tagErotic PoetryText To Her

Text To Her


Middle of the night and I wake up, been having a little trouble sleeping lately, not sure why, a lot of crap on my mind. As my eyes adjust to the moonlight I see her, laying next to me, so sweet, so innocent looking. It always makes me happy when I see her sleeping, but this time, it makes me think. You know the thoughts I mean, what I wish I was doing, what I want to show her, what I want to make her feel. She should know, but I can't being myself to wake her, to disrupt this vision in front of me. Wait, my phone, why not tell her what I am thinking? She can read it tomorrow. Opening my phone I start to type some messages.

I watch you as
you sleep, wanting
to hold you.
Wanting to touch
you and make you
feel what I feel
as I watch you

I decide not to send a long message, just short ideas and thoughts, so I send the first one and continue

I want to play
with you so

I slip off the
end of the bed,
pulling down the
covers to
expose you.

Sliding my hands
up your legs I
softly spread
them apart.

I like it when
you sleep naked,
if makes it much
easier. I move up
and lower my head
between your
thighs. Kissing
your shaved

I might even do
a little licking
and sucking.

Spreading your
lips with my
fingers, opening
your pussy.

Rubbing and
pinching your lips.
Kissing softly,
and blowing on
your exposed clit.

Then sliding my
fingers deep
inside you. As
well as teasing
your lil asshole.

Softly lifting
your knees and
spreading them.

Leaning in I
begin very
slowly licking
from your
asshole to your
clit and back

Maybe a little
nibble on your
clit and lips as
my fingers start
to slide inside.

Reaching up to
play with your

Pinching, pulling
and twisting
each as I suck
your clit hard
and fast. Pulling
your clit into my

Then sliding my
tongue down
across your pussy
to tease your ass.

Licking back up
and stopping at
your clit to roll
my tongue in
circles around it.

Sucking your clit
into my lips and

Then laying my
tongue flat,
licking up and
down your clit,
getting faster
and fingering
your pussy deep.

Pulling out my
fingers and
sliding my tongue
in deep. In and
out, building speed.

As you are
about to cum
I would stop,
blowing on your

Then spanking
your clit with my
finger tips, just
hard enough
to make you squirm.

Again stopping
as you get ready
to cum.

Then leaning
farther forward
I start to lick
and tease your
puckered lil
asshole, teasing
it open.

As you relax and
open up I would
slide my tongue
into your ass,
playing with your
clit with my

Then keep
tonguing you
faster, both
holes in and out,
back and forth,
rubbing your clit
faster and
faster until you
cum, maybe even

Then slowly
licking your wet
pussy as you
calm back down.

As you start to
wake completely
I slip off the end
of the bed and
hide, so you will
think it was just
a dream.

You drop back
off to sleep with
a big smile on
your face.

Now I am even
in your wettest
dreams. So I
smile and slip out
of the room.

Sweet dreams

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