tagHumor & SatireTeresa Scalia: Showdown in the Powder Room

Teresa Scalia: Showdown in the Powder Room


Since Barbara’s humiliation at the Renaissance Fair, Terri had regained her social stature in the community. She was soon back to her old ways of dealing with the other women in her circle. Rudeness, intimidation, and social climbing were the norm. Barbara, on the other hand, had retreated from social life. She kept a few close friends, but refrained from larger social gatherings. After all it was difficult to face the people who had witnessed her face down over Terri’s lap, her dress stripped off and her bottom bared, receiving from the busty brunette a sound bare handed spanking. Barbara’s husband Mark encouraged her to get out more and also had memories of the Renaissance Fair. His memories, however, were somewhat more pleasant as the mental images he recalled of his wife’s abused bottom came back to him.

That January a gala ball was held honoring the Woman of the Year. Dress was black tie for gentlemen and formal for the ladies. And this annual occasion gave the women ample opportunity to purchase and display new gowns.

Mark encouraged Barbara to attend the gala with him, going so far as to send her on a shopping trip to New York City with a couple of girlfriends to find a new gown. Barbara was reluctant at first, but the prospect of shopping trip was appealing. After a weekend in the city, Barbara returned home excited about attending the gala.

“How was the trip?” asked Mark as Barbara walked into the house, arms full of packages.

“It was wonderful! And I found a great outfit for the ball. It’s a designer exclusive and one-of-a-kind.” Barbara said.

“Don’t tell me it what cost, tell me what it looks like.”

“Well,” said Barbara coyly “I don’t want give all my secrets away, but I’ll tell you it’s rather form fitting and black.”

“Now that sounds sexy. When do I get to see you in it?” asked Mark.

“Oh I think the night of the ball will be soon enough.”

Meanwhile in the Scalia household this conversation was being held.

“Dominic I have nothing fit to wear to the Woman of the Year Ball.” Terri complained.

Dominic rolled his eyes in resignation knowing his bank account was going to take a hit, “Okay, how much do you want?”

“I’ll just use these two credit cards and the balance should cover the hotel costs.”

“I thought you were buying a dress.” Dominic said.

“I am buying a dress but I can get anything around here. I have to go to New York, silly.”

Knowing any further discussion was pointless, Dominic admitted defeat and merely replied “Fine”.

Preparations were made and gowns purchased and fitted. The ball was held on a Saturday evening in January at the country club. It had been a mild winter with little snow, but tonight the first significant snowfall of the year occurred. Not a blizzard with high winds and severe temperatures just a steady snowfall with huge, fluffy snowflakes. Accumulations had reached eight inches by 6 p.m. with no let up insight. Terri and Barbara were making their final preparations in their respective homes.

“Dominic, come over here and zip me.” Terri asked.

Dominic walked across the bedroom towards his wife as she turned her back toward him. Grabbing the zipper tab he pulled upwards finding the fit of the dress rather tight. The zipper ran from below the small of Terri’s back to just below her shoulder blades. The gown was strapless.

“Kind of snug don’t you think?” Dominic commented. “You’d better hope that zipper stays put.”

“I think this dress fits perfectly,” said Terri as she took a star turn showing Dominic how the dress accentuated her bust on the topside and her shapely derriere on the bottom side. “It is a one-of-a-kind, designer original.”

“Don’t you think you’ll be cold in this dress considering the weather?” Dominic asked.

“I don’t plan on being outside any longer than it takes me to get from the house to the car and from the car into the club. I’ll wear the wrap that comes with this gown. I don’t have anything else to wear with it that matches. Unfortunately it’s too late for you to buy me a fur coat.” explained Terri.

At the Anderson household, Barbara was finishing her preparations for the ball. Her husband was enjoying the view as he watched Barbara step into the gown and pull it up over her hips. Mark let out a long, low whistle in appreciation of the view.

“Where did you get that underwear? You’ve never worn a garter belt and stockings before. And no bra? Sexy, sexy!” said Mark.

“Come over here and help zip me up. Tell me if the garters show under this skirt, they shouldn’t. I’m not wearing a bra because this dress has one built-in. It has to because it’s a strapless gown.”

Mark operated the zipper while Barbara adjusted herself in the dress. He ran his hands down over hips smoothing the material and sneaking a cheap feel.

“No, nothing shows through, just feminine curves.” complemented Mark as he gave Barbara a pat on the bottom.

A description of Barbara’s gown is in order. Made of black satin and of an ankle length, the bodice was strapless with emphasis on Barbara’s attractive shoulders and cleavage. The skirt fit snugly over the hips in a straight line to the hem. A slit in the skirt from hem to knee aided Barbara’s walking in her heels. Opera length gloves and a satin wrap completed the outfit. Barbara’s hair was done in an up sweep. She looked very elegant with the cameo around her throat suspended by a black satin tie. In fact, had that gown been made of black velvet instead of black satin, Barbara would have looked suitable on a billboard advertising a popular brand of whiskey. The black lace garter belt and thong were a gift to Mark for paying for her gown and the weekend shopping trip New York.

The gala ball was to begin at 7 p.m. The agenda was cocktail hour, dinner, a short program announcing the “Woman of the Year”, followed by dancing with dinner commencing at 8 p.m. The Andersons arrived at 7:20 p.m. and were greeted by several couples.

“Barbara, that gown we found in New York looks wonderful on you!” Commented Rhonda Wilson, Barbara’s good friend.

“Thank you Rhonda. I know it was an expensive dress to purchase, but I think it was well worth the money. Plus I’ve never owned an original.”

For the next 30 minutes the Andersons circulated among the couples in attendance. Many complements both direct and indirect were made towards Barbara and her elegant appearance. At about 7:50 p.m., the Scalia’s entered the ballroom. Pausing at the double-doored entrance of the ballroom for dramatic effect, Terri, on Dominic’s arm, scanned the room. The couple each obtained glass of wine and began mingling. Terri was complemented on her gown from several other women and she always pointed out that her dress was a one-of-a-kind, original designer creation. Rhonda Wilson spotted Terri across the room and noticed something about her gown. It was strapless, it was made with black satin, it was ankle length, it was flattering to the bust and derriere, it was very similar to Barbara’s dress. In fact it was identical to Barbara’s dress. Now as most of us know, two women wearing the same formal attire at the same function is at the very least a fashion faux pas. Given the history of these two women, this could well be a declaration of war. Rhonda hurried over to Barbara to tell her.

“Barbara, Terri Scalia’s here.”

“Okay, fine Rhonda. I’m not going to hide from her.” said Barbara.

Rhonda whispered “Barbara look over towards the bar, over your right shoulder. Look at what she’s wearing.”

Barbara looked towards the bar and when she saw Terri, she gasped audibly. “Oh Lord Rhonda, she’s wearing my dress. Where could she have gotten it?”

“Don’t worry about where she got it, let’s concern ourselves about how she’ll react when she sees you.”

The fact that Barbara and Terri were wearing the same dress was not lost on the other women in the room. Word spread quickly about the duplication of outfits. And speculation was rampant on what the reaction would be from the principals. Dinner was served and as luck would have it, the Andersons were seated at the opposite end of the dining room from the Scalias. Seated with the Scalias was Ellen Smith. Ellen had observed that Barbara and Terri were wearing identical gowns, a fact that was still unknown to Terri. Ellen decided to subtly inform Terri of Barbara’s fashion sense.

“My aren’t there a plethora of lovely dresses tonight. Don’t you think, Terri?”

“Yes I suppose you can say so. Many look like last years editions.” Terri commented.

“Did you notice Barbara Anderson’s gown? I wonder wherever she found such a creation.” Ellen said cattily.

“I hadn’t noticed that snotty little blond was even here. It was my understanding she never left the house.”

“Well dear, just look over across the room to the table next in the windows. You’ll see what I’m talking about.” Ellen directed completing the setup.

Terri looked over in that direction and spotted Barbara. At first, she couldn’t believe it. To be sure she rose from her chair. When she was positive of what she had seen, she quickly sat down and began to fume.

“Do you see what she’s wearing? I can’t believe it! She stole my gown.”

“I thought your dress was an exclusive, evidently exclusive to you and Barbara.” Ellen goaded.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Terri said.

The dinner was served and Terri maintained a close eye on Barbara. Evidently waiting for an opportunity for confrontation. Terri’s surveillance was not lost on Barbara. She could feel the laser beams of Terri’s eyes.

“Rhonda, Terri’s realized we’re wearing the same dress. Hasn’t she?” Barbara asked.

“Looks like it to me, she’s been staring daggers over here all through dinner.” advised Rhonda.

“All right, let’s go to powder room may be it will give her a chance to cool off.”

Barbara and Rhonda excused themselves from the table and made their way to the ladies room, which was adjacent to the dining hall. Terri noticed immediately where they were headed.

“Come on Ellen, let’s have a meeting with Mrs. Anderson concerning her choice of clothing.”

“Oh, I’m with you all the way dearie.”

Terri led the way through the dining room with Ellen following and giving subtle signals to the other women that something significant was about to take place. Right on cue, the majority of the women in attendance excused themselves and made their way to the powder room. The country club power room was cavernous. There were 20 individual makeup tables on three sides of the room. There are comfortable chairs and chaise lounges scattered throughout for the ladies comfort. The actual bathroom facilities were a separate room in the back. This was a place for the ladies to escape for a few moments from the gentlemen, adjust hair and make up, sneak a cigarette, and catch-up on the gossip. Rhonda and Barbara had taken a seat at a makeup table when Terri, Ellen, and several other women into the room. Hearing the door open, Rhonda glanced over to see who had come in.

“She’s here” Rhonda whispered to Barbara.

“Okay, I’ll ignore her and try to be lady.”

Terri crossed the room and was directly behind Barbara. She gave Rhonda a withering look that made Rhonda bolt towards the exit. Rhonda stayed in the room in front of the exit door. Terri tapped Barbara on the shoulder. Barbara remained seated and turned to face Terri.

“Hello Terri, what can I do for you?”

“You know very well what you can do. You stole my dress.”

Barbara remained composed and kept a lady light demeanor. “I didn’t steal anything Terri. I bought this dress in Manhattan. At the time I was told it was a one-of-a-kind. Evidently not.”

“I don’t believe you. I don’t care where you got it, but you won’t be wearing it here.” Terri threatened.

Still trying to keep to the high road, Barbara rose from her chair and responded “Terri I’m not going to listen to you give me grief over a dress. May be you should grow up a little.” Barbara then tried to walk past Terri to leave the room. Terri grabbed Barbara by the arm.

“I’m not through with you. You’re not leaving here wearing my dress.”

Barbara pulled her arm away from Terri, brushing Terri’s forehead with the back of her hand.

“How dare you strike me you little blond bitch!” Terri raised her right hand and slapped Barbara flush on the cheek. Barbara responded with an open right hand of her own vigorously applied to Terri’s face.

“There’s more were that came from!” Barbara said.

“OOOOOOHHH, damn you. I’ve had you over my knee once before and tanned you’re ass and I’ll do it again.”

Both women began swinging freely, although truth be told the opera gloves that both women were wearing, did minimize the damage. The gloves also prevented scratches from fingernails, but did not handicap gripping the hair. Barbara and Terri each had a handful of each other’s hair and were refusing to let go. They had pushed each other across the room a couple times, knocking over chairs and rearranging the furniture. While they were locked up, Barbara gained an advantage and was pushing Terri towards the exit where Rhonda was standing. Terri was shoved backwards into Rhonda. Rhonda took this opportunity to handicap Barbara’s foe. With Terri’s back pinned against her, Rhonda felt with her hand for the zipper of Terri’s gown. Finding the tab, she pulled the zipper down its entire length. Terri was occupied with Barbara, but could feel something change. Her gown started to slip and she noticed the lack of support for her breasts. Knowing that she had to take care of this disadvantage, she shoved Barbara away from her breaking the hold Barbara had on her hair and losing a few hairs in the process.

Terri reached behind her to find the zipper, but was unable to get a grip on the tab. She quickly twisted left and right trying to secure her dress. Her fast actions caused her to momentarily lose her balance and Terri took a couple steps forward. Unfortunately with one of those steps she stood on the hem of her dress and pitched forward. As she fell forward, Terri grabbed Barbara around the waist to break her fall. Barbara’s dress pulled down and her perky breasts were exposed. Terri clawed with her hands to pull herself up. She caught the cups of Barbara’s strapless gown, one in each hand. With a hearty tug, Terri accomplished two things. She regained her feet and stripped Barbara to the waist. Barbara slapped Terri’s hands away and grabbed the cups of Terri’s gown. Barbara pulled straight down with all her strength revealing Terri’s pair of 36 C’s. Barbara didn’t stop there. She maintained her grip and continued to pull. The seam of Terri’s gown below the zipper began to fail. Terri bent over and tried to get a grip on her structurally failing dress, but the seam split too quickly. Perhaps Terri aided her own stripping by adding stress to the seam. After all, when she bent over her round derriere pushed out against the fabric even more. Those behind Terri were greeted to the sight of her fine ass emerging from black satin. Barbara continued to pull, backing up and tugging as hard she could. Terri’s dress ended up gathered at her ankles. Barbara gave one last heave that pulled Terri’s feet out from under her. She landed flat on her ass, legs flying high in the air, topless but still wearing her black lace thong, black thigh highs, heels and of course her opera length gloves. Barbara gathered Terri’s ruined gown into a ball and headed to the rear of the powder room where the commodes were located.

“I think I know what to do this trash.” Barbara declared.

Terri rose to her feet surrounded by the laughing, jeering women. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Terri made a break for the exit. Evidently forgetting about her state of dress. Blocking the exit door was Rhonda Wilson.

“Why Teresa darling, you know this is a formal dress occasion. Don’t you think you are a bit casual?” Rhonda queried.

“You know what Rhonda, you could be right. Let’s see how you like!” With that Terri grabbed the neckline of Rhonda’s gown and pulled out and down. The flimsy chiffon offered little resistance, as did Rhonda’s bra. There was one interesting effect. As Rhonda’s bra came off two spherical shapes of foam rubber flipped up into the air. It seems Rhonda enlisted Goodyear to give her what mother nature had failed to. Rhonda screamed looking down on her bared bared chest and dashed for the rear bathroom passing Barbara coming out.

“I think someone should call a plumber,” Barbara said “there may be a major stoppage.” Barbara saw Rhonda rush past her. “Rhonda, what happened to you?” Barbara then saw Terri rapidly exiting the powder room. “It’s not over yet!”

Barbara took off in hot pursuit. She had managed to pull her dress up around her chest to maintain some dignity. The speaker at the podium in the dining room was finishing his remarks. “And now ladies and gentlemen may I present the Woman of the Year!” About that time Terri came running through the dining room in lingerie, heels, and topless with Barbara literally hot on her tail. Terri passed directly in front of the podium to the glass doors on the left side of the room. These doors led to the outdoor balcony. Terri paused for moment struggling with the door latch. This gave Barbara the few seconds she needed to catch up to Terri. Terri flung the door open and started outside. Barbara made a grab for her catching the waistband of her panties. Barbara pulled back and Terri strained forward in a tug of war. Terri would gain a couple of steps only to be pulled back by Barbara. Terri’s panties were beginning to suffer from the strain. Terri lunged forward as Barbara gave a mighty pull in the reverse direction. Something had to give any was Terri’s panties that did. The sudden switching momentum propelled Terri out the door and across the balcony head first over the rail. She teetered for moment, balancing herself on the rail at her waist, ass in the air legs kicking. With a scream of terror, Terri went completely over the rail.

Barbara and the rest of the attendees rushed out to the balcony to see what had happened to Terri. The motion detector security lights all came on brightly illuminating the area around the balcony. As they peered over the rail, Barbara and the others were treated to the sight of Terri Scalia face down in three feet of powder snow. She landed face down on her hands and knees. The snow being so fluffy and soft her fall was cushioned. Terri was up to her elbows and knees in the snow, her face buried. In fact the only part of her that wasn’t covered in snow was that magnificent derriere of hers. Dominic Scalia was quickly at Terri’s side helping her up out of the snowdrift. Terri stood up and turned towards the onlookers in the balcony giving the laughing crowd a real view of her snow chilled, erect nipples. Dominic threw his coat over Terri and they walked off to their car.

Mark Anderson stepped out on the balcony and put his arm around Barbara’s shoulder. “Folks, as far as I’m concerned this is my Woman of the Year”

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