Temptation's Contempt


Yvette turned back to the prick and deep throated him again in one quick slurp.

"That's it white child... take my fuck stick... I want the knob in your belly..." Zachary panted. Yvette made heavy swallowing noises. Once. Twice. The third swallow emitted a shallow breath from Zachary --the sort one makes when they're trying not to blow a load. And then she released him again, stroked the shaft, and looked back at Anne Marie.

Anne Marie's eyes were big, one blue, one green. She looked between Zachary's gigantic cock leaking pre-cum and my daughter. Yvette's eyes betrayed an inside joke and her lips curved in a wicked smile --she did all of this to taunt Anne Marie. Anne Marie's eyes protested, but Yvette shushed her quietly, like a mother with a band aid. She rubbed the poor girl's jaw and coaxed her to open herself for Zachary again. Anne Marie finally opened wide.

And again, my daughter forced the company receptionist to take all of the cock she could. Anne Marie's eyes clenched shut, her voice resisted deep in her throat. Yvette half-stroked the girl's hair, half-grabbed it. She pulled her back only to force her forward again.

On the third take, Anne Marie had almost three-quarters of Zachary's cock in her throat.

"...atta girl... let this slutty bitch teach you... teach you how to treat a proper cock..." Zachary groaned.

I was tempted to re-watch that particular file, but instead loaded the next one and tried to keep my breathing inaudible.

With a slurp, Anne Marie was pulled from Zachary's wide one. The length of it bobbed and Yvette dutifully jacked it while Anne Marie pulled air into her lungs. As she panted, I could see her nipples hard inside the blouse she was still wearing. Yvette licked the thick member as Anne Marie gasped in her ear: "I want... to... go again..."

Yvette leaned up and the two looked at each other's eyes --they were absolute mirrors of total lust. Both smiled widely and Yvette pointed the bulging mass as Anne Marie's wanton mouth again.

"Hell yeah... this cock..." Zachary urged as Anne Marie's lips encased it. "Is a thing... of..." Yvette slammed the girl's head forward again. "...wor...ship... a ... thing... of ..." Anne Marie almost had it all. "... beauty..." With the latest push, Anne Marie had it all. The girl's throat was stretched to accommodate my boss's meat and her eyes were wet with tears of effort. Her voice approved and Yvette stroked her hair and Zachary's belly. "...that's good..." Zachary hissed. He traced her bangs away from her mis-matched eyes and her expression yielded total sexual slavery. She released the cock with a gasp and looked to Yvette.

Immediately, she pounced on my daughter and shoved her tongue into my daughter's throat. Anne Marie's hands worked to remove her blouse quickly and the tops of her breasts were immediately apparent. Yvette had inspired a fire in Anne Marie, she'd poured gasoline and she'd created a most aggressive sexual ferocity. In that moment, I knew what Anne Marie was going through. I'd been there before. As her top came off, she moaned gratefully that my daughter kissed back.

Zachary took a step back and got a shot of his cock.

"It's never been this big and hard girls..." he breathed. "...I can fuck anything!"

My phone had stopped vibrating with new messages, so I knew their session was almost to an end. I wondered what the lag time was between their actions and my phone. I wondered if I could hold on as long as Zachary seemed to. My penis was swollen so hard that it would take only a finger tap to make me explode --so I used my cock hand to open the next message.

Yvette was lying back on the table, propped up on her elbows and Anne Marie's head was bobbing up and down between her thighs. Yvette's fingers were stroking the long brown hair. The camera movement was rougher than it had been --like Zachary was distracted. Suddenly a condom wrapper was thrust into view. "...ah ha... found the bastard..." I heard him say.

I heard him tearing the wrapper with one hand.

His loose camera frame found Yvette. She was looking right at him.

"You're not putting that inside me..." She said with a sly smile.

"Oh yeah I am!" Zachary said. "No babies. No diseases. That's how I do all the girls."

"Then you can stick that latex bullshit in the other 'ho'..." Yvette chuckled, doing an impression of Zachary's voice. The camera revealed Anne Marie's skirt hiked up with no panties. She spread her pussy lips approvingly and she bounced her hips in invitation. The shot moved back to Yvette --her smile lazy and wicked. "I don't do condoms."

I could sense hesitation and doubt as the camera's view settled into a sober steadiness. Yvette took this moment to rub her own tits in circles before squeezing each. Her hard nipples were pointing to the ceiling lights, thick and red. The golden hoops of her nipple rings dangled over her knuckles as she brought her chin forward to lick only the right tit. She moaned, coaxing him.

The camera view dropped abruptly and I couldn't tell what was happening. I heard movement --maybe Anne Marie forced out of position.

I only heard my daughter shout: "KEEP FILMMING!" Her shriek put a chill in my throat.

"Here! Here! You do it, bitch!" Zachary shouted back and it was obvious that Anne Marie had been shoved away, the camera phone thrust into her hand. As Anne Marie lined up her shot, it was Zachary who stood between my daughter's legs with a condom proudly stretched over his abundant cock. It was huge, maybe even bigger than it had been the whole time.

"You're gonna do it..." I heard myself whisper, barely touching my cock. "...you have to obey..."

"C'mon..." Yvette taunted as she brought a bare foot up. She traced the inside of his dark thigh with her toes, each stroke went higher and higher. Anne Marie moved in closer, letting me see her toes touch the underside of his balls. "...your silly dick is already harder than its ever been... and we both know why... cause it wants to feeeel me... it doesn't want your dammed raincoat... it wants to know how I feeeeel in here..." The back of her foot continued the long journey up his length slowly.

"Stop talking," Zachary said.

Yvette's toes started moving against the condom between her big toe and the second toe, gathering slack in the rubber. "C'mon..." Yvette cooed, "...you wanna fuck... dontcha? C'mon..."

"Fuck her you dumb son of a bitch," I hissed.

There was a knock at the bathroom door and I nearly jumped.

"Are you alright?!" I heard Issac yell.

"Yeah!" I called back, loading the next file. "I need a minute!"

"Thought you fell in!"

"Ha ha, Issac, ha ha!"

I hit play. I swear my phone was two inches from my eyes.

Zachary removed the condom and Yvette arched her pussy toward him. "That's more like it..." she whispered. She rolled her head to look at Anne Marie. "...look sweetie... Anne Marie's fingering herself... too bad there won't be any cock left for her! Look closely..." She licked her lips. "I will fuck you limp."

Zachary stepped between her open legs, head hanging in surrender to Yvette's power.

"That's right you dumb ass," I grunted, going back to stroking my own cock.

"You'll like it this wa--" Yvette breathed and then stopped. Zachary was penetrating her. That moment seemed frozen, Yvette's lips parted in a smile of ecstasy, her teeth barely exposed. Her eyes were heavy with satisfaction.

"Shut up." Zachary blurted as he thrust forward some more.

"Ah... you're in it now..." Yvette hissed. "...it's hot and tight, right?"

Zachary nodded, moving his hips slowly.

"...my pussy... my diseases..." Yvette grabbed one of his hands and crushed it into her right tit. He dutifully began to knead it. His free hand went to the other one. "...it's okay..." she shushed. "...it's okay... anybody would..."

"Shut up!" Zachary growled and put a hand over her mouth. He began to fuck her harder.

I was timing my hand job to his thrusts.

With the next file loaded, I found Zachary's fucking to be the very opposite of gentle. He was a raging animal --ruled by the lust-packed head of his cock. He rammed her and each time he did, her free tit flew toward Yvette's shoulder. Again and again. He slammed into her wet pussy, keeping one hand on her mouth. I saw Yvette's eyes go right to the camera, right to me. Her eyes smiled at me and reminded me that she'd always get whatever she wanted. She kept that taunting expression on her face until Zachary removed his hand from her lips.

"...you make my pussy so sloppy... so wet..." She giggled.

Zachary nodded in agreement. His breathing was mounting. Her legs were locked around his ass.

"I'm close!" Zachary groaned.

"Gonna... make a... baby in me?" She chuckled. "...I can feel it in your cock... that's why it's so fat right now... it wants to seed me..." She rubbed his back. "...you want visitation rights just to have an... excuse to fuck this twat..." She gave a sinister laugh.

"We should do a cum-shot," Anne Marie said, her voice betraying how close she was to bringing herself off.

Yvette ignored her. She just narrowed her eyes at Zachary, "...do it..." she laughed lightly and grinded her hips against him with more speed. Her own breath mounted higher and higher. "...I dare you... make a baby... in me... you asshole... c'mon... c'mon..."

Zachary leaned away, shocked with her words. His hands gripped her thighs. It looked like he was trying to pull them apart so he could get away.

"C'mon!" Yvette near shouted as she grinded her teeth and writhed against him.

I came. I touched my fingers to my full cock and it shot a stream at the floor of the stall. I moved to re-direct the next stream to the toilet and it smacked the water. The third shot weakened my knees and I thrust the hand with the phone out to balance. I came again, trying hard not to make any noise.

I caught my breath. I tucked my cock into my pants and flushed the toilet.

And then I loaded the final file.

I could tell that Zachary was on the brim of climax and Yvette wouldn't move her legs away. He stopped pressing his hands into her thighs and went between her legs instead. Yvette put her own hand there to keep him from slipping the cock out. I could see his ass clenched, trying to hold back his cum, but Yvette was in charge. She raised her ass off the table and fucked against him harder. She didn't cry out, but her cheeks were flushed with ecstasy. I remembered they were all trying to be quiet to keep from being busted.

Yvette's hips went faster and faster. She was using her free hand for leverage on the table as her pussy worked to coax the snot out of Zachary's gigantic fuck stick.

Zachary was holding his breath now, concentrating.

That's when Yvette raised herself up, hooked a hand around his head and brought his lips down to her own. They immediately started French kissing and Zachary groaned, releasing his sperm into my daughter. Yvette's snide grin immediately spread across her lips as she continued kissing him. The hand she had between her legs re-emerged and grabbed his ass. She squeezed it encouragingly before she stroked it and patted it.

The image froze there. Her white hand on his dark, perfectly toned ass.

I pocketed my phone and washed my hands before I returned to work.

The bright sunlight was a harsh reminder as to how long I'd been out. I found Issac chatting on the phone at Anne Marie's desk. I sat down heavily with a thick cum stain stuck my drawers to my thighs. Issac covered the mouth piece to the phone and said to me: "They want you in the conference room."

It wasn't until then that I dared look to the conference room.

The door was still closed.

I felt a surge in my chest and a brick in my belly. I had no idea why I would or could ever be apart of what had happened behind that closed door. I did not communicate that with Issac. I just nodded and headed for the conference room door. I don't believe I had ever contemplated the weight of a door knob nor its shape until that moment. I opened the door.

The scene was very off-kilter. All three were dressed like nothing had happened. Zachary and Anne Marie were next to each other. Anne Marie had Zachary's head on her shoulder and she rubbed his baldhead. His eyes were closed. I wondered if he'd ever be the same. I didn't think I could ever be. I wouldn't have been surprised to discover that Yvette had given him ground rules, like she'd done to me. Maybe Yvette made everyone she fucked swear to her three demands. It occurred to me that I might not ever know because to ask would violate her rule of respect.

Anne Marie stared blankly at me. I wondered how she felt, knowing she was Yvette's sexual inferior. Zachary would probably never fuck her again --even if Yvette hadn't made him swear not to. She actually felt like she'd been preyed upon --something about Yvette's tone when she noted that she'd have all the cock to herself.

And Yvette. She was dressed up again and looking at herself in a compact mirror. She adjusted her hair. Her feet on the table next to the food bag --next to the cup she'd pissed in.


"Hey, dad," she said, not looking up from herself.

Before I could prompt her, she slammed her compact shut and looked at me. "We saved a hamburger for you." She indicated the bag with her head. I noticed that she didn't have her high heels on.

I went into the bag and found that there was indeed a hamburger left. I opened its wrapping like she wanted and took a bite. It was far from fresh --more like the cardboard that teenagers crave.

"So..." Yvette said, as I chewed, "... did you get my messages?"

I glanced around the room at that time.

Anne Marie's eyes hinted at surprise. Zachary raised his head up to look at me.

"Yeah." I said after a swallow.

Yvette leaned onto her elbows and placed the cigarette I gave her into her mouth. She looked up at me with an impatience I'd never seen and I went to her. I produced the lighter she wanted and flicked it on for her.

"You can't smoke--" Anne Marie blurted and then stopped when Zachary put a mouth over her lips.

I lit her cigarette there in the conference room. She sat back and exhaled a perfect stream into the air above the table. Her smoke dominated the space above the table. I pocketed the lighter.

"So you're aware," she said, her voice above a whisper, "of their part in this."

I couldn't make eye contact with anyone in the room.

"We have to even the playing field, daddy..." she said, eyeing me as she took a drag. The embers crackled in the absolute silence of a place that was strictly 'no smoking.' Her foot touched to the cherry-drink cup and she pushed it toward me. "...it's important that... like you understand their relationship to me... that they understand my relationship to you."

The cup scratched along the surface of the table and stopped in front of me. Mid-hamburger.

"You want me to drink--" I blurted.

But she was way ahead of me, "--drink. In front of them. I want them to see. The bitch and the boss who you hate. Drink."

I looked at the cup.

I finally looked at Zachary and Anne Marie. Her blouse was slightly open, exposing the top of her tiny right tit. Zachary stared coldly, a free hand under the table. And Yvette. She only smoked --looking as if she were bored with pomp and circumstance.

There was no temperature when I touched the cup. Her piss had already fallen to room temperature.

I would always respect her.

I would always defend her.

And I would never refuse her.

So I drank.

So I put the cup to my lips and drank in the swill from my very beautiful mistress. It was flat and acrid with a hint of cherry. With each swallow, I became more and more grateful. I was vaguely aware of the others in the room who watched and judged.

And I really didn't care about their conclusions.

*next: Temptation's Constant

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