Texans: Friendliest Folks Around


Swinging the hand that held the unopened soda out towards her, Rick waited for her to grasp it and wrap her fingers around it, much the same way he was imagining her fingers wrapped around his hardened shaft as she guided it into her pussy. Realizing he was staring just a little too much for politeness at the wonders that were confined within her top, he directed his attention towards her eyes and concluded that was just another mistake. Flawless blue that he hadn't seen in eyes, only in the clear sky outside and the effect on him was enrapturing as he took another step closer, creating the barest of spaces between their bodies, propping one arm up against the wall; more out of need to lean than to show off the muscles in his upper arms and shoulders although that bonus wasn't unwelcome. "Well that's good to know. I guess my lack of Texan manners is probably the reason I'm not going to miss an overly subtle cue and just tell you right now how much I am dying to fuck you. "

Mindy smiled, her fingers brushing his as she took the outstretched drink from him, azure gaze melded to his as he stood so close to her that she could feel the heat radiating from his body onto her skin. Her other hand moved up between them to lightly brush over the bulge in his jeans and up to the bared flesh of his belly as she figured this was just as good as any plate of cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood as she replied in a husky drawl, "I think I'm going to like having you as a neighbor much more than I did Old Man Craig" before she pushed away from the wall just enough to draw her face closer to his, her lips curving upwards into a smile before she added on a soft whisper, "Thanks for the drink. "

Rick chuckled at the aloof air she wrapped around her like a smug security blanket before leaning back in towards her and, as his head tilted slightly to one side, he pressed his mouth down over hers, lips parting fluidly and easily as the kiss fluttered down upon her. Eyes half-closing, he nudged her mouth with his, brushing her lips with his tongue with complete abandonment of personal space decorum. "You're welcome" were the words that flowed from his mouth to hers as he broke the kiss and avoided letting her read on his face just how much the brush of her hand on his body had raised the stakes. It was then that he saw the flash of recognition behind her eyes that informed him she had just discovered his hand resting between her legs and against her crotch.

Mindy smiled, their lips mere breaths apart as the fingers that were wrapped around the still unopened drink simply loosened until it fell to the floor and rolled out of the way as her foot slid down the wall and she stepped into him. Moist lips hinted with a touch of sweetness pressed to his again as her hands drew him closer, a part of her mind thinking he probably had never imagined the "Texas Welcome Wagon" being quite like this as her lips parted against his and her tongue slipped out to ease his apart. Her hands slid around his bared waist to move over his tight ass trapped in his jeans with a soft purr of delight that erupted into his mouth.

Rick let the encirclement of her hands pull his groin up against hers so closely that she really COULD feel his arousal now as he tipped his head into the kiss, discarding his own soda bottle as his hands mirrored hers and hunted for the feel of denim clad ass. Pulling her sharply to him, he gulped down to catch his breath as those magnificent breasts crushed up against his chest and his breathing intensified. Each of his hands curled around the roll of her ass, molding his fingers to fit and cradle it perfectly as he took the aggressive position in their kiss, venting his heated breathing down into her mouth and leaving no small clue to how he was feeling right now. A hand slipped into one of the rear pockets of her jeans and he squeezed the flesh of her rear through the material, tightening the motion until it elicited a response from her.

Mindy moaned deeply into the recesses of his mouth as her hand kneaded at his tight flesh and then moved up to run her hands along the curve of his spine before shoving her fingertips into the back of his jeans. Her tongue dove into his mouth... there was something so fucking sexy about him and more than anything she wanted to feel him against her with nothing but the sweat of their bodies between them and slid her hands back up his back as her eyes sought his, the lust shining blatantly in their blue depths.

Pulling back from the kiss, Rick stared into her eyes, not breaking it out of a wish to break it, but rather just so he could share a thought with her. "I want you, I want you, right fucking now," he told her as his hands came free of her ass and moved around to the front of her jeans. His fast fingers made short work of her belt and buttons in a clear display of his seriousness and his hands met at her front, their palms pressed against it and then each hand circumnavigated her waist until her ass was truly within his grasp. Pushing the kiss back onto her mouth, he kept her held tight against him as his tongue not only sought out hers but wrestled it into submission. Feeling the breath of their lungs finally revealing the passion burning in both of them, he turned her away from the wall, without breaking a single piece of contact, and slowly began to guide her backwards towards the mattress that served as his bed.

She made a sound from the depth of her throat that sounded something between a purr and a mew as he broke their kiss, his statement followed by her own breathless response, one single word that sealed her fate as she knew that tonight's little "howdy" session wasn't going to sate... she was going to want more of this English cowboy. "Yes," she purred before their mouths collided again in a desperate dance as she felt his fingers open the doorway of invitation and as he fumbled with her jeans, she returned the favor, wanting him nude faster than the beat of her heart, which was already thudding relentlessly in her breast.

Hastily tugging her jeans as far down her legs as he could, Rick aided her hands in freeing him from his denim restraint. With them both leaning against each other in a pose that would have looked comical had someone walked through the wide open doorway right now, he placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and pulled her towards him, indicating that she was safe to fall back as he had hold of her. With them both moving towards the mattress slowly, her back made contact with it first and he rolled back up onto his knees, tugging at her jeans to leave her lower half bare as her panties came away with the jeans and then, being an English gentleman, he relieved her of the chore of removing his jeans. Kneeling between her parted legs, he looked down on this vision of Texan beauty and felt his chest swell with lust.

Mindy couldn't help but laugh some, thinking the last time she had sex on a mattress on the floor had to have been in college and as he pulled away from her to remove his jeans, her hands moved upwards to unbutton her shirt, wiggling out of it and making quick haste of her bra. She wanted to feel him full length against her bared skin as she breathed out a low husky moan "I want to fuck you so much... and I plan on doing it again and again" and she smiled, stretching out amid a fan of red hair that seemed like a ring of fire around her form as she watched him.

Placing one hand under the backs of each of her knees, Rick lifted them up so her feet rested flat on the mattress and her knees bent upwards, giving her a comfortable position as he took his first long lingering look at those bountiful breasts before moving his mouth down between her parted thighs, extending his tongue slowly and taking his first taste of her sweet cunt. Lapping his tongue up it slowly, he let the tip of his tongue rest on her clitoris while he peered up to her, gazing upon the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed before dusting over her clit several more times with his tongue. Her taste was in his mouth and in his mind now and whatever disaster was to rip the house from around them right now would simply have been dismissed with a post coital comment of 'Yeah, I really did feel it move. '

As he adjusted her into the position of his choice, Mindy couldn't help but smile, a soft rumble of sound emitting from her throat. But as he eased down between her thighs, her back arched the moment that his mouth made contact with her drooling slit and her fingers clenched into the rumpled sheets on the mattress... good god, this was nuts! All she meant to do was welcome him to the neighborhood and within fifteen minutes she wanted him to fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

Drawing his stubbled chin against her bare cunt lips, Rick exhaled a slow warm breath across her slit before running his tongue up her again, feeling her getting wetter with each passing run so that when he pushed the middle two fingers of his right hand against her cunt, they simply slipped inside her without a single sensation of resistance or friction. Slowly starting to pump the fingers in and out of her, he returned his attention to her clit, resting his bristled cheek against her thigh for comfort before suddenly sucking hard down directly on her. Breathing out again, he didn't give her a chance to respond in any fashion before immediately sucking her button straight back between his lips again, only this time he held it there as the end of his tongue flicked over it in time with the fingers inside her.

Crying out, Mindy began to writhe beneath the onslaught of his fingers and mouth between her thighs like there was no tomorrow and she felt herself drowning in the way that he played her body like a fine tuned instrument... every nerve, every fiber of her being hinged on the thrust of his fingers coupled with the thrilling passes of his tongue and when the roughness of his stubble raked over her flesh, her hands flew to the back of his head, holding him there as if in fear that he would pull away. Her hips began to buck up to his wondrous mouth, crying out in delight as he drove her closer to the edge.

Rick reached up sightlessly with his left hand, running it over her stomach like a sidewinder moving through the desert until it encountered what it had sought - the full Texan breasts that had bounced into is mind when she first bounced down from her horse. Cupping the malleable flesh of her right breast under his palm, he rolled it and squashed it before pressing the fingers into it, then sliding them back to trap the nipple between the first and second fingers. A tweak there in time with a lick and thrust on her cunt, a breath; and then a repeat. Three sharp sensations striking down on her body at the same instant, each one designed to send a shot of sexual electricity through her nervous system. The tongue on her clit increased its pace as the hands slowed down, mixing and matching speeds and sensations in a random way designed to keep her aroused and yet off center.

Mindy's fingers grasped at his head as her hips bucked up and the adding of his fingers on her nipples was too much as she cried out, her whole body tensing beneath him, legs trembling as her cunt muscles suddenly spasmmed. Thick, sweet honey suddenly spreading like wildfire across his tongue and fingers as her nails slid down the back of his head "Ohhhhhh yeah, just like that" she cried in that sexy drawl as long lashes fluttered closed over blue eyes that seemed to roll back into her head.

Accepting that it was clear she enjoyed "just like that", Rick resolved to introduce her to the delights of "just like this. " Continuing to tug at her nipple, even twisting it very sharply once, he pulled the fingers from her cunt used them to take hold of her other nipple, each one now hardened between skillful fingers that pinched, nipped, tweaked, teased and rolled them with the same fluid pace that his tongue was working on her clitoris still. His own desire to be there reaffirmed and indeed increased by the light sweet taste of her juices overwhelming his mouth and mind. Lifting his head slowly, Rick looked up along the length of her body and knew then the sight of her naked wouldn't lose its magic for a very long time. Keeping hold of her nipples, more out of some sadistic satisfaction of holding some part of her tightly awakened and aroused, he drew his knees up and shifted position until he was in a Japanese kneel between her thighs, his lucky seven inches now resting lightly against the folds of her soaked slit.

Mindy writhed beneath him, the intensity of her orgasm now coupled with the ministrations of his fingers on her highly sensitized nipples were causing uncontrollable spasms that jerked between her thighs again and again. Her fingers drifted down from the back of his head and across his shoulders; her nails scoring his back as she arched towards him some as he knelt between her thighs until her hands rested on his hips, trembling before him from her orgasm as she looked at this man that she suddenly found herself drowning in lust after.

Easing himself slowly forward, Rick guided the head of his shaft between the outer folds of her sheath until with one rapid jolt forward, his body pressing back against the nails that ripped into his flesh and caused a guttural moan to rip from his mouth, buried his length inside her and he let it rest there long enough for its presence to register on her mind. It had already registered on her cunt; he could feel that spasmming and soaking him as he started to ride her, his hands leaving her breasts and curling around under her arms to cradle his body to hers. Wrapping her in his arms as she wrapped him in hers, he began to rock in time with her breathing, filling and penetrating her cunt in a rhythm that truly was as natural as breathing. The only seal missing between them was an oral one and he resolved that as his mouth fastened down hungrily on hers once more.

Mindy's body seemed to mold to his perfectly as he entered her, as if he had been measured by a uniformed genteel man and then after carefully etching his dimensions in stone, created this angelic Texan creation to fit him like no other. Her hands urged him onwards, her nails rewarding him for his efforts, the heat of her breath expelled into his lungs as if she were giving him oxygen as their bodies moved in a perfect harmony, surging and melding as one and all thoughts fled except this one where she wanted to keep this up until there was nothing left but him.

Gripping at her shoulders with all the strength he could was a reflection of the way in which Rick's body slammed repeatedly against hers, thrusting and hammering her fast-growing-sore cunt into submission. Breathing rapidly into their shared oxygen supply, he pressed his feet against the mattress and rolled his hips forward, the motion guiding hers into the same roll and as she hooked her ankles together at the small of his back to complete her hold on him, he slid just a fraction further down inside her. The new angle deepened the penetration to maximum and placed him as far inside her wetness as he could possibly be. For him, however, the snap thought through his mind was the squash of her chest against his, the way her breasts wrapped against his hair covered chest, and the feel of them moving between them in agreement with the way their bodies were slamming together in possible the rawest display of heated first time fucking the Lone Star State had ever seen. In fact, when history recorded this moment, it would go down as the time the Lone Star State became the Five Star State.

As Mindy's legs wrapped around his waist, they hitched a bit higher so as his cock angled downwards and plunged even deeper into the shuddering folds of her cunt, it pulled forth a guttural scream of wanton lust that echoed into the recesses of his throat. Her hips thrust upwards as if she couldn't get enough and her nails scored his back as if she were trying to draw the revered stars and stripes of the American flag on the wide expanse of his back welcoming him to the friendly state of Texas.

He wasn't sure of the topography of Texas all that well yet, but e knew jungle-fucking even when it happened in Texas. Capturing her explosive scream in his lungs, he locked his eyes on hers as he pursued the task of obliterating any control she had left over her cunt muscles. With each banging thrust, he made sure that she was able to feel it with as much passion, heat and intensity as it was delivered. His hands curled up behind her shoulders and moved their way into her hair now, grabbing and gripping it at in a random manner that matched the amount of conscious control he had right now - none. As his balls continued to bounce around against the cleft of her ass, his fingers knotted over and took control of her head, yanking at it from the roots to send the maximum effect down into her scalp, piling the physical sensations on top of her once more.

When she felt his hand plunge into the thick mane of her hair, something within Mindy snapped like the string on an instrument that had been tuned too tightly as she exploded beneath him, bucking up against his body, her hips matching every stroke of his and the reverberating sound of their bodies slapping up against one another drifting out the open door and into the Texas sky that was beginning to darken and cluster with stars that burned as brightly as the need to explode that simmered within her. And just when she thought that she could hold on to that last bit of her resolve, the yank on her hair sent her spiraling out of control, his name ripped from her lips as her world shattered around her in a myriad of colors "Rick!!! Oh god, yessss" she screamed as her nails scored his back.

The feel of her nails into his back and the cry of release in his ears sent his own pace racing and his own control plummeting. The spasms and waves that washed through her cunt milked his cock for all it was worth, as if begging and pleading with it to release as well. Still he continued to ride her unbroken wild stallion though, wanting her to have spent every ounce of her strength and able to do nothing but lie quivering beneath him before he gave into the ticking time bomb in his testes. Pulling away from her mouth, he quickly fastened it back down on her throat, sucking on it as if in a vampire feeding frenzy as her hair was used to pull her head even further back, opening her for his taking. Not for a moment during her orgasm did he relent on his assault of her inner walls, thrusting and fucking her for all he was worth, and then some on credit too, just to let her know that her orgasms had affected him too... had spurred him on to this new height of arousal and it surprised him as much as it did her when his mouth flew to her ear, his breathing raw and hungry and he exclaimed, "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!"

Mindy shuddered uncontrollably beneath him, trembling violently and jerking as his cock continued to ravage her spasmming walls that collapsed and milked him like there was no tomorrow. Her nails dug into his hips, scoring his back as she continued to buck up onto his cock, plunging him deeper with each frantic motion and as his mouth feasted on her neck, she could only gaze up at the ceiling with this wide-eyed wonder that rocketed through her like a bolt of electricity to her toes. His breath on her ear, announcing his impending release caused another tremor to race through her until she was shuddering around him once more "Yesss.... Do it!" she screamed, pulling him closer.

Thrusting forward with a motion so sudden it would have startled every horse in a three mile radius had they been outside, he roared loudly as his climax began. Crashing against her pelvis with a force unmatched by anything this house had ever seen, he shot his first jet of semen into her like a bullet from a gun. The second and third thrust-spurt motions proving that he was a quick fire shot and he shuddered and shook against her breasts and body as that final wave overtook him and ripped every ounce of air from his lungs out through a powerful moaning-roar. Shaking with exertion and exhaustion, his body collapsed against hers as the last of his seed left him and traveled into her and he could do nothing now but lay there cradled against her body, clinging to her as if she were part of him.

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