tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: Tumble and Kiss

Texts to My Love: Tumble and Kiss


Curled up on the couch, my arms are wrapped around you. We watch the fire crackle and pop as we keep each other warm. I nuzzle and nibble your ear, listening to you breathe. I flick my tongue across it, pulling at the lobe. My arms wrap you tighter as a hand slides beneath your shirt to stroke your belly.

You stir from your drowsy state as my nibbles bring warmth to your heart, my hand gently tickles you as it strokes your waist and slides down. Deep within you, embers of your passion begin to glow. You sigh as you move your body, parting your legs and scooting up, desiring I venture within you.

I kiss my way from your ear to the back of your neck, gently biting and sucking upon it. You quietly moan as my hand presses against the band of your panties. Slowly and slowly my hand strokes your waist, pressing against the band while it traces patterns along it. I suck your neck and you moan in response, your sounds making me hot. I adjust my body to slide you up and over just slightly, allowing my other hand to move freely, it slides beneath your shirt.

My movement gives you access to me and you move your hand beneath you to stroke my thigh. It twitches at your touch as I realize your intention, my hand grips your breast and kneads it, taking the nipple between the fingers rolling and squeezing it. You moan as I play with you and slide your hand up my thigh. You graze my sex and I moan as it twitches and grows in response, you lazily smile knowing the pleasure I get from your touch while you stroke my growing sex.

Spurred on by your touch my hand presses against your panties, breaking past the threshold of the band. I feel the hair of your sex and run my fingers through it; you grow hotter as you anticipate my strokes. As one hand plays with your breast and the other ventures towards your sex, you stroke mine and we moan in union as we pleasure one another. You feel my hard sex and slip your thumb over the band of my boxers, pulling it down to expose my sex. I left us up so you may slide them farther down. My rising hips unbalance you and you slip off me, I laugh as you tumble off and you giggle. Quickly you climb back up facing me. This time you want to play.

You kiss me passionately, sitting atop me with your legs on either side, grinding your sex into mine. I grab your sides and hold you to me, grinding my sex into yours. You feel how hard my sex has become from your touch, you moan as it presses into your sex. My hands grip you tightly as we kiss and grind each other lighting the embers of our passion.

My hands break away to slide down and grab hold of your panties again; I push them down desiring access to your sex. You assist me by rising up to slide them off, exposing your hot wet sex to me. My sex grows harder at the sight of your hidden beauty. You settle back down but move lower kissing my chest, pausing to lick and suck my nipples as you move down to my belly. I shiver as I see you move lower, I grow harder and harder as you approach my sex. You grab hold of my boxers and slide them off me, my sex jumping to greet you. Looking at me with a teasing smile you grab hold of my sex and stroke it, your touch sends a jolt of electricity through my body; I moan as you stroke me. You look upon my sex as you run your hand up and down it, your thumb grazing the ridge and your fingers playing with the head. I shiver and moan from your touch.

My fire begins to burn, growing hotter from your touch, each stroke a fresh jolt to my senses. Seeing me move and moan makes you so hot, your fire begins to burn with me. You move your head down to my sex as you stroke it and your tongue lightly licks my sex, I jump as your touch sends electricity through me. Your licks grow longer and longer, and my moans grow louder and louder setting me afire. Your free hand moves down to stroke your wet sex. It drips with desire. As your tongue moves up and down your head moves with it, as it reaches the top of my sex your mouth engulfs it and I moan even louder. You gently suck on my sex and I writhe with pleasure as my fire burns hotter and hotter, you stroke your sex as you grow hotter and hotter. You cannot resist.

You pull your mouth off my sex and move yourself back up. I look up at you with hot lust in my eyes as you meet my gaze, a hot wild fire burns within us. Gripping my sex you raise yourself up above me and slowly lower your sex to mine. You pause as it presses against you and run the head of my sex along yours. The head of my sex parts the lips of yours and I feel your hot dripping sex against me. I look at you with utter lust and grip your hips as you hold me tightly. You stroke my head against you and finally settle against your entrance, slowly you press against me and my sex begins to slide in. We moan in unison as I enter.

You lower yourself on to me and I thrust upwards, the feeling of my sex moving inside you makes your arms weak, you lay upon my chest and kiss me. I grip your hips and aid you as you raise and lower yourself upon my sex while I thrust into you to match. We moan into each other's mouth as we kiss passionately. Our fire rages within us as we make hot wet love, our hot bodies sweating as we thrust and stroke each other. We moan louder and louder as we move together.

I break our kiss to seek out your breasts, hungry for their taste. I move down to your breasts, they move as you thrust your sex onto me. I grab on to it with my mouth, gripping it tightly and sucking it in. My tongue licks your nipple and presses it, I hear you moan even louder in response. Our fire burns hot.

You rise up fueled by your fire and lift your sex up and push it onto mine, I moan louder as I feel you move; slowly rising up then pushing down quickly on me. Your fire begins to burns hotter within, you sweat and look at me with lust, our bodies making love as our fire burns within. I thrust up as you drop onto me while I suck on your nipple and roll my tongue across it.

You moan so loud you are screaming now, I match your volume as our fire gets hotter. It's so hot we can barely stand it, lighting us afire and running through us. My fire is too hot to contain, I look into your eyes and you see the burning fire inside me. I grab you and pull you into me kissing you fiercely.

So hot, so very hot. Our fire cannot be contained, my fire bursts from within me and flows into you. My sex pulses and shakes and pumps my seed into you. I buck my hips as my orgasm engulfs me and unleashes my hot lust into you. You feel my fire and seed flowing into you and you lose yourself to your fire. It bursts from within you and flows into me, your sex gripping mine ever tighter.

We scream and moan into each other as I thrust into you and you thrust onto me. You grip me tightly as I grab your shoulders and pull you down on me. Our lust, love, and passion pour out and into each other, our burning inferno consuming us. We thrust and stroke each other kissing madly and furiously.

Our kisses and thrusts slow and become tender, the lust leaving us leaving only love and passion. Your fire is spent, it grows smaller flickering still. Your body shakes as my sex is within you still pulsing and twitching as my fire grows smaller. We open our eyes, locked shut by our blinding inferno and gaze into each other's eyes with love and passion. I kiss you again, tenderly and passionately now. You return the kiss with love and tenderness, resting yourself upon me.

I whisper I love you and tell you how amazing that was; you look to me and smile. Your smile is so beautiful it melts my heart; I pull you in and kiss you. You whisper you love me too and loved every moment of it then tell me not to throw you off again. I wince and apologize, having not intended to do so, you giggle in response.

We kiss again, our bodies cooling from our love. I wrap my arms around you and exhaustion takes hold of us, I slide you on your side and pull you in close. I whisper I love you again and you whisper back that you too love me, our eyes close and we nuzzle each other as we snuggle and let sleep take us, safe and secure.

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