Ten Speeds


You arrive at the cafe looking elegant wearing an over the knee dark blue skirt, stocking clad legs and a blouse that emphasizes your breasts but doesn't display them for all to see. The picture of an attractive, proper young woman meeting with friends.

I wave to you from a quieter corner of the cafe, one of the booths at the back away from the few other customers present.

I stand up to meet you, kiss you gently on the cheek and offer you a seat beside me in the booth. You sit beside me then cross one leg over the other, slightly exposing the top of your stockings. I can see the straps of the garter belt peeking out from under your skirt as it rides up along your leg.

I reach a hand for your thigh and stroke it, sliding my hand down to the hem of the skirt.. Without even a glance around I slide my hand under it and feel the silly feeling of the stocking on my fingers. I move my hand along the curve of your thighs, enjoying controlling you even as your breathing deepens and the tension on your face. The embarrassment of being caught with my hand under your skirt in public worries you while also exciting you, the chance of being caught arousing you equally. I stroke your inner thighs softly and you breathe just that little bit harder, your breasts rising and falling under the fabric of your blouse. I withdraw my hand and you relax.

A waiter duly arrives and takes out orders for food, I notice his eyes drawn briefly to your legs as he waits on our order. Our conversation is light, chatty, you as witty and sarcastic as ever making me laugh while also teasing me. You shift your position slightly to expose your thigh, the skirt falling away showing off the long thing straps that reach all the way to your waist. You know the effect this has on me, you can hear the slight guttural tone to my voice telling you that you have aroused me.

"Spread your legs". You hesitate then with a quick glance to the rest of the restaurant you part yourself in front of me while you whisper "I can't believe I'm doing this". Your skirt rides up as you put one leg fully on the on the cushions of the booth. Your stockinged legs are fully on show, the dark tiny panties you are wearing match beautifully. You are clearly aroused, the scent of you obvious to me. I slide a finger over the outside of your panties, it comes away slick and wet.. I lift the finger to my lips and taste you on my tongue. You suddenly drop your leg back under the table smoothing your skirt down as the waiter arrives with our drinks. You are flushed and red-faced as he delivers each drink in front of us. I have my own little secret smile, watching your embarrassment at nearly being caught.

As the waiter recedes again I reach for something in my coat and hand it to you. Its small and wrapped in plastic to keep it clean. A small egg vibrator with a small string at the bottom for easy retrieval.

In my hand I hold the control. You look nervous once more as I tell you to insert it. You begin to rise though, to go to the bathroom and do as you are told. I reach for your arm and have you sit back down. "Here, you will insert it in front of me". You look aghast and shake your head while telling me no. I reach for your chin, turning your pretty eyes towards me and once more say "Here" with a finality that means no more hesitation. That look of stubborn resistance combines with the desire to obey and its a beautiful thing to see. You reach for the vibrator and unpack it. "Watch for anyone coming" you tell me. You raise your skirt up around your waist while sitting. Your legs spread wide and I am more occupied with the view of your body than I am keeping a watchful eye. Still no-one sees or suspects. You slightly raise your body from the cushions as you slither your panties down. The sight of you in an otherwise elegant outfit, with your legs spread, pussy on display for any lucky passerby in the cafe is intensely exciting to me. Your willingness to obey a delight. Your pussy is slick with your juices as I knew it would be, no need for extra lubrication with you. Your part your pussy lips with your left hand as the right begins to slip the vibrator inside. Its small and slips in with no problems. You hurriedly pull your panties up over your stockinged legs and smooth your skirt down. "Happy?" you say with that tone of indignation that I note and will save as an excuse to punish you at a later date.

I say nothing but hit the power button on the vibe. You jerk slightly as it begins with a slow constant throb of vibration. You squirm slightly beside me. I say nothing but raise my drink and watch the show. You adjust to the feel of the small powerful pulse between your legs, I can see your tension lowering. I hit the button again and your body stiffens as you gasp. The speed of vibration has doubled and become more intense between your legs.

"10 patterns" I say as I smile with an evil grin. You look furious but you know there is nothing practical you can do about it for now. You cross your right leg over your left and start to slightly bounce it in a constant rhythm to try and stave off the constant distraction. Our starters arrive, the same waiter once more. He seems to notice your agitation but says nothing. Your crossed legs are showing off more than you would usually dare, the tops of your stockings and thigh on show to him. I reach for my food and casually ask you about work. You don't answer so the only obvious solution is the press of another button. The vibration suddenly rockets to new levels inside you.You clasp your legs together tightly as I can almost hear the faint hum of the vibrator inside you working in a constant powerful thrum.

You look piteously at me and almost beg me with your eyes alone to make it stop after the first minute. You are almost rocking in the seat now trying to maintain a veneer of control. "Please, please, please stop!. Whatever you want, just stop!" you mutter softly to me. I almost take pity on you but then the waiter walks over once more "Do you need anything else?" he asks his eyes fixed on you as you try to sit still and not embarrass yourself. You can't answer him in a normal voice but just gasp out "we're fine". I nod and thank him then ask you if you are enjoying the starter? You barely hear me as you are focused on the feelings between your legs. You reach your hand under the table seeking your clitoris but I slap it away and tell you "no". If looks could kill..

You are grinding yourself into the seat now your legs taut and stretched as you try to find some position that will help alleviate the constant vibration. I relent and click the next button and you sigh loudly. This one pulses briefly then vibrates for a few seconds. Then stops. Every few seconds the pattern repeats. You relax slightly tensing each time the pulse hits. We sit and eat our starters, with a feigned attempt at casual conversation. There is a burning need behind your eyes now but that will have to wait.

The starter comes and goes the waiter looking a little disappointed at your slightly more relaxed demeanor. Then the main course arrives. You are barely eating so far. I point this out with a another click of a button. You groan slightly as the pulsing becomes more insistent, instead of every few seconds now it gives you only a moments respite between each more powerful pulse. With deliberate patience you slowly begin to eat. I'm a little concerned about the occasional looks you give me with a knife in your hand but that's easily solved. Click. You all but arch your body, your breasts threatening to pop the buttons on your blouse. You drop the knife and fork, both hitting the floor. I tell you pick them up and you have to get on your knees under the table as I signal the waiter. He enjoys the view of your legs as you kneel to pick the knife up and he reaches down for the fork as you reach for it too. He looks at you and winks and your face brightens to scarlet as you realise that he knows whats happening to you.

You rush to sit back up as he places a new knife and fork in front of you, then with a grin excuses himself. The feeling between your legs is intense, your pussy sopping wet as you try to focus on dinner unsuccessfully. "Eat up, we won't be able to leave until you do". You whimper slightly as you start to force yourself to eat, almost guzzling the food while I slowly slice every little portion of my own. You plate is empty in half the time it takes me to finish. You are almost vibrating yourself at his point.. I smile at you as I finish and press the button once more. The vibration stops and you almost slump from the lack of it. Then suddenly you feel the slow pulse, buzz , pulse. It stops. You tense once more but it doesn't begin again. Suddenly, it does. Each pulse is stronger, the vibration more intense as it randomly toys with you.

"I'm having dessert. how about you?" I ask. You resign yourself to more torment as you nod your assent. The scent of you is obvious now, your pussy is so wet. I suddenly reach across and slide my fingers under your skirt and feel little trails of moisture on your stockings as they ooze down your legs. Your panties are a mess, barely worth of the name now, thing wisps of soaking sopping things. I reach inside them and play my finger along your clitoris, parting your lips. You sit up ramrod straight as I enjoy the use of your sensitive bud. I slide a finger inside you, feeling nothing but suddenly the vibrator jumps to life once more. Quite an intense feeling on my finger. I can only imagine how far gone into pleasure you are.

My hand withdraws abruptly as I catch the waiters attention. I order for you, you are almost speechless at this point apart from nodding or shaking your head.

As the desert arrives a I click the button just as your dessert is placed in front of you. You gasp unashamedly as it rockets to full power within you, Pulsing quickly for 5 seconds then vibrating at full power for ten when I click the button once more. The waiter stands and admires your wanton display but you simply don't care anymore. You reach between your legs and begin to stroke yourself in front of us both while blocks the view for any other passers by. You throw your head back and spread your legs as wide as the booth will allow. You pull your panties aside and flick your fingers rapidly over your clit.

I gesture to him to feel free as I say "Your tip" and his fingers slide inside you as well, confirming now what he already knew. You have soaked the back of your skirt and the cushions of the booth, your juices pouring from you now. You never thought you could be such a slut before desperately obedient. I sit back and enjoy the dessert I've ordered as I watch you being satisfied in public. It doesn't take long.. You reach a climax of sorts with his fingers in you, your clit aching from your attentions, stifling your moans with your fist in your mouth. Hurriedly you push the waiters hand away, close your legs and attempting to assume something resembling a civil appearance. The shame of what you just did washes over you with still constant thrum of the vibe inside you exciting you still. Utterly aroused I tell the waiter to get the bill, then leave several large denomination notes on the table. I hit the final button and a slow gentle patten begins between your legs, keeping you on edge but calming you also.

I take your hand, wave to the waiter as we leave and walk out the door with you a gorgeous sexy mess beside me.

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