tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe ABCs of Scrapbooking

The ABCs of Scrapbooking


Danielle was one of the prettiest girls at Colorado University. She was a blonde cheerleader-type with long dark eyelashes and longer legs. Her pretty smile attracted the attention of the men, and women, all over campus. A first year student, she was nineteen and her innocence was well known. She was never seen carrying a Bible, but she might as well have. She was also very shy, but she was working hard at being more outgoing.

One day after Psych 101 Zoey Cunningham introduced herself to the pretty freshman and made a point of ushering her around the campus. Danielle seemed awfully naive, and Zoey, as a senior, took upon herself to help Danielle out. Danielle was very appreciative. Over the semester, they grew to be good friends. Zoey helped with Danielle's homework and introduced her to some of her other friends. By the end of the semester, Zoey threw a party at her house that she rented with some other girls. Danielle arrived punctually, but she was a little surprised to see that no was there except for Zoey.

Zoey Cunningham was a tall brunette with a shapely figure and gorgeous face. It seemed strange to Danielle that Zoey didn't have a boyfriend, she was so beautiful, but she decided it wasn't her business. Besides, she didn't have a boyfriend of her own. It just wasn't the right time in either of their lives to have romantic complications. That made Danielle feel even closer to Zoey.

"Come in," Zoey said, holding the door open. "You're the first. Everyone probably won't be here for a while."

Danielle tucked a blonde strand behind her ear, and smiled nervously. "I'm such a dork. I came right at the time you said in the evite. I should know you're supposed to come late to parties."

Zoey laughed. "Don't worry about it." She gave Danielle a hug. "Mm. You smell good. What are you wearing?"

Danielle blushed a little. She admitted that she put on some perfume. Zoey also expressed her admiration for Danielle's "cute" outfit: a long dark navy skirt with a cashmere sweater and gold earrings. Her breasts nicely filled the pink fabric of her blouse, two of the buttons undone at the top. Her dress was a little racy, Danielle thought, but now that finals were done it seemed she could loosen up a little. Zoey was always teasing her for being "uptight."

"Well, we'll see if Bryce and his pals show up. But I'm not making any promises!"

Danielle blushed some more. Bryce was the boy she had some feelings for; but she thought he might already have a girlfriend. It didn't really matter. She just wanted to relax and have a good time and not worry anymore about studies. Cool springtime air, fragrant with lilacs, came through the open window.

"Shot of tequila?" Zoey said.

"What? Oh, no, no. Don't you have...?"

"Just one? Come on! The semester is over!"

Danielle nodded, gulping at what she was agreeing to. Beer was usually as strong as it got with her. But she followed Zoey's lead, as she always did. Zoey's heels clacked across the kitchen tile. Zoey looked spectacular, as usual, wearing a tight CU shirt and denim shorts. Danielle envied Zoey's tall stature and incredible fashion sense. For one thing, she didn't feel like she could pull off such daring heels.

"Down the hatch!" Zoey held out a shot with a smile.

Danielle sniffed at the brown liquid.

"Come on!"

Finally, she grimaced and threw down the shot. It burned her throat, and she coughed. Zoey laughed at her.


"No, no. No way."

"All right. I don't want you to get sick. Listen, I'm going to take a shower. Do you mind? No one will be here for another hour or so. You want to hang out in my bedroom?"


Zoey's bedroom was the largest in the house. It was a little messy, but Danielle didn't mind. She wished she lived in a house and not in a cramped dorm room with a roommate she could barely stand. Danielle sat on the bed. She was already feeling dizzy and a little drunk. Zoey smiled at her: her dark eyes seemed to have some strange meaning.


"Nothing. Hey, you can play games on my iPad if you want. I won't be long."

Danielle pulled the iPad over and pushed the screen somewhat randomly. She became aware that Zoey was undressing right in front of her. One article of clothing hit the floor after another. Danielle was afraid to look up. From the corner of her eye she saw pink underwear on the floor. Zoey was completely naked!

"What are you playing? Danielle?"

Danielle could no longer not look up. She looked up to see Zoey standing before her, hand on a hip, large breasts naked, long legs, tuft of trimmed black pubic hair, smiling face...

"So? You like what you see?"

Danielle nodded quickly and stared back at the iPad. "I'm playing... checkers. I think." She continued to press at the screen.

Zoey laughed. "Wow. You really are a dork!"

The door shut. Danielle took a breath. Then Zoey's face popped back in. "If you get bored, you can look at my scrapbook. It's on my desk over there."

"Oh, okay. Thanks."

Danielle played around with the iPad for a few minutes. At last, she looked over at the desk. There was a book with a red cover. On a shelf higher up was a thin volume, leaning against bottles of vodka and plastic piglets. Danielle felt confused. Did Zoey mean the book on her desk, or the one on the shelf? She really should not have had that tequila shot. But it was so hard saying no to Zoey... Danielle pulled down book from the shelf. On the black cover was ABC spelled out in gilt letters. Was it an alphabet book for kids? Something from Zoey's childhood? Curious, light-headed, Danielle sat back down on the bed with it.

It was interesting, even surprising, that Zoey kept a scrapbook; Danielle could not remember her ever mentioning keeping one, or even being interested in such stuff. Zoey struck Danielle as more of the active type, more interested in sports, for instance (she played on the lacrosse team) than girly topics. But everyone had their different sides...

Danielle stopped in shock. After turning through the first few blank pages, she came to some photos. Opposite the giant "A" were photos taped to the page of a young woman with her face in a woman's vagina. Was that right? Was Danielle really that drunk? Blinking and shaking her head, she tried to pull herself together. She looked at the photos more closely. The one at the top was of Abigail, someone Danielle knew slightly. She was an pretty black-haired girl with glasses and cute petite body. The next photo down was her naked except for a gold necklace and bracelets. Then came the pictures, four of them arranged in a square, of Abigail with her tongue inside... unmistakably... inside a vagina. Her nose was buried in black pubic hair. Her eyes, as she licked, were shut in one photo. In another, she looked up at whoever was taking the photo.

Danielle couldn't believe it. What in the world was this book?? Her first reaction was that it was pornography, no big deal, something Danielle had seen and giggled at with her friends before back in high school. But the fact that the girl in the photos was someone she recognized changed the matter completely. Danielle, heart pounding, stared more closely at the pictures. Could she be mistaken? No, it was Abigail. It was really her. She saw her almost every week in her Anthropology class... And, apparently, she was a lesbian... And she liked to be photographed having sex, though the look on her face seemed upset somehow, even angry... The last photo had her looking up with her face glistening.

Danielle felt she had passed through a membrane into an alternate, crazy world. The photos were truly there. She touched one. Yes, they existed. And that was Abigail.

But why??

With a trembling hand, afraid of what she might discover, Danielle turned the page. Opposite the giant "B" were more taped photos. This was Britney. Danielle knew her as one of Zoey's friends, an Asian girl who was usually quiet but very pretty. She stood dressed in the top photo, and then naked in the next. She had small breasts and a shaven vagina with a tattoo of a rose on her hip. Then, again arranged in a square, were the photos of Britney licking at a vagina--the same vagina, it looked like. Danielle turned back the page to confirm. Yes, it was the same vagina, the same amount and color of pubic hair. Britney shut her eyes and had her tongue out. She frowned as she licked. Was she doing this disgusting thing against her will? Danielle felt a shudder.

She knew she should put the book away. But she could not help herself. As if in a dream, she watched her recalcitrant hand turn to the next page. By now she was trembling all over and breathing hard. Sure enough, opposite the giant "C" was a photo of Cecilia, a girl who lived in the house with Zoey. She was a raven-haired beauty with braces and full red lips. In her naked photo her breasts were surprisingly large, topped with beautiful red nipples. Danielle swallowed, seeing Cecilia licking the same vagina from the other pages. In one photo she seemed to look up accusingly at Danielle, her face half-buried in pussy. In the last photo, her face was bent back and glistening, her eyes shut.

Danielle tried to think, but she could not get a coherent thought together. In a daze, she turned the next page to see nothing but a piece of mirror paper. Danielle was staring down at her distorted reflection, lost in amazement, when the door opened.

"That's you," Zoey said. She was still naked, dripping wet, a towel draped over her shoulder. "I hope you don't mind."

Danielle looked up, aghast. "What is this?"

"It's my scrapbook, silly. I already told you."

"But... but..."

"Shh. Tonight I'm going to make you a part of it. Wouldn't you like that?"

Danielle threw the book off her lap. She stood up. "You're nuts," she said. "Get out of the way. I'm leaving!"

Zoey merely laughed, and then suddenly threw herself into Danielle. The two girls began to wrestle on the bed. It was not long before the taller and stronger Zoey got the upper hand. Danielle, her teeth grit, looked up at Zoey.

"Get off me, you crazy psycho! I'll call the police! This is rape!"

"Come on, it's not so bad. I just want you to eat me out. It's a little thing that I'm into."

"No! Get off!" Danielle bucked and thrashed about, but she could not get Zoey off her. "Others will be here any minute!"

"No. It's just us, doll. There's no party."


"Now, come on. The other girls were never this bad. Even Cece learned to be a good little pussy licker after some persuading."

Danielle shut her eyes. This wasn't happening. She felt herself swoon and her limbs get weak. The images of Cecelia, and then the other girls, flashed before her. She saw their tongues out, all licking the same vagina: Zoey's pussy. It was Zoey they were licking and licking, sucking on her pink clitoris, their noses buried in the black pubic hair... Danielle was merely next in the series. But she was going to fight. This couldn't be happening to her!

"I'm not a lesbian!" Danielle said, thrashing about.

"Just relax."

After a few more minutes of struggle, Danielle felt herself get weak. It seemed hopeless. Danielle felt tears rise. "How can you do this? I thought we were friends!"

"Of course we are, sweetie. I just need you to get me off. Now, come on. It's not that bad. Cece said it tasted really sweet..."

Zoey suddenly rolled off. Danielle took a big breath. She was free. She was about to run for the door when her hair was pulled on viciously.

"Come on, bitch! You're not going anywhere. Okay?"

Danielle whimpered. She tried to slap at the hand grabbing her blonde hair, but every time she did so Zoey pulled all the more viciously. She cried out.

"Come on! Come on!"

Zoey, still holding onto Danielle's hair, sat up on the edge of the bed. She pushed Danielle onto her knees on the floor.

"This is how I like it. Come on. Get started..."

Danielle whimpered, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. Zoey eased her hold on Danielle's hair.

"Come on. Just a few licks," Zoey whispered. "Come on."

Danielle opened her eyes. Zoey's pussy was just inches from her face. There was a pearl of moisture in the blushing pink folds. The smell was interesting, weird. Danielle whimpered again. She caught her breath. She looked up at Zooey.

"Please don't make me..."

"It's okay. It's okay."

Danielle shook her head. But she felt a vicious pull on her hair. Then a hand slapped her hard across the face.

"Come on," Zoey said. "Don't make this hard."

Her cheek stung. Humiliated, Danielle opened her eyes again.


Zoey's hands gripped Danielle's head and roughly forced her into her pussy. Danielle let out a muffled cry.


Danielle groaned into the humid warmth. Then she cried out again as her hair was yanked on.

"Come on!"

With a defeated sigh, Danielle opened her mouth. As if of its own volition, her tongue snaked out. She pressed it against the wet folds. She tasted the flesh, breathing out. It tasted slightly sweet. Her tongue moved. The grip on her hair relaxed. With a final moan, Danielle started to lick the pussy in earnest. Images of the other girls flashed through her mind. She was just like them, subservient, eating Zooey's cunt. Abigail... Britney... Cecilia... All of them were pussy lickers. And now Danielle. Had the others put up much of a fight? Danielle didn't know, only knowing she was through fighting. She lowered her head and concentrated on sucking the pussy.

"That's it, baby. Just like that. Mmm."

Zoey shifted and brought her pussy up to Danielle's face. Juices leaked out. Danielle licked up and down, wondering how long she would have to do it. At least it seemed she was doing a good job. Zoey sighed. She stopped pulling on Danielle's hair and started stroking it instead.

"That's a good girl. Just like that. Mmmm. You're a natural."

Danielle ate the pussy, her mouth and lips and tongue slurping all the juices that came running out. Her mouth sucked on the clit. Zoey's body shuddered under her. Danielle felt a weird pride at getting her friend to feel such pleasure. She had always been a good learner.

Zoey pressed her thighs into Danielle's face.

"Aw yeah. Such a cute little pussy licker."

Juice and saliva coated Danielle's chin. She moaned louder, breathing hard, licking and licking, the hot flesh and thighs pressing into her.

"Good cunt licker. Good. That's it. Eat it good."

Danielle moaned. She was a pussy licker. She couldn't believe it. Here she was, on her knees, arms limp at her sides, as she tongued the pussy. She felt warmth travel her spine to her own pussy. Was she getting turned on? Moaning again, she realized she was. It was all so wrong!

"Look up at me, honey."

Danielle opened her eyes. Zoey had her phone out and snapped a picture. It was official. She was the next girl in Zoey's perverse "scrapbook." Upset, she pulled away--but Zoey quickly grabbed her hair again and pushed her back into her pussy.

"Just a little while more, and I can come. I want to come all over that cute face of yours. Mmmmm. That's it. Lick it real good.... Aw yeah...."

There was no sound but the slurp and squish of Danielle's tongue inside the pussy. Zoey started to groan loudly. She jerked suddenly--and gripped the back of Danielle's head.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.... AWWHHHGHHH!"

Zoey threw back her head. Her cum flooded out, startling Danielle. Her cheeks and mouth were soaked in pussy juice. She continued to lap and slurp until finally Zoey pushed her away. The clitoris stood up pink and stiff.

"Shit. Wow. That was great."

Zoey took a few more pictures of her friend's cum-covered face.

"This is my best page yet!"

Danielle sat on the floor, her head against the bed, in a total daze. She wiped at her wet mouth. It took a moment for her to realize that Zoey was talking on her cell phone. She was inviting someone to come over.

"See you soon, Lindsey."

Danielle looked around in horror. Zoey grinned, and then shrugged.

"I know. An 'L.' Sometimes you have to skip around...."

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