tagGroup SexThanksgiving Dinner Ch. 03

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 03


I managed to look around. Christ! Mark was walking around with a video camera. A fucking video camera! Then I saw something that made my stomach lurch. Mr. Parker was standing beside him, stroking his old, skinny cock, watching two of his sons thrusting their pricks into me.

"Well, well," Mr. Parker said when he saw me notice him, "Haven't we been busy today?" He stepped up behind Eddie so I couldn't see him anymore. I was feeling sick, but I couldn't move. I was their little fuck doll, and Mr. Parker was about to stick his dick into my married cunt.

"I can't tell you how many loads of cum I've lost thinking about you, Sweetie," he said, rubbing his dick against my slick pussy, "Your hairless cunt looks so hungry. Seems like a waste to leave such a beautiful hole empty. Does Daddy's baby girl want him to show her what a cock can do?"

I pulled away from Eddie, "Mr. Parker, please don't!" I cried. Steve had stopped fucking my ass, but he hadn't pulled out yet.

"Call me Daddy," he said, "And Daddy will make you feel really good." With that, he slipped his dick into my cunt and started fucking me. He rubbed and pulled my clit, twisting it between his thumb and finger. Steve started fucking my ass again and Eddie slipped back into my mouth.

Sweet Jesus, I had a dick in each hole and Mark was recording the whole thing. Worst of all, not only was I not complaining, I was thoroughly enjoying it. Mr. Parker knew what he was doing all right, and he knew exactly what made me sing. It wasn't like Mark, whose size alone seemed to force me into orgasm. Mr. Parker had skill. He fucked me a few times and then pulled out completely. He'd wait a moment, pinching my clit, before thrusting back in. His grey pubes pounded against my hairless pussy. He did this over and over again. Every time Mr. Parker paused, Steve nibbled on my ear. I was in bliss. Slutty, horny bliss.

Mark moved in closer with the camera. "You like that? You like having your Daddy's dick in your cunt, baby girl?" I closed my eyes and nodded. "Say it. Say you like Daddy's dick."

Eddie pulled out of my mouth. "Say it, Darling. Say how much you like having your Daddy's cock inside you."

"Mm. Daddy makes me feel really good when he puts his big cock inside my little pussy. I'm so glad that my Daddy is fucking me."

"Do you like having your brother's cock in your ass?" Mark asked.

I didn't say anything. Steve slapped his dick across my face.

"My brother's cock feels so good in my ass."

"Tell everyone what kind of whore you are," Mark said, swinging the camera around to get all the action. Steve rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips.

"I'm a dirty whore. My brother's cock is so yummy. I want him to cum in my mouth while my other brother cums up my ass. And most of all, I want Daddy to cum inside my tight, little cunt. I'm a bad girl for fucking my Daddy and wanting his cum all for myself. I should be punished. Will you punish me?" I asked Mark.

"Oh, your punishment will come, don't worry about that," Mark said with a smile.

Eddie slipped his cock back into my mouth. He held onto my head and fucked me hard. I gagged on his cock, but he kept going. I felt him tense up and knew he was going to cum.

"You're going to open wide and swallow every drop, aren't you?" He asked, pulling out and jacking off into my mouth. I nodded. He unloaded all over my face, using the tip of his dick to push it across my lips and into my mouth. It was warm and salty and tasted similar to Tom. I licked my lips clean and Eddie stepped away.

For the first time since Mr. Parker stepped behind Eddie, I was able to watch him fuck me. He leaned down and kissed me. He must have tasted his son's cum in my mouth, but it didn't slow him down. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. I welcomed his tongue in my mouth and moaned against him. My pussy was numb with orgasm. The man had major skill and I submitted to him completely. My legs wrapped around him and my toes curled. I pulled him tight against me, shaking and throbbing and calling out in ecstasy, but he cut me off with another kiss. I murmured sobs of satisfaction against his lips.

Mr. Parker was doing such a good job of keeping his promise to make me feel good that I had almost forgotten about Steve and his little penis fucking my ass until I heard him grunt and felt him cum inside me. He slid out from under me and Mr. Parker rearranged me on the couch. I felt his weight fall on top of me and he angled his cock so it hit me a little deeper than it had been. He was slightly narrower than any of his sons, but he was longer than any of them. He was more sensual than his sons or Mark and he had me spinning.

"Tell Daddy you love him," He instructed.

"I love you, Daddy," I said, holding him tightly against me.

"Tell Daddy how he makes you feel."

"Your cock makes me cum like nothing else, Daddy. Please don't stop," I begged.

"Daddy is going to fuck his sweet little baby's cunt all the time. Would that make you happy?"

"Please, Daddy,"

"Do you want Daddy's cum, now?" Mr. Parker asked, fucking me sweetly with his cock.

"Please, Daddy, let me have your cum." My orgasm pulsed.

"Mm. Sweetie, Daddy is going to fill you up now. He's going to cum inside your cunt. Are you ready?"

"Please, Daddy! I want your cream inside my pussy." I begged.

"You got it, baby," He said and forced me into a kiss. I was too far gone to do anything other than kiss him back. I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth and he came in grunts. His sperm flooded my cunt and dribbled out with each thrust. When it was clear that he was completely spent, he pushed himself off of me, a little winded, and collapsed on the bottom of the couch. I remembered that I wasn't on birth control and wondered if I would regret any of this in a couple of weeks.

"Clean us off," He instructed his sons. I was surprised to see Steve kneel down in front of his father and suck his dick clean. Eddie stuck a finger in my pussy, pulling out his father's cum and lapped it up. He stuck his tongue in my ass to get what Steve had left behind as well.

"We're not finished yet," Mark said, setting the camera on a tripod and standing over me. "I'm the only one who hasn't gotten to finish. We can't have that, now can we?"

I waved a hand over my body, motioning him to do what he wanted with me. He picked me up and flipped me over so that I was kneeling on the couch, bent over with my arms resting on the back. He climbed behind me and rubbed his dick from my ass to my cunt, trying to decide where to stick it.

I cried out when he slapped my ass. "Not quite ready for this monster to take your ass yet, are you?" He said, rubbing my tender skin. He slid the beast into my worn cunt and I almost wished he had gone with my ass. But I quickly realized I'd have to stretch it out a lot more if it was going to handle something as big as Mark's dick, so I rewarded him by bouncing back against him the best I could.

He pulled my arms back behind me and pinned them there so I couldn't move. He started back up with the jackhammer bit, his in-laws standing around jerking off to the sight. I prayed that the camera had malfunctioned or that he'd have a change of heart and delete the video. But I knew he would hold this over me for as long as he could. They all would. I knew, as I bounced helplessly against Mark, that this was only the first day in what was sure to be many, many more fuck fests.

Mark came with a force I had never felt before, and would have probably enjoyed more had I not been so tired. He pulled out of me and Steve and Mr. Parker stepped up to my face. They jerked off a little more before each one came into my open mouth. They took turns slapping me in the face with their dicks while I licked the other clean.

Eddie stepped behind me and stuck his dick in my dripping cunt. He obviously didn't mind sloppy seconds, er, uh, thirds, and fucked my abused pussy until he came again. When he was finished, he knelt down and sucked his and Mark's cum from my pussy. Then someone wrapped me in a blanket and carried me up the stairs. I think it might have been Mark. He dropped me in the bathtub, turned on the shower, and left the room. I lay there, feeling dirty and blissed out of my mind from too many orgasms, and let the hot water rain down on me.

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