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That Was Some Party


It was Saturday night, and I was looking for company. I didn't have any particular prospects, but I did have a standing invitation to attend a party that an acquaintance of mine threw on the first weekend of every month; I had never attended one, but I had a hunch that it might be a good place to go looking for love, seeing as how Randall, the acquaintance, always seemed to be accompanied by a different, very attractive woman.

So, I arrived, greeted Randall, and began to prowl. There were plenty of unattached ladies there, and one, who introduced herself as Catherine, made it very clear, very soon, that she was interested. It put me off a bit; with that much aggression on her part, there wasn't much room for romance. Not that she was unattractive -- she had long, curly dark hair, green eyes, and was dressed in such a manner as to ensure that no one missed the fact that she had a very hot body: a short skirt made of some sort of shiny, flimsy material, high heeled sandals, and a tank top that hugged her breasts and hinted at her nipples. It was hard to take my eyes off her, but I wanted to relax and take it slow, and it seemed that she was a bit impatient.

So, I kept mingling, and after a while I found myself in conversation with a woman named Luisa, who had captivating, big, dark eyes, and a very wide and generous mouth. She showed her interest in subtle ways, laughing lightly, but keeping those big eyes riveted on me. She was dressed in a rather formal, floor-length gown, and she was drinking tequila. She was rather demure about it, but it dawned on me that she was putting it away very steadily, because I was drinking with her, and it was beginning to affect me.

We kept talking, and as time went by, the room emptied out, so it was just me sitting on a couch, and Luisa sitting opposite me in an armchair. She was telling me about Mexico, where she grew up. Her voice dropped a bit in volume, and I asked her to repeat herself. She grinned impishly, and spoke again, but I still couldn't hear her and I said so. At this point, she gracefully arose, and sat next to me. Putting her big eyes and big mouth close to mine, she whispered, audibly this time, "...when I went to college, I discovered that what I really like about life is sex." And she kissed me.

Boy, could she kiss. Her mouth was so wide, and wet, and soft, and slowly she merged it with mine, teasing my tongue with hers. I could feel the pressure of her breasts against me as we kissed, but we took our time; I was tremendously aroused, just from the feel of her mouth on mine. Then she pushed me down on the couch, and paused for an awkward moment to hike her gown up a bit, so that she could part her legs enough to straddle me. Then she advanced up my torso enough so that she could lean down and kiss me again.

Again, that luxurious wet kiss of hers. I reveled in it, needing more, but willing to wait. She had her weight on her hands and knees, so that I could not feel her body, although I could feel the abundant fabric of her gown accumulating on my belly. I reached up and began to slowly bring my hands down her back, heading for her ass, pulling on her to let her know my need, but she kept herself a bit elevated still, teasing me more voluptuously with her kiss. I let out a little groan of frustration, and it was then that she broke off this kiss, and smiled very broadly into my eyes.

Then she walked her knees up my armpits, and smiling, began to gather up the folds of her gown, until in one slow, fluid motion she climbed over my shoulders and brought her wet, delicious pussy into contact with my mouth.

I was shocked for just an instant, realizing, among other things, that she wore no panties, and that she did not fear discovery by the other guests. But I was so enchanted by the hot fragrance and the extraordinary wetness of her cunt, as she moved her hips to and fro, brushing herself against my lips and tickling my cheeks with her soft and abundant pubic hair.

I groaned again, and my hands struggled through the folds of her gown to find her hips, to that I might bring her down hard against my mouth. This time, she cooperated fully, grinding her pussy in little circles against my lips and tongue. Her hands found my head, holding me firm against her, as I deliriously ran my tongue up and down her opening, and then deep inside her, and then, as I could feel her orgasm approaching, I took all her vulva into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around her clit. I heard her begin to laugh, low and guttural, a laugh that turned into a sort of howl of ecstasy, as I lapped away at the juices that gushed from her cunt.

After a minute she rose a few inches, so that I could see her smiling down at me, with a glazed look in her eyes that said that she was far from finished. But at that moment, another voice was heard, saying, "May I play, too?"

I looked up, and there was Catherine, grinning wickedly. I was a bit shocked to hear Luisa say, "Sure, why not?"

Catherine pulled the armchair close and sat down, a few feet away, and while continuing to grin, stripped off her tank top. There were her magnificent breasts, and I heard a sharp intake of breath from Luisa. Catherine's nipples were big and erect, and with her eyes locked alternately to mine and Luisa's, she began to pinch them, and then lifted each breast in turn to her mouth so that she could suck them.

Luisa began, almost imperceptibly, to shift her weight from one knee to the other, and her wonderful pussy, all engorged and wet and wide open, was tantalizingly close to my mouth, but I couldn't take my eyes off Catherine. Catherine was scooting forward on her chair now, and parting her legs, making it very clear that underneath her short skirt she, too, was pantyless. And while keeping one hand on her left nipple, Catherine sent her other down below where her skirt was bunched up, dipping a finger deftly into the folds of her cunt.

She moved it tantalizingly around, parting her lips to give us an exciting view of her red hot pussy. Then abruptly she arose, saying "May I?" And Luisa, who seemed to know what she meant, let her breath out with a hiss: "Yessss."

With that, Luisa scooted back, making way for Catherine to take her place. I could hardly wait for her to get into position, I was so hungry for her taste, after feasting on her wetness with my eyes. I wasted no time in devouring her cunt, plunging my tongue in as far as it would go. But only after what seemed to be a few seconds, Catherine got up, stripped off her skirt, and mounted my mouth again while facing the other direction, and then I could feel what seemed to be two pairs of hands unbuckling my pants and pulling them off, and then, as I pulled Catherine's cunt against my mouth with renewed urgency, I could feel her big nipples rubbing against my belly as she took my cock deep into her mouth.

There is something about the 69 position that is especially heavenly, especially when you can feel from the way a woman is sucking you that she badly, badly wants you to come in her mouth, and you are hoping against hope that she will come in yours. That's just the way it felt with Catherine. And it felt so good that I knew that we would both come, and very soon, and I just surrendered to the beautiful taste and texture of her pussy, sucking it for all I was worth, as I felt the pressure of my orgasm building and erupting. I heard Catherine moaning in joy as she swallowed spasm and after spam of my come, and drenched me with hers.

And as our climax subsided I heard someone else's moaning; Catherine rolled partially off me, toward the head of the couch, and I saw, a few feet away, Luisa in the armchair, naked, her knees up over the arms of the chair, and both hands slowly but fiercely kneading her pussy. Within a few seconds she threw her head back, smiling ecstatically, and shouted something in Spanish as she came, and then she leaned forward breathlessly and plunged the fingers of one hand, then the other, into my mouth, as I sucked them desperately.

Luisa withdrew her fingers from my mouth, and then joined Catherine and I on the couch, so that we were all snuggled up with myself comfortably in the middle, content for the moment, but hardly satiated. The ladies were both naked, and I was wearing only a polo shirt. We seemed to be completely alone, the other guests having gone home or upstairs. At length Catherine said, "Well... Who tastes the best?"

I was momentarily taken aback, but then replied, "I couldn't say. You both taste delicious."

"We're not going to let you off the hook so easy," said Catherine. "Here -- try me." Whereupon she leaned back luxuriously and rubbed her right hand in a circular motion over her puffy, rose-colored pussy lips, after which she dipped her fingers generously inside and then offered them to my lips.

"Mmmm... that is good," I gasped.

"Let me try," she said with a wicked grin, and dipped her fingers inside again, after which she sucked them dry with ostentatious gusto. "Damn, I'm good," she said.

"Luisa, I need another taste to compare," I said.

It was Luisa's turn to lean back and explore her pussy with both hands. She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly worked her right hand's fingers in and out, while massaging her clit with her left. She opened her eyes and smiled at Catherine and myself, saying, "Don't rush me." Finally she brought her right hand, glistening with nectar, to my lips, and I sucked her fingers noisily.

"It's too close to call," I said.

"Let me see for myself," said Catherine with a lascivious chuckle, and leaned across me to placed her hand on Luisa's cunt. She began to stroke and explore it, while meanwhile her large and arousing breasts brushed against my chest. I felt my cock begin to stir again.

"Ooooh," cooed Luisa, "Keep that up. I want to taste my best for you."

Suddenly there was a soft sound of someone's throat clearing. We looked up to see a very tall woman with a complexion the color of dark toffee, her hair died a honey-blond and done up in braids, and who wore a rather modest dress of green satin. She was carrying two unopened bottles of champagne.

"No one else seems to be here," she said in a lilting accent, probably west African. "I'd like to share these with someone."

"Fine, join us," purred Catherine, without removing her hand from Luisa's cunt.

"Why, thank you so much," replied our new guest. "My name is Sauda. I'll get some glasses."

With that she disappeared for a moment into the next room, and returned with four champagne glasses. As she returned, Catherine withdrew her hand and tasted it with obvious approval.

Sauda expertly opened a bottle of champagne and poured us each a glass. We introduced ourselves; I suddenly felt a little awkward, speaking to a gracious and somewhat reserved lady who had just come upon a tableaux that reeked of sex. However, the bubbly seemed to loosen everyone up again quickly, there was some light, flirtatious conversation, and then Sauda said to me shyly, "Colin, your shirt is still on. Let me help you out of it."

She stood up, so I did as well. With both of us barefoot, she was as tall as I, six feet and one inch high. She seized the bottom hem of my shirt and raised it, while I put my arms up straight to assist her. As she brought it up over my face she stopped momentarily, so that my arms were trapped in the shirt above my head, and leaned in to kiss me, slowly and sensuously. She broke away, allowing me to take the shirt off, and then kissed me again, with a look of dreamy excitement in her eyes. She stepped closer to me, and I felt my cock spring to life, brushing against her thighs. She felt it, too. Her mouth opened wider and her kiss became more passionate.

I was completely aroused now. I fell to my knees in front of her and began to unbutton the buttons that went up the front of her dress. She stepped closer to me, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She was slender, but looked strong and athletic. I got the dress unbuttoned to the point where I could see her panties, a turquoise colored cotton bikini. She parted her legs a bit, and put her hands tentatively on my head, playing with my hair. I began to nuzzle her thighs, where the pubic hair was spilling out from inside her panties, and then I began to teasingly run the very tip of my tongue along the growing wet spot on her panties' crotch.

She began to grip my hair a little tighter, but I continued to tease her, until she moaned, pulled away, and struggled out of the panties. Then she stepped toward me again, bunching her dress around her waist with her hands, and thrust herself toward me, knees spread and slightly bend, a pose that was involuntarily and urgently lewd.

Her pussy was displayed for me now in all its glory, jet black and with glistening pussy juice spilling out along the line where her engorged cunt lips met. I put my hands on her ass and began drawing my tongue gently along her crack, savoring the enticing sweetness. She bent her legs more, exposing her folds to my mouth as much as she could, and I could no longer restrain my self from plunging my tongue slowly into the depths of her cunt.

I began to ravish her pussy with my mouth, and suddenly I was dimly aware of the padding of feet around us. I felt a pair of breasts against my back, and a hand confidently seizing my cock from behind me, a cock that was rock hard and aching for attention. For an instant I tore myself away from Sauda's cunt, and saw another pair of hands, from behind her, removing her dress and brassiere. I didn't know who these hands belonged to, but then Luisa's head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in its mouth, and I knew then that it must be Catherine's fingers that were pinching Sauda's nipples. I thought to myself, this is so hot, and then I abandoned myself to the ecstatic thrill of sucking Sauda's cunt for all I was worth.

Sauda was grinding her pussy fiercely against my tongue now, and her fingers had a formidable grip on my hair. She was cumming, too -- explosively, with gushers of juice all over my face. And despite the difficulty of access, Luisa's lovely mouth, swallowing my cock, was seconds away from enjoying my orgasm as well, but I had other ideas.

I stood up and looked Sauda in the eyes. I found it very exciting that her eyes were level with my own, and I drew her close, kissing her passionately. Then abruptly I seized her ass and lifted her off the ground.

Instinctively, she swung her legs to the outside of mine, and locked her calves behind my knees, as I lowered her pussy onto my cock. It slid in perfectly, and she gave me an involuntary squeeze with her cunt muscles that almost made me cum right then. I held back and began to move her up and down, feeling her clit and vulva drag deliciously along the top of my cock.

Catherine and Luisa clung to us as well, with Luisa caressing my ass and Catherine's fingers still busy on Sauda's nipples. Then Catherine began lifting Sauda's breasts to my mouth, encouraging me to suck them. Sauda had lost all of her reserve and was moaning up a storm. Then Luisa was saying in my ear, "I want to eat Catherine's pussy. Tell me to eat her pussy." I was a bit distracted, but Luisa continued to insist, "Tell me to eat her." As I felt the sudden imminent pressure of my orgasm, I gasped to her, "Eat Catherine's pussy," and then I began to shoot deep into Sauda's cunt as it spasmed tightly around my cock.

Now, let's pause for a moment here and talk about Luisa. Luisa was what you would call bi-curious, although she had never specifically acknowledged it to herself. She discovered sex at the giant university in Mexico City, where there were thousands of boys to choose from, and she did choose quite a few, enough to keep herself busy. She also had access to the internet, and the wide variety of sexual material available there.

And, of course, there was masturbation. Luisa liked to make a production of it, like taking herself out for a date. She'd wear something slinky, have a bit of tequila to get in the mood, and then browse Literotica, looking for something new, something that just perfectly suited her fancy. Then some more tequila, and then reading her stories, followed by the touching; sometimes naked, sometimes not -- sometimes it was more exciting to be partially clothed, pretending to be in a public place where she might get caught. And she made sure to try masturbating in every corner of her apartment. It seemed new and different and exciting every time.

When she first moved to Portland, the only sex she had was solo. The language difference was a bit awkward. She could read English fluently, but speaking it was not the same in the U.S. as it was in a classroom back home. However, she was a bright girl and she caught on quickly. And it wasn't too long before she met Randall; she wasn't attracted to him, but she understood that he hung out with people who liked to have sex, and it was high time that she met some of them, so she accepted an invitation to his party.

She wore the long gown and no undergarments, just like women in the Literotica stories. She was a bit shy; she met Catherine, who came on to her pretty brazenly, and Luisa was both shocked and intrigued. She had never known a woman to be so aggressive. She flirted shyly with her, but was really hoping for something just a bit more conventional after going for some months without a partner.

Finally she met Colin, and felt immediately at ease with him. He was nice, and seemed attracted to her, and Luisa was soon convinced that this man was just the ticket. And after she had drunk a fair amount of courage, she made her move. She kissed him, and it felt like her pussy was on fire, and then she did what she had fantasized about, she pushed him down on the couch and straddled his face, while they both were still fully clothed. The abruptness of it stirred her; she felt very audacious and naughty -- and the way he responded! She could tell how much he craved the taste of her cunt; it made her feel powerful, and it was so arousing that her orgasm was unusually strong. And it was in a public place, more or less; a party with a lot of people she had never met (although most of them had gone upstairs, presumably to do more or less what she was doing.)

So, when her orgasm had subsided a bit and she was still feeling very hot, she was actually a bit pleased when Catherine came on the scene. Luisa had succeeded in finding a man and having her way with him, and flushed with her success, she was feeling very adventurous. Somehow she knew that Catherine wanted what Luisa had just had, and she had never watched someone else have sex (other than on the computer, of course) and she was excited to see Catherine take the position on Colin's face where she had just been. She watched Catherine smile and gasp as Colin probed her with his tongue. She saw the expression of naked arousal on Catherine's face, as she pinched her own nipples and gyrated her cunt against Colin's desperately hungry lips.

And then she saw Catherine swing around into the 69 position, and that was even hotter, so she rushed to help Catherine take of Colin's pants. She got a quick look at Colin's cock before it disappeared down Catherine's throat; it looked like a beautiful cock, very smooth and hard.

Then she stripped off her gown and got into the chair, right beside them as they sucked each other passionately, and she just loved it all. She hung her legs lewdly over the arms of the chair, and fingered her pussy like she loved to do, taking her time, waiting until her new-found friends came in each others' mouths, before she brought herself to her second climax. And then, in an impulsive moment, she dipped her cunt-coated fingers in Colin's mouth, and felt again that sensation of power as he sucked so hungrily at them.

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