tagRomanceTen Years to Heaven

Ten Years to Heaven


Sitting back in the non-descriptive black car, he watched as the two boys left the house on the corner. Both were tall and slim for their ages and yet showed signs of one day being muscular in a rangy sort of way. To anyone else, they might have seemed like identical twins, but he saw the differences. The older one had a softer smile, a fuller set of lips. His eyes were rounder then the younger one, and the observer was sure if he saw them up close, they would be a soft, storm gray color. His twin was darker in his complexion, looking like he would have a constant five o'clock shadow when he was old enough to grow a beard. His hair was a darker shade of black and there was no missing that his eyes were just as dark as the hair. Both boys were handsome despite what little baby fat their faces held and would grow into tall, handsome men.

"Ty, Ryder. Don't forget to go to grandmas after school today." A woman's voice stopped them almost parallel to the car. "I got to work late."

Both boys waved and nodded. "Okay mom." "See you later."

The boys went on walking but the observer had turned his attention to the woman. She had barely changed in the last ten years. Her body, once tall and chubby was now tall and stately. Her legs had grown long and well shaped from the way the jeans hugged them, and her chest had expanded with the birth of the boys. He smiled as it occurred to him that never again would she complain of not having the bust she thought she should. Her dishwater colored hair was sun streaked now and it hung down to almost her waist in soft waves. She ran a hand through it as she watched her sons reach the corner and he saw her heart shaped face was slightly tanned, but still clear with a peaches and cream glow. He knew that as they had been then, her eyes were the same storm cloud gray as her son. When they flickered in his direction, he was sure she knew he was there. Instead, she turned on her heel and walked back into the house.

With a grin, he started the car once she had disappeared, and moved it to the area behind where a newer model truck was parked. The house was nice, and the yard was full of early spring flowers and shrubs. This was more then just a house, it was a home. A dog barked behind a high fence and he guessed it would be a big mutt; she had always been fond of them. Shutting down the car, he glanced in the rear view mirror. He didn't like what he saw but ten years changed a man and when you spent that ten years locked behind high prison walls, well the changes weren't always for the better.

He shut down the car and slid his long, lean frame from behind the wheel. Walking up to the front door he was careful not to tread on the flowers or the grass. Instead he used the sidewalk and at the door he wondered if she hadn't been watching or waiting for him. He barely had a chance to knock on it, or ring the door bell before it opened. Her eyes took him in from top to bottom and he saw her smile with that same glow that so often had filled her eyes.

"About time you came home lover, I been waiting for you." Her voice had that same sweet tone to it that he had heard the first time she spoke to him.

A smile crossed his face. "Have you really sweetheart? How much have you missed me?" It was clear she wanted to show him just how much she had missed him, he knew how hot her blood ran and his spies had told him that not once in the last ten years had she been with another man beyond a working or friendship type scenario. A part of him had been afraid, but he had pushed it away. He knew what she had told him and that she never lied or tried to fool anyone. It wasn't in her nature.

"Get your ass in here, and I'll show you." Not even caring if the neighbors might be watching them; she reached out and caught his hand in hers, and drew him inside. When he was, the door was shut and her arms snaked up around his neck. "You been out over 24 hours, thought you would have been here by now."

He rested his hands on her hips. "I had business I had to take care of before I came. And before you think it was anything illegal or another woman, it wasn't. I had to go see mom and dad." His parents had been welcoming, but not near as nice a homecoming as this was. "So, are you going to kiss me or are you just going to bitch at me?" He grinned as he spoke.

She licked her lips. "Oh I plan to kiss you; I just might not know when to stop."

Bending his head, he lowered it to meet the softest pair of lips he had ever seen. "Then don't baby, been too long without you, and your sweet mouth."

What had once been forbidden to him was now free and giving and as he slipped his tongue between her full, lush lips, she gave him full access. As they stood there, bodies pressed as tightly as they could go, he found that same rush of emotion he had felt the first time he saw her. He had known she was jail bait, and yet like a moth to the flame he had been drawn to her like he had never been drawn to a woman before in all his twenty one years. For a year they hidden it from most of the world, meeting in the most secluded places they could find, he had introduced her to all the forbidden delights of the body and in turn she had listened to his hopes and his dreams.

He never knew who turned them in, all he knew was that one night as they lay together in each others arms, the cops had busted in on them, and he had been taken out in handcuffs while she had been dragged off to some holding place until her parents could be called.

The list of charges was almost as long as his arm, but he hadn't cared. All he had ever heard was her telling him that she would wait for him. That no matter what she would wait for him to be free. Even in court she had refused to testify against him, telling the judge that she didn't matter what happened to her, they hadn't done anything wrong. She loved him and he loved her, so how could it be wrong?

When they had sentenced him to ten years, she had begun to cry and he had felt as if the life had been sucked out of him. They had even denied her writing to him or having any contact with him until such time as she was a legal adult. The only words he had heard about her as he did his time was second hand. He had almost tried to escape when he heard she was going to have his baby, but he had known that was something she wouldn't want him to do. Instead he had asked his mother to keep him informed. She had agreed and when his sons had been born. He knew almost as soon as it happened. There had been others, even members of her family who told him what was going on. Her dad had come to see him once and after a long talk, had walked away knowing that he hadn't wanted to hurt her in anyway. He had simply loved her as she deserved to be loved.

Lifting his head, he looked into her eyes and saw the fire there. It was a familiar sight, and he reacted to it as he always had. He felt his jeans tighten and pressed into her. "Hmm, honey, you still taste like the sweetest strawberries in summer."

"And you still make me feel like I am the most desirable woman in the world. Come upstairs with me." She drew back and he let her lead him up the stairs to a room at the front of the house. Three other doors were there was well, but he guessed they belonged to the boys. Hers was a large room and the bed looked as if it had been made for lovers. She gave him an almost shy smile as he looked at it. "I bought it special last month, it has a built in massage feature and it's nice when you need to just relax."

"All I need is you to make me relax. I missed you baby, I missed you something awful." He kissed her again and in it, all the things he felt were let loose. "What time you leave for work?"

She licked her lips and a hungry look entered her eyes. "I don't, I have the day off. Mom's taking the boys to give us more time alone."

He had to laugh at that. "Pretty sure I would come to your door huh?"

"Well, you weren't the only with spies, your mom called me as soon as you left this morning." She began to play with his shirt buttons. "So we going to just stand here talking, or are you going to make love to your wife? We never did get to consummate the thing after all. I mean all those unexpected guests showing up before we could."

He knew exactly what she meant. "I thought your dad had it annulled."

"Maybe he did, I don't remember. But it doesn't matter to me; I was and still am your wife, if not in the eyes of the law, then in my heart. I stood with you in that church and said the words Michael John Duncan and I meant them."

Mike nodded. "So did I Angelica Marie Duncan and no one can take it away from us. My sweet angel and you looked like one with the sunlight shining in on you through that window." God, it felt so good knowing that his faith in her hadn't been misplaced. It also increased a desire that had plagued him for the last ten years. Again their mouths met and this time he let his hand move down over the swell of her breast even as she opened his shirt. Her fingers felt like licks of fire on his skin, and he throbbed with the need to be in her. "Angel baby, I need you so bad."

"Then take what's yours Mike, claim what you should have had all along."

It became like a feeding frenzy of piranhas as they raced to undress the other. He knew it would be too fast, but he needed her and he would make it last as long as he could. All the nights of lying in his bunk, stroking and dreaming of her to get his release was over, now it would be real. When she was naked before him, he drank in the sight of her.

She wasn't the world's idea of a perfect woman, she didn't have a size five build, but to him she was gorgeous, round, full but well muscled and toned. She had taken care of her body; he could see it and she seemed to approve of the more muscled chest and arms he had worked on in the prison gym. One by one her fingers moved over his tattoos and she smiled when she reached the one that marked the birth of his sons.

"They're good boys Mike, a perfect blend of us."

"I saw them, you did good Angel. I only wish..." He was silenced as she put her fingers over his mouth.

"Shh, we can talk more about it later; but for right now..."

She was right, and he drew her to him tightly. His fingers moved down to her plump nipples and caressed them softly. They hardened to his touch and he bent his head to suck on them. At the same time, he let his fingers drift down her belly and abdomen to the patch of hair at the joining of her legs and body. It was damp and as he passed the curls for what lay beneath, he sighed. Such soft skin, it felt almost like rich velvet. She was wet and warm and he parted the lower lips and explored her.

Lifting his head from her breasts, he smiled. "Lay back Angel, your demon has a surprise for you before I claim what's mine."

She giggled as he used his one time nickname. "Hmm, mom used to swear you were a demon, that only a demon could look so wicked but make me laugh and smile as much as you did."

Her mom had been an ally. As had her sister and brother in law. She hadn't cared what the law or what Angel's father might say, she knew only that he treated her daughter with tenderness and caring that Angel needed and deserved in her life.

When she was lying back on the bed, he drew her to the edge and opened her legs as he knelt before her. His fingers spread her lips and he looked down at the prettiest pussy he had ever seen; pink and plump and full of need for him. Taking his thumb Mike stroked it up and down, teasing the hard little clit at the top. It grew hard and he lowered his tongue to flick it several times. It trembled under the attention and he smiled as he sucked at it with hungry lips. Above him, she moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. At the same time, he knew she began to leak juice from the pleasure.

"Mike, oh god, that feels wonderful. Give me more my demon please."

He intended to, he intended to give her all he had in him. Using his tongue, he began to lick and suck at her harder and more intently. Soon, he had to grip her hip to keep her still and when she began to spurt her juice onto his face and tongue, he licked it as if he were a dog slurping up water. At the same time, he slipped a finger into her waiting hole and he found it as tight and moist as the first time he had done it. That made his cock lurch and he knew he had to replace his finger and soon. Still he had to torture himself, and it was his Angel who told him it was time.

"Mike, please, fuck me now, please. I need you in me. Put him in me and fuck me."

He couldn't deny her. Instead, he moved to aim his cock at the entrance to her and slammed him home. At the same time she wrapped her legs around him and soon all he knew was the glory of pumping in and out of her while she raised her hips and answered each thrust. He couldn't hold back his pleasure, "Angel, oh Angel, yes, so good, so tight and yet so hot and wet. God love, I've dreamed of this so many times, of being here with you like this. All the nights I laid on my bunk and dreamed of you straddling my hips, taking me deep inside you. Your Demon needed you so bad baby, he needed his Angel with him so much." He was fucking her harder now, gripping her hips and beyond sanity.

"Oh yes Demon, give it to me, ram that fucking cock in me hard and deep, and give your Angel the fucking she needs. Dreamed of you so many nights, all I could do was touch myself, and pretend it was you in me. God Demon, yes, fuck my hot pussy and fill it with your cum." She was tossing her head back and forth now, her hair surrounding her face like a halo.

"This is just the start baby, your Demon plans on fucking you all day long, got a big load of cum just waiting to fill you up." He could feel his ass cheeks tightening and the tightness of his balls told him he was getting close. As he did, he began to rub her clit. "Cum for me honey, flood your Demon's cock with that hot cum you've been saving for me." Pinching at the hard little nub, he felt her suddenly begin to spasm and let loose his own flood of hot, creamy juice into her. Around him the world exploded and all he felt was the depth of her pussy as he rammed in and out of it as if she were milking him. "Yes baby, yes Angel, I'm cumming, I'm filling you." His balls slapped against her ass as he kept right on thrusting into her. She sounded surprised that he could keep right on going.

"Oh my god, Mike...?" Her eyes were huge and she put her hands on top of his as they kept gripping her hips.

"I told you I had a big load for you Angel." He chuckled as he looked down at her. "And for a twenty seven years old woman, you have the tightest pussy I have ever felt. He knows when he has a good thing, and doesn't want to give it up just yet."

"Then don't. Fuck me senseless Mike, give me what we've both been denied." She cried out as he inserted a finger along with his stabbing cock and didn't withdraw it until it was well coated with juice.

Her tight ass ring resisted at first, but then he felt the tip of his finger slip past it and she went even crazier as he fucked both her pussy with his cock and her ass with his finger. "How's that Angel, your Demon making you feel good?"

"Oh yeah, that feels so good. Fuck my holes Mike, fuck me until I cum. I want you to feel it everywhere. I want you to feel how much I love you when you fuck me and touch me." She was crying now. "I hate what they did to us, how they kept us apart. Mike, oh yes, it's almost there."

He licked his lips to moisten them as he saw it in her face. "Yes Angel, let it go, let go honey. Give me that load I knew is there. Cum on baby, cum for me, and give us both what we want. What I been waiting for."

It was to the point they were moving so hard and fast now that the bed was slamming into the wall, and their voices had risen in volume that he was sure a passerby could hear them out the open windows. He didn't care though; they had paid the price, now they were free to love each other as they chose. He felt her cum and her bottom tighten around his finger. The next thing he knew was that his body was releasing a climax that he had never felt before. It seemed to never end. When it did, he could only move down to cover her body with his. With shaking legs and still trembling body, he began to shower her lips with soft kisses and she reached up to push sweat soaked hair off his face.

"Oh Angel, I love you so much , even when they did their best to break me, all I knew was how much I loved you. It was how I got through, knowing you were here, waiting for me to come home."

She smiled softly. "I told you Mike, they could separate us, but I would always be yours. It won't be easy, but I know we can make it. Your Angel has faith in her Demon."

He knew she was right, it would be rough, he had two sons to get to know, and there were other things to consider. He needed a job. There would be the weekly visits to the parole officer for the next year, and some folks around the town would be less than welcoming. But he didn't care, as long as his Angel had a place in her heart for him, nothing else mattered to him. For now, he would take one day at a time, using his patience learned in the cell.

"For now, all I want is to hold you and feel where I've always belonged. It's taken ten years to get to Heaven, but now that I'm here, I got no intention of leaving my Angel ever again."

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