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TEO 1.1


Angela pranced down the stairs, her long flowing skirt as she came, her hair bouncing, her skin still shining from the lotion she'd applied. Her breasts were straining within a small halter, as blue as her skirts and her deep eyes. She crossed the living room to see petite Brittany standing there in mock demureness in a tight spandex top that caressed her little breasts and a mini-skirt that gave everyone a generous view every time she stepped out of the car. She flipped her fiery red hair and smiled with crimson lips at Angela's entrance.

"You look delicious, Hun."

"So do you, Brit. Are you ready for the party?"

"Am I ready?" Brittany walked over to her in response, her hands tracing the curves of Angela's hips beneath the softness of her skirt. Angela sighed, her hands coming up to run into the thick matte of Brittany's hair, her fingers sliding through her tresses, delicate touches on her temples as she brushed her mane. Brittany's eyes closed and a low growl rolled up from her throat as Angela massaged her scalp and gently tugged at her hair. Brittany closed the gap between them, her hands sliding up Angela's waist, her hands cupping her copious breasts, squeezing gently as Angela sighed louder. One of her hands came down to caress Brittany's neck, tracing down her side, relishing the shiver that coursed through little body, and settled on her exposed leg beneath her skirt. Brittany followed suit, one hand still squeezing Angela's breast, the other pulling up her skirt, slowly seeking an opening to Angela's pulsing sex.

Angela pulled her closer still, their chests touching, their hearts thrashing against each other, as Brittany's hand rose up her thigh. Her fingers found Angela's puffy mons beneath the tight sheath of her panties and she circled the growing wet spot with eager fingers. Angela cooed beneath her touch and her own hand rose up Brittany's thigh, desperately searching to touch her in the same way. Her fingers found the hot union between Brittany's thighs, and was shocked to feel the wet, smooth lips of her ravenous pussy. Their eyes came open as Angela gasped, while Brittany grinned her evil little knowing grin.

"You're such a little whore, Brit," Angela said as she slipped her first knuckle of one finger into Brittany's hungry slit. Brittany squirmed on her hand as she struggled to pull back Angela's panties.

"I'm just cutting to the chase, Hun," she replied, staring into Angela's deep blue eyes. With a wink, she slipped to her knees, her hands trailing down Angela's thighs. The threw the hem of her long skirt over her head, and Brittany's fiery mane disappeared beneath her skirts. Angela tried to stand steadily as Brittany laid butterfly kisses on her thighs and light lips on her juicy mound. Slender fingers tugged at the waistband of her panties, and they rolled over her buttocks and from her sticky slit. Brittany pulled them to her ankles, and her finger slipped to her back, tickling her buttocks and pressing her face lightly into the fragrant patch of hair around her pussy. Angela gasped as Brittany pressed her lips to her exposed labia and her tongue flicked out once, twice. Angela's hands fell to her head, gently caressing Brittany through the flimsy material. Brittany became more excited, lapping faster, tonguing deeper, her fingers probing the depths of Angela's blooming rose. Angela let out little shrieks as her fiery friend stroked her within and sucked on the little nub of her clit, rhythmically bringing her closer to rapture. Angela's little top showed her excitement, her plump nipples poking through the material, as her breasts heaved with her uneven breath and shaking body.

Angela rocked on her heels, unable to stay upright as ripples of pleasure slammed through her body. She gasped, trying to hold her balance against Brittany as she ate her with reckless abandon, trying to get inside her, her hot breath melting the delicate folds of her pussy. Angela screamed openly, her orgasm rising and she lost her balance altogether. She toppled backward, Brittany pushing her to the floor, and writhing up her body even as Angela tried to unpin her arm. Suddenly, Brittany's face was in her vision, framed by her crazy red hair like a wildfire. Brittany's lithe thigh was pressed to Angela's sopping slit and she rubbed her wetness, humping her frantically as she lowered her face to Angela's in a sloppy kiss. Brittany's mouth was warm and tasted of Angela's scent. Their lips locked and tongues probed as Brittany ground on her pussy, and Angela, helpless beneath, squirmed beneath the velvety weight of Brittany's body. Angela moaned and shrieked into her mouth as her orgasm came, Brittany slowing her speed to squeeze every sensation out of her friend. They moaned and writhed for minutes more before Brittany finally came to a halt. She rose to her knees, hovering over Angela like a stalking wolf, and then rose to he feet. She smoothed out her skirt and flipped her hair, done, for now. Angela got shakily to her feet.

"Where are you going? She asked huskily, her breath still coming to her. "It's your turn."

"Oooooh, goody," Brittany cooed and sat on a bar stool at the counter, her legs open, her skirt rising almost to her waist. "Come and get it, Lover."

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Brittany jumped up from the stool.

"It'll have to wait, the guests are here."

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