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My wife and I spent our honeymoon in beautiful Thailand. It was spectacular. One day we took our bikes to Bang Pae which is Phuket's biggest waterfall, The weather was quite warm so I decided to take my shirt off & get some sun. The waterfall was beautiful so we decided to 'go native' and take a refreshing dip in one of its drop pools, after we sat in the shade and use the site as a picnic place. It was a beautiful day however my skin wasn't used to the lack of protection & I became quite sunburnt.

After an uncomfortable sleepless night my wife suggested I get a famous Thai massage to aid out relaxation.

After taking a stroll down the famous Bangla Road we realised one undeniable and obvious fact..... Bangla is nothing like home. With its lady-boys, exotic girls, enchanted westerners (mostly male) and enough extraverts to fill a Disney cast of thousands, shopping or sipping on a beer at Bangla Road at night is a definite 'Dear Diary' moment. We selected a small massage shop, went in and were greeted by a receptionist. We explained what we were after and she smiled led us into a darkened room.

The small, dim room was divided into several cubicles each separated by a Curtin. My wife was escorted into one & I into another on the opposite side of the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light I looked around. Each cubical contained a small platform covered by a thick soft matt, on which to lie, a towel which I assumed was to cover yourself and a chair for your clothes. There wasn't much room.

I stripped down to my undies and got into position on the mat and spread the small towel across my bum. I had almost fallen asleep when the massage therapist entered I looked up and smiled at her. She smiled back, introduced herself as Sandy and looked disapprovingly at my sunburnt shoulders. "Very sore?" she asked.

"A little bit" I replied.

At this she giggled. "Not little I think" she replied "Very sore. Hurt a lot".

"Take few deep breaths." she instructed as her hands spread liquid warmth on my skin. "Good." She moved her hands along my back and shoulders in long, slow strokes. Other masseurs I'd been to simply rubbed and pounded flesh. Sandy's hands and fingers seemed to know which spots to work and how to work them. I had read that a Thai massage is often described as "lazy yoga", because whilst it includes many of the same strokes as a Swedish massage, it also incorporates assisted stretches to really stretch and loosen tightened muscles and relieve joints. It works along pressure points on your energy paths. I'd also heard many many jokes about the "Happy Ending" but I was sure that was just an urban myth. I sighed and relaxed under her expert touch.

Then she turned her attentions to the lower half of my body. She pointed to my underpants "You want take off? She quietly asked.

"Sure" I said apprehensively, but I began to wonder if something was going on. I was concerned because my wife was only meters away on the other side of the room.

As Sandy stroked my thighs she touched my balls several times. She massaged my arse and her fingers darted into the cleft between my cheeks. My cock hardened and I shifted to make room for it underneath me.

"How you doing?" Sandy whispered. I wasn't sure what to say. Maybe the sexual feeling in the room was something I was building up in my horny, deluded mind.

"Everything you're doing feels great," I said.


"You turn over now so I do you front side."

I obeyed, slowly, as my swollen cock pointed upward, exposing my balls. I was embarrassed so I pointed to my cock & mimed so sorry.

"oh it ok" she said."Don't worry you got dig beautiful dickie baby, it tells me I'm doing good job and making you feel relax, I must be doing more than good job, because that's biggest dickie I've ever seen!" Now let me tell you I'm under no delusions about the size of my dick, it's average. I know Sandy was stretching the truth here, but I wanted to tip her for her acting skills. She really knew how to make a guy feel great.

Sandy dropped some oil on my stomach. Her touch on my belly sent another wave of arousal through me. The head of my dick was nudging her hand as she worked. I sighed and shifted. Being this aroused and not being able to do anything about it was torture.

Sandy's hands stopped moving.

"Want me to take care of?"

I looked at her, surprised. She was smiling.

"Special offer. I get the feeling you like it," she added, her eyes twinkling. Now i knew this was like no massage I'd ever had in Australia.

I placed my forefinger on my lips and pointed towards my wife's cubicle. She nodded, understanding that it was a secret between us. Her hands began to move again. Sandy gave my chest a very thorough work-over, brushing my nipples on each pass. Soon she dropped all pretence; she reached over and wrapped her delicate hand around my dick. Sandy slowly ran her hand up down and back up, squeezing at the up-stroke and getting some pre-cum to ooze out. Without saying a word, she bent over and put the head of my dick in her mouth. I felt her tongue snake out across my slit and lap up the liquid. Her other hand went below to roll my hairy balls around; my eyes rolled backwards; it was so intense...

I made a mental note to enjoy this for as long as I could. Sure my wife plays with my cock but never with this much enthusiasm. Sandy's gripping hand moved faster...her other hand though...held my knob with a twisting motion; just like she was attempting to unscrew the head of my dick. WOW she was sending shockwaves through my body.

I knew I was about to blow, as I felt my balls tightened...she kept both her hands moving, bringing me to the edge of Cumming time and again, pulling me back each time. Several times she switched hands, or went back to working on just my shaft. After minutes of this sweet agony I couldn't take any more. "Please I've got to cum."

"Okay," she replied, increasing the speed of her strokes. She bent her head down and took my cock head in her mouth. That sent me over the edge. My hand clamped on her head, forcing it down towards my pubes. My dick throbbed in her hand, shooting hot jets of cum into her mouth and across her face. I groaned with release.

As I became aware of my surroundings again, I let go of Sandy's hair and realised her face was splashed with my thick sticky cum. She kissed my chest before she straightened. Impulsively, I took her hand, and was pleased when she squeezed mine in response.

"That was incredible. Khobkhun khrab" which is the Thai phrase meaning thankyou

She smiled "Let me clean you up."

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