tagMatureThe ABC Game Ch. 05

The ABC Game Ch. 05


Saturday came and went without many issues. Jennifer spent all her time with Becca, like usual at these get togethers, so there were no awkward moments. Jim, Jennifer's father, was pretty tame the whole time. I got the feeling that there was something going on between him and his wife, but luckily it didn't spill over into the party. I did manage to slip Jennifer an envelope with some money, and a note asking her to meet me at the apartment early Monday. Since I had some meetings she would need her car.

Monday morning came with a bang. A huge clap of thunder woke me up before my alarm. Looking out the window it was pouring and pitch black. I decided to go ahead and get up. After showering and getting dressed I kissed Gabby and told her I was going to head in early since I was already awake. Once in the car I texted Karen that I was on my way to the apartment, and headed off. The drive in was uneventful, if not for the rain, as the roads were still mostly empty.

The parking garage provided some respite from the rain as I pulled in. Once out of the car I headed for the elevator, and it was then I heard the clicking sound. It was the sound of high heels walking across the garage floor. Turning around I was surprised to see Karen in very sexy silk robe walking to me. From the bounce of her tits I could see that she didn't have a bra on under her robe.

She walked up to me and without a word wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. "MMMMM, I've been waiting for that for a long fucking time." She said as she pushed the button for the elevator. Then she reached down and unzipped my pants and reached in with her long fingers and pulled my cock out.

"Whoa, what are you doing? Anyone can come along." I managed to say.

"Relax" She said. "I know this building, and nobody is up at this time of day, especially with this storm. Now sit back and enjoy."

With that the elevator doors opened and I followed her in, or rather my cock did. I was just attached. She reached over and pushed our button and then squatted down in front of me and swallowed my cock whole. Her lips formed a seal and she started sucking. Her tongue washing all over my cock as she started bobbing her head. Sliding back and forth on my cock. She then reached her hand into my pants and started caressing and stroking my balls as her mouth worked it's wonders. Her fingers toying with them as she blew me. I didn't think it was possible, but before our floor I felt my balls start to constrict, and I grabbed the rail in the elevator with one hand and the back of her head with the other as I started shooting cum in Karen's mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth and she just kept swallowing. After the last spurt she slowly pulled off my cock. Her tongue washing over it as she got every last drop. With a smack my cock popped out of her mouth and she stood back up and looked me in the eyes as she zipped me back up, and licked her lips. Then she leaned in and we exchanged another deep kiss.

"Thanks." She said. "I didn't have breakfast yet, and I wanted some before Jennifer had a chance to drain you." She sad with a wink.

Right then the elevator doors opened and we stepped out. I was too stunned to say anything. She stopped at her apartment and said she would be over when Jennifer got there. I went to my apartment still in a daze. I couldn't believe that Karen had just blown me in an elevator. I couldn't believe that she had made me cum that fast. This was a woman of incredible sexual talent.

Once inside I plopped down on the sofa and just sit there. My mind was a blur. What if Jennifer is freaked about Karen? What if things get way too complicated? Things were already complicated before I met Karen, and they were about to become more so. I started today more nervous than the first time I approached Jennifer, now I could multiply that nervousness by a hundred. I don't know how long I sat there, but I had my phone in my hand ready to text Jennifer and call this off more times than I care to admit. My thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door. Shaking these thoughts from my head I got up and opened the door and found a very sexy Jennifer in front of me. If one was to just look at her you would never have guessed that there was a storm raging outside. Her makeup was perfect and not a hair was out of place. The only hint of the rain was the long rain coat she was wearing.

As she came through the door she smiled and said "This is a perfect day for staying in bed all day, and I can't wait to get back into bed with my best friend's dad." Then she reached out and pulled me towards her for the first of many deep kisses. Her tongue pushing between my lips and exploring my mouth.

"MMMMM" I said as we separated. "What a nice way to start off."

"Oh I have a something even better." Jennifer said. Then she stepped over to the sofa and turned around. She then started to slowly unbutton her coat and when she got to the last one she opened her coat to reveal that she was completely naked underneath it. "You like." she said as she held her coat opened.

About that time there was a hurried knock on the door and Jennifer and I both nearly jumped out of our skin. Looking from the door to Jennifer I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole and saw Karen in her robe with a towel wrapped around her head.

"It's Karen, the sales lady." I told Jennifer "Close your coat and I'll see what she wants."

Jennifer pulled her coat closed and buttoned a couple buttons before I opened the door.

"Hey, I'm sorry to bother you guys, but my shower just quit on me and I have a head full of shampoo. Can I please use your shower to rinse it out?" Karen asked.

"UHHH, sure I guess it would be alright." I managed to say as I looked back at Jennifer.

"OH thank you so much." She said. "None of the other neighbors are home and I would hate to have to go down the elevator looking like this." She said as she pointed to the same silk robe she had on earlier.

This time, in the light of the room you could clearly make out her nipples poking through the material, and as she moved you couldn't help but notice the way her tits moved with her body.

As she went back to the bathroom Jen and I both turned and watched her. Right before the bathroom door she untied the sash and shrugged her robe off her shoulders giving us a full look at her backside as she closed the door.

"Holy fuck. Did you see her body." Jennifer asked. "She must spend all day in the gym." She said as she hugged her coat close to her body.

Walking over to Jennifer I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her and bent down to give her a little kiss on her neck. "Yeah, but I kinda like this body" I said as I ran my hands over Jen's breasts. Sliding one hand inside her coat to cup a very naked tit.

"Oh shit!! That's right. I'm naked under this. What is she going to think when I'm still in my rain coat?" She asked. "OH GOD!"

"Shhhh" I whispered in her ear. "It will be alright. Let's sit down and wait. She will be through soon."

I fixed us both some coffee and we sat down on the sofa and waited on her to finish. Then we heard the shower turn off and a couple minutes later Karen came in the living room. Seeing our coffee she asked "oh please. I know I am imposing, but can I have a cup of coffee? I don't know how long my water will be off and I am dying for some."

"Sure, help yourself." I told her.

You couldn't help but see the wet spots on her robe where she didn't dry herself completely. The most obvious being on the top part where her tits were now very obvious through her now wet robe. She got her cup and sat down on the sofa arm right beside Jennifer. Her breasts were almost eye level with Jennifer.

"I want to thank you two again for helping me." Karen said "This has been the week from hell for me."

Karen went on about how bad her week had been and all the time she made sure that her body moved about a great deal so that her breasts jiggled with each exaggerated movement. Jennifer couldn't decide where to look. She tried to make eye contact with Karen, but she kept finding her gaze drawn to those tits that were bouncing around inches from her face. A couple times Karen managed to turn enough so that a breast would brush against Jennifer's head. The last time Karen turned just as Jennifer looked up and I saw her nipple, covered by a thin piece of silk, slide across Jennifer's cheek. Jennifer quickly turned red and Karen jumped up.

"Oh i'm so sorry sweetie. I didn't realize I was crowding you." Karen said as she looked down at Jennifer. "You must be so hot in that coat. Why don't you take it off and get more comfortable?"

"No, that's okay." Jennifer stammered. "I'm actually good."

Karen gave Jennifer a look and then she figured it out. Then she said "Have you guys had breakfast yet? There is a great bakery downstairs on the street level. They have great danishes and bagels."

This was my signal to offer to run down and pick up something, but I wasn't sure about how Jennifer was feeling. I didn't know if I wanted to leave Jennifer alone with Karen or not.

Then Karen decided to push me into going. "Ken, why don't you run down and pick us up something to munch on. I'll keep Jennifer company, and besides, you are the only one dressed to go out in public." Karen said.

Looking at Jennifer I almost said no, but I said "sure, I won't be gone long. You two behave yourselves while I'm gone."

As soon as the door closed behind me I felt guilty about leaving Jennifer with Karen. Karen had promised me that she wouldn't force Jennifer to do anything, but I still wasn't sure.

"You can cut out the act you know." Karen said to Jennifer after I left. "The little miss innocent act works with your parents and friends, but I know that you're naked under that coat. I know that you're fucking your boss. I also know that this is something you have been planning for a long time."

Jennifer looked stunned and said "I don't know what you mean. Mr. Roberts and I are just friends and he is helping me out."

Chuckling, Karen said "Yeah right. Listen honey, you are me at what, 20 years old? I was just like you. I could wrap guys around my little finger without trying, and older men, well that wasn't even fair."

Then Karen plopped down on the sofa right next to Jennifer. Her robe which was just loosely tied before, was now almost completely open. The top part was just covering her nipples, and her firm legs were exposed almost all the way to her pussy. Only a couple inches of silk kept it covered.

Karen reached up and ran her fingers through Jen's hair with one hand and reached for the top button on Jen's coat with the other. Then she started to undo each button while running her fingers through Jennifer's hair.

"What are you doing? Jennifer stammered

"Oh that is simple. I'm proving to you that I know you." Karen said. "I am going to open this coat and if you are naked, then I am right. If not, I will be gone before Mr. Roberts gets back. I'm thinking that by the time he gets back we will both be naked." Karen said with a wink, and leaned in to kiss a stunned Jennifer on the lips.

The kiss stunned Jennifer so much that she forgot about Karen's fingers working on opening her coat. Then she was brought back to reality when she felt her coat open and exposing her naked body.

"See, I knew it. You and me are exactly the same." Karen said as she leaned in again and ran her tongue along Jennifer's neck, before ending at her ear where she took a playful nibble.

Jennifer just set there not knowing what to do or say. She just stared at Karen with wide eyes. You could also tell that Karen was having an effect on her as she was biting her lip and tightly gripping the arm of the sofa.

"Come on Jennifer, tell me the truth." Karen said. "How long have you been trying to seduce Mr. Roberts? I know you didn't just decide that one day you would fuck him, so spill the beans. It's just us girls here." Karen whispered as she stroked Jennifer's face with her long fingers.

After thinking about it a few seconds Jennifer finally blurted out "Okay, maybe I have been teasing him for a while. I mean every time I am over at his house visiting his daughter, Becca, I can't help but notice how hot he is. And I don't mean for a man his age. I mean for any man. I noticed how he would sneak quick looks at me when me and Becca would be out by the pool, or when we were in our cheerleading outfits, but the turning point came last year when he invited me to go with them on a vacation. There was that moment when we all went out to this fancy place for dinner and I had on this sexy dinner dress, and the way he looked at me made me decide right then that I was going to fuck him."

"MMMM, See, you are exactly like me. You want him to think it was his idea to fuck you, but in reality you are just finally getting what you always wanted." Karen said. "The same as you are doing with me, right now." Karen whispered as she turned Jennifer to her and brought her lips in for a full kiss.

This time there was no closed mouth greeting her. Instead Jennifer met her kiss with the same eagerness. Her lips opened, and she slid her tongue out to meet Karen's. Their kisses continued and grew deeper with each second. Karen slipped her hand down Jennifer's body and cupped one of her breasts. Her hands massaging the entire tit, then sliding out to the end where she would capture the nipple between her thumb and finger and gently roll it between them. Jennifer even brought her hands up to finish opening up Karen's robe, and returned the favor by gently caressing Karen's tits.

That was the sight that greeted me when I opened the door. The two of them making out on the sofa and their hands exploring each other. Karen looked at me out of the corner of her eye and jennifer just kept her eyes closed and kept kissing her. I placed the box of pastries down on the counter and just watched for a few seconds. My mind taking in this living fantasy right before my eyes. Then Karen waved me over with her hand and I approached them. Once I was beside them I kneeled down by Jennifer and ever so softly took the nipple Karen wasn't occupied with into my mouth. My tongue flicked across it with the softest of touches.

"Oh yes Mr. Roberts." Jennifer moaned as she looked down at me. Then she moaned even louder and looking up I saw that Karen had moved down to her other nipple and was sucking on it as well. Jennifer had brought her hands up and was now pulling each of us into her tits.

Releasing my hold on the nipple I was playing with, I looked up at Jennifer and she smiled at me as karen worked on her other nipple. Karen then released her hold and moved back up where her and Jen exchanged another deep kiss.

When they broke their kiss Jen looked at us and said "maybe we should move this to the bedroom?" and looking at me she added "and you need to catch up with us. You have way too many clothes on."

As they stood up they both shed their respective coat and robe that were barely there to begin with. Then they headed for the bedroom with me in tow. I have to admit the view of their naked asses walking down the hallway was a dream come true. I was managing to shed my clothes along the way and by the time both of them crawled into bed I was down to my underwear which came off as soon as they had got to the top of the bed and turned around to look at me. I then followed suit and crawled onto the bed between them, with my hard cock pointing the way.

As I laid down between them they both turned on their sides facing me and draped their arms across my chest. Their breasts were pressed tight against me, and then they slid a leg each over my legs. Their feet sliding up and down my legs. I didn't know what to do next. Here I was with my daughter's naked 20 year old best friend on one side, and a 20 something year old sexual dynamo on the other, and here I was in the middle with my cock pointing to the ceiling fan above us.

"So Mr. Roberts. How do you feel? Is this what you dreamed?" Jennifer asked.

We all kind of chuckled at her asking how I felt, then Karen said "How do you think he feels? He has two beautiful naked young women in bed with him. Right now he is thinking which one is he going to fuck first."

Then Jennifer leaned across me and pulled Karen to her and they started kissing right above me. I had a bird's eye view as their tongues explored each other. Their soft lips brushing against each other as they kissed. Then their hands slid down my chest and they started to lightly toy with my nipples. Jen was making small circles with her fingers and Karen was more aggressive, she was rolling my nipple between her thumb and finger. The total sensation was enough to curl my toes. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a close up view of two beautiful women kissing.

They broke their kiss and looked down at me. Right then I felt like they were deciding how they were going to divide me up. It was then that Jennifer started moving her hand down my body and once she brushed against my cock she wrapped her fingers around me. They glanced at each other again, and then Jennifer followed her hand with her mouth. Then Karen bent down and brought her lips to mine and we began kissing. Jen kept up her journey down my body. Kissing and nibbling on my nipples before dragging her tongue across my mid section. She continued further down until I felt her tongue make a couple flicks across the head of my cock. Just as Jen began to take my cock in her mouth Karen broke our kiss and she began to move up the bed and straddled my chest. Looking down I saw her sweet pussy and I brought my hands around to her ass and pulled her to me. As soon as she was within distance I gave her wet pussy lips a swipe with my tongue, and she brought her hips forward so that she was almost sitting on my face.

Karen lowered her pussy to my face and my tongue went to work. I was lapping up her juices as she rode my tongue. This was incredible. I had Karen sitting on my face with my tongue sliding up and down her lips. Then Jennifer had my entire cock in her throat as she slid her mouth up and down it. I was trying my best to concentrate on Karen, but Jennifer's every move was reminding me that she was there. Karen was rocking back and forth on my face. My tongue sliding from her tight little asshole to the top of her pussy lips and her clit. I finally held her ass tight and brought her pussy opening to my mouth and started probing with my tongue. With each stroke I was sliding in her deeper and deeper. I brought one of my hands around and was going to start rubbing her clit with a finger when I found her hand was already there. Instead I reached up and found a handful of tit flesh and started going to work on it's nipple.

Karen started moaning as my tongue kept up a steady pace on her pussy, and even though nobody could hear it I was moaning into Karen's pussy due to the sensations of Jen's blow job. About that time Jen applied some pressure to my asshole and I felt something plastic enter. I didn't know what was happening, until she turned it on. She had used a small vibrator on me. The sensation was unbelievable. I opened my legs wide and Jennifer bottomed out on my cock and between the vibrator and her mouth I was past the point of no return. My hips flew off the bed and I exploded into her mouth. Then Karen wasn't far behind as she stared rocking faster on my face and her juices just poured down onto my face.

Jennifer kept sucking until she had got every drop she could out of me. Karen finally stopped rocking and breathlessly slid off my face to lay beside me. I glanced down and Jennifer smiled at me as she slowly slid the vibrator out of me and winked. Then she looked at Karen and leaned across me and pulled her into a full open mouth kiss. I noticed their tongues going back and forth, then I realized that Jen hadn't swallowed, and she and Karen were sharing my cum.

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