tagHumor & SatireTeresa Scalia: Showdown at the Hoedown

Teresa Scalia: Showdown at the Hoedown


Teresa Scalia found her way from the middle school auditorium to the principal's office. The debacle between Barbara Anderson and Michele Smithson had just concluded and Teresa wanted to check on her friend. Michelle had suffered a humiliating stripping and spanking at the hands of Barbara. Teresa tapped on the office door "Michelle are you in there? Are you all right?"

"Yes Teresa. Are you alone?" Michelle answered.

"I'm alone." said Teresa.

"Okay, come in and close the door behind you."

Teresa stepped through the office door and saw Michelle sitting on her desk chair still in her panties, hose, and heels.. Her blouse was draped around her shoulders; in her hands was her bra. Her skirt was draped across her lap. She looked up at Teresa with tears still in her eyes and anger mounting. "Where were you? I needed help. Look what that bitch did to me. The whole school saw me!"

"I wanted to help, Michelle, but Dominic wouldn't let me leave my seat. Listen this isn't the end. We can get her back, but we need a good plan."

"I don't understand what happened to my skirt. All of a sudden it's wide open in the back, people are laughing at me and then that bitch yanks it down." Michelle began to examine her faulty clothing.

"Well the button is gone and what's this hanging from the zipper." She had discovered the wire Barbara used to open the zipper. "She must've used this to pull the zipper open without me knowing it." she told Teresa. "Oh do I owe her something now." Michelle fumed. With that Michelle rapidly stood up from her chair. "Ooooo!" Michelle squealed. Both hands flew to her derrière to soothe her abused cheeks. Her shoulders pushed back and her bare breasts pressed through her open blouse. The bare skin of her fanny had stuck slightly to the leather upholstery of her chair and her rapid rise caused some additional irritation.

Teresa observed Michelle's clothing state as well as her emotional state and offered the following advice "Well honey, before we do anything perhaps you should cover up a little."

"Oh my!" Michelle said as she pulled her blouse together with one hand and rubbed her abused ass with the other.

The SUV pulled into the driveway of the Anderson home. Mark exited the driver side and walked into the house through the open garage door. The passenger side open slowly. Barbara carefully surveyed the surrounding area before stepping out. Seeing no one around she swung two long tanned legs out of the vehicle and, on her high heels, quickly trotted into the garage. Her blouse and slacks were a loss in the tangle with Michelle. Barbara had salvaged the coat of her pantsuit. She had the coat buttoned around her, the tails of which covered only about half of her bottom leaving her beige panties exposed. Quite honestly she looked very fetching in this outfit with her high heeled shoes. Quickly moving to the house she went upstairs to the bedroom. Mark was already in the bedroom waiting for her. "Stop right there, I want to take in the sights." Mark said as Barbara walked to the bedroom door. Barbara was a little surprised at this comment. She came through the bedroom door and closed it behind her. Barbara had a hunch of what was on Mark's mind. She struck a pose with her hands on her hips and showed her legs to their best advantage. Mark took a moment to take in the view of his half dressed wife. Especially he liked the way the pants suit coat failed to cover the front of Barbara's panties. Barbara had a few things on her mind as well.

"Like what you see?" Barbara asked.

"Oh yes, but I have a few things to ask you." Mark replied casually.

"Well ask away." Barbara then unbuttoned the two buttons holding the coat together.

"I have to know, what were you feeling when you had Michelle over your lap and your hands on her ass?"

Barbara slipped the coat off and let it drop to the floor. Again striking a provocative pose, she shifted her weight from one leg to the other rubbing her thighs together.. "Honestly Mark, it felt good. I had power over her and I must admit I enjoyed spanking that round rump of hers. And though I hate to admit it, I was getting turned on." With that she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Crossing her arms over her chest, Barbara slipped the straps from her shoulders and dropped the bra to the floor. As she lowered her hands Barbara gave each nipple the slightest feathery touch. She then traced her fingers over her belly and rested her hands on her thighs. Her statement about getting turned on was obvious when Mark saw her nipples. Shrunken and hard, Barbara's nipples were a true indicator of her arousal. "If that answers your questions, then I've got some ideas of my own." Barbara said as she crossed the room and embraced Mark.

Time passed and after about a month and a half Teresa thought she had the perfect opportunity for her and Michelle to plot some revenge on Mrs. Barbara Anderson. Save the date notices had gone out to the upper crust residents of the community. The event was to be a fundraiser for a local camp for underprivileged children. The camp was equestrian-based and it was decided that the event should have a country-western theme. The location was to be the house and gardens of a local grande dame. The grounds were extensive and even included a rustic amphitheater. There was to be entertainment with food and beverages being served alfresco.

Teresa and Michelle met for lunch to plot strategy. "Okay Michelle, I know for a fact Barbara will be at this event. I've got access to the guest list and the RSVPs. She's replied that her and her husband will attend."

"Don't you think her husband will interfere?" Michelle asked.

"I've thought of that." said Teresa. "I don't want Dominic there either, he'll be the one that will interfere with us. I subtly suggested that he and Mark take the boys on a weekend camping trip. They've already made the plans. And Mark told Dominic that Barbara was still going to the party."

"So you think we'll have a free hand?"

"I'm sure of it." Teresa said confidently.

The evening of the fundraiser arrived and Barbara was putting the finishing touches on her outfit. The invitation stated that country-western attire was the uniform of the day. Mark and Chad had just finished loading their camping gear into the Scalia's SUV when Barbara walked through the front of the house. Mark and Dominic got a good look at Barbara.

"Well yee haw, look at the cowgirl!" said Dominic.

Mark did an appraisal and announced "I do believe Daisy Duke as graced us with her presence."

Indeed Barbara looked very good. She was wearing a short sleeved, red bandanna print top. Her midriff was bare and showed off her toned abdomen to good advantage. The top had a snap button front and Barbara had knotted the shirt tails at the front. Her shorts were, of course, denim cutoffs or as some people refer to them, daisy dukes. The length was short enough to show off her legs, but not reveal any butt cheeks. The waist did ride low on Barbara's hips. In lieu of belt Barbara used a length of fabric that matched her top as a tie around the waist. To round out the outfit she had on a distressed straw cowboy hat and a pair of medium brown western boots with riding heels. Her blonde hair was tied back in a simple ponytail.

"Well howdy boys, what do you think of the outfit?" Barbara said as she took a modeling turn stopping with her back to the men and looking over her shoulder with her hand on her hips and her fanny at a very saucy angle.

"Very nice" said Mark. "Are you trying to impress somebody or get me to forget about this camping trip?"

"You can cancel the trip if you want, but I think you'd have a couple of very disappointed boys on your hands. I just thought I'd dress in the spirit of the event. Rhonda's wearing boots and jeans as well."

"I have no idea what Teresa is going to wear" said Dominic. "I'm sure it will cost me some significant cash. She went shopping with Michelle Smithson last week to buy outfits for this soirée."

"Teresa and Michelle are going to be at this party?" asked Barbara with more than a hint of concern.

"Oh yeah, they've been talking about it for the last couple weeks."

Barbara felt a sharp pang of anxiety. She had no knowledge of those two going to this party and it did concern her. "I'll just have to be on my best guard." Barbara thought to herself.

Over at the Scalia household there was a knock at the door. Michelle Smithson stuck her head in the doorway and called out "Teresa I'm here. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am." Teresa said confidently as she walked into the living room. And she was referring to being ready for more than just attending a party.

"Well I must say that outfit you picked up really does you justice."

"Thanks Michelle. You look very nice as well. I love that skirt."

Michelle had chosen a denim miniskirt that barely reached mid thigh. The skirt was designed to look as though it had been constructed from a salvaged pair of jeans. It had a front button closure and zipper fly with riveted pockets. Tucked into the skirt was a tight white T-shirt with a graphic "COWGIRL UP!" on front and back. Michelle had done a little altering to the neckline of the T-shirt so she could display some cleavage. She had chosen a straw cowboy hat similar to Barbara's with her hair in an up do held under the hat.. Michelle's legs were bare and she was clad in brown knee high boots. The boots weren't necessarily Western-style, but had a nice high heel that accentuated Michelle's ample bottom when she walked.

Teresa had gone all out. For a top Teresa had chosen a black fabric, strapless bustier. The cups of the bustier were certainly doing their job as the round hemispheres of Teresa's breasts were very prominent. The front of the garment showed a lace up closure. However this was not a functional aspect and was only for show. Teresa's bustier actually zipped up the back. The laces are significant and will play an important role later on in the story. Choosing neither a skirt nor shorts, Teresa was wearing an impossibly tight pair of skinny jeans. The jeans left nothing to the imagination as to the shape of Teresa's hips and derrière especially with the rear seam deeply seated between each butt cheek. She completed her outfit with two wrist length black leather gloves, a silver Concho belt at her waist, tall, black western boots, and a black, beaver felt Stetson hat. Her brunette hair was falling naturally around her shoulders. Teresa had an hour glass figure to begin with and this outfit accentuated all her curves.

"Okay Teresa, what's your plan for Barbara tonight?" Michelle asked.

"The first thing we do is check out the layout of the party. Then when Miss Barbie arrives we'll see who she's with. With Mark on the camping trip with Dominic I think we'll be in good shape as far as interference from other people. Her only other close friend that would be going to this party is Rhonda Miller and my experience with Rhonda is that she won't stand up to anybody."

"All right Teresa, you know the territory. But I want my opportunity at Mrs. Anderson."

"And so you shall Michelle and so you shall." Teresa said somewhat wickedly.

Rhonda and Barbara arrived at the gathering together. It was a very pleasant evening for an outdoor event. Temperatures were comfortably warm with only a slight refreshing breeze. Small tents were set up throughout the venue serving various foods and drinks. As the pair walked through the reception area more than a few male heads were turned to take a good look at Barbara. There was a permanent stage on the property. The stage was at the bottom of the gentle slope of turfgrass forming a natural amphitheater. Rustic seating was provided by large tree trunks split in half. The flat side providing a seat and secured in the ground on posts. Barbara and Rhonda walked up to one of the bars which was staffed by a female in what appeared to be traditional Mexican attire. The bartender's back was to them.

"Could we have two margaritas please." Rhonda requested.

"Si, un momento por favor" replied the Latin bartender. She turned around to her to customers and was greeted by the sight of an old friend. "Well, a very good evening to you Mrs. Anderson." announced Maria Ramirez, a former foe of Barbara's.

Barbara was looking away from the bar when she heard that familiar voice. Her head snapped around and she gasped audibly when she recognized the bartender. Maria's jet black hair cascaded down past her bare shoulders to the middle of her back. Maria was wearing an off the shoulder peasant type blouse. Hired as a bartender for this evening's event, Maria had been instructed to wear thematic clothing. The off the shoulder style along with the scooped neck showed off the bronzed skin of Maria's ample cleavage. At the waist, wrapped several times, was a bright red sash nearly a foot in width. Her skirt was also a peasant style, flowing and the length nearly to the ankle.

"Do you two know each other? Rhonda asked.

"Oh Mrs. Anderson and I have a bit of a history, don't we Barbara?"

Barbara thought for a moment about a reply and settled on careful diplomacy "We'd just like our drinks please."

"But of course, coming right up." Maria said with just a bit of condescension. "Salt or no salt?"

The ladies got their drinks and Barbara led Rhonda away from the bar quickly. It must be said Maria did take a long look at Barbara's long tanned legs and denim clad derrière as they left.

"I wonder if Mrs. Scalia will be here tonight." Maria thought to herself of Teresa. "Things could get very interesting."

Rhonda Miller had only sketchy details of Barbara's previous encounters with Maria. She kept up her inquiries, which Barbara deflected as well as she could. She had no desire to go into the details of what she had experienced with Maria. Rhonda finally gave up and they made their way to the buffet table.

About 20 min. later Teresa and Michelle made their entrance. If the males in the audience were appreciative of the way Barbara had dressed for the evening, they were thanking the fashion gods when they got a look at Teresa and Michelle. A few female heads were turned as well, but they were less appreciative and more jealous.

"Well, it looks like there's a contest on who could look the cheapest. The middle school principal, Teresa Scalia or Barbara Anderson." said one female onlooker to another.

"You're right and I wonder if they know that each other is here tonight?"

"If their paths do cross I'm sure we'll be in for show."

At the bar, Maria saw Teresa and Michelle make their entrance. She observed that they were headed her way. The two women were too busy surveying the venue to pay attention to the personnel behind the bar. Teresa was greeted as she approached.

"Buenos noches Signora Scalia."

Just like Barbara, Teresa was at first startled by a voice she knew from her past. She confirmed her memories as she saw Maria standing behind the bar.

"What can I get for you ladies? And I must say Mrs. Scalia I love your outfit. It most certainly flatters you in all the right areas." Maria said cattily as she looked Teresa up and down taking a long pause at her chest. Taking note of the lace up front of Teresa's bustier, Maria thought "I'd like to pull a few strings there."

"This job must be a step up for you. Finally escape from the strip club?" Teresa replied.

"Oh I still work for Roxanne, I just take a few side jobs to see how the other half of society lives."

"Well that's nice. I'm glad to see you're trying to better yourself. Perhaps you'll learn a few things."

"Oh Mrs. Scalia, I've already learned so much about you. Could there possibly be anything more?"

"Just give us a couple margaritas. Thank you very much."

Maria reached under the bar and picked up a glass in each hand. She held them directly in in front of each breast. She coyly tipped her head to one side, looked Teresa directly in the eye and asked "Salt or no salt?"

"Salt, thank you. Now could we get our drinks, please?" Teresa said with increasing annoyance.

Maria applied the prerequisite salt to the glass rims and filled them from a pitcher that contained the appropriate portions of margarita mix and tequila. "Here you go ladies, I hope you have an entertaining evening."

Saying nothing, Teresa led Michelle away from the bar. Michelle gave Teresa a quizzical look after witnessing this verbal exchange. "What's going on there?" Michelle asked.

"Never mind about her." Teresa cautioned. "Let's just say her and I have a little history."

Michelle just shrugged her shoulders and considered the subject dropped. They made their way towards the buffet table.

Maria took great interest as Ms. Smithson and Mrs. Scalia walked away from the bar. Her thoughts went back to her last episode with Teresa at the Home and Garden Show. She also had an appreciation for the voluptuousness of Michelle's ass packed into that denim mini and Teresa's bustier and skintight jeans that left nothing to the imagination. "Well it seems like all the major players are here. I wonder if anything will break loose?" Michelle thought.

The band was starting up and the partygoers were making their way to the amphitheater seating. Barbara and Rhonda sat themselves two rows from the back, not too far from the bar or the buffet tables. From a distance Michelle and Teresa did a reconnaissance on the other women's location. The band played a couple of numbers when Rhonda excused herself. "I'll be right back, I have to go to the powder room. Do you want to come with me?"

"No that's all right, I'll stay here and listen to the band." said Barbara.

"Okay, I'll be back in little bit." Rhonda made her exit. The facilities were located in the main house and were quite a distance from the event area. Rhonda's leaving did not go unnoticed by the scheming duo.

"All right Michelle, Rhonda's leaving now so is our chance." Michelle and Teresa stealthily took seats on the log bench directly behind Barbara. Intently listening to the live music she had no inkling her archenemies were that close.

Over at the bar Maria had an excellent vantage point and was watching with interest. "It looks like that bitch Teresa is up to something. And she's got an accomplice in that strawberry blond."

Barbara was sitting quite erect with both feet on the ground, hands resting on her thighs, and her back slightly arched showing excellent posture. This also had an effect on her denim cutoffs. The waistband was gaping directly in the center of her lower back, something that did not go unnoticed by Teresa. Pointing at this slight exposure, Teresa made a motion with her drink glass to Michelle. Michelle picked up on Teresa's intent immediately. Michelle looked as though she was going to actually pour her drink when Teresa silently waved her off. Signaling with her hands, Teresa made it clear to Michelle to wait. Indeed Teresa knew what she was doing. Barbara was moving with the music. As she moved her hips back and forth with the rhythm she was slowly edging to the front of the bench. And of course this had an effect on her shorts. Cut low in the hip to begin, the waist was moving lower revealing more of Barbara's bottom. Michelle and Teresa intently watched as their target came into view. Barbara's cutoffs had slipped so low that a good 2 inches of butt crack was revealed with the gaping waistband forming a trough. Highlighting that was a definite border between tanned and creamy white skin. Teresa looked at Michelle and with a devilish grin gave the go-ahead nod. Then both women positioned their margarita glasses directly above Barbara's exposure. Barbara had no clue as to what was about to happen and blissfully swayed to and fro with the music. With great accuracy Michelle and Teresa poured their drinks directly down the back of Barbara's daisy dukes.

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