So the question was: what story do I tell her? Do I write about the time we lay on the dock at the county park in broad daylight while I put my hand up her shorts and made her cum? Would I write about the weekend when I visited her at college? That would have to be a several part story... Would I write about that afternoon where we snuck into the Guidance office at school and she went down on me while I sat in her counselor's chair? Or perhaps that time that we were exploring that construction site late at night on a Saturday, and she grabbed me and threw me down into the dirt in what was to become a local high school? What would I write about?

Maybe I should write about our one year anniversary.

Neither Tammy nor I had been with someone for longer than a year, so the one-year anniversary was a pretty big deal to us. She was at college, but conveniently, the date fell in line with her spring break. We made big plans-we spent time with some friends early in the day, and then went to dinner in a private room at a swanky restaurant that my pal Jamie's just happened to own. I arranged for the royal treatment in every way-we had a waiter who worked only for us, a room to ourselves, and a room at the adjoining hotel for the evening, should it be needed. As it turns out, it wasn't.

We had our dinner and took our damn sweet time with it. We had a number of courses, a violin showed up on occasion-not too often though were my instructions-after a while, it gets a bit awkward. It was an awesome night. After dinner, we got in the car and drove to a spot where we used to go and talk-Foley's Field. It was actually a baseball field utilized by the community baseball teams. I had a blanket in the back and a candle. We walked out to Center Field and I lay the blanket down, lit the candle and we watched the stars.

I held her in my arms and we reminisced about the past year. We had met in school, obviously, but did not get together until we went on a school trip to Germany. It was an amazing trip, and we really connected. In fact, when we landed, we introduced one another to our parents and caused quite a stir with them to say the least.

We talked and held and as the candle flickered, I moved to her and we kissed. It was the kind of kiss that one has with someone that provides that romantic security that you've dreamed of, but not yet tasted until that moment. That is what the first true love brings, and one must drink it up when it does.

She kissed me and we undressed-bit my bit-there was no rush-the stars weren't going anywhere and neither were we. Tammy was beautiful: she had long Strawberry Blond hair, her body a tall, curvaceous one that nearly matched my height. We felt each other and our breath mixed in that way that speaks only of the urgency of young passion.

I kissed her lips, her ear, her neck, and I worked my way down her body. I leaned over her and kissed my way to her breasts-full and soft, they responded to my mouth with pert attention. Her breath came in labored fashion and I continued lower-I kissed her belly. Her hips. Her thighs. One after the other I ran my tongue along them and worked my way towards her.

She could feel my breath on her pussy and began to inch herself towards my mouth. With my hands, I spread her legs out a bit wider and eased my tongue inside of her. I worked it in a large circle, careful to avoid her clit at the moment. I planned on pleasing her for a while-so I took my time.

I ran my tongue in a loop inside her and began to work it higher-running slowly and deliberately on her lips-circling, yet not touching her rapidly engorging clit. Her breath came faster than she was going to.

I spread her pussy wide and eased my tongue flat against her and ran the length of her body before returning to my ministrations. I began to circle her clit once again, in an ever contracting circle. Each pass brought me closer to her, yet drove her more and more into frustration-she tried time after time to force my head into her, yet, I continued to tease her.

Finally she relented and let me play out my tease. As my tongue circle contracted, she possessed less and further less control. As I got to the point where she could take no further teasing, I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. With my tongue firmly placed there, I thrashed my head back and forth, over and over, driving her into a series of seriously intense orgasms.

After a few minutes of this, she leaned up and threw me onto my back, quickly thrusting herself on top of me and kissing her way down my body until she reached my now obviously hard cock. Gratefully, she did not tease me in the manner that I had done her. She sucked my cock deep into the back of her throat, lightly moaning and thrashing her hair over the rest of my body. She wrapped her arms around my legs and literally drove my cock into her mouth while circling her head around it-the feeling was unreal.

She was moving very fast, and I came near to losing it only a few minutes into her work on me. Fortunately, she slowed. She moved down and ran her tongue along my balls, taking them into her mouth one after the other-she'd never done this before, and the feeling was awesome. She slowly licked her way up to the head of my cock, slowly and deliberately taking it in and out of her mouth. My breath came fast.

She moved up my body, mounting me and easing my cock into her well-drenched pussy. She threw back her head and began to ride me passionately. Tammy grinded her hips into me, rubbing her clit hard against me, placing her firmly in the throes of another orgasm. She screamed into the cool night air, the candle lighting nothing but the furious movements of our bodies.

She rolled over, pulling me atop her and grabbing my ass. Pulling me close to her we grinded together rapidly and were both nearing.

The candle went out, and my the light of a quarter moon, I could see my girl and she was beautiful in the way that gets better with time. With the urgency of young people, we fucked in seriously tight rhythm and as she came once again, I joined her, feeling the sweet pulses of her contractions along my cock as I came within her.

We lay like that for what felt like a long time. We stayed out and said very little. It had been said: We loved one another in the manner that only the young can. In our hearts, we knew it was not forever, but it certainly felt like it that night.

I'm hopeful that Heather will like this one-I'll let you know if you like. My wife rocks.

Please send any and all feedback to the link below. I won't get any better without your help.

All my stories are available on this site until the author name Dylan800b.

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