tagIncest/TabooTempted By Step-Daughter

Tempted By Step-Daughter


The day started out as any other day of the summer had but it would not end as any had so far. It was a nice sunny summer day. I had just finished cooking breakfast for my step-daughter and myself. My wife and I were married when her daughter was a freshman at a community college, that was nine years ago. Sara had just turned 20 years old. She is now married, living in Denver, and has a five year old daughter.

Her daughter, Sofia, is just the light in my wife's and my eye. We love her to death. I have never had any children and Sofia and I had a special bonding when she was just a baby. There was no father in the picture at the time. Her dad was having nothing to do with Sara. He came into the picture after Sofia had her first birthday.

My wife and I are school teachers. I am off for the summer and she is on a year round schedule, thus see leaves for work before any of us get out of bed.

Sara is five foot three and has all the right curves in the right places. I have fantasized about here since her mother and I have been married. In fact one night when we were making love in the heat of passion I said, ‘Sara'. Her mother did not hear it but I sure did and I made sure I did not do that again.

As I was saying I had just finished cooking breakfast for Sara and myself when she walked down the hall from her bedroom in just a t-shirt and her panties. I knew she had her panties on because I could just barely see her them just below her t-shirt at the V of her legs. Light blue, almost sky blue but not quiet. She said, "Good morning, Step-Daddy!"

I did not hear her. I was lost in visions of blue, when I heard her say, "Wake up, Step-Daddy!" I shifted by gaze back up to her eyes and Sara had a beautiful smile on her face as she asked, "What's for breakfast?"

I wanted to say, "You!" However, I thought better of that and replied, "Scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast." Sara poured us both a class of milk and we sat down at the table to eat. After taking a bite or two of breakfast I accidentally dropped by fork on the floor and of course I had to bend over to pick it up.

When I did her legs were wide open for me see the wet spot that was forming on her panties. I wanted to stay there and crawl over and start licking my breakfast but I picked up my fork and returned to seating up in my chair. Sara just smiled. I think she knew what she was doing.

Breakfast went on without any other incidents. Sara and I just talked about what she was planning to do with the rest of day alone without her daughter. Sofia had spent the night with her Aunt Joan in a nearby town. My wife, Susan, is going to pick her up on her way home this afternoon.

Sara's plans for the day were to lay out by the pool and sunbath all day. I did not object to her plan. It would give me a chance to see more of her. Usually she would wear a very sexy suit that did not reveal much of her body but how it was sexy looking. I told her I had to run to the grocery store to get some sodas and things I would be back in awhile. I left as she was changing into her suit.

I had to get gas for my truck, stop by the cleaners and the pharmacy, and then go to the grocery store. I was gone about an hour.

When I walked into the house I did not see Sara anywhere. I figured she was still out at the pool. I looked through the kitchen window and there she was. I was wrong about the suit. There was none. She was laying in the chase lounge nude. The lounge was turned toward the house so she could get more of the sun. Her legs were slightly parted and there was no wet spot for me to look at. It was totally clean shaven. She had no hair at all between her legs. Oh, how beautiful she was. I stood there for a little while and just watched her. Her breast were perfectly shaped and her nipples stuck straight out and as big as cherries.

Sara rolled over onto her back. Her movement brought me out of my trance. I new she could not see me but I did not know if she had heard me drive up. If she did why did she not cover herself up? I continued to stare at her picture perfect bubble butt. I have admired her butt for years and this was my first time to have actually seen.

I finally broke away from gawking at my gorgeous step daughter. I tried to clear my mind of what I had been looking at. I went back out to the truck and got the rest of the groceries. When I came back into the house I turned on some music as I did that I saw Sara sit up and look around. She acted as if she had been asleep. She did not know I was there. I opened the back door leading out to the pool and yelled, "Sara, are you out there?"

She responded, "I'm out here Step-Daddy. I'll be right there."

I went back into the kitchen and watched Sara wrap herself in a beach towel as she began to walk into the house. She was out there with no suit on at all. My step-daughter was walking into the house with just a towel wrapped around her. Was I in heaven or what?

"Step-Daddy what took you so long?" she said.

I told her everywhere I had been and she said, "I needed someone to lotion on my back."

"Alright, I'll be out in just a minute," I responded. "By the way, do you want a cold beer?"

"Yea, that sounds good!" Sara stated.

I went into the kitchen and took a cold beer out of the refrigerator and gave it to her. Sara returned to the pool, dropped the towel on the chase and dove into the pool. If I wasn't excited enough before the invitation to put lotion on here bare back I was now! I went to the kitchen window and watched Sara climb out of the pool and stretch the towel out on the chase and then lay down on her back.

I was tempted to take all my clothes off and walk out nude, but I knew I could not do that. I loved my wife and did not want anything to screw that up. Putting lotion on Sara's bare back was about as far as I could or would go. All of my fantasies would just have to stay that, just fantasies.

As I watched Sara lay down on the towel my mind raced back to this morning when I dropped my fork. I thought then that Sara had parted her legs just for me to see the damp spot on her panties. Her laying out nude was on purpose also. She knew I would be back. She positioned the chase so she was pointed toward the kitchen window. She knew I would see her when I put away the groceries. She had never been this open or flirtatious toward me in the past. So what was going on?

I poured me a rum and coke and then went and put my swimming trunks on and took a big gulp of my drink before I opened the bedroom sliding door and stepping out onto the back deck leading to the pool. I didn't usually starting drinking this early in the day, but if I was going to rube lotion and Sara I needed a drink.

As walked toward the pool I suddenly started feeling guilty. I knew in my heart I should not be doing this but I was not going to turn around now. I stepped through the pool gate and there she was in all of her glory, my beautiful step-daughter lying before me nude and with her legs slightly parted.

"Oh! You don't mind if I am nude do you?" Sara asked.

I took another big gulp of my drink and before I could answer I think my swimming trunks gave me away. They were sticking straight out in front of me. There was nothing I could do to hide it. Sara was staring straight at my waist. "No, honey I don't mind," I stated.

"I didn't think you did," she said. "You don't have to wear anything because of me," Sara stated. She knew that her mother and I swam nude all the time. "I think I need to keep my trunks on!" I said. "What would your mother say if she came home and found both of us naked?"

"What would she say if she found you putting lotion on my ass?" Sara replied.

"I know, honey, but I still think it is best if I do!"

"It is not fair! You are seeing me naked," she said.

"That was your choice! You knew I was coming out and you did nothing!" I continued, "I did not know you did not have your bathing suit on. I feel like you were trying to trap me."

"Ok! Ok! You don't have to take it of, however, I still need lotion on my backside" Sara gave in.

She handed me the bottle of lotion and laid down on her stomach and I began to apply the lotion to her shoulders and upper back. My eyes were not on her upper back they were a little bit lower. I worked my way down Sara's back and onto her legs.

When I touched her legs Sara parted them some and said, "Be sure to do you inner thighs. I don't want to get a sun burn there."

I moved down to her feet and began to work my way back up the inside of her legs. Oh! What a view I had! Sara had spread her legs apart about two feet so I could be able to put the lotion on her inner thighs. I really think she partied her legs in order to seduce me. My trunks were stretched to the max. They felt as if they were going to rip apart.

I could see moisture sipping out of Sara's cunt lips. My hands were just inches from touching her in her most intimate spot and I heard a moan escape from Sara's lips. I started to remove my hand and stop. Just as I did that Sara clamped her legs shut tight on my hand. As she did that she rolled over and sat up. "Step-Daddy, you don't going to stop are you?" She continued, "I need more lotion on my front and your hand felt so good! Please, rub lotion on my front!"

As she said that she released my hand from the vice grip lock of her legs and spread her legs as far apart as she had them before. My hand was still just inches from her cunt. Sara said, "Now, don't miss anything! You would not want me getting a sun burn would you?"

I put some lotion on my hands and rubbed them together to warm the lotion and then I began applying it to her stomach. I made circular motions around her belly button. Then I took the bottle of lotion and squirted some right into Sara's belly button. She squealed as the cold lotion hit her skin. I dipped my finger into the depths of her belly button and began to go in and out.

Sara reached down and took my hands and brought them up to her breast and said, "These need some attention."

I started to massage her breast. They felt so good. I had only fantasized about touching her breast before now. Oh! They felt so soft and warm. They stood out and the nipples were poking straight toward me. I wanted to taste them, lick them, and suck them! I wanted them in my mouth.

Sara said, "Go ahead!"

I looked at her with a quizzical look on my face.

She said, "Go ahead and suck on them!"

The next thing I knew my head was lowering and my mouth opened and then closed around the most succulent tits I had ever tasted.

Sara pulled my face from her breast and brought her lips to mine and we began to suck each others tongue. I thought hers was going to impale me. Her hands went to my trunks and started to push them down my legs. I had to reach down and pull my dick out of the way. My trunks were hanging up on it.

I broke the kiss and began to lick my way back to Sara's nipples and then down to her belly button. I stuck my tongue into its depths. "Yuk!" I cried! I started to spit. I had forgotten about all of the lotion I had put in it. Sara just laughed. After I cleared the taste from my tongue I continued my trip down her body. I found and delicious cavern and began to lick and devour Sara's nectar.

I looked up at her face. Sara's head was tilted back and her mouth was open in a silent moan of ecstasy and pleasure. I found her clit and began to concentrate on just sucking it. Sara had a far away look in her eyes. She started scream, "OH! OH! I am coming!!" She pushed my face away from her because it was just too intense.

After a little while she pulled me up to her and laid a lip lock on me that would not quit. "I have not had an orgasm like that in a long time," she whispered. She began to cry and I just pulled her to me and held her close. I let her cry it out. When she had finished she said, "Jason and I have not had sex in over a year. He is always too tired." She continued, "Two days ago Sofia and I came home from shopping. I went into the kitchen with the bags and Sofia took my purse into my bedroom and she began to scream, ‘Daddy, what are you doing!!' I ran down the hallway and to find Jason climbing out of bed and his studio partner lying naked in my bed.

"I did not say anything. I just picked up my purse and my daughter walked out of the house and went and got in car and just drove around Denver until I called you and mom and asked if Sofia and I could visit for awhile."

She looked me in the eye and said, "Thanks for making me feel again!"

Sara pushed me back into the chase lounge and pushed my legs apart and took a hold of my now softening dick and took me into her mouth. She came up for air and said, "Enjoy!" Then she went back down and swallowed me whole. In no time at all I was as hard as I had been earlier. I started to exploded stream after stream of cum into Sara's mouth and she swallowed all of it. She let me pop out of her mouth and I pulled her to my lips and kissed her and I started to tell her how good it was but Sara just put her finger to my lips as to say be quiet. With that she pushed me back down on the chase and climbed up and straddled my body and slowly lowered herself onto me for the best sex I have ever experienced.

The next thing I knew my little granddaughter was shacking me and saying, "Granddad, Granddad, wake up you have been sleeping to long. I want to go swimming!"

It had all been a dream. My dream! Just a dream, however, it seemed so real.

Later that day Sara came up to me and said, "Step-Daddy, thanks for everything!" Then she hugged me close and kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear, "I love you!"

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