tagFirst TimeTerri's Cherry

Terri's Cherry

byLucky Mann©

I first saw her at a local dirt race track located in a southwestern desert city. Earlier, on a hot Friday night in July of 1977, my car had suffered mechanical troubles. I was out of the show for the evening. Therefore, I was wandering around the pit area socializing with my friends and competitors.

In those days, racing, especially in the lower levels, was still fun. Costs hadn't gone crazy, yet. So, an owner/driver could be friendly with opposing drivers and teams.

As I wandered through the pit area, one of those friends pointed out a young lady hanging out in a pit several slots down from my disabled car. She was one of a group of young people with one of the rookie competitors. She had a deer-in-the-headlights look and seemed to be lost.

Being the friendly, not to mention horny, type that I am, I wandered over and introduced myself.

Her name was Terri, and she knew practically nothing about stock car racing. She admitted she had no idea how the individual races were scheduled and lined up. She didn't know the difference between the classes of cars either. So, when I offered to explain the track's procedures and get her a close up view of some of the better cars, she quickly accepted.

We spent the rest of the evening wandering around the track's pit area, looking at cars, and getting to know one another.

Terri was young. She told me she was twenty-one. I was twenty-eighth. I found out several weeks later she was really nineteen. She was 5'6" and a little on the hefty side, just the way I had come to like 'em. She weighed 200 pounds and had a great set of tits.

We seemed to hit it off right away. However, I was leaving very early the next morning for a business and pleasure trip to Los Angles. I would be gone all the next week. So, as the night at the track came to an end, I got her phone number and promised to call her when I returned from California. We shared a quick kiss as we parted.

I returned home from LA the next weekend at about 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon. I had been somewhat unnerved by my week long preoccupation with thoughts of Terri. I called her as soon as I got in my door. I was pleased when she accepted my invitation to dinner and a movie.

It somewhat surprised her when I requested she wear a dress. In the past, when she had gone out with her friends, she had usually worn jeans. I had to explain to her that we were not going to McDonald's and a drive-in theater. That's kind of evening she was used to with her high school friends.

When I picked her up early that evening, I went to her door to meet her, as opposed to just blowing my horn in her driveway. My Dad had told me years earlier, "A gentleman should always meet his date at her door, and open the car door for her."

Terri was wearing a light weight, snug fitting, print dress that came to just above her knees. The front tapered to a point just below her nipple line. Buttons ran from that point to her waist. This afforded me a nice view of her ample cleavage. It also offered easy access should the opportunity present itself later that night.

I, on the other hand, was dressed in my normal attire. Brushed denim jeans, western style shirt, and cowboy boots. Of course, I had on my Stetson, which I removed as soon as I crossed her threshold.

Terri had invited me in to meet her parents. I think the "Sir" and "Mam" impressed them. Terri told me later, her mother had pulled her to the side and asked, "Where did you find him?" I don't think she believed Terri when she told her mother, "The race track." A nice downtown Polynesian restaurant was our first destination. Our mahi-mahi was delicious. I was on my best behavior, but still enjoyed the view. I was liking that dress more all the time.

After dinner, we took in a movie at a theater near my home. I didn't see much of the film. I was too busy watching her breasts trying to escape the confines of that dress. Every time I tried to stroke the top of one of her breasts, Terri would smile and gently moved my hand away. Holding her hand was as close to her boobs as I was allowed to get, at that time.

When the movie ended, I was pleasantly surprised when she accepted my invitation to come to my place for a drink. Remember, she had told me she was 21.

After getting into my car in the theater parking lot, she slid over and sat close to me. I put my arm over her shoulder which afforded me the chance to brush her tits with my right hand. Though she didn't pull away, she did tense up. I could tell Terri was not used to such familiarity. I lightened my touch, but did not stop stroking her tits. After a short time, she placed her left hand on my right leg just above the knee. She didn't move from that spot until we reached my home.

Upon entering my home, Terri seemed a little nervous. I led her to my living room couch, turned on some music, and left to prepare the screwdriver she had requested. When I returned with our drinks, Terri downed hers fairly rapidly and asked for another. I advised her to slow down. I didn't need a drunk and/or sick girl on my hands. I've had that unpleasant experience and didn't care to repeat it. The next couple of drinks were consumed at a more leisurely pace.

After talking on the couch for a some time, we began dancing. As we danced, I ran my hands up and down her back from her neck to her nice round ass. I passionately kissed her, and I could feel Terri relaxing in my arms. As our tongues danced with each other, I firmly squeezed both ass cheeks. That brought a small sigh from her. I then lowered my head and planted a long wet kiss in the cleveage between Terri's big tits.

Returning to the couch, I thought it was then time to move on to some serious petting. I had hopes of getting some pussy from this sweet young thing. With my right arm over Terri's shoulders, I again kissed between her tits. It didn't take long for me to be rubbing those tits through her dress. She was quietly moaning. I slowly unfastened her dress buttons. A few minutes later, her dress had been lowered off her shoulders. As I unclasped her bra, a gasp escaped her throat. Terri then closed her eyes and leaned her head back against my cradling arm.

I immediately went to work on her beautiful tits. Licking, sucking, and fondling them with relish. As I said earlier, they were large. They turned out to be 36Ds. They were much more than a hand and mouth full. Her nipples were soon erect. As I tended to her nipples, Terri began massaging the sides of her tits and pushed them toward my eager mouth.

Being a breast man, I can play with a nice set of tits for hours. However, that night, I had another objective. Pussy! As I continued working on her tits, I finished unbuttoning her dress and began rubbing lower and lower on her soft smooth abdomin. I reached her panties and gently rubbed her bush through them. I was soon slowly stroking up and down her slit.

Terri was moaning softly, and gently rocking her pelvis under my touch. Her pussy's wetness was soaking through her cotton panties.

The only thing between me and the objective of my desire was a thin piece of cloth. Gently, I pulled it aside and started petting her pussy. She seemed quite tight as I began to insert a finger. Just as I got my finger inside her outer pussy lips, Terri seemed to freeze up. Firmly, she said, "Stop!"

Of course, I stopped. I asked her, What's the matter, Honey."

She didn't say a word.

My hand was still on her pussy. Then it hit me. I asked her, "Are you a virgin?" She replied, "Yes, and I intend to stay that way."

I had been with many women before, but I had never run into a real live virgin. All I could manage to say was, "That's cool."

We continued to pet for a while, but the excitement, and hard-on, I had a few minutes earlier had disappeared. A short time later, I took her home. Terri told me later she didn't think I would ever call her again.

Brother, was she wrong.

As the summer progressed, I continued to see Terri. By late summer she would frequently let me pet her pussy, but no more. A single finger sometimes entered her outer pussy lips, but I was very careful not to do any damage to her hymen. She had gotten to where she would tentatively stroke my dick, but seldom to the point of getting me off.

One night after going out to dinner, we were parked in front of her parents' house. As usual, we were snuggling before she went in. I was squeezing her tits as she stroked my dick. All of the sudden, without saying a word, she bent over, took my dick into her mouth, and began bobbing up and down on it. Terri had refused to even kiss it until then.

Since she already had me horny as hell, I told her, "It won't take much of that to get me off!"

She didn't slow down a bit. If anything, she went even faster. As my dick began hitting the back of her mouth, I began to cum. Terri stopped bobbing up an down and held me deep in her mouth at the entrance to her throat. I let go spurt after spurt. Terri swallowed every drop of my load. She then licked me clean, sat up, kissed me goodnight, and went inside.

Several months later, we began talking about getting married. We settled on a date in the middle of December. I still wasn't getting any pussy, but she would jack me off now and then. I only got the one blow-job.

In early November, we had been out visiting some of our friends. After leaving our friends home, we stopped for a drive-through meal which we took back to my place. We sat there eating dinner and watching TV. As soon as I finished my sandwich, I stood behind her chair and began playing with her tits, as she continued to eat. I loved standing behind her and squeezing both of those wonderfully big tits. I still do.

She put down her soda, half turned, and tilted her head back. We kissed fervently.

Without saying a word, Terri rose, took my hand, and led me to my bed. We had spent many evenings petting each other on that bed, much to my frustration. I figured that night would be no different. Especially, since we were to be married in less than a month. Terri had frequently stressed how she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night.

As usual, we began by me removing her blouse and bra to give me access to her tits. I had told her many times how much I loved playing with them. As I sucked her tits, her nipples quickly became erect.

Terri was stroking my dick through my pants. It wasn't long before I had a raging hard-on. It was such a relief when she lowered my zipper and took my dick into her hand. As she stroked, and I sucked, I heard her whisper, "Please finger me."

I was more than happy to oblige. As soon as I had her jeans unzipped, she lifted her hips and helped me take them off her. I removed my pants at the same time. As my mouth returned to her tits, my hand soon found its way into her panties and began sliding a finger up and down her tight virgin slot. Becoming bolder, I slid her panties down and gently slipped a finger into the outer lips of her love tunnel. I began with slow shallow strokes. I was still taking great care not to do any damage to her maidenhead.

She responded by lifting her pussy toward my hand. It startled me to hear her whisper, "More!"

A second finger found its way into her pussy. She began to moan louder as I used my thumb to massage her clit. Again, "More!"

Since I had known Terri, she hadn't had an orgasm. She said she didn't know if she had ever had one. Seemed to me, she would have known if she had ever experienced an orgasm. So, she probably had not had one. Since she had gotten me off several times that summer, I thought I should at least try to return to favor, even if I couldn't fuck her.

I removed my fingers, and she sighed with disappointment. She perked back up when I moved toward the foot of the bed and finished removing her panties. I spread her legs and laid down between them. With my head about a foot from her pussy, I returned to fingering her.

First one, then two fingers from my right hand found their way into her tight hole. Her tightness began to loosen, but just barely. With my left hand rubbing her bush and clit, she was moaning even more than before. Again, "More!"

Her hips had started to rise and fall more rapidly. I could see she was nearing her first orgasm. Just when I thought she was about to go over the edge, I quickly removed my fingers, moved up, and covered her pussy with my mouth. My tongue was licking from the bottom of her pussy lips to her clit.

As she lifted her hips clear of the bed, she grabbed my head and pulled it tightly to her pussy. I firmly sucked her clit, and she went over the edge. All she said was, "Oh, oh, oh, ooooooooh!" I thought she was trying to pull my hair out as she tried her best to push my head into her pussy. Terri had her first orgasm.

I looked into her eyes, and they were glazed. A soft smile was on her lips. I slowly started inserting my tongue into her pussy. The groans and Terri's desires started building again. She was twisting and pulling hard on her erect nipples. Then, she whispered something I didn't think I heard just right.

I shifted to lick her nipples, and she said it again, "I want you!"

I was in heaven and shock. I told her she would have me in about a month. Kind of reversed from what you'd expect, isn't it? I've never turned down any pussy freely offered.

She said, "No, I want you now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" She said, emphatically.

Without further talk, I moved to place my dick at the opening of her pussy. Very gently and slowly, I pushed just the head of my dick into Terri's tight hole. It took all the will-power I had to keep from plunging my entire dick into her. Again, I asked if she was sure.

She responded by raising her knees, squeezing my neck, and lifting her pussy to give me a better angle into her virginity.

I gave her a little more and slowly began to take short strokes. It wasn't long before I bumped into her cherry. Holding my dick against her hymen, I asked for the third time if she was sure.

"Do it! Make love to me all the way."

With that, I told her to hold me tight, and she did. I pulled back about an inch and shoved forward. I felt my dick meet, then break through, her hymen. She gave a small yelp, and her entire body tensed. I pulled back to where just the head of my dick was still in her. I waited just a second before plunging fully into Terri's extremely tight pussy. With my balls resting on her ass, my dick fully buried in her pussy, I held perfectly still until her body began to relax. As I looked at her face, I noticed Terri had a tear on her cheek and a slight smile on her lips. Slowly, very slowly, I started stroking in and out of her.

Terri relaxed some, but I'm here to tell you, it was not like most of the stories you read. After a few strokes, she didn't start humping her ass off while yelling for me to fuck her harder.

As she relaxed, I sped up a bit. As tight as Terri was, it didn't take long for me to cum. Even then, I didn't just ram into her. After all, this was the girl I loved, and whom I was about to marry. As I began to cum, I shoved completely into her depths and held firmly there.

After I gave her my load deep in her pussy, we lay without moving for quite a while. I just kissed her neck and nibbled her ears. Then, a few more gentle strokes, and I pulled out and lay next to her. We tightly held each other late into the night.

We didn't fuck again until our wedding night. She was still almost as tight as the night I popped her cherry. It took two weeks before Terri began to really enjoy getting fucked. I reckon she was a slow bloomer.

It has now been nearly three decades since I popped Terri's cherry. We're still together, still fucking often, and she still has the bloody sheet on which she lost her virginity. Since then, Terri has learned many tricks that keep our sex life interesting, but that's another story.

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