tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Abduction of Karen

The Abduction of Karen


It was a Friday night, and Karen was leaving work, and walking to her car, parked a few blocks away. She had come back to work to finish a few things since she was going to be off the next week for some much needed R&R.

The street Karen was walking down was deserted, which scared Karen. Here she was, a beautiful woman, standing 5'6", shoulder length brown hair, and slim. She wasn't anorexic skinny, but more she watched what she ate and exercised skinny. She wore jeans and a black halter top, as she was going to meet her friends at a bar.

As Karen walked, she thought she heard footsteps behind her. She listened carefully, but couldn't be sure that's what she heard. She glanced behind her, but didn't see anybody. She continued walking. It wasn't that much farther to her car. Then all of a sudden, a hand came over her mouth, and her world went black.

Karen woke up in a bedroom somewhere. The lights were off, but candles were lit around the room. Her wrists and ankles were bound to the bed, exposing her naked body. What, she was naked? When did this happen? She struggled against the restraints. The noise of her struggling signaled to her captor that she was awake, and ready to be played with.

Karen's captor came in and smiled at the beauty that was spread before him. His hand lightly touched her body right above her mound and trailed lightly up her body, through her two large tits, and trailed along her collarbone.

"What a beautiful body. I bet you tease a lot of men with a body like this." He smiled as he watched her startled face. He watched her struggle a few more times. "Don't waste your energy, my dear. You won't be able to escape," His hand trailed back down her body, stopping just before her mound.

"I teach lessons to those who tease. You'll never tease another man again. That's if I ever let you go. I like you. I may keep you here for my own. I'm looking for someone to breed. Usually, I just love 'em and leave 'em." The man walked around Karen's body looking at every inch of her.

"Aren't you afraid someone's going to go to the police after they've seen your face?" Karen asked of her captor.

"No, I threaten them, that if they go to the police, they won't live to see the next day. Police can't make the charges stick, if there's no witness. So far, I haven't had to kill anybody. Which is good, because I don't want to have to kill anybody." His hand moved to her tits, and gently kneaded them.

As his hands were kneading her breasts, he leaned over and whispered in Karen's ear. "I think I'm going to keep you, though. You look like you'll be good at carrying babies." He nipped at her ear, and Karen turned her head. Her body was enjoying this, but her head wanted out of there. Her captor chuckled at her response, and continued nibbling down her neck and to the tits his hands were mauling. His mouth sucked the one tit into his mouth. He bit it hard, and Karen cried out in pain. He bit it again and pulled it with his teeth, causing more pain for Karen. Her head started shaking back & forth, her mouth couldn't form words anymore. After he got her nipple nice and sensitive, he clamped a clothes pin down on it, causing constant pain. His mouth then moved to her other nipple. He sucked that one, and after sucking it a little bit, he bit it, and pulled it. Karen was going ballistic. Her head was going back and forth saying no, but her hips were bucking up and down, saying yes. Her captor chuckled at this. He put the clothes pin on the other nipple.

He then positioned himself over her mouth. He rubbed his cock over her lips, but she wouldn't open her mouth. He slapped her face with his extremely long and hard cock, and she still wouldn't open her mouth. Her captor then pinched the bridge of her nose causing her mouth to pop open. He forced his cock in between her lips and all the way in, down her throat.

"Suck it baby, the more you cooperate, the better things will be for you, my dear." As the captor worked his cock in and out of her mouth, he found her mouth starting to moisten. He wondered if her cunt was wet. His hand traveled down her body and found her slit. His finger ran up and down her moist slit. It was getting very wet. The more he played with her cunt, the harder Karen sucked his cock. He got an idea. He pulled a vibrator out of his drawer and inserted it into Karen's cunt. He turned on the switch, and started pumping it in and out of her cunt. He continued pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Oh yeah, honey, you're a great cocksucker. Work that tongue over my shaft, that's it baby, you're doing great," he encouraged his whore. That's what he'll call her. His whore. That's what she was going to be to him from now on.

He felt the boiling in his balls, and wasn't ready to cum just yet. He wanted to cum in her cunt, so he pulled out of her mouth. He continued pumping the vibrator in and out of her cunt. His mouth licked up and down her slit, all around the vibrator, ignoring her clit. He wanted to tease her like she's teased hundreds of other men.

"Oh God, that feels so good, please don't stop, " the words escaped Karen's lips before she could stop them. What was happening to her? She wasn't supposed to be enjoying this. Her hips bucked harder against his tongue and the vibrator. She wanted the vibrator deeper inside her. No, she wanted him inside her. That long cock of his was so huge, she didn't think it would ever fit inside her. However, he did squeeze all of it in her mouth, so it would probably fit in her cunt, too.

The captor's mouth continued circling around the vibrator, but then he trailed down to her asshole. His tongue circled her puckered hole. Then he penetrated it. His tongue worked in and out of her ass, while he continued working the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Her hips started bucking uncontrollably, so his hand went to rest on her lower stomach to hold her down. His tongue continued to work in and out of her hole, to get her loosened up. He decided he would take her anal cherry before pumping his seed into her cunt. He left her for a second, heard her moan in frustration and disappointment, then went back to her with some K.Y. jelly. He squirted some in his hand, and massaged it on his cock. Then he squirted it in her asshole. He inserted two fingers to get her whole well greased up. While his fingers were working her cunt, his free hand continued to move the vibrator in and out of her cunt. His mouth found her clit. He wanted her to orgasm so she was in a euphoric state when he entered her ass. He could tell she was getting close, so he added a third finger to her asshole. As soon as his third finger penetrated her rear, she lost it.


This was the captor's cue to enter her ass. He pushed hard into her ass, and got about half way in. Her screams turned from screams of pleasure, to screams of pain. He continued working his cock in and out. Each time he pushed in, he got a little further. Her ass was so tight, he didn't know how long he would be able to last. Soon her screams turned back into screams of pleasure as he continued reaming her ass.

"Oh baby, your ass is so tight. I'm going to enjoy opening this up. I love pounding your ass." He could feel himself getting closer to the point of no return, so he pulled himself out of her ass, pulled the vibrator out of her cunt, and pushed his cock in her cunt, and the vibrator in her ass.

The change pushed Karen over the edge again, and she went into another orgasm. Her body was thrashing as much as it could in its restraints.

His cock pushed into her tight cunt over and over again. He leaned over and took the clothes pin off her one nipple, and sucked, and bit her nipple, sending her into another orgasm. He licked and sucked her nipple a few times before replacing that clothes pin, and returning to her other nipple and sucking and biting that one. Again, it sent her into another orgasm. Then her captor grabbed another clothespin and attached it to her clit.

"IIIIEEEEE UGGHHHHH . . . UNNHHHH . . . AHHHH . . . GRRRRRR . . . UNNNGGGHHH . . ." came from her mouth.

Her cunt muscles were milking his cock for all it was worth. He pushed into her hard and fast a few more times, before thrusting one last time as he spewed his hot seed deep into her waiting womb.

Her orgasm was so strong she passed out. When she woke up, her captor was gone, but she was still on display in the room. Another man entered the room.

"So, you're the one he's keeping to breed. He made a good choice." The new man's hand went straight for Karen's cunt, where her clit was still being held by the clothes pin. "We're going to enjoy fucking you."


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