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Ten Plus One of Red's


Again I have decided to participate in the Survivor Contest that Literotica sponsors and again I admit that I sat around wondering what to write for this particular category. In 2006 I wrote Questions Answered by Red. I openly admitted it was probably an egotistical thing to do, but who else to review Red then Red herself? Right? I mean, I know the questions and the answers before hand.

This time though I thought about all I had accomplished as an amateur writer here at Lit and looked back at all the stories I'd written since my first submission back in May of 2005. Upon doing this I also realized I was about to hit my 200th submission under the name of RedHairedandFriendly. So it was with that realization that I decided to go through my work and find the top ten stories by score and votes, then review them for the Review/Essay Category. Again, call it a cop out, egotistical, or just plain boring, either way it's done.

I'm not as colorful a presenter as David Letterman, but here goes my Top Ten: Score/Votes/Views/Submission Date

10. Senatorial Secrets Ch. 07 – Gay Male – 4.83 / 12 / 5399 / 11/30/06

First off Senatorial Secrets is a series about the life of Senator Brad Scholastic, a homosexual who is married to the mother of his twin girls. The fact that he's homosexual isn't the problem for this man; his kink is much worse. He enjoys forcing himself on young men. He pays them off, or deals with them in another way entirely, one that forces a pair of siblings to seek revenge.

Chapter Seven opens up with an erotic encounter between Brad and his current lover Anthony. During their joining Anthony whispers another's name and unbeknown to him Brad hears it. Brad watches his lover leave to take a shower and inwardly fumes, seconds later he's making a phone call and plans to make Anthony suffer are put into motion.

Also in Chapter Seven the twins, Gail and Gina reveal to their mother that they know of her affair. Savanna is surprised, but soon is very happy to discuss her newfound love for a man that seems to be everything she longed for in a lover and friend. The chapter ends with the reader learning that Mitch will go to extremes to keep Savanna in his life, with or without her knowledge.

9. Heads and Tails: Her Story Ch. 03
– Romance - 4.83 / 12 / 8632 / 09/13/05

Heads or Tails began as a story that was to be written as a “He Said/She Said” entry. When I first came to Lit I was asked by another writer to write a story with him. The other writer would right the male perspective and I the female. I was more than willing and honored to be ask, seeing as I was new to writing anything, let alone erotica. Sadly the other person in this two “man” team was unable to write the second or third installment of the man's point of view, so I opted to finish the story.

Chapter Three of Heads or Tails gives the reader a glimpse of the final encounter that began one night between two co-workers. The writing is in 1st person and very detailed. Perhaps too much, perhaps not. Either way, by reading this particular chapter I do hope that the scene could easily be pictured.

Looking back through this story I can see where I have grown as a writer. There are a lot of “I's” and the use of the man's name “Mike” is too much. But all in all I do believe it was and still is an erotic piece of amateur Literature. One of my best? Probably not. One of my worst? Definitely not.

8. Met On the Net Ch. 04 – Erotic Couplings – 4.83 / 23 / 134 / 06/19/05

This is the final chapter to a series that began relatively early in my writing for Lit. Met On the Net is about two individuals, both unhappy in their current relationships. Through the three previous chapters each one is enjoying the stolen moments they have with their lover and dread having to return to their marriages.

When I first wrote this story I was emailed comments that my story should have been placed in the Loving Wives Category. It took me some time to grasp the oddity of that category, but I still continued to post the series in Erotic Couplings.

Chapter Four reveals to us that Dana has taken the steps necessary to become the woman she longs to be. Her lover shows up to celebrate as only lovers know how. As the day progresses so does the realization that something is not right with Charles and Dana is forced to do something she swore she'd never do.

7. Laresa's World Ch. 14: Alexis/Clay – Chain Stories – 4.83 / 24 / 5805 / 11/18/06

Wow... what can I say about the series Laresa's World? Better yet, what can I not say. This chain story began because of a thread on the SRP forum of Literotica that lived a short life, too short. I brought the idea of the chain to the talented authors of Lit and asked them if they would be interested in taking a genie in a ring and helping me construct her life. The work that followed was more amazing than I could have ever dreamed.

Laresa's World was nominated for many awards, not only ones here at Lit, but on other sites as well. In Chapter 14, Laresa is owned by both Alexis and Clay. They include her in their life and treat her as an individual. It is at this point that a part of Laresa's lack of mortality and freedom is unknowingly shoved in her face by the people who love her.

Chapter 14 I believe was one of the turning points for the chain. We all began to see the course that Laresa's life would take, it was just a matter of great story telling on all the writers parts to get her there. I will forever be grateful for the talented works of Daniellekitten, Tseranc, Black Tulip, Darkniciad, deathlynx, and SEVERUSMAX, the contributing team for Laresa's World.

6. 24 Hours (5:15pm – 9:30pm) – Romance – 4.86 / 21 / 13691 / 09/08/05

Ahh, 24 Hours. Who hasn't longed for 24 hours to spend with someone they desired, admired, loved, cherished? I know I have and so I wrote this series. It is based on the fantasies that ran through my mind if I were given 24 Hours to spend with a special person I had met online. I know several people have had the same desire. The couple in this story get to live that dream and over a 24 hour period in time they love, laugh and learn about the one they fell in love with on the other side of a screen.

Between the hours of 5:15pm and 9:30pm the couple will spend time outside in the arms of each other and later on as time flutters by them, a backdrop of a fireplace will play out their erotic dreams. Inwardly our heroine worries about what will happen when their dream is over and everything returns to the normal way of life. She prays that when she awakens he will still be there and yet deep in her gut she knows that they were only gifted 24 Hours. Or were they?

5. True Confessions – Letters/Transcripts – 4.86 / 29 / 17289 / 07/02/05

This is a love letter from a woman that has found a part of her soul that was missing. The words flowed easily for this piece and though the erotica is not evident in the details of sexual words, it to me is erotic in the romantic aspect of it all. I have often come back to this letter, reread it and felt a deep connection to the woman I was back in 2005 when I wrote it.

Many have told me that they can feel the emotion radiating from the words and I am glad for that, for at times words are all a person can give when a great distance separates them.

4. Rancher's Dream – Romance – 4.87 / 133 / 26390 / 10/13/05 – Reader's Choice Award Winner 2005 – Best Romance Category

Elizabeth has been a widow for three years, during this time a presences as been watching over her while she works her way to exhaustion every night. She feels committed to her deceased husband and longs to be with him in the afterlife. Lonely and growing more weak every day, the presence is allowed to return to Elizabeth and help her in letting him go, but will she recognize him?

Elizabeth's good friends and neighbors intervene in her life and soon Uncle Jack is thrust into the day to day running of the ranch. At first Elizabeth is troubled by his presence, there are things about him that drive her mad, at yet there is something there that draws her to him, something familiar.

3. Laresa's World Ch. 25: Ben and Horace – Chain Stories – 4.87 / 23 / 4264 / 05/02/07

Another chapter of this great chain story is in the top ten. Chapter 25 is the final chapter to the series and what a chapter it was. I struggled with the muse to find a way to end our tale for Laresa. I cried over the stress I put myself through, because I so loved this story, the other author's loved this story and the reader's loved this story. I really wanted to end it right and when I finally did finish it, I felt as if the ending came together just the right way.

Ben and Horace, the final men that will ever hold the power of Laresa in their hands aid her both willingly and unwillingly into realizing what her true destiny is. Our genie will do whatever she can to free all those that are trapped beneath the curse of her people. Yet at what cost to herself?

2. Veiled Secrets – Romance – 4.88 / 58 / 11472 / 7/18/06

There are a lot of twists and turns in this romance, but if you follow the ride you'll enjoy the ending. A mother lost to drugs and alcohol loses her children and later her life. The children become wards of the state and are soon separated and grow up on different sides of the world. One becomes a “player” the other is locked in an abusive relationship.

How do they find each other again when neither know the other exists? What happens when they learn the truth and must deal with the consequences of their past lives, lives they had no choice in living. But most of all as the reader becomes entranced with this story... why is this in the romance category and not the Incest one... that's where the twist is and it's your job to figure it out.

1. Passing Glances – Novels and Novellas – 4.88 / 106 / 11653 / 09/14/06 – Editor's Choice Recipient

Passing Glances was my first and so far only “Editor's Choice” story and when I saw that “E” next to the tag line I was thrilled. I immediately fired off a thank you to Lit and now I strive to one day be rewarded with another. I may not, and that's okay, but I can dream right?

Sarah works for her father in a NAPA store and as she is taking care of one customer tragedy strikes thrusting a stranger into her life. Gabe does what he feels is necessary and yet is drawn to continue being a daily constant in Sarah's life as her world spins out of control. One tragedy leads to another, which sparks a rippling effect. Nothing for either person will ever be the same. Family secrets are exposed leaving Sarah wondering what to do with herself and with the new found feelings she developing for this Knight in shining armor.

*Honorable Mention: The Drive-In – Submitted on 06/26/05

I have often expressed this story as my “launch” into Literotica and the basis for developing a fan base. My family and I do live close to a Drive-In and it is still active; every summer we go there and watch two, sometimes even three movies. The cost is low and for us, one of the kids still get in free. During one trip, I was bored, and thankful I had a spouse that kept a notepad in the trunk. I pulled it out and began to construct a story. It would be my first group sex story as well as my first attempt to write any girl on girl action. As I wrote the sun dipped and the moon rose. Before long it was time to stop writing and watch the movie.

I returned home that night, slept and rose the next morning with the story burning in my mind. I knew what I wanted to write. I wanted to capture every erotic moment I could for my characters. I wanted to create characters that the readers could relate to. Both ones that were “full of themselves” as well as ones that were “innocent.”

The group is made up of two men and two women. The men are friends from work. The women long time friends from school. One couple is the high-maintenance kind, the other simple and easy to please. The anticipation of what to come was felt in every pore of my being as I wrote this tale. This is by far my best piece in my opinion, though I will admit if grammar/spelling is a big issue for you, then you'll have to get past it. I have thought of rewriting it, removing the errors, but I fear if I do go back and play with that story the appeal for me will be lost.

How powerful was this read... It had over 24,000 views in under 24 hours. It was on the top list for group sex for several weeks and I received more emails from people than I have yet to this day. I wish I had kept them all. Men and women wrote to me expressing their joy at not only the story, but the memories of drive-in times they had with their families. I could discuss the domino effect The Drive-In had on me for a long time, but I think you'd rather I just end this self-promotion and ego driven review.

Thank you so very much to Literotica, the authors that I chat with, the folks I claim as friends, the writers that toy with my personality in the SRP and other forums of Lit, but most of all thank you to the readers who made me want to continue writing, something I never thought of doing till I came here. Enjoy the next 200 stories!

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