TG Treats

byCal Y. Pygia©

How (and why) do I love t-girls? Let me count the ways!

1.Firm, compact buttocks highlight the masculinity apparent within, but sublimated by, the t-girl's femininity, and are, therefore, simultaneously both an affirmation and a denial of both masculinity and femininity, at once a both-and and a neither-nor declaration, as it were: the t-girl offers both more and less than she at first may appear to advertise, for she is neither fully male nor fully female, as her firm, compact buttocks indicate.

2.A t-girls' breasts are always the same, whether she is lying down, bending over, or standing erect, a characteristic that demonstrates their man-made, or artificial, character and the reality of the masculinity behind—and within—the appearance of the t-girl's femininity; other give-aways as to "her" true sex are her height, her Adam's apple, her waistline, the size of her hands and feet, and the bony ridge of her skull, all of which are disguised, if not completely concealed, by her long hair, makeup, feminine attire, breast implants, estrogen-enhanced feminine appearance, voice lessons, and the effects of other techniques and procedures.

3.Is the t-girl's appearance the result of mimicry or mere imposture? The key to answering this question are the answers to other queries: How well does she imitate a genetic female, or g-girl? Is she passable? If so, she has achieved mimicry; otherwise, she is guilty of imposture rather than impersonation.

4.The t-girl's dress makes her look feminine, but her undress reveals the bisexuality of her body—again, she is not what she represents herself to be—at least, not fully—she is not a female, nor is she a male; she is a "shemale." Therefore, her sex and gender are—and remain—ambiguous, indeterminate, and undecided. She is, for this reason, a living self-contradiction, a paradox, an enigma.

5.The t-girl is both a synthesis and an unresolved polarity of opposites, not only of sex (and sexual body parts), but also of gender, emotional, and social facts, values, and expectations

6.Incongruity results from the unresolved polarity of opposites: the t-girl is what she ought not to be.

7.A t-girl allows a doubling effect—in a threesome or an orgy, she can be the second man, the second woman, or both, making group sex a no-longer-exclusively-hetero- or homosexual-affair: there is a doubling of breasts, of buttocks, and of penises and testicles. Sex and gender seem to disappear, overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities exhibited by the t-girl's presence with those of fixed male or female sex.

8.When it comes to t-girls, role reversal is inevitable, not only socially and psychologically, but also sexually: men may have sex with other men who are disguised, as it were, as women or women may have sex with men who are, as it were, disguised as women—in both cases, homosexuality is excused by its apparent, or disguised, heterosexuality; this is true even when two (or more) t-girls have sex with one another, for any or all may pretend to be a member of either the opposite or the same sex, as they choose—penises, or the lack thereof, are no longer the essence of sexuality, any more than are breasts or an otherwise feminine appearance.

9.The t-girl challenges notions of sex and gender, suggesting that these concepts are socially constructed as well as effects of hormones and embryonic development: what does it mean to be a man? To be masculine? To be a woman? To be feminine? These issues are reopened for exploration—and there may be no definitive answers.

10.Women are no longer exclusively beautiful and sexual—or even feminine—nor are they any longer the sole means for men of "heterosexual" satisfaction; as feminists seem to have recognized, t-girls' elimination of women's exclusive claims to beauty and sensuality represent a power loss for females and a gain in power for males—while women are not altogether marginalized, they have become, as sexual partners, or playmates, non-essential and less important than they were before there was the competition that transsexuals represent for them—as women are made less important and less vital, men are empowered.

11.By becoming a "woman," a man renounces his sex and denies his gender—a transgender status is an emasculated status; t-girls voluntarily, even gladly, emasculate themselves, leaving one to wonder, perhaps, about the dynamics of their familial, and especially their parent-child, relationships

12.Variety remains the spice of life, and it is multiplied with regard to t-girls: hair color, skin color sexual activities, partners, size (body and sexual parts)

13.Every t-girl can reveal herself—or be exposed—she is a revelation or an expose—like monsters of the past, she is divine—or demonic—blessed--or cursed, a portent of God's favor or an omen of God's wrath—what has replaced God in the modern world? Government? Culture? Law? Whatever the modern idol, the t-girl is its vehicle and its expression.

14.T-girls are living embodiments of the surrealists' aspirations: art in the flesh.

15.T-girls have revolutionized sex and gender, renewing the fascination of these topics and stripping away the (presumed) certainty concerning them while making them exciting and novel again, which is no small feat, to be sure!

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