That Damned Valentine's Day Card

byTx Tall Tales©

I was trying to ignore her, walking through the house to the kitchen, starting the coffee. She followed, a step or two behind, trying to justify herself.

"I think I can help him. I have to if I can," she whined.

"I get it. You fuck him, and everything's better. You get to scratch your itch, and he gets a special going away. Go ahead, I told you, I don't care."

"I can't. I won't destroy our marriage to save him. It's selfish of me, but I can't do that."

"You won't destroy our marriage. I gave you that fucking card, and I'll stand by it. You're forgiven. Do what you think you have to. Just please don't throw it in my face afterward." I felt beaten down, miserable.

I felt her arms wrap around me. "Come to bed, Alex. Lay with me, and listen with an open heart. I swear, give me an hour of your time, and if you don't ask me to go to him, I won't. I'll never mention it again, and I'll burn that card, and never, ever bring it up. One hour. Call in late, and do this for me."

I figured I could play along. No way I'd ever ask her to go to another man. We'd end this, and hopefully find a way past it.

I laid down stiffly, wrapped only in my towel. She got naked and cuddled up to me.

"This is John, we're talking about. Not some asshole. I know you like him, he's a good man. Life has just been giving him nothing but an ass-kicking for the last couple of years."

She was right. I did like John. He was a good guy, or so I'd thought. One of the few people from her work we socialized with. Unfortunate that he married a cheating slut. Didn't mean he had to make one out of my wife.

"He doesn't know about this. He probably won't even go along. He hates cheaters as much as you or I. Probably more, and with good reason. You remember how happy he used to be. Fun, cheerful. He's miserable now. A zombie at work. I think most people are going to be glad to see him leave."

I remembered how he'd taken the news about his wife, and bore it well. Until the divorce. It had been horrible, she'd accused him of everything from being a wife-beater to a pedophile. Dragged his name through the mud. Got a restraining order, kicked him out of his own home, and then took him for everything she could. Her lawyer was a lot better than his, and it paid off for her. He'd been successful, a cheerful guy, easy to get along with. Fun at a party. Never obnoxious. He flirted like most of us, but never to the point of being uncomfortable.

When she left the state with her lover, or at least one of them, taking the kids with her, he'd been crushed. He didn't socialize. I don't think I ever saw him in public after that.

"I was his sounding board at work. The only one he talked to. She destroyed him, and he was so angry, so bitter. He seemed to hate all women. I was surprised he even put up with me."

"Sounding board?" I asked cruelly. "Was that all?"

"Yes baby, I swear. Breaks and lunches. I'd have to drag him out of the building sometimes. The only thing he cared about anymore were those cars of his. I don't know how he managed to keep them."

I remembered. He'd told me once. "Family business. They're registered under some kind of family business with his mother."

"If I could get him out of the building and in his car, he'd calm down. He'd talk, open up. He was so sad. Losing the children and getting accused of abuse. Everyone knew it was bullshit."

"God, she must have hated him," I said.

"She's the worst piece of shit walking this earth, as far as I'm concerned. He was finally coming back. Smiling sometimes. He was never anything other than a gentleman. He never kissed me, never even touched me in an offensive way. Opened doors, held a chair, but that was all. He wouldn't even hug me back, when I tried to hug him."

I could believe that. She was right. I did like him. And I trusted him. That made it even weirder.

"We both know he always liked me. He'd always seek me out, talk to me, at parties. He flirted, but in a friendly way. I never felt awkward around him. Still, I could see how he looked at me. Not filthy, but appreciative."

"And that got you wondering," I taunted her.

"No, never! I swear. It's not about me. I think if I could spend some time with him before he goes, remind him of the good things. That all women aren't evil conniving bitches. Show him a little love and appreciation."

She leaned her head on my shoulder. "He was getting better. He was, and then came the service call. He never thought he'd get called up, but they need civil engineers. It crushed him. I don't think he'd ever imagined it would happen, but on top of everything else it was the last straw. He drew back into himself. I'm afraid for him. I know he's really depressed. I think he's suicidal. I have a terrible feeling that if he goes over there like he is now, he'll never come back. He won't survive."

"I tried to get him to lunch yesterday. I even bought him a little stuffed bear for Valentine's Day. He was in his office, head on his desk crying. God, Alex, he was crying like a little boy. It broke my heart. I left before he could see me. He's hurting so badly."

I could feel her tears on my chest. She was clinging to me, almost painfully. "I...I think I could help him. I had to try. If he died over there, and I didn't at least try, I don't know how I'd live with myself. That's why I had to ask. I swear, it was the hardest thing I ever did. I was afraid it would hurt you, but I hoped you would understand. When I saw you last night, so much like that first time I hurt you, I knew it was too much to ask. But I needed you to understand why I did. It wasn't because I don't love you, or want anything else. I swear to God it's not. There's nobody but you for me, Alex. I know that now. I'm not the ignorant little girl I was 7 years ago. I wanted to help him if I could, that's all."

"That's a lot, Sheri. Asking me to let you be with another man, for whatever reason."

"I don't even know it would come to that. Hell, I don't even know if he'd go along. But he's leaving Tuesday. I thought I could spend one last day with him. Saturday. Get him out, maybe to a park or to a museum. A nice dinner, and then an evening alone. If I thought that being with me would save him, I'd even do that. I'd try to mend him enough that maybe, just maybe, he'd somehow survive and make it back. I don't think he will, if he goes over there like he is now."

"And you think one day with you will provide this miracle healing?"

"I don't know. Probably not. Still, I wanted to try. That was all. I'm sorry. The timing was horrible, but seeing him the way he was yesterday put the idea in my head. Time was running out. I wasn't thinking straight. You made my day perfect, and I ruined it. I'm so sorry Alex."

She was so stressed out, I was surprised I hadn't noticed the night before. I hate to say it, but I believed her. Was the idea of getting to bed a different man thrilling for her? Perhaps, I can't really know, but what I did believe that this was about trying to help a friend, more than anything else. An unusual situation.

I was also torn over that damned card. I felt a little guilty. I knew that first Valentine's Day sealed the deal that got us to the altar. Broke down her last reservations. I honestly felt that with the offer there, she'd never need to take me up on it, and although I'd sweated it a few times in the first couple of years, I'd completely forgotten about it until she brought it up.

If she really did expect me to honor it, was this the best chance I'd get. A good guy, in tough straits, that was leaving town for at least a couple of years?

"How do you picture it happening? Do you just show up at his place? Do you pack an overnight bag? Will I hear from you?"

She was slow to answer. "I...I don't think we should do it. I saw how you were. God, I thought you were going to walk out on me! I could even understand it if you did. I love you Alex, and I don't think it's worth the risk."

"It shocked me. It really hurt that you'd bring it up after all these years, and to do it on Valentine's Day! Our special day. All I could think was that our love making was a sham. It was all done to get me let you cheat."

She started to say something, and I cut her off. "No, please, let me finish. I'm trying to be honest with you, so you can understand my reaction. I would have probably have been hurt and surprised no matter when you brought it up, but on Valentine's Day? For God's sake, Sheri, you must know what that day means to me! I thought it meant that to both of us. I spend weeks, months, doing everything in my power to make it the single most romantic day of your life up until that point. Each year I plot and plan how I'm going to surpass the previous year. I spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars in preparation for that look in your eye that tells me, once again, I've won you. The end of the day, holding you in my arms, knowing you're mine, totally, heart and soul is the best part of my year. You killed that last night. I don't know how I'll ever get that back."

She pulled away from me, crying openly. I turned and held her, waiting for her to calm down. When she could breath normally, she finally managed to get a few comprehensible words out. "I'm sorry. It's magical what you do for me. I feel so loved and appreciated. It's like getting proposed to all over again," she chuckled. "The second time, I mean, not that other time I fucked up so bad."

She turned and hugged me. "I was going to wait until today. That was my plan, but I was an idiot. I felt so warm and calm, so content, so happy. I felt your love for me was so absolute, and the fear of bringing it up to you had faded for just that moment. I wanted to get it over with, not hide it, not have to think about it. Yes or No and it would be over. In retrospect, I was a complete jerk. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, we can put this past us, and I swear I'll make it up to you. I will, and you know I keep my promises."

I gave her a hug. "I know you do. That's the real problem here. I do too. I told you once, seven years ago, I didn't want you to have to wonder. If the time came when you wanted to do something I wouldn't normally agree to, I'd give you the one free shot. No repercussions, no punishment, no second thoughts. I behaved badly last night, and I can only blame it on the timing. I hope you'll forgive me."

"No Alex. There's no forgiving, because there's nothing to forgive. I ambushed you, in the worse way on our special day. I'll regret that the rest of my life. At the end of every Valentine's Day for now on, instead of having all those beautiful times to reflect on, we'll both be thinking of how I ruined this one. How I might have even cost us our marriage, by being a selfish idiot. No, I'll never forgive you for something that I did."

I kissed her softly, and said what was probably the most painful words that had ever passed my lips. "Go to him Saturday. Do what you can to save him, whatever you think it takes. I don't want to know any details, but I'd like to hear from you each night, just to know that you're alright."

I could feel her tensing up, and she spoke up, "Each night?"

"Go tomorrow, and don't come back until you've done all you can. Take him to the airport, Tuesday, and come back to me. This is your one."

"Are you sure?" she asked several seconds later. "I couldn't stand the thought of this damaging our marriage. Nothing matters more to me than you, Alex. Nothing."

"Do it, Sheri. Saturday through Tuesday. Then we'll never talk about it again. You'll never see him alone again, and you'll never be intimate with another man for the rest of our marriage. If you practice unsafe sex with him, I will want you to get tested before you come back to our bed. I won't ask for proof, but I expect you to take precautions, and make sure it's safe for me. When you're ready, you can come back to our bed, and I'll expect you to be available to me. Those are my only conditions."

I climbed out of our bed, and started to dress for work. She watched me, silently. I figured she had questions, but we could talk about it that evening.

She followed me to the door, dressed only in her robe, and pulled me in for a long kiss before I left. "I love you. You and nobody but you, ever. I hope you know that."

All I could do was nod.

* * *

The day seemed to drag on forever, but somehow I made it through. I considered stopping at a bar for a few bracing drinks, but thought better of it. I wasn't a big drinker, a few drinks a week maybe, social drinking at parties, a couple of beers watching a game. Twice I'd set out to get blinding drunk, both times because of her. I didn't want to do it again.

I got home, and she met me at the door, on her knees, wearing only a negligee. She handed me a drink, and then opened my pants. The door was still open, and I went to close it, she told me no.

"Don't. Leave it open. I don't care who knows that I will do anything for the love of my life. Anything. Tonight it starts with this."

I put down my briefcase, took a sip of my drink, and let her get me hard. I rested my hand on her head, guiding her gently. She poured her soul into that blowjob, and after only a few minutes of effort, she had me ready to shoot. I groaned, thrusting hard into her mouth. She grabbed my hips, and sucked me deep. I gasped as I exploded in her mouth, and she took it all, sucked me gently through my finish, and kept at it, teasing me back to half-staff.

She stood up, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Dress down, lover. I'll see you in the living room in a few."

I was sitting on the couch less than 10 minutes later, and she showed up seconds later with a tray of snacks. She pulled the coffee table right up to the edge of the couch, and climbed into my lap. I was treated to an array of tiny treats, fed by my wife, her lips following each morsel.

"A tiny snack is all," she whispered. "I hope you have an appetite for dinner. I think you're going to find it pretty spectacular."

I laughed. "I skipped lunch. I'm famished."

She giggled. "Perfect."

"You don't have to do all this," I told her.

"I do. I was thinking about it. Every year, you do so much to make my one day perfect, and all I give you is sex. I try to make it great, but it doesn't compare to what you do for me."

"Hush," I told her, sealing her lips with mine. "It's the greatest gift in the world. Nothing you could do would ever top that."

She pouted. "No. I want to do something for you. You spoil me rotten every Valentine's Day, and I went and messed it up. I want to start a new tradition. February 15th, is my day to spoil you for now on. It's a done deal, and I don't want to hear any more about it."

I chuckled. "Yes ma'am. As long as this isn't about the other thing."

She shook her head solemnly. "No. It's nothing about that. We can talk about that later. This is because I want to do something special for you. I know it won't be in the same league as your romantic gestures, but I need to do this for us."

"I'm yours for the rest of the night, beautiful."

She grinned. "Good. Now I want you to go out on the patio, and enjoy your drink. I need a few minutes to finish the dinner preparation. I'll get you when I'm ready."

I let her guide me outside, and sipped on my drink. I tried to keep thoughts about the other matter out of my mind. A welcome home blowjob, with the door open? I wonder if any of our neighbor's had caught any of that.

It took longer than I expected, but eventually she showed up, still wearing that naughty negligee. She looked spectacular.

"Trust me, hubby dearest?" she teased.

"With my life."

"Nothing quite as drastic as that," she teased. She pulled her arms out from behind her back, and waved a blindfold at me. "May I?"

I nodded and let her put it on me. She took my hand and guided me indoors out of the cool evening air. Inside, she pulled my sweats down my legs, and told me to raise my hands. I lifted them up, and she took my shirt off, leaving me in my boxers. Her hands ran down my chest. "I hate you. You haven't gained one pound since we got married. How am I supposed to keep up with you?"

"Who are you kidding? You're more beautiful today than when I met you."

"I'm glad you think so." The she was pulling me forward by the hand. She maneuvered back to the couch, from my blind estimation, then urged me to sit back with a simple push on my chest. I felt her sit down next to me. Her hands moved to my head, and I felt her pulling on my mask.

"Dinner is served," she whispered, giggling, and pulled my mask free.

It took a few moments for the reality of the situation before me to sink in. Too surprising to be believed at first, I was stunned.

My wife's arm slid around me shoulders. "Nothing? Please don't tell me I screwed up again," she said nervously.

The coffee table before me was quite full. A naked female body was stretched out in front of me, with a couple of dozen sushi treats lined up on her body. The woman was blindfolded and unmoving, but I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. Her skin was completely smooth, including at her crotch. A starburst of treats were placed there as well, three at the point where her legs met, and another five radiating out beyond those.

It's strange how hard it is to recognize a woman when she's absolutely naked and wearing a mask. Her hair was no help, hidden under some kind of cap. Smallish breasts, covered in sushi, narrowed it down somewhat. I started with her usual friends, trying to figure out who it was.

"Alex, you're scaring me," Sheri whispered anxiously.

"Who?" was all I could utter.

"Don't worry about that. Time to enjoy our dinner." She handed me a pair of chopsticks, and started mixing a dollop of wasabi with soy sauce in a small ceramic bowl in front of her. She passed me the wasabi, and I took some, then watched as she added the soy sauce to my bowl. She reached forward, plucked what looked like salmon on a rectangle of rice off of the thigh in front of me. She dunked it in my bowl, then held it to my lips. I opened my mouth and accepted her offering.

She seemed happy with that, and took another piece off the belly in front of her. A nice firm belly, I might add.

With the ice broken, I helped myself to the tuna at our server's waist. The outer ring of the sunburst. With a smile, I grabbed another, reaching across my wife, and selecting from the breast. I held it to her lips, and she gave me a big grin before opening up for me.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "You are nothing but surprises these last few days, aren't you?"

"You like?"

"Very much. Naughty girl."

It was crazy erotic, to be eating off the naked body. After a bit, she stopped using the chopsticks, and started picking up the pieces with her fingers, and I followed in her footsteps. It became playful, feeding each other, teasing, uncovering our serving girl.

Sheri's hands lingered, caressing the naked flesh, and I placed my hand on the thigh in front of me, for the moment cleared of food. I thought I felt a slight trembling.

"Do I want to know how much this cost, or how big a favor you had to call in for this surprise?" I asked.

She leaned against me, kissing my neck. "Quite the bargain. When I explained what I had in mind, I had more than one volunteer. It seems you have admirers, handsome man."

She leaned forward, and scooped up a treat off the far breast, with her lips. She took her time, and I saw the tip of her tongue brushing the skin underneath. The woman's nipples hardened noticeably. She turned to me with a wicked grin. "Delicious. You should try it."

I took her at her word, and leaned across the leg in front of me, nibbling a morsel off the far thigh. Sheri was giggling before I was done.

"God, that looked hot," she said softly, and then her arms were around my neck, and she was kissing me.

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