tagRomanceTemptation's Kiss

Temptation's Kiss


Cassidy Jennings parked her black sports car in the parking lot of the club that she was supposed to meet her friends at. It wasn't a place she'd normally go. It was too upbeat and to crowded. There was a line at least fifty people long waiting to get in.

She wanted more than anything to just turn around and go home, pour herself a glass of wine, and settle into a steamy hot bubble bath with a good book, but it happened to be her best friends birthday, so what could she do. Maria loved to go dancing, and it was said that this was the place to do so.

Cassidy sighed and got out of the car. She tugged a bit on her shirt. The loose fitting grey top hung off one shoulder and gave the illusion of curves she didn't have. She'd put on a pair of dark washed skinny jeans that had cost her an entire weeks paycheck and a pair of black sky scraper heels that put her height at around six feet.

Half a dozen red and black bangles clinked together on her arms and a long black necklace with a ruby colored stone hung around her neck.

She'd pulled her long black hair up into a ponytail, leaving her narrow and delicate face unframed by the midnight tresses. She'd completed her look with red lipstick and a bunch of smoky eye makeup that contrasted against her milky pale skin and made her steel grey eyes stand out.

She felt sexy. It wasn't often that she did.

She walked up to the bouncer and after giving her name to confirm her V.I.P entrance, she was admitted in front of everyone else in line. The minute she walked into the club she wanted to turn around and walk out.


She turned to see Maria running over to her with a huge smile on her pretty face. Maria was the pretty one. She was average height and had an athletic body thanks to her job as a personal trainer. Her light brown hair hung in loose waves around her shoulders and her dark brown eyes were shining with enthusiastic delight. She was dressed to kill in a pair of black shorts that showed off ridiculously toned and tanned legs and a bright green halter top that displayed just enough cleavage to make the guys stare.

"Hey Mari." Cassidy smiled as her friend grabbed her hands and swung her in a circle. "Happy Birthday." she laughed.

"Oh isn't this place incredible! You look amazing! Everyone looks amazing! Oh this is so much fun! Cora Beth and Anna are sitting at the table. We were waiting for you to hit the floor. Oh Cass I'm so glad you're here!"

Cassidy laughed. Maria was always so happy. She couldn't remember a time when Maria had been anything less than happy. At times it was down right scary, but she tended to make the people around her happy.

Cassidy followed her happily chattering friend to the table where her other two best friends were sitting.

Anna looked as if she wanted to crawl into a hole. She was incredibly shy and Cora had attracted the attention of a few gorgeous men, one of whom seemed to be hitting on Anna.

Anna had always been the shy and timid one of the group, and they'd been best friends since kindergarten, which had been close to eighteen years ago. She was gorgeous, though she didn't really know that. She had pale blonde hair that fell in natural waves to the middle of her back and huge dark blue eyes that made her look like the innocent she was. She was dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a pretty blue silk shirt with blue flats. She barely reached five feet barefoot, and her size was part of the reason she was so timid. Just about everybody dwarfed her.

Cora on the other hand was out for blatant seduction. She was the seductress of the group, and had always been. She drew men like bees to honey. She was tall, almost six foot barefoot and in the red heels she wore she was an Amazon. She had a curvy body that made women weep with jealousy and men drool with hunger. Her bright red hair curled wildly down her back and her heavily lashed emerald green eyes were full of laughter as the cute blonde stumbled over his words to impress her.

"Oh, what do we have here?" Mari asked as she said looking pointedly at a sexy red head that was dressed in a pair of stone washed jeans and a black affliction t shirt.

"These gentlemen were just offering to buy us a drink. Wow Cass you look awesome." Cora said with a smile.

"I second that." A deep baritone came from behind me and sent a shiver down my spine. I turned around and fought the urge to gasp at how utterly gorgeous the guy standing in front of me was.

He was tall. At least two or three inches over six feet. He had a lean lanky build that belonged to a runner or a swimmer. Long legs were encased in dark blue jeans and a strong chest was covered by a black v-neck t-shirt.

His hair was black and curled around his ears and across his forehead. His eyes were a deep green framed by ridiculously long lashes that demanded and commanded attention. He had a smooth and impossibly gorgeous face. His nose was long and lended him an air of aristocracy. His mouth was wide and full and looked utterly delicious.

"I'm Rand." He said and held out a hand. He had gorgeous hands. There was nothing on the man that wasn't gorgeous. "What's your name beautiful?" he asked with a smile that made Cassidy's heart pick up speed.

"Cassidy, but you can call me Cass if you'd like."

"Wow, you're cute." Cass turned as Maria smiled at the redhead who was now blushing and looking at his feet.

"Mari, you're making the poor boy nervous. Why don't you guys go get us some drinks? Apple martinis all around." Cora said with a smile and ran a perfect manicured hand over the cute blonde's cheek.

"Coming right up." he said and along with his friends, including Rand, went to get the drinks.

"Wow. Looks like it's going to be a very good night." Cora said with a grin that was hinting of mischief and a little bit of evilness. "You sure attracted you a sexy piece of man Cass."

"God, I thought I was going to melt." Cass laughed. "He's pure sin!" she sighed.

"The blonde, his name is Joshua, is such a cutie. I might let him take me home tonight. He had dimples. I just love dimples." Cora sighed.

"I think the red head is rather handsome." Maria said with a thoughtful glance at the bar. "He fills in those jeans very well." she added making everyone laugh.

"His name is Logan." Cora informed her.

"Marcus seems nice." Anna added.

"Nice? Honey that boy is damn sexy."

Anna blushed and looked down at the table. "He is pretty cute."

A few minutes later the men arrived with drinks.

"Here you are, beautiful." Rand said and handed Cassidy the martini.

"Thank you." She said and smiled at him.

"I want to dance. Logan, right? Dance with me!" Maria said and pulled a startled Logan out to the dance floor.

"Would you like to dance?" Joshua asked Cora with a hopeful smile, he did indeed have dreamy dimples.

"I love to." She said and let him lead her onto the floor.

"Well, how would you like to me my dance partner babe?" Marcus, a tall dazzling blonde with dark gold eyes asked Anna.

"Umm, ok." She said shyly.

Cassidy smiled and turned to Rand.

"You have the most incredibly sexy eyes." He said.

"Why thank you." She laughed and fluttered her lashed at him causing him to laugh. He had a deep sexy laugh.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked and without waiting for her to answer dragged her to the floor.

The man could dance. The minutes they got on the floor he pulled her against him and began to grind against her in a way that left her completely and utterly breathless. She was so close to him. She could smell the spicy scent of his cologne and it was making her dizzy. She moved against him in a way that seemed natural to her. Her body fit well against his.

They danced for a few songs and then a slow one came on and her pulled her even closer if that was possible. She looked up at him and he smiled down at her. He had a smile designed to disarm. It was incredibly sexy. She saw something in his eyes that made her tremble. It was pure desire. He wanted her, and she knew it. She wanted him to. She knew virtually nothing about the man but his first name and she wanted him.

He pulled back a bit and grabbed her hand. "Come with me?" he whispered in her ear.

"My friends..."

"We won't go far." He said with a wicked grin.

Cassidy nodded, completely under his spell, as she let him lead her down a dimly lit hallway. He led her into a room that looked like an office. There was a desk and a computer, chairs and books and a bar.

"This is my office." He told her as he led he shut and locked the door behind her. "I own the place." He said.

"You own the place."

"I do. 'Blue' is mine. It's done very well."

"Oh my God, you're Randon Alexander Mitchell the third!" Cassidy said coming to a shocking realization that the man she was with was the son of one of the richest men in the city, and he was closely coming up on his dear old dad.

He laughed and dragged her against his body. "I am, but please just call me Rand. That's the name I want to hear you scream as I pleasure you amazingly gorgeous body." he said and nipped at her throat, eliciting a moan from her.

His tongue quickly soothed the spot he'd just nipped at and she arched against his hard lean body.

Her eyes drifted closed as his mouth kissed a trail up to hers and when their lips met Cassidy was lost. His mouth was so soft but firm against hers. His tongue demanded access and tangled with hers when her mouth opened on a sigh. Her arms twined themselves around his neck and she pressed against him.

Lights were exploding behind her eyes. She'd never had a kiss affect her like this. His hands ran up her sides and molded her hips. "I want you!" he said against her mouth causing her to tremble.

She wanted him too. She wanted him more than anything else in the world at that very moment. She was oblivious to the distant sound of music in the background. She was oblivious to everything but him. His hand drifted to the hem of her top and his fingers brushed against her skin making her to sigh in pleasure. He made quick work of removing her top and dropped it to the floor then took her necklace and bracelets off dropping them on top of it.

He pulled her over to the desk and sat against it pulling her between his legs. He kissed the tops of her breasts that were exposed over the low cut black lace bra. Her fingers tangled themselves in his silky hair and she arched to give him better access.

His hands cupped her through the bra and she bit her lip to keep from moaning.

Rand was in shock at how much he wanted the woman in front of him. He was burning up with need. It could have been the fact that he'd been without a woman's company for a few months, but he knew he had to have her and if he didn't he would die.

She stood in nothing but a pair of jeans that fit like a second skin, black heels, and a black lace bra that he wanted off. He wanted to kiss and cup her small but firm breast. He reached behind her and unhooked the damned thing and pulled it off of her, exposing her gorgeous breasts to his gaze. He groaned in delight. He'd always liked curvier women, but this tall, slender woman made him burn.

She was stunning. He bent down and took one pale pink nipple into his mouth and suckled gently before drawing on her hard. She moaned and the sound was music to his ears. She was so sweet.

He left the puckered tip to give his attentions to its companion. He stood up and drew her against him kissing her deeply and roughly as if he never wanted to stop, and he wasn't sure he did.

Cassidy was ablaze with pure bliss. She felt as if she were going to die from the passion she felt. Her stomach was tied up in knots and her head was dizzy with lust.

Her hands drifted beneath his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. God he was beautiful. His stomach was leanly muscled with delicious abs that made her knees weak.

"Like what you see?" he chuckled.

"Oh yeah." she said and rubbed her hands up his chest.

His hands came to the button on her jeans, and when he was about to undo them there was a loud knock on the door.

Rand swore. He could happily kill whoever was on the other side of the door.

"Rand we have a problem, we need you out here. Now!"

He bent to pick up his shirt and drew it over his head. "Please don't go anywhere. This wont take long." He said and placed a lingering kiss on her mouth that left her wanting.

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