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This is my first time writing an erotic story, if I get good comments I will write more into this series. Enjoy!

Greetings mortal, I am Katar, know that you are glimpsing into the memories of the most sophisticated life form in existence. I arrived on this pathetic planet one thousand years ago and now I rule its inhabitants. But enough about that, I will delve deep into my past, after the first one hundred years of my existence on this planet.

When I first arrived I was merely an inch long and looked similar to a worm, quickly I burrowed underneath the earth and began growing. When my growth process was complete I picked a secluded place to grow my brain, which is both my strongest and weakest point. After I fully manifested my body had grown to the size of the planet, it encircled the planet just under the crust, allowing me to shoot an appendage of mine out of the ground anywhere in the world. And with my mature form complete I began sending telepathic messages out into the world like your sonar devices to begin searching for servants and food.

Soon I found both, a nearby building owned by a group of the locals called a company were researching immortality for humans. I was intrigued because my food supply is the life force of other creatures, the pure energy that kept them alive. I had devoured many through the weeks and now here lay a creature that had infinite energy.

I slowly began to concentrate my body on this building, my appendages, what you would call tentacles, rose around the building and pushed down the door, flooding the complex in my flesh. My tentacles double as weapons and sexual devices because they contain knife like claws that can be extended. As I searched I came upon a cryo-tube which contained the most beautiful thing I have lain my eyes on in my long life even to this day. A woman of perfect proportions stood frozen, she was for lack of a better word, perfect. Her skin was a creamy white with long red hair, she had amazing 38C cups that looked much bigger on her small frame, yet fit perfectly with her build. (I should have you know that I can see through my tentacles as well as my eyes.)

Finally I found the device controls and released her. The cryo-tube opened and she feel unconscious to the ground and I pulled her up and brought her back to my cave. Now in the darkness she began to stir, and when she awoke I was greeted by amazingly large green eyes. She backed up against a wall and began to scream, I would not have such a beauty treat me this way so I opened my eye to its fullest extent which allowed me to feel her mind. I could see she was not so much afraid of me but rather, afraid of where she was, all she had known was that cryo-tube and now suddenly here she was in a dark cave with just enough light to barely see me.

Quickly I had two tentacles grow from the ground, one latched onto her neck as a collar and the other wrapped around her head like a gag. With her screams muffled I called out to her, "What is your name sweet child?"

"I am project 329, Vexina," she replied as I lowered my gag.

"Vexina I know you are scared and lost, but I want to reassure you. You were created to serve me, I am your Master."

At these words she visibly calmed, and strangely her eyes dimmed in color, becoming a dark green. "You...are my...Master?" she said finally.

"Yes, I am the reason you were created, your life belongs to me, your will is only to serve and please me."

"To serve...and please?" she looked troubled as if she did not know what I was saying.

"Yes, now I am hungry so please stand up and come closer to me."

She stood up, never moving her gaze from the one eye I had turned to her. As she moved I saw her pussy was clean shaven, and her body was well muscled despite her frozen sleep. Now only five feet from me I quickly shot a tentacle from the ground and forced it into her mouth. She screamed into it, and it made me shiver in delight. I then saw she had closed her eyes, angrily I roared at her to open them and she did.

I played with her for a while pushing my tentacle in and out of her mouth. (You should know my tentacles all vary in length and width, this particular one was about 4 inches in diameter and I was pushing about 7 inches into her.) Finally hunger gnawing at me I decided to reward her first and shot a load into her mouth and then pushed my tentacle deep into her throat. (On another note my semen is a little different from yours it acts as an aphrodisiac and instead of sperm, specialized mites that would move directly to the brain to devour memory or anything else I required inhabited my semen.) Now about 17 inches deep in her throat she was crying but suddenly her expression went blank as I tapped into her life force and drank from her.

Finally pulling out she collapsed, I was very pleased, I had drunk almost five times the normal human life span and she had not fainted. "Please...let me go back to the lab" she pleaded.

"Never, you are mine, now and forever my dear toy."

"I...am...a toy?"

"Yes, and a very special one, you will not leave this place ever again"

I saw her eyes darken loosing most of the green and becoming almost black and then realized this symbolized her will. "I will stay...Master," she replied and then reached up to fondle her tentacle collar. I moaned at her caress and thought to myself, "The rest of the world can wait, I will enjoy my new slave for a little first."

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