tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: Picnic Love Ch. 02

Texts to My Love: Picnic Love Ch. 02


Texts to my Love: Ride in the Ferry

We stand up slowly taking our time, caressing each other as we rise. Our lust flows freely between us as we grab and tease each other, but we have plans for the day. You slip your skirt back on and toss your bra into the picnic basket, buttoning your shirt back up. Your breasts press against the shirt, framing them in the most provocative manner.

I fold our blanket and turn to see you bending over to grab the basket. The cool breeze causes your skirt to ride high and I catch sight of your hot wet sex, my fire ignites. I leave my tasks and grab you again kissing you fiercely. My sex swells as I kiss you, slipping under your skirt to press against your sex. You moan as I press you against a tree, groping you all over again as our fires burn within us. Our minds are driven by burning lust for each other.

You feel my sex pressing against you and stroke it as we kiss making me moan into your mouth, my hands run along your body, slipping down to stroke yours. I flip you around and kiss the back of your neck, running . You brace yourself against the tree as I flip your skirt up and press my sex against yours. We moan loudly as my sex slides into yours.

I thrust myself into you, feeling your sex wrap tightly around mine with each thrust. We are driven by lust now, our fires not yet satisfied. I slide my hands up your shirt to cup your breasts, fondling them and teasing them as I thrust. They move with us as we make love against the tree, shifting in my hands. With our lust flowing freely it quickly fuels our fire, making it burn hotter and hotter faster and faster. We tremble as we feel our edge fast approaching.

I tease your nipples rolling them in my fingers, squeezing and pulling them causing you to moan even more. Your sex wraps itself tighter around me as you burn hotter. I slip my hands down to your waist and grab hold as my fire begins to burn hotter and hotter, almost too much to stand. You bite your lip as you burn with me trying not to scream out. Slowly and slowly we push ourselves closer as I thrust myself deep into you, pressing you against the tree. We're burning so hot, so very hot now, we can barely breathe.

Our fire bursts from within us and we moan loudly as my fire flows into you as my sex twitches and throbs, pumping my seed deep in you. You moan louder as you feel my sex deep within you, your fire flows into me as we make hot love, our bodies shaking as our orgasms ride us. I thrust harder and harder into you as my orgasms rides me, filling you with my seed. You shake and moan pressing your sex against me, arching your back as you cling to the tree. I grip your hips tightly and pull you against me as I thrust into you, sending waves of intense pleasure through your body. Your buck against me driving my sex as deep into you as possible as we moan in ecstasy. Slowly my orgasms subsides leaving me warm and hot. You whimper as my sex twitches in you, your orgasm still riding you softly. Slowly I pull myself out holding your skirt around your waist.

As your sex come unplugged my seed flows out of you running down your leg. I turn you around and crouch to lick up our cocktail of love. I run my tongue up your leg licking us up, as I reach your sex I lap us up as you leak our honey and seed. My tongue slips into your sex seeking out whats left diving deep within as I drink us. You moan as you feel my tongue slip inside you, smiling as you take note of how thorough I am. As I clean you I relish in your heavenly flavor.

I stand once I have taken my fill of our cocktail. In turn you crouch down to clean my sex, taking me in your mouth and tenderly lovingly cleaning me. I groan as I feel your mouth upon my sex, the things you do with your tongue make my legs weak and my head light. Slowly you run your tongue along my sex, licking from the bottom to the top as you softly stroke me. You taste our cocktail and your mouth waters desiring more, you feel a little disappointed that I had cleaned you having desired at least a spoonful of the cocktail. You stand up and we kiss again, tasting each other on our lips.

Finally taking note of the time, we finish packing up. I toss my boxers in the picnic basket and slide my pants on, you take note of how my sex just slightly presses against them. We leave our hidden spot holding hands, carefully stepping through the blackberry bushes. As we walk down the trail I cannot help but look at how your breasts move freely beneath your shirt, fighting the urge to tear it open and kiss them. It takes us quite some time to reach the car as we keep grabbing each other, my handing sliding up your skirt to squeeze your bottom and your hands grabbing mine and stroking my sex. We finally reach the car and toss our things in the back. Hopping in the front I start the car as you turn to me and run your hand along my leg, leaning in to kiss me again. I return the kiss and whisper I love you.

You smile as I say these words, lifting your heart and making you warm. You whisper you love me too and squeeze my leg. As I drive you caress my leg, sliding up to stroke my sex, playing with me and trying to get me to look away from the road. I smile knowing your plan and look straight ahead.

Noticing my lack of attention, you slowly unbutton my pants and undo them, pulling my sex free. Leaning down you take me in your mouth and suck me in, running your tongue along it slowly. I moan in response as my sex grows hard again. Slowly you move your head up and down pulling me in, licking and sucking as your hand plays with me. I stroke the back of your head, struggling to keep my eyes on the road.

Thankfully I reach our destination and park our car. You continue to stroke my sex, your tongue swirling around it sending waves of pleasure through my body. I feel my fire burning hotter and hotter as you slide my sex in and out of your mouth. Just as I feel my edge approaching you pull my sex free of your mouth with one final lick. You wink at me and kiss the tip then tuck it back in my pants zipping it up. You giggle as you see how it strains against them trying to get out. Turning off the car I turn to kiss you, running my hands along your body grabbing your breasts then running a hand down to your sex to grope and stroke you. You moan as a finger slips into your sex and strokes you, slightly grazing your button and pressing deep into you. As I hear you whimper and moan into me I add another finger and quicken my pace as I stroke you, making you moan out loud. Your body writhes in your seat as your fire burns hotter and hotter. As I feel your edge approaching, your sex wrapping tightly around my fingers I slow my pace. Gradually I slide them out as I break our kiss, raising my fingers to your mouth. You take my fingers in your mouth and suck on them, tasting your honey. Our car play has set us on edge, our fires burning hot. We manage to get ourselves out of the car, and I place my arm around your waste pulling you close as we walk. We approach the ferry terminal and purchase our tickets. We walk through the gate and board the ferry heading up to the deck. I follow behind you as we climb the steep stairs, looking up I have a perfect view of your delicious hot wet sex. I can see it glisten with honey, my mouth waters at the site. As you step to the platform I come up behind you and quickly run my hand beneath your skirt, stroking from you thigh to your sex and squeezing your bottom. You jump as you feel me grab you, seeing the crowd of passengers around us. Nobody takes notice as I wrap my arm around you and we walk to find a seat.

We sit down by the window and look out at the water, seeing the boats pass us by. As the ferry departs the dock you tell me you want to look from the observation deck. I agree and we head up to it, out at the deck there are a handful of people looking out onto the water. We walk to the bow of the ferry and you lean up against it looking out at our destination. Behind you I place my arms around you, pressing you against the railing. You sigh feeling me against you, enjoying the feeling of my warmth. I coyly run my hands along your belly, slipping beneath your shirt to stroke it. Your breath grows labored as you feel my hands approach your breasts, knowing that people are near. You feel your sex become wetter and wetter, dripping honey on the deck. I hum next to you, whispering words of love as we look out on the water. Were people to look at us they would only see a happy couple in an embrace as they looked out to the water, but we know much more is happening.

My hands graze the bottom of your breasts, touching and tickling them. I try to push higher but your shirt restricts me, You carefully undo the bottom button, granting me access to your breasts. I fondle and caress them, squeezing and pulling the nipples. You moan as I play with you, slowly grinding your bottom against my sex. In your mind a dozen scenarios play through as you desperately search for a way for you to feel my sex inside you craving my seed. I whisper to you that I want to be inside you and you moan, your legs shaking as your fire burns hot from my touches.

I slowly break away from you, not wanting to attract attention to us and pull you with me. You you look down as you walk away and spot a small puddle of your honey on the deck, the sight adding fuel to your fire. We walk back in and I lead us to the stairs. Once again you lead the way and I catch sight of your sex, this time it is glistening and dripping, your honey splashed across your legs. My fire burns even hotter seeing this and I hasten our ascent. We go up another flight of stairs reaching the top of the ferry. Surprisingly there aren't any passengers out here, and upon seeing this you grab me and press me against the wall kissing me madly as you reach for my pants.

I moan as you quickly tear them open and pull out my sex, stroking it. I undo the remaining buttons on your shirt and throw it open, running my hands along your body caressing you. You break our kiss and crouch down to pull my sex into your mouth, sweetly and slowly licking the ridge from the base to the head, allowing your tongue to dance along the tip in small circles. I moan as you play with me, my fire burning hotter and hotter by the second.

Lovingly you grip me, stroking my sex with your tongue over and over again. Spotting a bench near us I tell you to stand. Slowly you pull your mouth off, giving my sex one last lick. You stand up and I kiss you, leading you to the bench. Spotting it you immediately understand my intent and grab me, sitting me down on the seat. Looking up at you you're a site to behold. You gorgeous eyes full of lust, hair whipping about in the wind with your shirt and your lovely exposed breasts standing taught in the sun hard nipples at attention. Your skirt flutters about your legs, teasing me with sights of your perfect slender figure. You pull my pants down the rest of the way and climb atop me. You grip my sex as I watch you, and slowly lower your hot sex atop it. We moan as we slide together and lustfully kiss. Slowly you raise and lower yourself on me, stroking my sex lovingly. I join you with small thrusts, making you whimper with each. I stroke your back, running my nails along the curves of lower and lower until I grip your bottom. I squeeze it and relish in the feel of you atop me, kissing me and grabbing me while we make love. Our fire grows within us as our love makes us hot. The wind whips around us, tickling our exposed sexes. I moan into you as you moan into me, squeezing and groping our bodies as we make love on the bench. The wind whips our fire up into an inferno unbeknownst to us and soon our bodies are writhing thrusting into each other. I kiss you furiously now, with love, passion, and lust. You moan louder and louder into my mouth as you feel my sex press deep into you. Our fire is burning so hot within us now, we can hardly stand it. I buck my hips into you thrusting my sex harder and harder deeper and deeper as fast as I can. You roll your hips as you stroke my sex, pressing me deeper and deeper into you.

Our fire is burning so hot, so very hot that we can hardly stand it. You're sweating freely now, your fire so hot that you're burning you up. Your fire bursts from within and you scream out, the sound of your voice lost to the wind. You tighten your grip around me, squeezing my sex tight as your orgasms pulses within you riding along your body. Your fire flows into me as it pours out of you, pushing me higher and higher into our moment of pure ecstasy. My fire is so hot, so very hot I can hardly stand it. My fire bursts from within me and flows into you as I shout out, it too is lost to the wind. We ride each other as our orgasms ride our bodies, kissing and pulling one another without abandon.

The feel of my sex twitching and throbbing deep inside you pushes you higher and higher as your sex squeezes me tighter pulling it in. Our sexes trade sensations triggering each other over and over, each thrust bringing a squeeze, each squeeze bringing a thrust. Our orgasms are so powerful now that we cannot control our bodies, they make love as our souls leave our bodies to embrace, making love in the most intimate manner possible. Our bodies thrash about as our orgasms riding us, clutching on to each other tightly as we feel each others orgasms. Our hands glide across our bodies, touching and grabbing our most tender spots. I bury my face in your breasts, my tongue lashing out across them pulling them into my mouth to play with your nipples. You dig your nails into my back as you thrust hard against me, my pulsing sex filling you with my seed. Higher and higher we go as constant waves of pleasure wash over us.

Slowly our orgasms calm leaving us sweating and holding each other, our sexes twitching making us moan softly. I kiss you sweetly now with love and passion, whispering between kisses how I love you and desire you. You whisper back you love me too, desire my heart, soul, and body. I smile with these words and kiss you again.

Slowly you stand, having regained control of your body. As my sex slides free our cocktail of love spills out of you. You reach down and scoop it up with your fingers, tasting it and drinking it in. The taste of our mixture of love is delicious and you relish in it as you continue to clean yourself with your hands, licking your fingers clean. You kneel down and clean my sex, licking me clean carefully and lovingly. I moan softly as you take care of me, enjoying every lick, every kiss, and every touch. We slowly get dressed now, looking to each other with eyes full of love and promises for the rest of the day. I turn to see the ferry approaching it's destination and grab your hand, leading us back into the ferry and down to the decks.

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