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Thanksgiving Get-away


The leaves began to change; the wind was beginning to pick up its forgotten chill. Fall reared its head in our direction and no one had even paid it a second thought. This was probably because I had sadly taken up residence in a cold industrial city, alongside my stunning girlfriend. We rented an apartment here only recently, not because we wanted to or because we are city folk. It was because that's where our graduate classes lie. While you can choose your home and your profession, you can't choose where life will force you to go.

It was now November, the dreadful season of electionitis is subsiding. The undergraduates were back to the torments of their daily classes instead of pestering us to vote. Now with Thanksgiving around the corner, a new-found pressure to go home for a family dinner was set upon us. We dreaded the thought of going till a brilliant idea sparked in our heads. Why not duck out for a camping trip? We loved to camp and we both enjoyed the look and feel of nature; so why not tell the family that our work load was too much and that we were going to try and catch up over the holiday weekend?

In the past our families had paid it no mind when school came before minor holidays like the fourth of July or New Year's, so why not Thanksgiving? True, this is more of a family occasion but we need an escape; it was worth a shot. We threw our bags together immediately and phoned the families. They, as hoped, took the bait and didn't try to guilt us twice. Either at our old age we are immune to such trickery or we just no longer cared about what they had to say. Either or we were off in a flash as soon as the phones went away.

It felt as though we had no sooner left the apartment and the concrete jungle then we had arrived in our secret haven. True, it was no grand secret, just a near-by trail with a few rentable cabins along the way. In short notice and with no time to plan a real hike, it was much more then we could have expected. We chose it because we would get to see nature without trash underneath the single tree on the block or a fence all around it.

Hopefully due to the holiday, the annoying families on trips into the wilderness would be less in quantity. We threw our back packs on and begin to hike towards the cabin. It was Friday night, so we felt there was no need hike a lot the second we got out of the car. Plus, we had to check in with the ranger before we could really do much and setting up our sleeping arrangements felt more relaxing.

While we may be enthralled with the harsh world of roughing it with little to no comfort or luxury, we just weren't in the mood for squeaky springs under a Boy Scout harassed mattress. We brought ourselves a nice big inflatable mattress. Our one luxury for the weekend; it, of course, tortured us by taking the longest time to set up. Upon finishing inflation and eating our premade dinner, we decided to take a stroll over to the waterfall just up the trail, our favorite spot to relax.

We wandered up in the dark; our little cabin only a short walk behind us all lit up to guide our path on the way back. When we got up there, we sat down and stared up into the stars. We were never much for words when appreciating nature. What was there to say when you could both see the same beauty? Tonight was different, though; she wandered up in front of me and spread her arms out. Mainly to feel the breeze, I later found out. I still don't know if it was the look of her hair in the wind or the moonlight all around her magnified by the waterfall, but she looked amazing out there by the edge. I just couldn't resist sneaking up behind her and putting my arms around her slender stomach holding her close, kissing her along that smooth neck of hers. I whispered into her ear "You look beautiful tonight", short and sappy of course. Like I said, we were not much for words, so why try to butter up? The blatant truth was she was sexy. Not having a hard-on around her was like not being able to see the light of day.

I began to kiss her along her neck some more, then she turned towards me. I looked into her eyes right before I kissed her on those lovely lips of hers. She grabbed my hair in her hand pulling my head forward as our tongues danced the tango. My hands tightened around her waist as I pulled her back from the edge. I wanted so badly to strip her right there and then, but I heard children running up the hill. Laughing and yelling as they tried to feebly climb up the hill. We barely had time to slip out of sight behind a bush where we could continue to kiss in private. I stopped kissing her lips only to return to her neck. Slow kisses at first that turned to a nibble here and there. I could feel her breathing getting harder and harder, followed by one word, "cabin".

She grabbed my wrist and down the waterfall trail we went. A little faster and we would have just gone for a ride on the water itself. We didn't waste time fiddling with the door or stopping along the way. We like to get straight to the point and enjoy the mood. We slipped into the cabin and released our extra clothing and fell onto the bed. I landed on top of her. We embraced again sharing some passionate kissing, deep and personal. I stopped to kiss her neck as my hands began to slowly inch her shirt north.

I stopped her shirt right along the edge of her bra. I kissed my way down her shirt to the smooth skin of her stomach. I kissed every inch of that sexy stomach while my hands unbuckled her pants. You could tell she enjoyed it. Her back began to arch a little and her breathing got heavier. I decided not to tease her much and removed the rest of her shirt. I kissed her along the edges of her bra while my hands fiddled with the clasp. Snap went her clasp and her bra was soon gone. Her breasts were not huge but they were perky and firm. I sucked on the nipples and leaned my hardening crotch in, pressing on her damp crotch. I could feel her back arch more while her moaning was getting louder. She grabbed my head to make sure I wouldn't stop. I kept going sucking on her nipples, nibbling on them as well. She loved the feeling of my tongue swirling around them followed up by my teeth gently clamping down.

If I been fully into the moment, I would have not only seen the next moment coming at me, but I could have braced for it. She had flipped us over and I was down with my back on the mattress. She was looming over me with an evil sexy smile that I swear still makes my blood hotter than any campfire every time I see it. She leaned in and ripped my shirt off with her hands.

"My turn" was all she said as she began to bite along my neck. She liked to use more force and, damn, if it did not get a throbbing response out of me. Her hips started to grind slowly as they pressed down on my crotch. I began to breathe harder as her teeth enjoyed my neck.

As per usual, my lack of attention to her hands always seems to be my downfall. While I was enjoying the sensation of her mouth on my neck, I didn't feel my hands getting cuffed to the metal bars of the rusty cot. I tugged but to no avail; those police cuffs of hers are no joke. There was no getting out of them till she read me all my Miranda rights. She chuckled as I tugged. She knew I liked to test my restraints and it always makes her laugh to watch me struggle. It will always be amazing how, even when at her mercy, I can't help but find her even more attractive as she blows on my ear and runs a finger down my chest.

While she tugged on my ear with her mouth, her hands moved to my jeans; down went my zipper. She was never one to take her time. She liked to keep going and tease me as she went. She slid herself down by body once my zipper was down. The caved opening my hard-on left was a perfect place for her to tease me. She blew softly into the hole to watch my cock twitch with excitement wanting out. She didn't like to be left out, so she crawled back up my body and leaned her zipper in my face. She told me to use my mouth to unzip. I obliged her demand. Her pants slid down slowly her hips, leaving her wet black panties in my face. Close enough to see but too far to lick. What a torturous tease it was! Next were her panties. They had to come off, she told me. I felt my belt leave my pants and slide behind my neck creating a sling. She pulled my head in closer to her panties. I bit the waistband held it in my teeth as she slid right out of them. That was a talent I still don't know how she learned. It was amazing how close one could come but how helpless one could still be to just sit back and look.

She didn't like to keep me in waiting for too long so she returned to my confinement. Still playing with my belt, she smacked my chest with it a few times hard enough to leave a slight welt. Then she sat there as if questioning whether I deserved the honor of pleasuring my Royal Highness. She decided she deserved it more and took my pants off. Once I laid there naked, she sat at the other end of the mattress and wrapped the belt around my shaft. She chuckled about the leash as she tugged on it.

The leash didn't stay long because she didn't want it to interfere in her fun. She leaned in and kissed me passionately, grabbing my head to pull me in. We played our tango while she sat down on my crotch. She didn't permit me entrance yet. Her slow grinding along the length of my shaft gave her mind time to debate her next sensual torture to my body. She was not one to act fully on impulse; she liked to plan her actions strategically. The grinding stopped suddenly. She got off and turned around, her wet shaved pussy in my face. I heard only a few words, something about earning my reward. I was guessing this was no ordinary 69. I had to earn my half of the fun.

I started slowly, kissing along her inner thigh, nibbling as I went as well. I didn't want to rush right into the heat of things. She tended to enjoy it, but if I went too fast, I got nothing in return. I reached her outer lips and I sucked on them a little, letting her juices flow into my mouth and savoring the sweet taste. My tongue slowly slid up and down her slit. It moved slowly at first and then sped up. Having no hands made it difficult to get to her clit. Fortunately, she liked to help out. Her hand spread her lips, making my way much easier. I sucked on her lovely little clit, nibbling really. Softly, having learned in the past, too hard and it all would end badly.

Soon I felt the wonderful breeze from her mouth as she began to blow on my cock. I could feel her hand move it towards her lips as she blew softly down its side. She kissed the shaft little by little, while my tongue started to twirl around her clit. I could feel her back arch again as her lips opened and her teeth slid down the sides of my shaft. While I enjoy teeth, I will never cum from it. This was probably the reason why she loved to torture me with them. She never wants me to finish before her. Her tongue wrapped around me and began to play. I moaned onto her clit. She stopped for a second then started again. I kept going on my end. My tongue, tired from fatigue, continued. I began to tongue fuck her just a little, knowing she doesn't fully enjoy it. She wanted to climax on my tongue but I am not letting her.

Our little battle teasing each other goes on for some time. Her teeth battle against my tongue fucking. While we both moan in pleasure, neither of us near our ultimate desire, and yet we continue. We are torturing ourselves as well as each other. She stops, I follow suit, feeling no need to overtire my tongue. She gets up, sliding her wet slit down my chest, right before she turns around and faces me. She hovers over my hard-on almost like she wants to torture me instead of sitting down. Of course she will. We both know neither of us can resist pressing onward at this point. Our desire is too much to stop.

Suddenly without warning she slams down onto my cock. That slit is still as tight as the day we first made love. Having been both virgins, it is no surprise she is as tight as she was then. She grabs the sides of my chest as she begins to grind. I start to thrust upwards in contrast to her movements. Having no hands to hold her waists, it is not a walk in the park. She humors me as I thrust, moving down as I move up. In harmonic motion we move for some time, till I hear the click of my cuffs hitting the floor. I was free. Why didn't matter. I sat up and held her in my arms as we kissed passionately, still thrusting upwards. She moans into my ears, loving every moment.

I lay her down on the bed shortly afterwards and spread her legs. I loom above her and smile as I reenter the well-guarded cavern. I thrust slow and gentle at first, loving the smile on her face. I hold her slender waist with my hands as I begin to thrust harder and harder. Her breasts bounce in time to the motion of my thrusts. I feel one with my hand rubbing the nipple with a finger. Pinching it and pulling it, watching her back arch and her moans get louder as I play.

I will never explain why but watching her moan is like art in motion. Her beauty I can never tell her in words how it amazes me, it captures me turning my blood to fire as I kiss her or make love to her. Yet, I can feel that her moans scream the words "I know". I keep at it harder and harder. I know she loves the feel of my balls smacking against her ass. I stop suddenly, pausing for a second. I lean her on her side and lay beside her.

I kiss her along her neck as I reenter her yet again. Having looked into her gorgeous eyes, I wanted to hold her tight against my body, squeeze her lovely breasts and thrust just as hard as before. We lay there facing each other, her eyes staring into mine as we thrust. I kiss her deeply. Our tongues began moving faster and harder than before. The passion was growing with every moment, every thrust, and every slide of our hands.

My cock soon began to throb, too soon, I thought. We only just began. I didn't want to end it so soon. I couldn't stop thrusting, though. I loved the look of pleasure in her eyes. I knew she felt what I already knew, but she seemed to enjoy it, moving faster and harder on her end. It was as though she wanted me to lose it, already. I moaned in her ear, caught up in the feeling. She smirked and kissed me. We kept on going. It was amazing, I felt as if she kept me from losing it. She clamped down along my shaft. It throbbed more and more wanted to be set loose.

She began to shake a little as she thrust. I began to thrust back more, knowing what was about to happen. No sooner had I realized this than she let go. She unclamped herself and began to shake. With the clamp gone, I began to shake as well. While we did not climax together, we sure were close to it. I lost the race and came in first, shortly followed by her. We didn't stop thrusting, though. We could feel each other's juices mixing as we went, loving the feeling it gave us.

Eventually we stopped and she rested her head against my chest, breathing heavily. I could tell she enjoyed herself. I held her tight, not saying a word. We just lay there, naked and a mess from all the cum that covered the bed. We were happy, though, relaxed and free like we'd planned. No one for a long distance to bother us, no family affair to attend, no need to talk or impress anyone, just time to lay and be ourselves.

It was a moment we didn't get to experience often, having spent so many months in the city. It was as though we had started to lose ourselves. This experience definitely gave us a new tradition, the Thanksgiving getaway. One we figured we could not keep forever, but one we planned to uphold and repeat whenever we could.

The following morning when we awoke in each other's arms, we looked in each other's eyes and shared evil smiles. We wanted a shower and we knew just the place to go. The question was, would we get caught? There was only really one way to find out. We figured when the sun went down, we would take our chances and enjoy the moonlight and breeze and that waterfall again. Why not, we didn't have anywhere to be, at least not till Sunday night.

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