tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: Boutique Love

Texts to My Love: Boutique Love


Hand in hand, we walk towards the mall; our bodies sweat beneath the hot sun. As we enter the cool air within chills our bodies. We look around us searching for the boutiques. It's your first week with me and I'm taking you shopping, you're happy to go shopping, but most of all to be with me.

We spot a shop and head into it, the cashier greeting us, I explain we want to get you some dresses and she shows you the racks and points to the changing room. Browsing the racks I look around, a colorful splash of dresses, skirts, tops, and pants decorate the shop. You pick a few dresses and head off to the room. I sit at a chair next to the room as you try one on. You come out wearing a jersey mini dress and my heart skips a beat. It stops at your thighs and clings to your body showing off each and every curve. I drink the sight in and see how it cuts down to hint at your cleavage. I'm speechless. The cashier comes over and compliments the dress; she points out the sheer fabric and notes your undergarments show through, suggesting a thong and a colored bra.

You go back in and several minutes later come back out, my heart stops. It's the same dress but you've removed your panties and bra. Through the dress I see the hint of a bush covering your sex, making it all the more alluring; your gorgeous breasts press against the dress, nipples poking through the fabric. You smile a devilish smile as you see my reaction. Just the sight of you makes my smoldering fire light; my sex grows harder as I drink you in. You turn around and I see how the dress grips your bottom, stopping just a few inches below it. You walk back into the room, swaying your hips to tease me. The cashier tells me she is going to the stock room to get some items and to shout if I need her, I nod in response, not able to speak with the sight of you still fresh in my mind. I wait for her to leave then enter your changing room. You're looking at the dresses, debating which to tease me with next. The door opens and you jump in surprise but relax when you see me. I give you a lustful gaze and close the door.

I grab you by your bottom and pull you towards me, kissing you lustfully and feeling my body burn hot. You wrap your arms around me and return the kiss, your fire begins to burn. I run my hands up and down your body, slipping beneath the dress to grab your bottom and fondle it. They grope your delicious bottom grazing your sex causing you to moan. A hand slides around and grabs hold of your sex, kissing you madly I stroke your lips, feeling them part as a finger slides along them. You're already wet.

My fingers play with your sex, stroking and teasing feeling your honey flow. You're so hot from my touch that your sex is flowing freely, running down your leg. I break our kiss to kneel down, looking upon your sex. Seeing your honey drizzling down your leg makes me hotter and harder. I lean in to lap it up from your leg. You giggle as my tongue tickles you, slowly licking its way up to your sex. I hungrily devour the honey flowing from you as you moan louder. You bite your tongue as I feast upon your sex, hoping the cashier does not hear you. My tongue digs in, stroking your sex and teasing your button. You grip my head and press it into you; I happily lap away at your sex, loving your taste in my mouth.

I recall where we are and pull away, but we're not done. You let out a disappointed moan as I stand back up, kissing you again. I whisper you still have dresses to try on and you smile. You kiss me tasting yourself on my lips, smelling your honey upon my face. You clean me up gently, licking and sucking your honey off my face. The act is so erotic, evidence of your lust upon me. I slip your panties in my pocket with a grin, and tell you that you can have them when we're done. You look at me with shock and pout; I kiss you and say you'll enjoy it. Your sex twitches at the thought of being exposed in public, you nod and I exit hoping the cashier has not returned. I sit back in the chair and wait for you. Thankfully the cashier is nowhere to be seen.

You come back out wearing a T-shirt dress, the straps slipped to your shoulders, the cut is high but it accentuates your breasts, your nipples harder than before straining the fabric. I smile knowing why and drink you in. The dress is longer but clings to your body, showing off your bottom in an erotic fashion. You walk towards me and lean down to kiss me, even at this angle your body makes me hot, the dress showing how your hips flare out. As you kiss me my hand slides along the dress, feeling the fabric. I grab the bottom of it and pull it up but you step away grabbing my hand. You shake your finger at me and tell me that's later walking back in to the changing room. I adjust my sex; it's become so hard I cannot conceal it.

You walk back out wearing a Ponte dress, the waist is pulled in tight showing off your figure. I drink in the sight of it and I get hotter. You stand there looking at me and love the looks I give you, inside your fire burns and you crave my touch but resist for today we are both playing. You spin and show off how the dress flutters at the bottom flipping up to give me a teasing glimpse of your sex. I resist the urge to grab and stroke you. You walk back in to the room once more. I'm squirming in my seat, burning hot for you and wanting to feel your naked body. The cashier returns and smiles at me.

You walk back out wearing a Jersey Leisure dress, The Collar unbuttoned all the way. Your breasts press against it, the dress framing them so beautifully. I drink in the sight, it stops mid-thigh and is loose at the bottom, more conservative than the rest, but just as sexy. I walk up to hold & kiss you gently. I tell you to grab the other dresses, but to not change out of this one. You nod and retrieve them; we head to the front and pay the cashier, I remove the tags from your dress, slipping my hand beneath the dress to quickly squeeze your bottom as I do. You face flushes as I tease you in front of the cashier, she smiles sweetly to us as I hand over the scissors and tag.

We walk back out to find another boutique; your exposed sex is hot and wet, almost dripping. The dress holds to your body as we walk. Your fire grows making your body sweat. My hand grips your waist, occasionally sliding down to squeeze your bottom. I desire to strip you of your dress and make love to you right there, to feel your hot body against mine as my sex enters yours. These thoughts make me even hotter and my fire burns within, we spot another boutique and head in. We enter and the cashier greets us, we nod and head towards the racks. You browse the racks, flipping through dresses and comparing. I follow behind you and when you pause to look at a dress I slip my hand up your dress and stroke your bottom, moving my fingers towards your sex and pressing a finger against it. I stroke you and you pause as you feel my finger pressing against you and put the dress back on the rack. You grip the rack as I play with you, sliding my finger along it, feeling how wet you are. You grab a dress at random and turn to hold it up to me. You give me the perfect guise as I slip my hand back beneath your dress to your sex. My fingers press against it and slip inside, stroking you gently as I tell you I don't like the dress. You're so absorbed in the sensation of my fingers inside you that you forget to respond, I smile and repeat my words, and you put the dress back. I pull my fingers out and suck on them, allowing you to roam the racks again. You pick a couple dresses and walk to the changing room; I sit in the chair nearby.

I look around and see this is a high-end fashion store, with dresses and skirts from various designers. I hear you walk out and turn to look, my heart stops.

Standing before me you're wearing a Herve Leger bandage dress. The low V-neck exposes your cleavage to me. It hugs your body like no other, accentuating the curve of your bottom, the dip of your figure, and the beauty of your legs. The zipper running down the front stops just below your breasts. I cannot breathe as I look at you, my fire making my mouth dry. You ask if I like it and I can only nod, you slowly turn about to show off how the dress holds you. I imagine kissing you and grabbing the zipper with my teeth, slowly undressing you as I move down towards your sex. You walk back in to change, I squirm in my seat.

You call my name from the room, saying the zipper is stuck. My eyes light up as fantasies play through my mind. The cashier is nowhere to be seen so I enter. I find you there with a pouty face, I smile as I walk up to you and grab you, carefully grabbing the zipper I give you a passionate kiss. You moan and melt in my hands; my free hand wanders your body, gripping your bottom. The dress stops just a couple inches past it as I fondle you. I slowly pull the zipper down, breaking away to kiss your exposed body. I pause to open your dress, exposing a breast. I fondle your breast and squeeze your nipples. You moan as I play with your breasts, my reaction to the sight of you made you ever hotter, your sex flowing freely as you stood before me out there. I place a mouth upon your breast; licking and sucking your nipple my tongue plays with it. I continue to unzip your dress, pulling it to the bottom. As the dress comes open you slip it off and toss it on a hook. Our fires are raging within, the tease and play having already pushed us to our edge.

I stand and kiss you fiercely, the love, passion, and lust so strong with us. You return my kiss as your hands fly to my pants, unbuckling and unzipping them. Quickly you remove my pants and boxers, grabbing my sex and stroking it. I moan into your mouth and grab your bottom. I lift you up and wrap your legs around me pressing you against the wall I slide my sex into you, you moan ever so louder into my mouth as I kiss you. You grip my back as I thrust my sex into yours. I break your kiss to bury my mouth into your neck, sucking and nibbling on it. You gasp as we make love; trying not to make noise you bite your lip. Our fires are burning so hot, having been stoked by our teasing and playing just prior. I kiss you again as I feel my fire getting hotter. You moan into me.

As my sex slides in and out of you, you squeeze me in return running your hands along my body. Your fire is burning so hot you can barely stand it. I feel my edge approaching and thrust harder and deeper into you as I kiss you more passionately and harder. You sense my edge and moan louder as you get closer. Deeper and deeper I go as my fire gets hotter and hotter. Finally it is too hot and too much to contain, my fire bursts from within me and flows into you and I thrust myself deep into you. I kiss you fiercely as I moan into you, you feel my fire and orgasm explode, pushing you over the edge. Your fire explodes from within you and pours into me. You moan even louder into my mouth, almost screaming. I thrust as your body bucks and shakes, the orgasm riding out along your body. Your back arches and you press your breasts into me, you wrap your legs tighter and press your sex onto me.

My seed flows into you throwing you even farther into your orgasm, feeling your sex squeeze mine sends shocks through my body and I thrust harder into you. Our fires are flowing together creating a raging inferno of lust, love, and passion. We cannot contain ourselves as we make love within the changing room. Our bodies drip with sweat and we press our bodies together, our orgasms bringing us into an ecstasy of love. I kiss you as my tongue plays with yours, dancing within our mouths. Slowly our fire subsides, giving us control of our bodies; we open our eyes and look at each other with love. I break away to look upon you, you're so beautiful.

I whisper I love you and that this was incredible. You look me with eyes full of love and kiss me, whispering you love me too. I lower us to the floor to rest. Gently I kiss your lips and face, touching your body softly. I withdraw my sex from you and my seed slowly flows out of you. You look down to see my seed spilling out and scoop it up with a finger and lick it off with a smile. The taste of your honey mixed with my seed is delicious. I pull your panties from the discarded pants and stem the flow of my seed from you, soaking it up to prevent a mess. I kiss you and taste our delicious juices. I remove the panties, having cleaned up our mess and roll it up, slipping it back in the pants. You pushed me back to lean down and clean my sex. Gently you suck upon it, cleaning it of the juices and relish the flavor. Once I'm clean you pull back and kiss me again. I taste our juices upon your lips.

I break away to stand you up, telling you to wear the Jersey Leisure Dress and take the other dress with you. We dress in close spaces, bumping into each other and giggling as I pull the pants on. You slip the dress on and I sneak a squeeze of your bottom loving the feel of it in my hand. I walk back out and the cashier looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I mention the stuck zipper and they nod, turning back to their task with a secret smile.

You come back out dressed and holding the bandage dress. You put it back on the rack and grab a different one, saying the zipper was sticking. We purchase it. We head out with our purchases and exit the mall, greeted by the hot sun. I fondle your bottom, slipping my hand beneath the dress to grab the exposed flesh. You swat my hand, telling me to wait. I nod, having satisfied our fire for the moment. We head to our car and drop the bags in the trunk.

Climbing into the car I kiss you again and tell you I love you, how amazing you are, and how hot and sexy shopping is with you. You return the kiss with passion and slip your tongue in my mouth. I pull you close and place my hand upon your thigh, stroking it and press my fingers into your sex. Gently I stroke you as we kiss, relishing the feel of your hot sex against my hand. I pull my hand away and start the car holding your hand as I drive. This day is not over for us as I imagine all the things we'll do once we're home.

You sigh, your body warm & content. You loved every moment of the shopping experience, even with the surprises that came with it. The heat makes you drowsy and you drift off to sleep warm and content. I look at you and smile, watching you sleep fills my heart with warmth. I squeeze your hand as I drive us home.

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