tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTethered... Ch. 03

Tethered... Ch. 03


*** Between the pure goodness of light, and the pure evil of dark, lies the beauty of the realm of shadow. Pain, when inflicted properly, can lead to indescribable pleasure; pleasure, when pushed too far, can cross pain's threshold. Come, my friends...Let's throw away the safety of remaining in the light. Let's avoid the terror of walking in complete darkness. Come, my friends...walk in the shadows with me.***


Pure, unadulterated terror freezing her muscles, freezing her lungs even as they begged for another breath, freezing her protests in her throat so that the only thing issuing forth were frightened little whimpers. Her mind was screaming in denial until her inner voice was hoarse with the effort, but all she could do was whimper. She knew her eyes were open, but all she could see was blackness. She could hear, but the only thing she'd heard thus far was the stranger's voice and the sound of her own frantic heartbeat thudding in her ears.

When he'd first spoken, her heart and breath had gone still. The timbre of his voice was so deep, it had pulsed through her like a heavy bass at a rock concert, tracing her nerve endings and teasing them to life. His voice was musical, its cadence and rhythm lulling her, soothing her, calming her. Then, her mind had processed his words; it had dawned on her that this wasn't a dream, she wasn't going to wake up, she wasn't going to be rescued by her husband who was detained in another part of the facility. For the first time, Zhanna had no control over what was happening to her; she was going to be sexually molested against her will, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it.

Her heart racing, she felt the heat of his hand slowly trace down her body. She couldn't feel his hand against her skin, so thankfully it appeared as if she were still clothed. Or at least, she thought she was until she felt his hot fingers trace over her hip, the shock of feeling his skin on her flesh searing through her system when his fingertips traced slowly over her bare cheek. Her heart started thudding hard in her chest as his fingers crept lower, and her breath exploded in a shallow scream when she felt his fingertips pet her smoothly shaven pussy lips. Each second seemed an eternity as he drew his fingers between her folds, searching for her hidden entrance as his wonderful voice chuckled softly and told her to scream as loudly as she wanted.

Her body stiffened as she felt one of his thick digits trace around her honeyed hole. A quiet sob escaped her as she felt his fingertips press into her channel with unbearable slowness. She was mortified to feel how easily he buried his fingers in her, horrified by her traitorous body that seemed unable to resist being aroused, regardless of the circumstances. Her husband's face flashed in her mind, as she remembered how he'd joke about her "always being ready for him." For the very first time, she felt riddled with shame at how easily her body could be fooled into willingness. She felt the despair welling up inside her as she wondered if she'd ever even be able to lay eyes on his beautiful features again, if she was going to survive this place. The tears began to fall as the fingers violating her private places pressed against her inner walls, slowly stretching her and exploring her.

Unable to see through the blindfold that had been placed on her, she strained her ears to listen for his movements, but she could barely hear the whisper of his clothes as he finally moved away from her. She waited for several agonizing moments fearing the worst, restrained and helpless as she was there in the total silence. Feeling the terror creeping over her again, she inwardly cringed as she made out the telltale sounds of him softly padding beside her, drawing his warm hand over her hip again. She drew in a deep breath, but wasn't prepared for the tickling sensation, as something long and thin dangled against her bare bottom. She tried to squirm away as the tickling continued, feeling several strands now tracing her left cheek before dancing onto the right one. Back and forth the torment continued, until she felt like her nerve endings were going to explode from the stimulation.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the sensation ended, but was caught completely off guard by the explosion of pain that followed. Her shocked yelp was quickly followed by more as Sarge brought the whip down across her sensitive ass, carefully and methodically working one side before moving to the other. When her wails finally began to lessen back into defeated little whimpers, he stepped back to survey his handiwork. Gently, he traced the intricate pattern of red welts with his fingertips, feeling her muscles flex tautly under his fingers as she struggled to move away from him. "Stay still," he said quietly. As she continued to flinch away from him and fight against her constraints, he removed his fingers from her skin and stood back to his full height.

The whip descended on her bare skin again. She'd thought the first few lashes were harsh...until he gave her something to compare them to. This one single lash was so excruciating that it shocked her into complete silence, unable even to cry out. She could feel the tears pooling in her eyes as his fingers again gently traced the lines he'd just made. "Stay still," he instructed her softly. Her body jerked involuntarily as he touched the newest mark. Again, the lash took her breath away, this time descending on the other cheek. The barest of whimpers escaped her throat as his fingertips ran softly over her hip again, outlining the last angry red mar on her beautiful alabaster skin.

"Stay still," he repeated, the soft huskiness of his voice sending heat pulsing throughout her body. Her entire being screamed at her to flinch away from him, to move as far away as possible. Her mind, subconsciously connecting the horrible pain to disobedience, forced her to hold perfectly still, although, she trembled with the effort. She couldn't control her whimpering as his rough fingers traced her pussy lips again, although she was mortified as she felt her traitorous womanhood pulse in response to his caress.


His throat aching from shouting curses at the unresponsive glass in front of him and his muscles straining almost beyond their limits as he tried to break out of his restraints, Ash finally stilled. He'd been screaming his wife's name and struggling against the leather bonds holding him so viciously that his body was simply exhausted. His voice finally silent, he glared fiercely at the woman standing just to the edge of his sight. He watched as she pushed another button on the wall, and was surprised to see several tracks lowering from the ceiling in front of him. As each track reached its end, a medium sized TV lowered into place, clicking softly as it locked into position. One by one, each of the five screens clicked on, each showing a camera zoomed in on different parts of Zhanna's body.

Elle watched his responses carefully, monitoring the myriad of emotions that flashed across his face. Her gaze flicked quickly to the screens to make sure the cameras were all zoomed in properly. She glanced back at him when she heard his sharp intake of breath, and watched as his face turned into a visage of stone. His eyes, however, were slowly roaming over the screens, taking in the images of his beautiful wife bound and blindfolded. His gaze traveled over her tear-stricken face, and lingered on her trembling lips. As he finally reached the one showing her abused ass, his gaze narrowed and his jaw clenched as he watched Sarge's fingers tracing delicately over her smooth pussy lips. He noticed that as the man's fingers forced their way inside her tight channel, they withdrew soaked with the evidence of her unwilling desire.

Her gaze riveted to him, Elle couldn't help but shiver as she felt a seething rage envelop him. She moved slowly towards him, drawn to the barely restrained violence she sensed pulsing from him in waves. As she drew near, she raised her hand to his face, gently outlined his clenching jaw with her fingertips. He slowly turned his face to her, and her breath caught in her throat as his hard gaze met her own. She sensed how much strength coursed through him; knowing that he was completely helpless to evade her touch sent a hot flush straight to her core as her fingers slid over his skin. She felt his muscles stretch taut as her nails traced his contours, an angry hiss issuing from him as she curled her fingers around his soft manhood.

Ash's glare was torn from Elle's ice green gaze when the surround sound system kicked on. His eyes flew back to the screens in front of him as his wife's pleas flooded his ears, his heart wrenching as he heard Sarge's low voice giving her commands. The rage that had been bubbling inside of him seared his insides anew as he watched the man's enormous hands sliding up under Zhanna's stomach. He started lashing his head against the back of the structure he was secured to as he heard her cry of dismay when the stranger's fingers cupped her tender breast, brushing the pads of his thumb firmly across her hardening nipple. He watched as her body jerked, knowing instinctively that she was trying to move away from the man touching her against her will. He watched as Sarge caressed her other breast, his eyes sliding to the screen showing her face and he could see the tears streaming from behind the mask.

It caught him by complete surprise when Sarge raised his hands and unfastened the blindfold covering her eyes, allowing her vision for the first time since she'd awakened. Ash felt his heart stop when he saw an expression of absolute terror displayed on her delicate features, and his very being longed to go to her, rescue her, and pull her in his arms to keep her safe. Her eyes were absolutely luminous with tears, the plea in them forcing his heart to lurch in directions he'd never even explored before. Suddenly, her unbelievable beauty hit him like a ton of bricks, and he sucked in his breath as his eyes roved over her pale skin as it shone against the leather outfit she was wearing. His eyes traced her heavy breasts, seeming to defy gravity as they hung below her, firm and round with erect nipples begging to be touched. His glance flowed over the soft, supple lines of her ass...the pale skin there still sporting an angry blush from Sarge's lash.

Against his own will, he felt his cock stir to life. Instantly, Elle's fingers sensed the change, and wrapped softly around him, stroking his growing flesh. He growled at her, but was completely helpless to stop the flow of erotic images cascading through his mind as his rage dampened. Suddenly, he was able to appreciate the beauty of the scene unfolding before him. He struggled desperately to hold onto the rage, but the fingers dancing over his skin robbed his senses the instant he first acknowledged them. His eyes leaving the screen before him, he looked through the glass at his beautiful wife bound and helpless, and at the man that was circling around in front of her.

He couldn't hear what Sarge whispered to her as he leaned down and pressed his lips close to her ear, but he saw the denial that flashed across her features. He watched as the man walked to a table behind Zhanna, and took something from it that looked like a small harness. The stranger walked back up behind her and strapped it over her hips, adjusting small buckles to hold the leather straps in place. He stroked her ass gently, and then brought his full palm down on her cheeks in rapid succession, giving her short, sharp slaps to redden her cheeks back up to their former rosiness. Ash watched as his wife clenched her eyes shut, and forced herself to stop making a sound. He was disgusted with himself that watching someone manhandle his wife could make his own temperature rise, but there was no denying the lust spiraling through him as Elle's fingers worked their magic.

Ash's breath caught when he saw Sarge walk back around his wife, and heard him calmly tell her to "open her mouth". Zhanna began shaking her head no, whimpers escaping her throat as she refused. Her eyes widened to almost impossible proportions when Sarge began to unfasten his jeans, and her gaze riveted to his fingers as he lowered his zipper. Ash heard her gasp in surprise as the heavy manhood sprang free in front of her, and he could see just the barest glimpse of naked hunger in his wife's eyes before the terror kicked back in, and she pressed her full lips together tightly. Ash felt his own cock throb as he watched the other man stroke his heavy shaft in his hand, tracing its tip along Zhanna's lips as she frantically shook her head. He moved his other arm into view, and her eyes widened even more when she realized he held the whip in that hand. He could see the tears spring instantly back to her eyes when the man swung his arm is a short arc, and the lashes of the whip sliced across her tender breast, curling around her hardened nipple. Ash winced as she cried out in pain, her pain even more evident when Sarge repeated the motion on the other side.

She still refused to hold open her mouth for him as he abused her burning flesh, so he quietly laid down the whip beside her head. Still stroking his hard length, he looked pensively down at her for a moment before reaching deep into his pocket. Ash's eyes widened when he realized what the man was holding in his hand, and inwardly groaned as his eyes dashed back to his wife's face. He saw the realization dawn on her, and the horror spread across her face an instant before a slow, sensuous smile spread across Sarge's face...as he pushed the button on the remote in his hand. Ash glanced down at Elle as he felt her shift position, and move to her knees in front of him. He looked back at Zhanna's face on the screen just as the butterfly vibrator her captor had strapped in place against her pussy hummed to life. His wife's body, after suffering so much shock and abuse that bordered on pleasure, had no defense against the pulsations coursing through her.

Ash watched as her ass began trembling, and he could clearly see that the vibe was having the desired effect. She started moaning "No, no, no..." as if she could, by the force of her will, stop what was happening. Ash watched the contractions of her pussy lips, and knew it was a lost cause...Sarge was going to force his beautiful wife to cum for him, and she was absolutely helpless to stop it. His cock throbbed impossibly hard as he watched the tide roll over her, his gaze flicking to her face as he watched her eyes close. Sarge stroked his full length a few times, waiting patiently for the instant her orgasm crashed through her; as she tore her mouth open to scream out her pleasure, in one smooth motion he slid his pulsing cock between her lips. At that exact moment, Ash's eyes almost rolled back in his head as Elle's thick lips wrapped around the head of his dick and he felt her wet heat slide all the way down his shaft. Helpless rage bubbled through him as he felt the head of his manhood bump the back of her mouth, while watching his wife's impassioned eyes snap open, her lips stretched tautly around the huge cock spearing down her throat...


Zhanna was lost...cast adrift in a sea of pain and fear. Her nerve endings were screaming from the lashings she'd taken, her breasts were begging for a soothing touch to ease the burning of her hardened nipples. How could she be in that much pain and still feel her stupid body beginning to betray her? When she had a man in front of her hitting her, marking her most sacred places with a whip, how could her pussy be growing moist, aching to be filled? She was trying to be strong, both for herself and Ash...hoping she could endure the painful torture long enough to escape, but she was beginning to worry that her sanity may not prevail. She was being molested, she was being abused, she was being tormented, she was going to be raped...and her body was starting to revel in the pain.

She heard the voice again, and felt an involuntary shiver trace her spine. This man had beaten her, spanked her, forced screams from her throat and tears to stream down her face; how could his voice turn her on? She refused to acknowledge that annoying little voice in the back of her mind pointing out that his fingers sent electricity through her every time he stroked her damaged skin. Her voice issuing forth between sobs was broken...she was alternating between gasping in pain when he lashed her, and gasping in pleasure when his rough fingertips softly caressed the pain away. Her mind was in a state of pure chaos, and her inability to control her reactions was slowly forcing her terror to fade.

With her eyes closed, she felt his presence draw near her. She gasped in surprise when the blindfold fell away from her face, her eyes casting wildly around her as she tried to get her bearings. She heard him unzip his jeans, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she watched his turgid manhood burst from its confines. She shivered again as she heard him softly say "Open your mouth," and shook her head. Watching him lean closer to her, she felt his hard cock slide against her lips, and clamped them tightly shut, as tears starting streaming down her face all over again. She hated feeling so weak and being so helpless. She felt her anger spark, and desperately grabbed onto that emotion like a lifeline to help battle the terror that had been freezing her mind. She may not have had any choice in the position she was in or the things being done to her, but she would NOT give him the satisfaction of abusing her mouth. She'd always refused to give head to her husband, and she'd be damned if she was going to do it to a stranger. She heard him chuckle, and risked a quick glance up at him.

She knew instantly that allowing herself to see the object of her torture was a mistake. The man was...beautiful. There was simply no other way to describe him. Her eyes traced up his sculpted forearms and biceps to his massive shoulders. A firm chin led to a chiseled jaw line and a regal nose...and ice blue eyes that smoldered with passion. Her breath caught in her throat and her entire body stilled as his gaze burned through her, setting her skin on flame. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful...he could have any woman he wanted, any WILLING woman...so why would he pick a married woman and molest her against her will? Why would he pick her? Zhanna's breath escaped in a ragged sob...she hadn't done anything to deserve this. She'd never seen him before! She'd thought beautiful men were supposed to be gay, not crazy...

As he moved his hand, her eyes were distracted by the movement, and she finally noticed his manhood being stroked inches from her face. She felt her pussy throb the instant she laid eyes on the monster he was slowly stroking with his long, tapered fingers. Disgusted with herself, she adamantly clamped her lips together, and shook her head again as he gestured toward her mouth. She saw him flick his wrist, and blackness threatened to envelop her as flames of pain licked across her nipples. The lash of his whip curled around her breast and sent needles of agony racing across her skin. She cried out, her nipples tightening so quickly from the pain that they literally felt like they were screaming for relief. As quickly as the pain had come, it was gone, being soothed away by those cursed fingertips tracing her skin. She tried to conceal the moan that threatened to burst from her lips as he cupped her breast in his hand, rolling her aching nipple between his fingers, even as she felt her pussy clench hard in response.

She felt the horror wash over her features as he raised his hand in front of her eyes, and saw the small remote held delicately between his fingertips. She closed her eyes briefly and started chanting "No, no, no, please, don't do this to me..." She looked back up at him, tears filling her eyes, just in time to see a slow smile spread across his generous lips. She knew the instant his finger flicked the button...all coherent thought flew out the window. As the small vibe roared to life against her clit, her eyes rolled back in her head as she tried to fight the waves of pleasure that began rolling through her. A strangled moan forced its way from her throat as her ass tightened, and tears of shame poured down her face as she felt her inner walls begin to pulse and grasp at an invisible lover. White hot heat raced under her skin as desire slammed her. Everything else ceased to matter as her hips began flexing, involuntarily gyrating her pussy lips against the vibe placed there; everything else faded away as she became consumed with the need for her release. The scream tore from her very soul, it seemed, as the pleasure finally crested, the orgasm hitting her so hard that she thought she was going to pass out.

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