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That Night


"That Night"
We were there,
on your couch,
staring at the shifting visions of the film in front of us.
Our eyes feared meeting for our dishonorable
intentions were heightening.
Neither of us dared move.
Whilst inches apart,
It proved difficult to handle the
I moved closer and you turned in.
The film was uninteresting,
But then again,
I barely watched.
Emotions of desire ran high.
I graced passed your leg gently with my finger
on my way to my own,
attempting to be discreet.
The subtlety was arousing to you as I had intended it to be.
I stopped eating popcorn.
Kernels stuck in my teeth
would not have been ideal
for the activities I had in mind.
I struggled vainly to clear my teeth
of the unnattractive mess.
Once accomplished,
the only thing in my way was the first move.
I grasped for courage
and with a quivering whisper
I told you of my temptation.
And you denied me.
Followed by an explanation.
You told me of your mutual feelings,
but your overpowering need to be the gentleman.
You also considered giving in to your own longings to be
You feared that I would get hurt.
I considered it,
All the more,
A challenge.
The movie had become undesired so it was turned off.
I massaged your head as we listened to music.
Although my touch was light,
You were grateful for your own sensitivity.
Your breath was growing heavy,
you panicked,
And so we stopped.
You're better judgement was weakening
and so I offered to assist you.
to perhaps,
ease your distress.
I couldn't help it.
I wondered,
what else I could do to you.
You were having a difficult time
controlling yourself.
We talked.
Our discussion was on the
principle of the idea.
It would be unfair,
feckless even.

I didn't care.
I craved you,
not just physically,
But in every way.
It was time for me to be getting home
and so we left for my place.
It was almost like the night had begun again.
First, we talked of Alea
and how we both missed her greatly,
Then of her new beau.
The turning point,
You asked about Danny.
About how I had compromised myself to him.
Impure things I did,
That I'd do,
With you?
We stopped in an excited state.
You mentioned kissing again.
It was getting late
and I would already be returning to suspicious looks.
You suggested that there was still time,
but were not willing to initiate anything yourself.
Silence ensued.
Then, an impulsive rush overbearing on my self control,
my will overtook me.
Just to try it.
Just to feel you.
I let my lips attach to yours.
Soft, delicate.
Feeling out the pleasure the suspense had held.
Heavy, passionate.
I knew what you wanted and you knew what I wanted.
Complete loss of control.
Mind, body, sense; all gone to a primal state of sexual intuition,
I took what i needed and you did the same.
It ended.
A kiss,
That was all.
Anything more would have been irresponsible.

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