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Tennis Club Swingers


Author's note: This is my 200th and final submission for awhile. I am going to take a break from writing and submitting stories to Literotica. This story is completely fiction and contains many sexual encounters. It covers straight sex, group sex, anal sex, oral sex, bi-sexual sex, lesbian sex and sex toys. All characters are over 18years of age. I hope that the readers enjoy this story and the special ending.


















* * * * *


The year was 1972 and it was a time that many people had open marriages and they were into casual sex. Swinging was popular among singles and couples in their twenties. There was no talk of aids at that time and sex without condoms was commonplace. The people in their twenties were not that long removed from the free love of the 1960's. This is a story about a tennis club and its swingers.


Steve and Mike were finishing up their singles match on court one. The club was closed for the night and the front door was locked. Dana the club's manager, who was also Steve's wife, was looking over the railing above court one watching her husband finish his match. Dana was wearing a one piece tennis dress and as she bent over her curvy ass poked out beneath the skirt.

Dana was 25 years old and she was an auburn haired beauty. She stood at 5'5" tall weighed about 110 pounds and was blessed with a 36-23-36 figure. She and Steve had been married just two years. Dana got the manager's job because of her close relationship with the owners John and Judy Smith. She was hired because of her attractiveness and her bubbly personality rather than for her tennis expertise. It also helped that she had casual sex with both John and Judy.

Walt came out of the locker room and spotted Dana leaning over the railing. Walt and Steve had an earlier doubles match with Dick and Mike. Dick had left the club earlier to pick up his wife Denise. Mike and Walt were supposed to catch up later that night with Dick and Denise at the Vineyard a local watering hole that specialized in wines. Walt studied Dana as he approached her from behind. Walt was 26 years old, single and self employed. He stood at 6'2" and weighed 190 pounds. His body was chiseled and he looked more like a linebacker than a tennis player. He had light brown hair with chilling hazel eyes. He was still dressed in his tennis attire when he walked up behind Dana.

He studied her shapely figure as she leaned over the railing. His eyes traveled from her ankles all the up her gorgeous legs to her round panty covered ass. He felt that familiar surge in his loins as he zeroed in on Dana's fantastic ass. He walked over to her and put his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck with his lips. Dana cooed when Walt embraced her and she waited for him to take it to the next step. Walt moved his hands up to her breasts and cupped them lovingly as he kissed her neck and tongued her ear. Dana wiggled her ass in response and pushed it back into Walt's crotch. She could feel his big hard cock through his tennis shorts against her buttocks.

Walt released her and dropped to his knees behind her. Then he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down her marvelous legs to her ankles. He them put both his hands on her buttocks, massaged the generous firm flesh and planted kisses all over her bubble butt. He then gently pried her buttocks apart and dipped his tongue in the crack between them. Dana gasped when the tongue touched her anus and her buttocks tightened in response.

Walt took small bottle of lotion from his pocket and squirted some on Dana's nether hole. Dana flinched when she felt the cool liquid touch her anus. He then began to push the lotion into her ass with one and then two fingers. Dana loved the feeling of the slippery fingers in her ass. Walt then stood up and dropped his tennis shorts to his ankles. Then he pushed his jock down to his knees allowing his 8+ inch thick cock to spring free of its confinement.

He covered his cock with lotion and then added a gob of saliva to make it as slick as possible. Walt stepped behind Dana and lifted her tennis skirt up over her back. Dana leaned over further to facilitate the anal penetration that she knew was next to come. Walt eased his slippery dick into Dana's ass slowly and filled her asshole with one long steady stroke. He stopped briefly allowing her to adjust her body to the thickness in her ass. Then he began to fuck her slowly. Dana emitted an audible groan as the cock slid back and forth in her rectum.

Walt's cock always felt bigger in Dana's ass than the 8+ inches length and the 5+ inches around. He loved to fuck her incredible ass and she loved having his big dick in her buried to the hilt. Walt had not had sex that day so he knew he would not last long particularly in Dana's ass. He felt that tension in his scrotum signaling his imminent release. Then it happened, his body went rigid, he thrust deep into Dana's ass and then he flooded it with his seed. Rope after rope of cum jetted into her anal passage and filled it to overflowing.

Six or seven streams of semen shot into Dana's asshole and she clenched the cock with her anal muscles. Walt remained still with his cock buried in her ass as she milked it dry with her contracting sphincter. Walt was still hard when he removed his cock from Dana's ass and he stepped back away from her. Dana kicked off her panties and Walt removed his tennis shorts and jock. Knowing that her pussy needed attention he guided her over to one of the sofas in the lounge area. Dana sat back and opened her legs in invitation. He knelt between her legs and placed his mouth on her sweet pussy.

Walt was a great pussy eater and Dana groaned as he quickly found her clit with his tongue. He also located her G-spot with his fingers and within minutes he had her writhing and screaming. Dana grabbed his head and held him close to her pussy as she humped her body at him. Walt held on to her shapely ass cheeks as he ate her through two intense orgasms. Dana went wild and her body tossed all over the sofa before she finally calmed down and pushed Walt's face away from her pussy.

Walt was hard again so he moved between her legs and slipped his cock into her sopping wet pussy. Dana groaned again at the penetration and she wrapped her legs around Walt's lower back. As the two of them fucked, Walt reached behind Dana and unzipped her tennis dress. Then he pulled the dress down to her waist and pushed up her sport bra baring her fantastic tits. He took a hold of both her breasts and massaged then gently as he continued to fuck her. Dana's nipples hardened like concrete and Walt let them slide between his fingers as he rubbed her tits. Then he leaned over and alternately sucked each nipple into his mouth. He nibbled them gently between his teeth causing Dana to moan even louder.

Then Dana's climax rocked her as she orgasmed for the third time that night. Walt continued to fuck her until she stopped twisting and turning. Dana's body went limp on the sofa and Walt slid his erect cock from her pussy. He thought about letting Dana suck his cock until he came again but then he remembered he still had to hook up with Dick and Denise. Just then Dana's husband Steve and Mike appeared in the lounge area.

"I hoped you saved some for me," Steve said when he saw his wife with Walt.

"You know she always has plenty left," Walt replied.

Steve dropped his tennis shorts and jock and then moved between his wife's legs. He eased his cock into her sopping wet pussy and began to fuck her. Mike also dropped his shorts and jock and released his slender 9" cock. He moved to Dana's head and she turned to take Mike's cock in her mouth. Walt pulled up his jock and shorts and moved away from the threesome.

"I'm going to take a shower and then catch up with Dick and Denise," Walt said as he headed for the locker room.

"Tell them I'm right behind you," Mike called out as Dana sucked his cock.

Dana loved to suck Mike's cock. She liked the thin slender shaft sliding around in her mouth and touching her throat. Both Mike and Steve were approaching their orgasms and Dana sensed that they would soon be ejaculating in her mouth and pussy. Mike was the first to cum and he filled her mouth with his seed. Dana swallowed quickly as her mouth filled up rapidly. Mike then pulled his cock from her mouth, pulled up his shorts and jock and headed to the locker room. Steve continued to fuck his pretty wife on the sofa.

Mike stool tall at 6'4" weighed about 180 pounds and was built like a tennis player. He had dark curly brown hair, dark brown eyes and he was always very tan. He spent a lot of time under the sun lamp. Mike had a very slender 9" cock and the women loved it. At the age of 28 he was single and worked as free lance writer.

Steve, Dana's husband, was 33 years old and he stood at 5'7". He was stocky and weighed in at 185 pounds. Steve had the average 6" cock but he was not put off by the bigger cocks of other members in the club. He was a successful salesman and traveled quite frequently in his job, however, he never had to worry about Dana getting enough loving when he was out of town.

Walt walked out of the locker room and said goodnight to Dana and Steve as they were still fucking on the sofa. Shortly afterward Mike came out and he too said goodnight to the couple as it looked as if they would be there awhile.


Dick and Denise had been married for almost four years and they relied on sex outside the marriage to keep them satisfied. Dick was 32 years old and Denise was 25 years old. Dick was 5'10" tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He had light brown hair that he liked to keep curled and he had light brown eyes to match. Dick was an excellent tennis player and he teamed with his best friend Mike to rule the club in men's doubles. He too had an average cock of about 6" long and just over 4" around. Dick loved anal sex and he would fuck any girl's ass he could.

Denise was a pretty blonde girl who could pass for Dana's sister at least in the figure department. They were carbon copies of each other with great tits, narrow waist, firm tummy, shapely legs and killer asses. Denise kept hair cut short in a DA style. She had bedroom blue eyes and she loved sex in any form.

Dick and Denise were sipping their wine in The Vineyard waiting for Walt and Mike to join them. If Steve and Dana happened to join them, that would be a bonus for the night. The six of them were best friends and lovers. They often partied together as Dana and Denise liked having more then one cock in them at the same time. There had been a few occasions that the six of them stayed at the tennis club after it closed and had group sex in the lounge area.

Walt had just arrived and the bar maid waved to him and without asking poured him a glass of his favorite Cabernet. He walked over to Denise and Dick, shook Dick's hand and kissed Denise hello.

"What kept you? Where's Mike?' Dick asked.

"Mike's right behind me. Dana got our attention before we left," Walt said and then tipped his glass in a toast to them.

"Oh no, I hope that Dana didn't wear you guys out and that you saved something for me," Denise said in a sultry tone.

"I will always have something for you doll," Walt said as he leaned in and kissed Denise.

Denise grabbed the back of his head and drove her tongue into his mouth then she broke the kiss and said, "You better have something left for me."

Just then Mike walked in and joined the other three at the bar. He ordered a draft beer and then greeted everyone. "How are you Denise?"

"I'm fine and I am looking forward to our evening together tonight. Are Steve and Dana coming?" Denise responded.

"Are they cumming? Probably by now they are," Mike laughed.

"You know what I meant you asshole," Denise snapped, "Are they joining us tonight?"

"I don't think so they were still fucking on the sofa when I left the club," Mike replied.

"Well if they're not going to join us I suggest that we drink up and head over to our place," Denise offered and then added, "I'll miss Dana tonight but I am looking forward to having three cocks in me."

Denise and Dana were lovers and they pleasured each other on many occasions. They would always eat each other in group sex sessions but on occasion they would get it on at the club. There had been many a morning when Denise and Dana were in a 69 position on the sofa in Dana's office wearing nothing but their tennis shoes and peds. They paid their check at the Vineyard and then left for Dick's and Denise's house. The bar maid winked at Walt as they left and gave him that all knowing smile.

It was a short drive to Dick's house and within 15 minutes they were all inside. Dick opened a bottle of wine as Mike helped himself to a beer in the refrigerator. Once the drinks were poured they all went to the master bedroom. They wasted no time in shedding their clothes and in a matter of minutes the four of them were naked in the king size bed.

Walt was the first one between Denise's legs. He was rock hard and he eased his impressive cock into Denise's pussy. Denise gasped when she felt the big cock enter her and she wrapped her legs around Walt's torso.

"Oh I love your big cock?" Denise sighed.

Walt started pounding away at her pussy with his big cock as he was really turned on and close to cumming. Then his body stiffened and he ejaculated deep into Denise's cunt. Denise held her lover tightly with her arms and legs as he shot streams of cum into her womb. Even though Walt came quickly, Denise knew that she was in for a long evening with the three guys. It was not uncommon for Walt and Mike to cum four or five times in one day. Walt pulled out of Denise's pussy and her husband Dick was there immediately to take his place. Denise felt another cock fill her cunt and she wrapped her legs and arms around her husband.

"Oh, oh," she gasped.

Dick fucked Denise with rapid strokes as he too would not last long. Dick was very excited after watching his wife get fucked by Walt's big cock. His body soon stiffened and then he filled Denise's cunt with his load. Her pussy was overflowing with cum and it began to trickle out of her. As soon as Dick pulled out of her, Mike was in her and he too fucked her hard and fast before shooting his load into her. Denise also orgasmed and she wrapped her arms and legs around Mike and squeezed his body as she climaxed. Mike felt her cunt muscles working his slender cock as she came. Mike let Denise relax before he pulled his cock from her pussy. The three guys watched as cum trickled out of Denise's cunt and coated her inner thighs.

All three guys were still erect and their cocks dangled in front of them. Denise stared at Walt's and Mike's impressive cocks that were above average size. Dick was definitely smaller than the other two. Denise liked cocks this size but she did not like real small cocks nor did she like cocks that were too big. Walt crawled back between her legs and he slipped his cock into her cum filled cunt.

Denise knew that Walt would last longer this time and that she would probably orgasm again before he came. Dick knelt along side Denise's head on one side and offered his cock to her mouth. Denise turned her head to one side and took the big dick in her mouth. Mike moved to the other side of her head and Denise took turns sucking on Mike's and Dick's cocks as Walt fucked her. Denise had multiple orgasms before Walt pulled out of her and her pussy was drenched as cum commingled with her own juices. Then it was Dick's turn to fuck her again and Walt had her suck his cock clean of their combined juices.

Denise sucked on Mike's cock and Walt's cock as Dick fucked her silly. Denise had more orgasms and she felt weak and lifeless by the time Dick fired a barrage of cum into her pussy again. Then it was Mike's turn even though Denise had nothing left. She lay almost lifeless as Mike fucked her until he came again. The three guys then left her to rest while they refreshed their drinks. They got their drinks and then they returned to the bedroom. Walt stopped in their bathroom and located a bottle of lotion and brought it into the master bedroom.

The lifeless body of Denise was then rolled over and her hips were pulled up so that her beautiful ass stuck up in the air. Walt got behind Denise and he began to fondle her ass and tease her nether hole. At the same time Dick got in front of his wife and fed his cock to her mouth. Denise sucked on her husband's dick as Walt fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. He had put an ample amount of lotion in her asshole and his finger moved around easily. Satisfied that she was ready, Walt put lotion on his cock, spit in his hand and stroked his cock making it very slick. He knelt behind Denise and eased his cock into her asshole. Denise gasped on Dick's cock when she felt the big dick worm its way onto her ass.

Denise had been butt fucked before so there was no pain for her just that familiar sense of fullness. Walt fucked her slowly as she sucked on Dick's cock. Mike moved along side her and he played with her firm tits as they hung down toward the bed. Walt tried to prolong fucking her ass as he loved watching his big cock slide in and out of her anal passage. He squeezed her firm buttocks as he fucked her ass and he like to see them jiggle when his thighs slapped against them. Denise knew that Walt intended to cum in her ass and she loved the wicked feeling of cum shooting into her rectum.

Denise felt Dick's cock pulsate in her mouth and she sensed that he would cum before Walt came. Dick held Denise's head gently in his hands as he erupted in her mouth. Even though it was his third load there was still plenty of it. Denise gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could as jet after jet shot into her mouth. Dick's ejaculation finally subsided and Denise sucked on his cock gently milking the remaining cum from his shaft.

Denise then felt the first jolt of cum shoot deep into her rectum as Walt began to ejaculate. He fired five or six streams into her anal canal and then the barrage stopped. Denise felt the fullness in her ass and she used her anal muscles to squeeze every last drop of cum from Walt's cock. His cock eventually softened and slipped from her asshole with an audible pop and a trail of semen oozed out of her anus. Denise relaxed for a minute and she felt Walt's cum trickle down her inner thighs.

Denise did not relax long though as Mike was behind Denise and he pushed his impressive cock into her ass. Denise liked the break from the thick cock and welcomed Mike's slender pecker into her poop chute. Mike was excited to be in her ass and he fucked it fast and furious. Mike too loved the way her buttocks jiggled as he slammed into her seeking another ejaculation. Denise was presented with Walt's cock to suck clean as Mike drilled her ass. Denise sucked on Walt's soft cock and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. Then she felt Mike stiffen and cum in her ass. Once again she was taken with the force and the amount of semen that the guys generated when they ejaculated in her. Denise instinctively used her anal muscles to milk Mike's cock dry before he finally slipped out of her ass.

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