tagGroup SexTEO 1.2

TEO 1.2


Brittany bounced to the door. Angela leaned against the wall, watching her ass through her miniskirt as she recovered from her blistering orgasm. She wiped the beads of sweat that had popped out over her brow and spread out the wrinkles in her skirt and halter. Her nipples were still erect from Brittany's ministrations and she pinched them, feeling a ripple of pleasure course down to her clit and through her leg.

Brittany disappeared around the corner. There was the sound of the door being unlocked and opened and then her excited squeal and a man's voice. The door closed and in a few moments Brittany came back around the corner in the arms of Aaron. He set her down on the sofa and approached Angela.

"Hi, Sweetie,"

"Hi, Angela." They embraced and his lips found hers, and he took in the fragrance of her perfume and juices floating about her head. He pulled back, smiling. "It seems you girls started without me."

"Don't worry," Brittany chimed in from the sofa, "There's plenty left to go around."

"Well then, let's not waste any more time." Angela smiled and reached up to slip his jacket from off his shoulders. Aaron reached out to her and ran his hands through her hair briefly before slipping his hands down her sides and over her breasts and still standing nipples. He brushed his palms over them and her eyes closed, feeling the sensations ripple through her. He chuckled. "What did you do to her, Brit?"

She stood up and walked over to the couple. "Oh, I'm sure you have an idea." She reached out with one hand on his face and stood on tiptoes to plant a deep kiss on him and he tasted Angela's secret for the second time. He and Brittany were locked in a kiss while he cupped and stroked Angela, little sounds of pleasure escaping her lips.

Angela shivered and her eyes opened, and seeing that the two of them were engaged, Angela took the initiative. She slipped to her knees, her skirt pooling around her and her hands rose to the bulge in Aaron's jeans. She cupped him there and heard him moan into Brittany's mouth. Brittany knew what her friend was doing and obliged by sliding her hand through the buttons of his shirt, feeling for his tightening nipples beneath. She felt his hairy chest and caressed his muscular pecs, before twirling her nails around his nipples. Angela looked up, smiling. He was ready.

His own hands were roving over Brittany's little breasts and then disappeared beneath the spandex to squeeze the tiny mounds. Brittany tongued him deeper and they moaned into each other's mouths. Angela pulled down his zipper and pulled open his jeans. She wrenched them from over his buttocks, pulling them down his muscular legs. She slipped down his shorts revealing his bulging, bobbing cock. She took it lightly in her hand, letting her fingertips rest on its throbbing surface. His stroking of Brittany's chest increased in speed and pressure and she moaned loudly. She grabbed his hand and led it to the short hem of her skirt and underneath. Soon she was bucking as his arm jittered against her skirt, his hand doing wonderful things out of their sight, but Angela saw his expert hands, his thick fingers, manipulating her clit and stroking her sopping slit.

Angela took a firmer grip on his member and stroked him in earnest, long firm strokes down and light grazing strokes upward to the head. Aaron moaned monstrously as Brittany bucked breathing raggedly, impaled on his slippery fingers. Angela leaned over, still stroking Aaron and removed his hand from her pussy, replacing it with her own lips. Brittany's scent was high, intoxicating. Brittany jumped when Angela's tongue touched her and she shrieked above her. Angela never missed a stroke, her hand flickering up and down as his juices oozed out and down, trickling on her hand.

Angela removed her hand to hold Brittany's cheeks and pulled her to her to eat her in earnest. Aaron reached for Brittany's hair and pulled her down, his hand on her back, bending her over his throbbing cock. It was engorged and jumping, eager, ready.

Brittany bent over and her hungry mouth engulfed his cock, bobbing up and down, moaning into it as Angela tongued her greedy slit.

"Bri, Brittany", he gasped. "Over to the sofa," Brittany stood upright and pushed back on Angela. She caught her breath, looking at Angela's glistening face, wet with her juices. "Follow us, Love."

Aaron led Brittany over to the sofa and bent her over it at the waist. Her short skirt came up, showing off her wet shaved slit and gasping pucker. Angela came up behind them, caressing his throbbing shaft and cupping his balls.

"Bang her, Aaron, I'll help." He smiled, kissed her and moved into position. Brittany raised her head, grinning ear to ear.

"First cock of the night!" Aaron pushed her head back down as Brittany woohooed quietly. Angela shook her head and both women tensed up as he prepared to enter her.

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