tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: Forget The Dishes

Texts to My Love: Forget The Dishes


The light shines through the blinds, lighting the kitchen you stand in washing dishes from our late lunch. You're wearing a long shirt of mine, not having dressed due to our recent love session. I quietly walk up behind you and kiss your neck. You giggle as I nibble on your ear, I tickle you around your waist and you jump and splash me with water as I giggle and grab you.

I pull you close and you playfully try to push me off, wishing to finish the dishes before we do more. I persist and pull you close, kissing you tenderly. Slowly your body relaxes as you give up the fight, you feel your smoldering fire grow hotter. My hands caress your back stroking up and down, lower with each stroke until I catch the hem of the shirt. My hands slip beneath the shirt you wear and caress your bottom, squeezing it as I pull you closer by it.

My kiss grows hotter as I feel your body, enjoying the feel of it against my touch, your hands run along my back as you pull me forth. You moan as I grab you, my fingers grazing your sex as I knead your bottom. I smile as I kiss you, hearing your moans of approval. I press you against the counter as my hands slip farther up your shirt, lifting it up along the way. As I expose your belly I crouch down to kiss it.

Slowly I work my way up to your breasts, kissing each one as I greet these beautiful orbs. I lick and suck, flicking my tongue across your nipples. I take my time, enjoying each moment as I feel your body grow hotter. I break away to look at you and you look back at me, our eyes smoldering with hot love.

Gently I grip your bottom and lift you to the counter, crouching lower to put your legs over my shoulders. I look upon your sex and see it glistening wet, my mouth waters at the sight of it. I lean forth and lap at it with my tongue, each stroke stronger then the last. Slowly I part your lips with my tongue and taste your honey as it strokes and teases. You moan even louder as I lick you and suck on your sex, each stroke an electric shock to your body. Each touch stokes your smoldering fire, we grow hotter.

My tongue slowly works its way to your button, I draw patterns around it, teasing you ever so lightly. You try to push your sex towards me, desiring I lick it. My hands grips your bottom as I push my face deeper between your legs, my tongue flicks your button and your whole body twitches. I speed up my pace, stirring your smoldering fire. We grow hotter and hotter as I lick you and suck you, you moan louder and louder as the flames of your smoldering fire grow.

A hand slips away from your bottom and slides between your legs to aid my tongue, gently a finger presses upon the entrance to your wet sex, dripping with honey. I hungrily lap up your honey, loving the taste of you and my fire grows just from this enjoyment. My finger slips inside and begins to stroke you with my tongue. You moan louder, almost screaming as this new sensation enters you. Your fire bursts aflame as suddenly my tongue and finger are pushing you closer to the edge. Hearing you increase in volume and feeling your body shake I quicken my pace, my tongue lapping between your lips, pressing your button. My finger quickens its pace as I feel your body grow hotter.

You fire burns bright, it burns so hot; your body sweats freely as I lick you, suck you, and stroke you. Your body begins to shake as you get closer to the edge. I slip a second finger into you and stroke you even harder, feeling your tunnel grip them as I lick you and lap up your juices. You feel your fire grow so hot, you can hardly contain it. You shake and quake as you moan my name louder and louder, sensing your edge I move even faster and harder.

Finally, time slows as your fire bursts from within you and flows into me. Your honey flows freely and I drink it in. You grip my head and push me farther between your legs. My tongue hungrily laps you up and dances upon your button as you spill into my mouth. Your body shakes and quakes with every touch. You groan, you moan, you scream as the orgasm hits you. Riding it upon me electricity runs through you. Listening to you and feeling you move sets me afire.

I cannot resist, I break away from your sex and stand up. You look at my with those burning eyes with a question but it disappears as I remove my underwear. I spread your legs as I step closer, grabbing my sex and pressing it into yours. You're so wet that I slide all the way into you. We both moan in ecstasy. Gripping your bottom I begin to thrust, pumping my hips back and forth, my sex sliding in and out of yours. You wrap your arms around me and kiss me, tasting yourself upon my lips. I desire access to your chest and tell you so. You quickly unbutton the shirt and shrug it off, letting it fall into the sink with the forgotten dishes.

My hands move to grip the small of your back as I lean you back and hungrily suck upon your breasts, you moan louder and louder as you feel my sex moving in you. My fire burns so hot in me, the flames large and hot. I grip you tightly as my sex slides in and out of yours, slowing pulling out then rapidly sliding in. I break away from your breast and kiss you again, with power, lust, desire, and passion flowing into you from my lips. We moan into one another's mouth.

Your fire continues to burn bright, fueled by my burning hot fire. We push each other closer and closer moaning and groaning as our bodies move together. I feel my fire grow so hot, almost too much to stand. I thrust myself into you harder and faster as I feel myself approaching the edge. Sensing my burning fire you kiss me harder and grip my back. I shake and my hips buck into you as my fire bursts from within me and flows into you. My orgasm and thrusts trigger your orgasm and your scream into me mouth as your body shakes. Our fire pours into one another creating a burning inferno of lust, love, and passion. My pulsing sex pumps and shakes, filling you with my seed. You feel my seed flow into you and it pushes your orgasm to a new height.

I continue to thrust into you as I orgasm, our bodies shaking and quaking with each thrust. Slowly our fires shrink, satisfied for the moment. I kiss you gently now as our bodies cool and relax. I carry you out of the kitchen to our bedroom. I lay you down upon the bed and I join you. We wrap our arms around each other and kiss, telling each other how amazing that was and how much we love each other. Forgetting the dishes and the shirt, we let our naked bodies rest as we fall asleep in each others arms for an afternoon nap.

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