tagIncest/TabooThe Academy Ch. 01

The Academy Ch. 01


*Everyone in this story is 18+. I don't mention this in the actual text because it kind of ruins the school atmosphere.*

Chapter 1

Stacy looked up through her long red hair to where her father was sitting, hunched, driving the car along the dusty road. 'Ha!' she thought, 'As if this dirt trail could even be called a road! I don't think we've seen tarmac for about 3 hours.' She sighed noisily, and went back to reading her book.

The car jolted suddenly, bringing her out of a half doze. It seemed that she had woken up just in time: her father was slowing the car down to stop in front of a huge building that was more like a castle than anything else. 'Well, I guess this is it,' Stacy thought. 'Home for the next few years.' Suddenly, her father spoke, breaking the silence that had reigned for the entirety of the journey.

"I'm so sorry Stacy. Please don't hold this against me. Your mother wouldn't have wanted you to." She rolled her blue eyes expressively, and opened the car door, stepping out gracefully to grab her luggage from the boot. She was still struggling with her suitcase when her dad came up behind her and easily slipped it out. He looked deep into her eyes, and locked her in his emerald green stare. "I'm so sorry darling." he repeated. "Try to understand. Try at least to be happy. You're still my daughter, after all."

"Well, you're sure as fuck not my dad any more." Stacy said, yanking the handle up on her suitcase and grabbing her hand luggage from the boot. "Have a nice life, stranger. Go fuck all the girls you want whilst I rot in boarding school and Mum watches from the grave." And with that, Stacy Ford turned and swayed her way down to the front of the castle, and into her new life. Roger watched her sexy ass, all pretence at sadness gone from his chiselled features.

'Just you wait, you little slut. You'll be thanking me later.' he thought. 'Soon, you'll be just like your mother.'

Chapter 2

"So, this is the dining room, this is where we eat at all times, except on special occasions, when we eat in the hall. This is the high table, where the Head sits with all the teachers, and we sit down here, in our houses. Over here.." Stacy watched Ruby chatter on and on, not really paying any attention to what she was saying. Actually, all her attention was fixed on Ruby's ridiculously short skirt, and the underwear peeping out from underneath. Strangely enough, all of the other girls she had seen here were wearing the same kind of thing... Surely this couldn't be the uniform? A question jolted her out of her reverie.

"Sorry, what? I was miles away."

"Yeah, I noticed! Don't worry, I know it's a lot to take in. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to your room and get settled in?"

"Yeah, sure." Stacy nodded, relieved. She didn't think she could take anymore in. This place was huge!

"Okay, that's fine," Ruby smiled. "Follow me!" Stacy duly obeyed.

They finally arrived in a spacious room, painted cream. There was a massive four poster bed in the middle of it, a bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, TV and ensuite bathroom.

"Holy shit..." Stacy breathed, "It's nicer than home!" Ruby giggled, and said,

"Well, this is home now! Anyway, you look tired, so I'd better give you the uniform." She pulled out a chest from underneath the bed and laid out some of the things inside it onto the bed. "Okay... One pair shoes, regulation heel three inches, plus one pair special shoes, black stiletto 5 inches. Five pair white knee-length socks, for everyday wear and black see-through lace hold-ups, three pairs, again for special occasions. Two red plaid skirts, ten pairs of white regulation underwear, five white shirts and two black ties to be worn whilst lessons are in session. Two mini dresses, one black, one blue, for special occasions plus three lacy thongs. And last but not least, four white bras for everyday and two pink and black with corsets for special. You may wear your own underwear when specified." Ruby said all this with the air of someone reciting a lesson, and then grinned.

"You're looking shell-shocked! I'll leave you to unpack in peace. You've got about two hours until dinner, and I'm next door if you need anything, okay?"

"Um... Yeah... Sure..." Stacy mumbled. Then Ruby sashayed out of the room. Even in her confused state, Stacy still thought 'Dang, how does she get her ass to do that? She's so frickin' hot!'

She looked down at the clothes on the bed, and picked up a skirt, holding it against herself and looking in the wardrobe mirror. It would barely cover her pussy. 'Shit... What has that fucking idiot of a father got me into? What a school...'

Chapter 3

Stacy was woken by a bell at 6:30 the next morning. She stretched, and got up to look at herself in the mirror. 'Not bad... I could do with a bit of exercise though...' she thought, examining her naked reflection. She looked down to the short stripe of red hair leading to her juicy pussy, thinking that it needed trimming. Finally, she picked up the clothes she'd flung back into the chest the night before. Putting them in, she thought 'Shit, I look just like a little schoolgirl, but super, super sexy.' It was true. The shirt stretched over her 36DD breasts, and the tiny skirt revealed the tight fitting panties over her now moist snatch. The knee-high socks completed the look, leading down to the high heels on her feet. With her choppy red hair and stunning looks, right now she would be accepted by any movie company as a porn star.

She had just finished admiring herself when Ruby bounced in, and took her to breakfast. After that (surprisingly delicious) meal, she went to her first lesson. She walked in and sat in between Ruby and Trish, a brunette beauty she had met the night before. After a few minutes, the teacher walked in, an attractive male named Mr Gallagher.

"Right ladies. Welcome back! Today we'll be studying the art of teasing. You'll all learn exactly how to make both men and women have an extremely powerful orgasm, exactly when you want them to."

'WHAT?!!' Stacy thought. 'The uniforms were one thing, but this? Lessons on SEX? What the fuck is going on?'

"Okay, Ruby, come up here. I want you to demonstrate. How long do you think you can make me go before I cum?" Ruby smiled and jumped up, clearly enjoying having been picked. She swished her blond hair back and knelt down to unbuckle Mr Gallagher's belt. That done, she slid his boxers down and took his cock into her mouth, sucking on it a few times before standing up and performing a little lap dance. By this time, Stacy was not only thoroughly confused, but also extremely wet. By the time Mr Gallagher had cum (all over Ruby's shirt) she was almost over the edge herself. She was lost in her own thoughts, desperately trying to think of ways of inconspicuously touching herself when she heard her name called.

"Sorry?" she asked.

"I said, please come up here and lie on the desk."


"So I can show the class how to make a woman cum exactly when you want her to, of course." This hadn't actually seemed that obvious to Stacy, but she stood up anyway.

Then, "No." she said.

"What? You're directly disobeying me?" Mr Gallagher asked incredulously.


"Fine. Go see Mr Harper." Stacy picked up her bag and walked out, silently laughing at the look on all of the students' faces. No way was she going to be some teacher's sex toy, no matter how wet she was. She walked to Mr Harper's office, which was at the end of the corridor. The door was huge and intimidating, with 'G.D. Harper, Deputy Head' written on it in gold. 'I'll go in there and tell him I want out.' she thought. 'And a good fucking too' a naughty voice added inside her head.

Five minutes later, she was again being told to lie naked over a desk, this time by Mr Harper. When she refused, he didn't blow up like she expected him to. Instead he simply smiled dangerously, and pushed a button on his desk. Something clicked inside the door, indicating it was now locked. Then a TV she had not previously noticed switched itself on. To her surprise, it showed a movie of a man fucking a woman doggy style. She gasped aloud when she realised it was her father. 'Fuck... His dick is so big...' she thought, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter.

"I thought that would do the trick" said Mr Harper after about ten minutes. "Are you ready to be fucked now you little whore? Whilst watching videos of your daddy fucking a hot bimbo?" Right now, Stacy would have said yes to anything. She leant over the desk and pulled her panties down. Without further ado, Mr Harper buried his huge dick inside her.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned as he plunged deeper and deeper, her eyes still fixed to the screen where her dad was now fucking the woman's ass. "Yes Daddy! Deeper, deeper!"she screamed, now lost in her own fantasies.

"Glad to" said a voice to her left. She turned her head, half lost in ecstasy, and saw, standing, watching his daughter get fucked over a desk by a stranger, her father.

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