tagBDSMThat Summer Of Our Youth Ch. 02

That Summer Of Our Youth Ch. 02


This is chapter two of this story. To gain the entire context of the story one should read the first chapter. As explained there, this is a true story; only the names of the guilty have been changed. This has been written in collaboration with literotica author cheveuxroux. She lived it with my help. Please feel free to email comments and of course, please vote.

Sometime late in the night, Stan arose and went off to his own cabin. Shawna slept the sleep of the fulfilled. Though there were a couple of times during the night when she awoke feeling that tinge of fear in the pit of her stomach that she had given her kinky desires away and she would never see Stan again.

Saturday dawned sunny and bright and the counselors went to work cleaning the camp with a renew energy. By mid-afternoon the camp was secure and the other counselors were boarding the van and headed back to town. Stan had approached Shawna early in the afternoon and told her she would ride home with him. As he spoke, Shawna felt that all too familiar twitch in her pussy at his apparent aggressiveness. He gave her no choice when he told her she would be riding home with him.

As the van drove out of the driveway, Stan walked up to Shawna and took her hand. He led her to his cabin.

“I think we need to talk.” He said straightforwardly. “I don’t know quite how to say this, other than to come right out and ask.”

Shawna sat stock still in a chair looking at him, fully expecting him to tell her that they had no future.

“Can I assume you’re into D/s?” he asked flat out?

“I really did yell that out loud?” she asked quietly. She already feared the worst.

“Yes, you did. Now answer the question.”

“Yes, I’ve dreamed for a long long time of being a subbie.” She said softly.

“I see.” He replied. Reaching for her hand he pulled her up to her feet and in close to him. Taking her face in his hands, he tilted her head so she was looking directly into his eyes.

“Then meet your new Master, little slut!”

Shawna’s heart all but leapt from her chest. He not only hadn’t berated her desires, but it appeared that he shared them. Pulling her into him, he kissed her on her lips; his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. It was, by far, the most aggressive kiss she had ever received. And she melted against him.

Stan ran his hand up Shawna’s back and tangled his fingers in her red hair. Using his hand as a guide her maneuvered her to the far wall and placed her against the wall much like a suspect about to be frisked by police. Inserting his foot between hers, he spread her feet. She had “assumed the position” as the cops call it.

“Don’t move, little bitch.” Stan said.

Whimpering with lust, Shawna was both nervous and excited. Although this scene was not playing out quite the way she had always imagined her first experience with a Dom would, she nonetheless was aroused by the prospect of her first real life experience.

Stan’s hands came around and fondled the girl’s big tits through her top. Then reached down and unsnapped the button on her shorts. After pulling down the zipper, he deftly slid her shorts down her shapely legs and she willingly stepped out of them. She had been nude in front of a man just once, earlier this week. And she was now very conscious of her panty-clad ass in plain sight for Stan to see. She was also very aware of how wet the crotch of her panties were. Stan’s hand now took hold of the hem of her top and raised it until she had to stand up to let him slide it off. Before letting her resume her spread position, he removed her bra. Those big firm tits now stood proudly for him to see.

Stan then wrapped a length of rope around the young girl’s wrists. Placing her hands back against the wall, He slid his hand down her arms, through her armpits and around her tits. He leaned in close to one ear and his hot wet tongue licked at her ear. She moaned at the contact. As he licked and tongued her ear, his hands took on a life of their own. He continually stroked her flesh, up and down her tummy, across her tits and nipples, down her sides. She was becoming frantic with need. She could feel his hard cock pressing into the crack of her pert ass as he played with her body. When his hand worked it’s way down to the junction of her thighs, she whimpered like a cat in heat.

The heat and the wetness from her hot little cunt were intense. And Stan couldn’t have been more pleased. He had approached this venture with some trepidation. He really had no idea if Shawna had ever thought about bringing her sub fantasies into the real world.

Picking up another length of rope, he wrapped it around her waist, and then pulled it down between her legs. Pulling firmly, he made sure the rope insinuated itself between her pussy lips, pressing her panties into her slit. He then tied the rope off to the length around her waist. With her wrists and pussy now tied, he was certain that she felt more subdued that she ever had.

He stepped back from her and backed into the middle of the room. Shawna, meanwhile, was taken aback when suddenly he quit touching her. The rope between her legs was causing a constant pressure on her clit keeping her constantly on edge. The rope around her wrists gave her the feeling of lose of control, which is, of course, what he wanted. She wanted terribly to turn her head to see what he was doing, but knew that a good slave would turn only when given permission. And she was determined to be a good slave.

“Now, my little slut.” Stan said. “Come and kneel before your Master.”

Shawna felt her pussy gush fluid when she heard the words “slut” and “Master.” She was filled with contentment and longing to throw herself at his feet and beg him to fuck her hard and long. But she simply turned, walked to where he stood and knelt before him. To all outward appearances, it was as though she had been supplicating herself before him forever. Only she knew that her legs were trembling and her knees were weak as he brought her most private fantasies to realism. She was finally where and what she had longed to be since she first developed breasts and matured sexually. She was no longer a little girl with an impossible dream; she was now a sex slave, a slut to a man who would own her for as long as he wanted.

On her knees, this young virginal red head raised her eyes slowly to the man who had captured her very soul.

“I am your slut, Sir, your sex slave to do with as you please. I exist only to give you pleasure.”

Her eyes moist with tears of pure joy, she submitted to this man in real life, her submission and subsequent service now a thing of reality, no longer a dream of her over active mind.

Looking down on this pretty young face, Stan took his new role quite seriously. He knew she had given him her very life. And he was well aware of how precious this gift was. He unsnapped the snap in his shorts, unzipped them and slid them down his well-muscled legs. Then shucked out of his T-shirt. Shawna could see the affect she had on him. His cock was fully erect and straining against the fabric of his under shorts.

“Remove my shorts, cockwhore!” he told her.

Reaching up with her tied hands to do his bidding, she felt him slap them away. Pulling back quickly, she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Master?” she whimpered.

“If I won’t allow you to use your hands, then use your teeth, slut! And do NOT bite me.”

He stood with his hands on his hips looking down at her. Shawna, meanwhile, felt that telltale twitch in her pussy as she saw herself doing his bidding in her mind’s eye.

Oh my god, that is so very wicked, so terribly perverted! She thought to herself.

She leaned forward and began to maneuver to get her teeth on his waistband. Succeeding at last, she pulled the shorts down. They slipped a few inches. The pressure of his erect cock was causing some difficulty with this task. Twisting her young body around, she pushed her pretty face underneath between his legs. Her face rubbed against the fabric covering his balls. She could smell him. The very depravity of this entire scene was making her incredibly hot. She pushed on sliding up his ass cheeks his manly scent overwhelming her senses. Catching the garment in her teeth once more she pulled. The shorts gave. With a few better-placed tugs, she finally got the shorts down. She couldn’t quit staring at his cock. It was the first time she had actually seen it, let alone been this close to it. Having nothing to compare it to in real life, she was still awed by it. Continuing her task, she got his shorts around his ankles, finally. He placed a hand on her head and stepped out of them with one foot, then the other.

“You will learn to be the best little cocksucking slut around, bitch.” He told her. “Now, be a good little girl and lick your Master’s cock.”

Continuing to stare at his eyes, she stuck out her tongue and felt a man’s cock for the first time in her life. When the tip of her tongue touched his hot flesh it was as if an electric current was running through her. And it was grounded in her pussy. She would have sworn that her clit was actually vibrating. Becoming bolder, encouraged by his moans, she licked the formidable shaft with the flat of her tongue. It bobbed deliciously against her face. He stood with his hands on his hips watching her. Unbeknownst to her, he was exercising remarkable restraint. His innermost being wanted to grab her head and shove his cock down her unused throat. His fists clenched at his side as he lavished the sensations of her tongue.

She continued to lick and kiss his cock. She was in sheer ecstasy. She lowered her head and licked at his balls. The feelings of total wantonness flooded her senses.

He could stand it no longer. He longed to feel the warmth of her mouth engulfing his cock. Reaching forward with one hand and tangling it in her hair, he fisted his cock with the other and pulled her up so her mouth was even with his cock head. The head was coated with precum. He rubbed the head over her lips, making the shiny and wet. Then raised his aim slightly and rubbed the head around her nostrils and on her upper lips. Now with every breath she took, she would smell his cock. She moaned softly. Pleasing a man with her mouth and lips had always played a prominent part of her fantasies. But now she knew that reality was so much better.

“Please, Master.” She whimpered. “Please may I suck your big hard cock?”

Stan almost came on the spot when she pleaded so nicely. He was concentrating so hard on not cumming yet that he could only nod.

Shawna opened her sweet virginal mouth and he slid his cock forward. The head passed between her lips and she closed her mouth, locking her lips around his girth. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing. Her tongue licked at the head, teasing the little slit.

My god this is heaven: So much better with a real man, not my imagination. She thought to herself.

It was true she was inexperienced, but her desire to please him and her want to learn how to be a good little cocksucker spurred her on. She began to bob her head, licking and sucking as she did. With each stroke she was taking a little bit more. When the head touched the back of her throat, she gagged. Her eyes shot upward to look at him. He smiled down at her and she was encouraged to continue. Her movements were speeding up. She actually wanted to taste his cum.

Stan was determined to let her go at her own pace. He fought down the desire to shove it down her throat. Her first cock suck should be one she loved, not something she might regret later.

“When I cum, slutgirl, swallow it all. Drink your Master’s cum down into your tummy.”

The thought that he was going to cum in her mouth was most arousing to this young inexperienced girl. And she was determined to show him how good she was, or at least wanted to be. Her lips tightened even more and her tongue began to dance against the head. She could feel and taste the precum oozing from the head. Stan steadied her and began to guide her movements into a steady rhythm. All of this activity had made his cock supersensitive. He suddenly felt that telltale tingle in his balls.

Shawna panicked when his hand tightened on her hair and pulled her hard against him. She felt the big head pop down her throat and thought she would suffocate. She felt the first gush of cum shoot down into her tummy. Then as he pulled back she sucked air in through her nose, as the second gush filled her mouth. The taste was indescribable. Pure male. She loved it. She was attempting to swallow when he shot two more gushes into her mouth. Trying her best, she couldn’t keep up with him. Some of his preciouses cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth and dripped down her chin. It landed, hot and wet on her big tits. The next several spurts were lessening in intensity, but she was amazed at how much there was. She swallowed over and over again, working her throat to get it all. His moans in her ears were like music to her. As his climax subsided, she felt a tingle in her pussy. She was so incredibly turned on by all of this, that she came as she was swallowing the last of his cum. Moaning out her climax, she never once opened her mouth. It wasn’t a major climax, but a climax just the same. She could feel how damp her panties got.

Stan made no effort to take his cock out of her mouth. Her tongue lazily licked at it. He pulled her sweet face into his loins burying her nose in his hair as his cock went about half hard. It fit in her mouth just touching the back of her throat. He kept it there and allowed her to play for a few moments, despite the hypersensitivity of the head. Her chin was massaging his balls. In a few short minutes, she felt it twitch in her mouth and begin to grow again. He pressed his hand into the back of her head even harder, holding her in place as his cock poked at the back of her throat. Shawna was beginning to panic. The bigger his cock grew the more it pressed into her throat. She gagged again as it made its way into her esophagus. Here she was, completely at his mercy, hands on his hips, mouth pressed firmly against his tummy, her eyes looking up at him with concern and adoration. When his cock reached full length and hardness once more she had it completely down her throat. Had someone told her that she could deep throat something this big an hour ago; she would have laughed at them. Now she had it all. A sense of accomplishment flooded her. Finally he left her head go and she backed off his cock, gulping great gasps of air.

“Thank you, Master.” She said. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to pleasure you with my mouth and throat, Sir.”

Still kneeling before him, the taste of a man’s cum in her mouth, the rope against her clit and her wrists tied, Shawna waited for his next command. As she looked up at him and saw the affection and lust for her in his eyes, she knew that this was truly where she needed to be. Kneeling at his feet waiting to serve him.

© copyright 2004 Vern Hoops

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