tagLoving WivesTexas Hold Em

Texas Hold Em

byWoody Woodwood©

Poker has taken off in the UK as a pastime in the last couple of years, and it seems all our friends have Texas Hold'em Poker sets. We regularly play when we're at our friend's houses, or when we have friends here for dinner. We all normally stop over at each others houses when we have dinner parties, so we can all drink and not worry about driving.

There's a group of eight of us who play about once a month, John and Jenny, Carl and Dawn, Steve and Kate, and me and Anna. The girls were all quite enthusiastic players, and occasionally one of them would win, but usually the men would win out. As the poker nights can be quite late affairs it's not unusual for those that fall by the wayside to drift off to bed while the last three or four slug it out until the early hours.

At first we just played for chips, but as time went by we all got a little more confident or adventurous, and we started playing for a few quid. The idea being that we all put an agreed amount into the pot at the beginning of the night in exchange for the chips, and the winner takes the whole pot.

It worked well, it added a little edge to the games, but wasn't overly expensive.

But slowly the size of the stake got a little higher, and higher. So what started at a couple of pounds per person, became five, then ten, etc. etc. Last night, at Johns it hit an all time high - £100 per person and with eight of us sitting down, that was a tidy little sum to the winner at the end of the night. The £100 had bought each of us 5,000 chips.

The game was no different to every other night we played. About an hour went past before the first casualty. Kate had evidently got a something good in the hole, as she started to bet heavy after the flop, and while most of us folded, Carl and Jenny matched her chip for chip. When the river card went down she went all in and Carl and Jenny both called her. Kate held a pair of tens that sat nicely with the ten and pair of kings on the street. Jenny turned over her two hearts that completed her flush, so she was out. Then Carl turned over his two cards. A king and a nine, giving him a better full house than Kate. So we lost two ladies in one go.

The game continued for a while with each of us making small gains and small wins, but slowly my pile of chips was getting smaller and smaller. In the end I went all in looking for a diamond in the river, only for a spade to drop and bust my flush. So I was down and out. I decided to sit and watch the game for a while, and at around 11.30pm Dawn went down for the final time as well. She went through to the lounge to join the other ladies leaving Anna at the table with Carl, John and Steve.

She was going well as well. Just a little ahead of the boys.

The game played on, with no really good hands coming out and no heavy betting, but Anna was slowly getting further ahead of the lads by taking less risks.

It was around 1am that the first good hands hit the table. All four of them had bet 500 on the deal. The flop drew another 500 each. Carl opened with another 500 on the turn, John and Steve both folded, and Anna called. The river card drew a 1000 from Carl, and Anna called again. They both had a full house, but Carl's three kings beat Anna's three queens.

The next hand opened the same way, with heavy betting on the deal and flop. This time John opened on the turn, Steve folded, Anna called, and Carl folded. The river drew a 1,000 bet from John and Anna called, turning up a full house of Aces and Kings. John just smiled and turned over four two's.

Anna had dropped 5,000 in two hands, and her pile of chips was now smaller than John and Carls.

The next hand opened a little more sedately, with each player in for just 500 when the river card was turned. Steve opened with another 100, and Anna raised him 100. Carl called, and John raised another 100. This carried on for three rounds of betting, before they all called, and Steve picked up the pot. Three reasonably big pots in a row, and Anna had lost each of them.

The game slowed a little, there were no good hands coming again, but the boys were eating into Anna's chips round by round. Her pile was down to about 2,000 when the next big hands hit.

Carl opened with 500, Steve folded, and John and Anna called. After the flop Carl went another 500, and John and Anna called. The next car drew 500 from Carl again, Steve folded and Anna called. The river card was turned, and Carl bet 2,000. Anna had around 500 left. She looked crestfallen. She evidently had a good hand and wanted to bet more.

"Can I buy some more chips?" she asked the lads.

Steve and John looked at Carl, who said "I'll give you 3,000 in exchange for your blouse".

"You've got to be joking" she replied.

"I never joke about poker" he replied " and lets face it, we've all been down the beach together, we've seen you in a bikini, so you shouldn't be embarrassed."

"Yeah, but we were all together then, this time it's just me and you guys" she replied

"Well" he said "it's your call. I'll give you 3,000, you give me your blouse, and we play, or your out the game."

She thought about it for a while, and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it off and handed it to Carl. You could feel the tension in the air. It was true we had all been down the beach together, but this was somehow far more sexual -- partly because her nipples were rock hard, and clearly visible through the skimpy lace cup of her bra.

Carl gave her the 3,000 and she called him.

They both had full houses, but Carl's queens beat her jacks, and he scooped up the pot.

The game continued, with some small pots going this way and that way -- Anna sitting there with the four guys, with just her little lacy bra covering her beautiful breasts. I swear they were throwing hands away from time to time to build her confidence and keep her in the game.

Anyway six or seven hands passed, when Anna opened with 300. This Carl immediately folded, but Steve and John called her. The next three cards were turned, and Anna bet another 300. Steve followed and so did John. The next card drew 300 from Anna, and Steve raised her 1,000, John followed. She was short of chips again.

"Will you let me have some more chips?" she asked Carl

He looked at her cards, and offered her 5,000 in exchange for her skirt. Reminding her that it would still only be like sitting in her bikini.

She didn't even negotiate. She stood up, unfastened her skirt and slid it down over her hips and thighs. The guy's eyes were glued to her knickers. They were a match for her bra, thin, lacy, and almost see through. You could easily make out her pussy hair through them.

She passed her skirt to Carl and took the chips. She raised 1,000, and Steve saw her but John raised her 2,000. Anna took a long hard look at her cards, and called him. 4,000 of her chips had already gone. Steve pushed a big pile of chips into the pot "10,000 raise" he said, Carl called him, and she was short again.

" I can't believe you did that" she said. "why didn't you just call? You know I can't match your bet."

"Oh but I think you could if you wanted too" said Steve

"I don't have enough chips" she replied

"Then buy some more" he said

"But I've only got my bra and knickers left" she said

"I don't have enough to cover the bet for you" said Carl

"Ok, if I lose I'll take my bra off" she said.

"No way" said Steve, "Whatever you bet has to be on the table, and nice though your tit's might be, a quick look ain't worth £800"

"You'd want me to take it off now?" she asked

"I don't think the bra covers it." Said John. "We can see your nipples quite clearly as it is, so we wouldn't be gaining much for the chance of you picking up the full £800"

"What do you think Anna, bra and knickers in the pot to see what we've got?" asked Steve.

"But it's not the full £800, is it" she replied. "If I win you've each got some chips left."

"We know, but you'll be sitting with almost all of them, So you'll end up the winner." Carl added.

She thought about it for a while, then asked "So when I win the hand I get to put the bra and knickers back on?"

"Of course" came the reply.

She reached behind her and unclipped the bra, easing it down over her arms, and exposing her now naked tits to the other three guys. She dropped it into the pot. The she stood up, and pushed her knickers down over her hips, briefly exposing her pubic bush, before dropping them into the pot"

"I call" she said.

The five cards on the table were the Queen of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, Ten of Clubs, Eight of Hearts, and Eight of Clubs.

Anna laid her two eight's down -- four of a kind.

Steve smiled and dropped two low clubs on the table -- good but not good enough to beat Anna's hand.

John sighed heavily "two clubs as well" he declared. Anna reached forward to claim the pot. "Not so quick" he said, "I've got the nine and jack -- straight flush beats four of a kind, my pot I think".

Anna was completely deflated. She had lost. She was sitting naked at the table with three of our friends, and still had to play out the rest of her chips.

John was way ahead of the game now though -- he had around 36,000, Carl had about 3,000, and Steve and Anna less than a 1,000 each. But somehow the boys managed to string the game along, keeping the betting low, and Anna was picking up some chips. About thirty minutes had passed, with Anna sitting playing nude and getting more comfortable by the minute before Steve finally bit the dust. Carl went down in the next hand, leaving just Anna and John.

John had dropped a couple of thousand, and Anna was sitting with about 6,000.

"Well, Anna, it's been fun playing for the last half hour, with you sitting there naked, but there's just the two of us left now -- what do you say we finish it all on one hand" said John

"What my 6,000 against your 34,000?" she asked.

"Not quite, I want a little side bet as well" he replied.

"What are you suggesting -- I'm already naked, isn't that enough?" she asked.

"What I was thinking was this" he replied. "You win, and you get the chips and your clothes, but if I win you dance for us for five songs, it'll give us the chance to appreciate that sexy little body of yours properly."

"Just dancing, nothing else, just dancing." She said.

"That's right" he replied.

"And if I win, I just take the money and my clothes?" she asked.

"That's right" he replied.

"OK, deal the cards" she said.

Carl picked up the pack, shuffled, and dealt two cards to each player. Anna turned up the queen of diamonds and the eight of hearts, John held two sevens, hearts and spades.

Carl dealt the next three cards to the centre of the table -- eight of diamonds, queen of hearts, seven of clubs. So after the flop John was ahead, with three sevens to Anna's two pairs.

The turn was the eight of spades -- Anna was holding a full house to John's three of a kind. Then came the river card. For Anna it was a crushing sight, the only card that could give John the winning hand, the seven of diamonds.

John's four of a kind beat Anna's full house. He collected up the chips. "Lets go through to the lounge for the show then" he said.

In the lounge, John went straight to the CD player, and quickly programmed five songs in, then sitting on the sofa he motioned my naked wife Anna to the center of the room. He then pressed play, and the first track burst into life. Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. Anna started to sway gently to the music, slowly dancing around the room so that each of the men got a reasonable view of her naked body.

As the track faded out John stood up, and moved over to Anna -- "this next dance is mine" he said, wrapping his arms around her as Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits came on.

He held Anna tightly to him as they smooched around the room. His hands slowly sliding down her back until they cupped the cheeks of her bottom. As they dance he slowly repositioned her so that one of his legs was constantly between hers, and his hands pulled her bottom into him, so her pussy had to be rubbing up and down his thigh.

The song started to fade out, and Steve tapped John on the shoulder and took his place to claim his dance with Anna to the opening strains of Jealous Guy by Roxy Music. His hands wen straight to her bottom, and gently squeezed her cheeks, as he pulled her pussy into his leg, to continue where john had left off. Ad they danced he bent his head forward and gently nibbled and kissed Anna's neck -- which is something she really loves, and a big turn on. His hands drifted up and down her back, caressing every inch, and as he ran them up her sides he was lightly touching the curve of her breasts.

Again, as the song faded, Carl stepped in and kept Anna dancing through the fourth track -- Will You by Hazel O'Connor. Again, he carried on where Steve had left off, his leg straight between Anna's, ensuring that her pussy was rubbed up and down his thigh with every step they took. One hand reached down and gripped her bottom tight, pulling her onto his leg all the time. His other hand roamed up and down her back and side. He'd turned her ever so slightly, so one of her pert breasts was on view all the time as well, while the other was pulled tight into his chest. As he kissed her neck his hand rose slowly up, and he cupped her breast fully. They danced round and round as he massaged her breast, squeezed her bottom, and rubbed her pussy up and own his leg.

As the song faded, Carl spun her around, so that her back was towards him, and her naked breasts and pussy were facing out into the room. The hand that was previously gripping her bottom slid down till his fingers were touching her pubic hair, and his other hand wrapped around her chest and cupped her breast, with her distended nipple between his finger and thumb.

The next song started Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. Carl carried on dancing, and Steve and John got up to join them. All three guys had there arms around her now, gently spinning her round and round, so that her breasts and nipples were constantly being touched and squeezed by different hands. Then Steve wrapped his arms around her, and his fingers disappeared between her legs. Carl bent forward slightly and took a nipple into his mouth, and John followed suit on the other breast. The dancing had stopped, but the music played on.

Anna was being ravished by my three friends in front of my eyes -- and I was loving every minute of it. Steve had both hands between her legs now, and was fingering her pussy. While Carl and John worked feverishly on her nipples. They gently moved her backwards towards the coffee table, and then eased her down, so she was sitting right on the edge. Carl knelt between her legs, and pushed them open. Steve laid her back on the coffee table, so she was fully exposed, and John took one breast in his mouth and the other in his hand.

Carl's head slipped between her thighs and his tongue licked around her pussy lips and clit. Meanwhile Steve had pushed his trousers and jockey's down, and was rubbing his swollen cock against her lips.

Carl followed suit the other end, slipping his trousers down and running his cock up and down her pussy lips. Anna opened her mouth to say something, but never got the chance, because as soon as she did Steve pushed his cock forward and into her mouth, and at the same time Carl sank his cock into her pussy.

As Carl thrust deep into her pussy Steve got the benefit of having her head pushed deep into his groin, and his cock disappeared down her throat. John was pushing his trousers off while he continued to lick and suck at her breasts.

Carl moved slowly at first, savouring every thrust as his cock slid deep inside my wife's pussy. Then he began to quicken his strokes, until he was hammering home every stroke like a steam train. Steve just knelt there, as Carl's movements forced Anna's mouth up and down his cock. When Carl rammed home, I could see the head of Steve's cock making her throat bulge. I don't think I'd ever been that deep in her mouth before.

Then Carl told John to move away as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and erupted all over her stomach, spurt after spurt of warm sticky semen shot over her stomach, into her pussy hair, and over her breasts. Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth and took over between her legs, and John took his place at her head.

Steve didn't last as long as Carl had, but then he had had the benefit of a fantastic blow job as well, so it wasn't surprising that it only took a minute or so for him to reach boiling point and add his cum to Carl's all over her body.

Then John moved between her legs -- last man up as it were. Again he started slowly, sliding his cock deep inside her and then pulling back so just the tip was left inside. He was intent on making the most of his chance to fuck my wife. His pace quickened, and as he thrust deep inside her her breasts moved back and forth up and down, and the semen from the other two slowly dribbled down her side and onto the coffee table.

His pace quickened, and soon he was fucking her with a real urgency. As he was fucking her he started to lift her up towards him, and as he pulled her into a half siting position he thrust deep inside one last time, pulled his cock out, and then shot his cum into her face, hair and breasts.

Once the guys had all fucked her, Anna headed off for a shower and to bed. We cleaned the coffee table, to hide the evidence from the other wives, and agreed that tonight had probably been a one off, but we'd love to repeat it with one of the other wives sometime if we could...

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