tagNon-Erotic PoetryThank You, Master

Thank You, Master


Thank you for reading and replying to my initial shy correspondence.
Thank you for understanding and recognizing my journey, my quest.
Thank you for seeing in me the strength and desire you wanted to have for your own.
Thank you for helping me see who I am and have always been.
Thank you for the time you spent educating me, encouraging me.
Thank you for choosing me to be your sub.
Thank you for wanting to own me.
Thank you for allowing me to call you my only ever Master.
Thank you for pushing me to be your only ever slave.
Thank you for settling for nothing less than everything I could dream to be.
Thank you for realizing that this grown woman found her perfect Master.
Thank you for choosing ALL rather than Nothing. YOU or no one.
Thank you for knowing how and when to push, to demand and to instruct.
Thank you for holding me close, and kissing away my tears when your instructions were difficult, humiliating, dangerous, hurtful, and damaging.
Thank you for never giving me space or time to wonder or doubt or question.
Thank you for allowing me for the first time in my life trust someone completely.
Thank you for demanding to know every thought in my head.
Thank you for taking this strong, stubborn, independent proud woman and making her completely yours.
Thank you for putting in writing every single thing we would share together.
Thank you for making me need this more than I needed to breathe, until it consumed me.
Thank you for realizing that we, together, were the best wicked team ever created.
Thank you for telling me that I drove you further than any woman ever had.
Thank you for telling me that you cared, and adored, lusted and craved to be with me.
Thank you for claiming me, a true babyslave, ignorant of all, without you.

Thank you for turning every word you spoke from the truth, to a lie.
Thank you for crushing my dreams.
Thank you for giving me a list of things I will never have.
Thank you for requiring that I hurt the man I love, my partner, my heart.
Thank you for not understanding that none of this would be possible without you.
Thank you for demanding I act in ways that resulted in things I can not undo.
Thank you for allowing me to destroy friendships that I’ve had for decades.
Thank you for the opportunity to destroy my credibility and reputation at my place of work. Thank you for turning the most wonderful opportunity in my life to nothing but ashes.
Thank you for requiring that I will never trust, or believe, or let anyone in ever again.
Thank you for being the reason my partner walked away from me.
Thank you for allowing me to receive NO pleasure from anyone, not even myself.
Thank you for denying the bond between us.
Thank you so much for not believing I meant to be your slave, for a lifetime, if you chose.
Thank you for forgetting I care so much for you that it hurts me to see you in pain.
Thank you for turning my fathers precious gift into something I can’t bear to look at.
Thank you for denying me the pain I crave, need and desire.
Thank you for denying me the chance to be whole for the first time with a man.
Thank you for not allowing me to surrender to you
Thank you for breaking my will, my spirit, my soul
Thank you for the tears that fall incessantly, all day, every day.
Thank you for the excruciatingly painful dreams that invade my sleep.
Thank you for allowing the opportunity for a lesser Dom to stalk me at work, my home.
Thank you for denying my very existence.
Thank you for allowing neither of us to share what would have been wonderful for both of us.
Thank you for choosing to destroy not only yourself, but your slave too.
Thank you for lying to others, to your slave, and to yourself.
Thank you for choosing sorrow and grief, and anguish over joy, satisfaction and pleasure.
Thank you for being the most selfish person I’ve ever met.
Thank you for not allowing your slave to care and be there for you.
Thank you for betraying my trust, my love, my self to save your pride.
Thank you for choosing to believe in a reality that doesn’t exist except in your own mind.
Thank you for shutting me out, for pushing me away, for throwing me away.
Thank you for forcing me to humiliate myself over and over and over again.
Thank you for not telling me this was only ever a game to you.
Thank you for showing me what COULD be only to snatch it away and deny me it forever.
Thank you for not realizing that our time together would last me a lifetime.
Thank you for allowing me to spend money I didn’t have to make it perfect for you.

Thank you, my only ever Master, for destroying your slave.

Thank you for killing the butterfly.


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