"Bite down! Now suck!" she demands. As I follow her command she tilts her head back and throws back the shot quickly, grabs the back of my head and mashes her lips to mine. She spills half the tequila into my mouth quickly followed by her tongue. Her tongue probes, savoring the last of the lime as it sits on my tongue, on my teeth, on my gums. With a last playful flick of her tongue, she forcefully pulls my head back by the handful of hair in her grasp. Her eyes are twinkling. She holds it for a second, looking seductive and aloof, then quickly spoils it by giggling.

"My turn with the Lime!" She says like an excited school girl. She is anything but. Although she is diminutive she has the voluptuous body of a woman with curves in all the right places. My heart races every time I look at her. We reverse roles and when I take the shot and her the lime. She leaps off her chair, grabs both sides of my head. With my head level with her breasts, she tilt it up and puts her lips to mine. She then sucks as much tequila as I have left in my mouth with one big inhalation. She presses her body up against mine slowly gyrating.

I'm not too sure when this game started, but I'm pretty sure that nearly empty bottle was full. She is definitely feeling frisky tonight. She pushes her breasts into my chest, rotating them in small circles. Her breathing gets a tad quicker. Standing up next to me with me sitting in the chair, she is just a bit taller than me.

She reaches over and grabs the bottle of tequila. She pours a measure of the liquid over her right breast right on top of her blouse. Putting the bottle down her hands return to the sides of my head. She pulls back just enough to redirect my mouth to her breast. She pulls me in tight. "Bite down! Now suck!" She commands. As I follow her command she lets out a low slow moan. I tongue her nipple through her clothes.

She pushes forward against me until I am forced to slide off the other side of the chair. She follows me down to the floor. She ends up straddling me sitting up tall. She lengthens her torso, forcing her breasts to jut out proudly, nipples clearly erect through her blouse. She grins and slowly unbuttons her top. I reach up as her bra becomes visible. She quickly and firmly slaps my hand. "I didn't say you could touch!" But to soften the words she grinds her pelvis down on my aching crotch. She continues to remove her blouse, then reaches back and unfastens her bra. She holds her bra to her breasts then slowly peels the cups down. Her beautiful full breast come into view. I'm in heaven. She is a vision to behold and she knows it.

She leans down so her nipple is millimeters from my lips. When I move my head to suck on her protruding nipple she pulls back sharply "No, no." She then proceeds to undress me. She lets her breasts trail lightly across the parts of my body as they exposed.

When she has me fully naked, she stands up over me. She reaches down and lowers her tight jeans. They are so tight that her panties are pulled down as she lowers them. Her hips are exposed then the top of her pubic hair, then her thighs, her knees. She is lovely. She steps out of them and tosses them to the side. Standing above me she slowly gyrates her hips.

I reach up and feel her legs. Moving my hands up to her thighs they inch closer to the juncture of her legs. As they near their goal she backs away out of my reach. I can clearly see her arousal. Her lips are puffy and becoming wet. She steps back and slowly lowers herself horizontally until our bodies meet. She raises her body with a little pushup. Keeping her body hovering just above mine she moves up and down so that we lightly touch all over. Her nipples grazing my chest. Her pubic hair brushing my belly button. It is intoxicating. I lay there luxuriating in the touching, in being so so close to her. She continues this for I don't know how long.

I wake up hours later. A blanket on top of me with her fully clothed snuggled up against me on the floor. She sees me awake. "Look who can't hold their tequila!" She grins. "Not so loud." I moan.

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