tagBDSMTested and Chosen

Tested and Chosen


The Dream!

Another dream i'm in a room.

The walls are white, the ceiling is white, the floor is white tiles, the lightness almost hurts my eyes. The room is lined by four white doors.

The one i was brought in by is locked. All is silent.

i can feel panic building up in me. My breath is quickening and i gulp down the urge to scream. I have no knowledge of why he brought me here, all i know is I trust him.... i put my hands over my mouth and wait, my heart pounding so hard its almost painful, i fancy i can feel the blood course through my veins.

i jump as i hear a click as one door unlocks, in the silence it sounds like a gunshot. i tentatively touch the door with one finger, then i push it and it swings open....

i remember the instructions i was given and after an inner struggle i obediently step inside.

The room is bathed in a soft yellow light but is so dimly lit. i try to get used to the light but after the harshness of the hall this is a relief to my eyes, but a shock to my mind!

i start suddenly as i see a young women in the shadows. She is dressed in a long severe grey dress. She smiles and lead me further into the darkness. Reassured i follow her.

There is a small round raised dais in the floor, she motions to me to stand on it. i obey. She unbuttons my blouse, and takes it off then my skirt. my bra and panties and stockings soon follow. i stand exposed in front of her and i want to weep as she is so beautiful and i am not. i stare at the floor.

She walks around me, appraising. Her hand squeezes my full ass and then she weighs my heavy breasts in her hand, her thumb pinches my nipples and they instantly harden. For as ashamed as i am i feel strangely aroused.

She looks at my pussy which is trimmed -and 'tutts' softly...

Another, equally beautiful girl appears seemingly out of nowhere holding a tray, they gently press me to lie on the floor, whilst hot wax is applied onto my bush, and then removed quickly. i gasp with pain.

The pain is intense but quickly dies down. i have never been hairless before and i am pleased with how it looks. Then i am helped back onto the dais.

She continues her appraisal of me. She applies cooling cream onto my still hot mound but then slides her fingers quickly into my cunt. i am very tight but by now very wet and she nods. Then she goes behind me to my ass, parts my ass cheeks and runs a finger around my anus before sliding her finger in there also. i squawk with surprise, and goosebumps immediately appear.

Again she nods. Then quickly she pulls me to the door i came in by, opens it and pushes me outside. i blink in the blinding light, and hear the door shut.

i am naked and exposed. Shame rushes over me and this time i do weep and try to cover my nakedness with my hands. i wait miserably for what seems like an eternity then i hear another deafening click as a second door unlocks.......


The Reality?

This time the light is much brighter, blinding. You bring your hand up to shield your eyes and just make out the shape of a person, outlined in the light streaming through the open doorway, your nakedness adding to your feeling of defencelessness.

As your eyes adjust to the light you drop your hand and the shape in the light is revealed. You see a tall man, broad shouldered, blonde hair cut short, wearing only black trousers and a leather waistcoat. His hairy, heavily muscled torso appears to be oiled, glistening. But it is his eyes that hold your attention, so blue and piercing but showing no interest in your naked form, showing no pity either. He gestures you forward impatiently. On shaking legs you move towards him until he seizes your arm.

You flinch at his touch causing him to lean forward and hiss in your ear, 'Be still!'

Then he takes a wrist and pulls it behind your back. His strength is obvious to you, transmitted flesh to flesh. It feels so overwhelming that you don't even thinking about resisting, even when you feel rough rope encircling your wrist. The other hand is taken behind you and you feel your other wrist bound.

From behind a blindfold comes down over your eyes and you gasp as your vision fades. You feel fingers seize one nipple, giving it a vicious squeeze and twist. You swallow your gasp of pain when you hear the man's voice in your ear again,


Properly chastened you stand trembling as you feel something going around your neck. You hear the click of a buckle and recognise a familiar smell, making you realise a leather collar has encircled your neck. Other noises tell you that a lead is being attached. This is confirmed when you feel a tug on the collar, urging you to move, you are being lead like an animal.

With your eyes covered and your hands bound you feel vulnerable moving. You cannot see and you cannot reach out to feel, all you can do is surrender and be led, having to trust that He who leads you will not allow you to come to harm. As you walk you feel bodies near you, hear voices, laughter. Your other senses are heightened and you can smell sex – semen, secretions, excitement.

Then you feel hands start to brush against your body, running over your buttocks, your beasts, lingering to pinch your nipples. You feel bodies pressing closer against you. It is harder to follow the insistent tug of the leash. You feel breasts pressing against your back, a hand trails across your newly naked cunt, a finger probes between your labia and you hear a sharp intake of breath at the wetness revealed.

Responding to another tug on the leash you step forward and break free of the crush. The leash indicates you should stop, then you feel a hand pressing down on your shoulder, unmistakable telling you to kneel. Clumsily, hands bound, you drop to your knees. Then the blindfold is removed and you blink in the bright light as you take in your surroundings.

Kneeling on either side of you are other women, similarly bound. You can see that you are one of nine or ten women in this position, with you in the middle of the line. Around you are a crowd of onlookers, male and female, all dressed in what might be described as 'fetish wear' – lots of leather and PVC. You see that many of the audience have digital cameras and even see a professional looking video camera mounted on a tripod. Then your eye is caught by a line of men, standing to one side, all naked, all in various states of arousal. They appear to range in age from the 20's to the 60's. There also seem to be just as wide a variety of cocks, big and small, circumcised and not, erect or soft and every state in-between.

This sight and everything else going on around you, is confusing and exciting at the same time. You can't help wondering what is about to happen. The chatter of the crowd drops as the man in the leather waistcoat (whom you assume led you with the leash) steps into the space between the on-lookers and you and your kneeling companions. It appears you are about to find out what is happening.

'I know you have been looking forward to "The Test" and now the time has come. As usual we will endeavour to find out which of our trainee sluts is the best cock-sucker. In keeping with the tradition of our Brotherhood, and with their new status as whores, you will pay for the privilege of testing them. Then, continuing to follow our custom, the winner of The Test will be awarded the usual prize.'

'Let the Test begin!'

After the announcement the line of naked men shuffle eagerly forward to press cash into the hands of the man in the waistcoat; the man you now think of as the 'Master of Ceremonies'. Shortly there is a member of this mysterious Brotherhood standing in front of each kneeling woman, a different kind of 'member' hardening in front of each face. The stranger in front of you (you can barely see his face) presses his cock-head against your lips.

Submissively, not even considering what other option you have, you open your mouth and take his shaft into your warm, wet mouth – tasting his pre-cum on your tongue.

With your hands tied behind your back this is no loving, consensual interaction. You cannot use your hands to tickle and arouse as would usually. Nor can you control the pace. Restrained in this way you are unable to participate, you can only submit to having your mouth used for this stranger's pleasure. At first he slowly thrusts his hips, driving his cock deeper into your mouth. You hear him suck in his breath with pleasure and then he grabs your hair as he wants to push further into your throat. You relax your muscles to accept his girth and hear him say,

'This whore is damn good!'

At a signal which you neither hear or see, 'your' stranger pulls his cock from your mouth and moves to your right. Without a pause there is a new cock in front of you, bigger than the first, wet with the saliva of the girl on your left. This new stranger holds his cock in one hand and trails the tip across your cheek, leaving a line of spit and pre-cum across your skin. Then he places the swollen purple head of his cock between your lips, which part to accept his shaft.

He is rougher than the first man, grabbing your hair from the start and shoving hard – fucking your mouth like it was a wet cunt, grunting with his effort. You are surprised when you find this rough treatment turning you on. No previous lover has been so uncouth as to skull-fuck you liked this – but now you wish that they had. Untouched your cunt is swelling and twitching, you can feel your excitement running down the inside of your thighs.

Soon he is also issuing commands – and comments. 'You are right Jim, this whore sucks beautifully.'

You manage to look up and catch his eye, seeing the pleasure in his face, as his prick pistons in your mouth.

'That's it you slut, suck it deep. I paid £20 to have my dick sucked by a whore, make it good.'

The dirty talk is something new for you as well – but even that is exciting for you. Spurred on by his trash talk you swirl your tongue around his glans and are rewarded with a long, drawn out, almost inarticulate, 'fffuuuuuccccckk'.

Another shift and a new cock is presented to your willing mouth – a black cock, short and thick, which you swallow with relish. You hear the girl beside, to your right, chocking and gagging as the big cock you had before fucks her mouth. In the midst of your growing sexual excitement you feel a sense of pride that you managed to take that same cock without difficulty.

The procession continues, a new cock every few minutes. They become a blur, you catch only a few details. The grey pubic hair of one of the older members of the Brotherhood, the trembling excitement of a younger one – his thighs shaking as you eagerly suck his cock. You savour the different tastes and textures of their pricks as they violate your mouth. Your excitement growing further with the knowledge that they have all paid for the privilege of using you like a cheap street-walker.

All that you know is that you are being used for their pleasure, without concern for yours. You realise you have lost count of how many strangers pricks have been fucked into your mouth. Perversely you find these things more and more exciting. Your jaw is starting to ache, but not as much as your cunt and clit ache for the release of orgasm. Occasionally one of the men using your mouth reaches down to stroke your breast or tweak your nipple. This makes you moan with slutty pleasure around your mouthful of cock. You think that one more caress or pinch would be enough to push you over the edge into cumming. You know that if just one of them was to cum in your mouth it would trigger a mind-blowing orgasm – but they never do. You feel them get close, feel their cocks swell and twitch in your mouth. And when they do you re-double your efforts, thrusting forward on their cocks as if you are trying to swallow the lot, cock and balls, trying to make them cum – so that you can too. But somehow they control themselves, pulling away at the moment of crisis. This makes you moan again, this time with frustration. You have reached that pre-orgasmic plateau where you know they could do anything to you, anything, and it would still not feel like enough. You are still unsatisfied when, unexpectedly, the last cock you had been slurping on is pulled from your aching mouth – and not replaced.

As you kneel, gasping for breath, your breasts heaving, your cunt a soaking swamp; the Master of Ceremonies stands forward.

'Very well Brothers, the time for testing is over. Please make your choice of our best cock-sucking whore.' The naked men begin to move and with surprise you see that almost all of them seem to be clustered around you. Then the MC announces in a loud voice. 'The choice is made. Award the prize to your whore.'

You notice that he is looking at you, smiling. You have a moment to wonder what his words signify before the men around you surge closer. Once again a cock is pressed to your lips and with a moan you open wide to take it.

In an instant you realise there is to be no attempt at control now. Your mouth is fucked hard and deep. Almost instantly you hear the man moaning and know he is about to cum. With a shout he empties his straining balls into your mouth.

As you feel him explode, taste his hot, salty essence gushing over your tongue – you cum. You would scream if your mouth wasn't full as you feel all the muscles in your lower body spasm, your cunt contracting and pulsing.

Almost unconscious with pleasure you barely notice the jostling in front of you as the deflating cock is taken from your mouth and another takes its place. The men around you seem to be in a frenzy to cum. They grab your hair to turn your head so they can try to force their pricks into your mouth, two and even three at a time. And all the time they are cumming, in your mouth if they can, or on your face and your hair – even in your ear – if they can't.

It is too much to swallow, as much as you want to. Their jism runs from your mouth and drips from your chin onto your hard-nippled breasts. And as they cum, you cum, constantly, as if riding a wave that never breaks. You feel yourself being coated, covered, soaked with sperm as the members of the Brotherhood 'anoint' you as the best cock-sucking whore of 'The Testing'.

Finally the onslaught is over and the men step back. Dazed with pleasure you feel your orgasm subside, although your clit continues to twitch with aftershocks. Slowly coming back to reality you notice flashes of light and recall the cameras. You shudder in sick pleasure, realising that all your perverted activities have been recorded. You wonder to yourself how you must look now, covered in the cum of...........how many men? You don't even know.

But you do know that you want to see a mirror, or one of those photos, to see what a real cum-bucket slut looks like. As if playing to your audience you stick out your tongue and lick around your mouth so that you can collect more spunk, taste more sperm, eat more jizz. Something like a gasp of awe passed through the watchers as they realise they are seeing the genuine article – a cum crazy whore revealed by the Testing.

Then you feel a twitch on your long forgotten collar. The voice of the MC penetrates your lust-dulled hearing,

'Stand whore'

The women who prepared you appear and stand beside you. You feel one of them gently until your hands whilst once again you weep, tears washing away some of the cum from your cheeks. Naked, coated in sperm, revealed to be a slut to the depths of your being.

But this time you weep because you have never felt more desirable, never more beautiful - tested and chosen by the Brotherhood.

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