tagLetters & TranscriptsThanks for Being My Wife

Thanks for Being My Wife


I would like to thank you my love for an unbelievable day. The day of the two haircuts will live in my memory for a very long time. The afternoon visiting with our friend, Randy was very pleasant and I enjoyed very much the great trim job you gave me. Thank you for being the open woman you are and allowing my hands to fondle your body. I really enjoy the sexiness of you cutting my hair while I feel your fine legs and ass; I hope you cut my hair for the rest of my life. Then to watch as you cut our friend Randy's hair, doing a fantastic job of cleaning up the mess he had, was a joy in itself. Watching as you moved around him, cutting his hair and allowing him to playfully tease with you certainly turned me on, it looked like it was fun for you also. Then when I came out of the house and Randy was wearing your underwear on his head I realized you were having fun and being able to be open and sexy at the same time.

My mind's eye is filled with the vision of you in the bathroom finishing Randy's haircut. Your dress being raised above your ass as Randy playfully teased you. Then in one swift motion Randy lowered the straps of your dress and it fell from your breasts and dropped to the floor. I enjoyed the view of you blow drying his hair while your breasts were exposed just inches from his face, watching Randy's hands sliding up and down the inside of your thighs then move around your ass and cup your cheeks. After finishing Randy's haircut you slipped your dress back on and joined me in the hallway and we walked to the kitchen where the camera was. It was fun kissing you in the kitchen while Randy took our pictures. Along with the smile on your face and the fun in your laughter, these images are still with me today.

When we began playing our game, In Control, I was very aroused and excited. The first time watching you kiss Randy, your lips blending together, tongues meeting, what a turn on for all of us. Removing your dress as the first Remove Clothing card was drawn, sitting there before us with your luscious breasts exposed, your clean shaved pussy just below the table, I know I was hard and I know Randy was also. Listening to your tales when you drew the card as you described fucking Randy in the bedroom when I was trying to watch, this continued my excitement and made the game so much more fun. Taking Randy's sweater in exchange for your dress and watching you remove it when we traded the sweater for my shorts. The sight of you removing your clothes in front of our friend is very exciting. You know how turned on you make me when you wear sexy clothes or reveal yourself to others.

I marveled at your fine body sitting topless with just my shorts on. Your nipples were hard and erect and when I felt your breasts they were supple and soft. Again watching you kiss Randy across the table for the second time was a treat. My favorite view of your breasts are when you are bent over and as I sat watching you kissing your nipples were erect and your breasts were only inches from my face. Your questions about our friendship when you drew the Truth cards were fun and informative, Randy and I share the same fondness for each other and truly love you and love being with you. Your accepting my dare for you to suck on Randy's dick just inches from my face made my cock that much harder, I was stroking it under the table as I watched your lips work back and forth on his hard cock. I watched as you pulled his foreskin back and the head of his cock came out and into your mouth. Your luscious body next to me, breasts exposed, sucking on our friend, this just about made me come in my hand.

Playing more of the game added to the suspense and fun of the night and when Randy dared me to fuck you I knew I had to have you, to feel my cock slide in and out of your shaved pussy. The vision of you bent over the kitchen table, your fine figure before me, the curves of your torso, a truly vision of loveliness. Your tight ass was at the perfect level to accept my hard dick; this moment is burned into my mind. Then the feel of your wet pussy as my cock slipped in and out was pure joy. As my hands held your hips and I drove my cock into you I noticed our friend Randy watching, enthralled by the scene before him, his cock standing out in front of him. I motioned for him to take my place so I could watch my beautiful wife, bent over the table, being fucked by one of my best friends. I know you enjoyed it also as you told us to look in the mirror as Randy held your hips. His asking several times if he should come in you and your telling him yes and asking him to fuck you over and over again was incredible.

Then as I went to the floor in an effort to lick your pussy while Randy slid his cock in and out of you gave me a great view of your naked pussy and his hard cock, meeting with each thrust. Although I could not get in position to lick your pussy at that time the sight of your fucking was fantastic. After Randy shot his come into you and you both came in an orgasm the sight I will never forget filled my eyes. The strongest memory of the night is of you lying across the table on top of the game, your legs spread and your freshly fucked naked pussy so juicy and inviting. I had to lick your pussy then and as I did I could not believe how hot and sweet you tasted. As I had only started licking your pussy you started telling me to fuck you and I admit that when I slid into your pussy it was an incredible sensation. Your perfect pussy was so hot and ready to fuck and my cock was hard and ready to fuck also. Taking you by the hips I watched as Randy sucked on your nipple as I gave you everything I had, the sensation was too much and as I came you were bucking on the table. You were so hot, not just physically but visually also, lying on the table, come coating your pussy and Randy sucking on your breast. Then when you asked us to give you a hickey on your tits I knew I was in love with a woman who loves to have fun and loves to fuck. You were so nasty and I love that so much, I was and am caught up in everything about you.

When we bid our friend goodbye and went to bed the night was not over. For the first time I can remember you were really into telling a fantasy as I slid my cock into your pussy for the second time. Your telling of how you would be fucking Randy in the afternoon when I came home, describing what he would do to you and what you would do to him drove me to another orgasm. I came just as you were telling me you were going to call him on Monday to come over and fuck you in the afternoon. Your story lasted quite a while and I relished the time you spent telling it and the enjoyment you derived from being fucked while you were telling such a nasty story. Your description of the happening was painted very clearly and I can visualize coming home and finding the two of you together on our bed, fucking and sucking and enjoying each other's company and bodies. The night was capped off with your vibrator as I tried to share a similar story with you. However you had done such a visual job with your story I had a hard time concentrating on telling the story and watching you with the vibrator also.

That day was one of the most memorable days of pure sex and fun I have ever had. That day can only be topped by the times we spend alone together enjoying each other. We all had fun that day and kept perspective while we enjoyed each other's company and each other's bodies. The three of us share something very special when it comes to sex and I hope that there may other times when we can enjoy each other. I know that whenever or whatever you choose to do in the future I am anxious to be at your side. Should there not be another time when we can have such fun it is of no consequence because I cherish the memory of this day as well as the memory of other fun times we have had together.

Jolene, thank you so much for being my lover, my best friend, my confidant and most of all for being my wife. I love you with all of my heart and soul and appreciate you for the many facets of your personality and character. You are my TRUE LOVE and each day I fall more and more in love with you. The many days of our future shine bright in my eyes; I want to share everything in this world with you.




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