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Tempest in a Touch


(This is my first submission and I hope you enjoy. Although the fantasies my wife and I share seem to range from mild to wild, I wanted my first story to reflect just how much I love and appreciate how beautiful she is. Let me know what you think of it. Maybe the next one will lean a little more toward the other end of the spectrum.)

From the beginning of our marriage my wife and I have always slept in the nude. I love the feel of her bare skin and it sometimes seems unnatural for something to be so soft and warm. It's wonderful to snuggle close after she's had a warm bath. There's nothing like the feel of her beautiful body next to me as we try to get as close and comfy as possible in our king size bed. The smell of her hair, so soft and clean, is intoxicating. The aroma's of shampoo, lotions, and soap are so different yet seem to melt into one breathtaking scent. I've often told her that one of the greatest blessings of being married is waking in the middle of the night and being able to feel her next to me and then lying as close as possible and simply breathing in her scent as I fall back to sleep.

More often than not its only a few nights a week that this happens. Due to my crazy schedule I end up working through the night several times a week. I'm on call 24 hours a day including weekends and have no set time to go into work while my wife works 8-5 Monday through Friday. Her job as an office manager/secretary/receptionist can get hectic, is sometimes stressful, and most of the time seems never ending. Mine is a very high stress but low key, blue collar job away from the public. I try to do what I can when I'm home to lighten the load on her but, like I said, several days a week she comes home from work only to find laundry to do or dinner to cook for our two sons. This is in addition to all the running that has to be done shuffling from one ballgame or practice field to another each evening.

On the occasions when we do get to spend the evening together, by the time we get the kids in bed, we're usually more than ready to get into bed ourselves. It's on these occasions that I end up getting the best of both worlds. I get to feel every inch of her soft skin as I rub the stress away by giving her a massage and I get to watch her as she drifts off into never never land. She's so beautiful when she's sleeping. Every muscle is relaxed, her breathing becomes calm, and I enjoy lying there, watching as much as touching her.

Although our love for each other sounds great judging by the description I've given, there seems to be no time for us to prove to each other how great that love really is but that couldn't be further from the truth. The everyday stress of working and raising a family notwithstanding, our love life seems to have grown into a modern day fairytale. My love for her seems to grow stronger each day and I find myself daydreaming of the wonderful times we spend in each others arms.

My latest dreams are of a night not long ago that seemed to never end yet ended all too soon. After a long day at work and a late evening of dinner and homework we finally got the kids showered and into bed. I knew that my wife had had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and everything needed to be done yesterday so I decided to give her a little more than just a massage. While she was tucking the kids into bed I slipped into the bedroom and lit some candles. I then drew a hot bath, added bath oil and rose petals, and lit more candles. When she came in to the bedroom expecting to fall into bed I was standing there ready to help cast all her cares aside for a while. The surprise was evident in her eyes and the worry seemed to melt away in an instant.

I simply took her beautiful face in my hands, kissed her lightly on the cheek, and said "I love you more than words can say". As I led her into the bathroom the light from the candles made evident the tears on her cheek. "I love you more....." she said. I knew what she meant. We've made a habit of adding to the meaning of "I love you more..." over the years. One day it might be I love you more than yesterday. The next it might be I love you more than I ever thought I could. The next might be I love you more than you'll ever need to be loved.

As our eyes adjusted to the dim light of the candles I began by kissing the tears away and wrapping my arms around her and holding her tight saying "I know and I'm so thankful". I hated to let go but knew that we would become closer as the night grew on. I slowly began unbuttoning her blouse placing kisses on her warm skin as I brought her closer to unyielding nakedness. My eyes never left hers. My lips never released their touch. My fingers never gave up the hold I had on her heart. As her complete beauty was revealed I stood, took her by the hand, led her to the bath, helped her in, and joined her. The water, softened by the bath oils and bubbles, seemed to envelope us like a cocoon. For the longest time we laid there simply enjoying its warmth and comfort.

As she leaned back into me, her head on my chest, I felt her begin to relax and she seemed to be drifting off to sleep. I grabbed a bath sponge and gently caressed her shoulders as I let the water drip onto her soft skin. I then started massaging from her arms up her shoulders to her neck and back down her arms. Soft moans let me know I was using the right touch.

The warm water and my soft touch on her tanned skin had the soothing effect I'd been hoping for. I never fail to be amazed at how wonderful it feels to touch her. When it seemed that the stress of her day had drifted away I slowly let my fingers continue their dance on her soft skin. I had taken my time rubbing her shoulders and neck to release some of the tension from the day. I dipped my hands into the warm water and began to gently rub her face and the front of her neck and chest. It doesn't sound very erotic but even massaging her ears with my thumb and fingers seemed to be invoking soft moans letting me know she was enjoying my touch.

The water was relaxing me as well but feeling her so close to me was having the opposite effect. I was becoming more and more aroused as I did my best to relax her. I could feel myself getting hard and if we didn't change positions soon it was going to get uncomfortable. I gently tried to sit up with her still leaning back against me hoping there would be enough room but is turned out that she was just as aware of my "awakening" as I was. I looked down into her eyes as she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. She had the most wonderful smile on her face as another tear ran down her cheek. She said "Thank you for wanting me and for making me feel so loved." I touched her lips with my fingertips and thanked her for making it so easy to love her.

After getting her to relax as much as I figured I could and becoming worked up in the process I figured it was time to get my wife all worked up too, but not over work!

The look of contentment on her face from the massage turned to pleasure as my hands made their way to her breasts. Her eyes opened as a smile spread across her face. Her eyebrow arched as if to ask me, without a word, "ulterior motive?". A sneaky smile in return was my answer. What I didn't know, but was soon to find out, was that the "massage" I thought I had been giving for relaxation had made my wife as wanton as it had me!

As my hands wrapped around her gorgeous 36C breasts I let my fingertips brush past her very erect nipples. With that simple touch I found out just how excited my wife was as she arched her back trying to keep her wonderful half inch nipples in contact with my fingers. I obliged her by taking each between my fingers and lightly pinching, just enough so that they seemed to get even bigger than they already were. "Oh my god baby, you know how much that turns me on!" she said. "Please don't ever let go!" which is precisely what I did. I gently squeezed each breast again trying unsuccessfully to contain one in each hand. I then let my hands slip under the surface of the steaming water and again started spreading it over her body as I let my hands go where they may over her sides and stomach. With each pass I moved a little closer to her abdomen. After several minutes of what I call "sweet torture" where my touches were "there" but not quite...I stopped moving my hands and simply marveled at the feel of her warmth. This is what I call "sweeter torture". Our mutual goal, the destination of where we each want my hands to be, met but not quite.

When I felt I couldn't take it any longer I waited still. Her body seemed to be in constant motion as she tried to move under my hands pressing herself against them. The next time I sensed her hips rising my right hand parted her lips and I slipped a finger deep inside as my left rose to pinch her nipple once again. Immediately a shiver encompassed her entire body. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh Yeeeessss! Oh god yessssss!" Her body tensed and she was overcome by several orgasms. With each spasm I felt I rolled her nipple between my fingers and increased the pressure hoping to prolong her pleasure as long as I could. When I felt her beginning to relax I bent down and kissed her luscious lips as she turned her head to meet mine. "Why don't we take this into the bedroom. We need more room!" I said. As we rose I grabbed a towel and started drying her off slowly letting my hands linger as I did. When she was dry she stepped out of the tub and I was right behind her. I took another towel from the shelf and dried off on the way not wanting to delay for even a second what lay in store.

As she reached the bed I turned her around and asked her to sit down and lie back. I knelt down beside the bed, closed my eyes, and began rubbing her legs and kissing her soft clean skin. I slowly worked my way up her legs alternating between rubbing and kissing. It was an act of sheer will on my part not to stand and take her as hard and fast as I could. But I wanted this to be a night of pleasure for her and not just me. Something I've come to learn over the years is that if you can control yourself long enough to make sure your lover is pleased with what you are doing the end result will surely be full of pleasure for both. So, I made myself take it slow and easy. While reaching under her legs I let my hands make their way slowly up the outside as I kissed and nibbled the inside. As my lips reached the inside of her thighs she instinctively raised her knees so that I in-turn had to raise up to keep up what I was doing. As I did I opened my eyes knowing that I'd finally see what I had been picturing in my mind. Her nipples were between her fingers and the smoothness of her skin was covered once again with her sweetness. I paused to take in her wonderful scent and at that moment I knew I couldn't restrain myself any longer.

I leaned in with the intention of placing a long slow kiss on her outer lips but found that my desire was too great. I needed to taste her. My tongue slipped between her wet lips and I was overtaken with pure lust. My lips surrounded her clit and I started sucking and nibbling it as if it were the last thing I would ever do. Her hands left her nipples and pressed my face even closer than I thought I could get. Without a sound, her body arched once again, her legs wrapped around my head and at that moment I discovered that my wife was a squirter. My neck and chest was suddenly soaked with her juices. The surprise must have hit us both at the same time because she let go of my head just as I let go of her clit. It didn't take us long to clear our thoughts though. Before I could stand and get on the bed my wife had my cock in her hand and was literally pulling me closer.

In seconds I was completely inside her and couldn't believe how hot she was. It seemed like I was inside a furnace. I stayed inside her for what seemed like hours. I didn't want to move for fear of losing the wonderful feeling of being enveloped by her body. Nature seemed to overcome my willpower and I began slowly moving back pulling myself out. I stopped just as I felt her outer muscles squeezing trying to keep me inside of her. The split second it took for my body to change directions my wife rolled her hips back and slid down the bed under me. My hips came forward just as I was completely inside her again and the force of our opposite motions seemed to produce a storm that raged within us both. When I would pull out she would pull me back in seemingly by sheer will. It was as if we were floating on a stormy sea and the waves kept crashing our bodies into each other. In the tempest of my mind thunder rolled and lightning crashed. We both seemed to lose all conscious thought as the waves of orgasm overwhelmed us. Wave after wave covered us and we unconsciously decided to let them take us where they may.

As I awoke several hours later I looked out our bedroom window and noticed a cloudless sky and the sun peaking over the horizon. The storm of emotions we had ridden just hours before had passed. The waves that had overtaken us had calmed and the winds of pleasure were gone to be replaced by a gentle breeze of contentment. I smiled at wonderful memory we had made, wrapped my arms around my wife, and went back to sleep dreaming of storms yet to come.

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